Aunt Raven: The Reading of The Will

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Hello, This is the final part of the Aunt Raven stories. Read the first part and you’ll be good to read this. If you’re up for a long set of stories, read them all!


Jennings could see that Raven wasn’t ready for this, and with all that Mr. Wildwood had to say, he couldn’t understand why she even had to be present and he saw one of the house maids passing by. “Excuse me, your name is Connie, right?” he asked her with a smile and she nodded yes.

“Yes Mr. Jennings, can I help you?” she replied and so hoped that the late, Mr. Wildwood had left his loyal servants something in his will, or maybe, Mr. Jennings would see that they were all cared for. He WAS the executor of the will and was capable of giving them something.

“Can you take Miss. Wildwood up to her room, help her shower and see that she wears her ‘newest’ summer dress. It’s white, with blue flowers and there’s a blue bird on it.” Jennings asked with a smile as he thought of the will.

“Are you sure this is a good Idea?” Tim asked, as he stood hugging his gorgeous aunt Raven, and now his lover! He hated to let her go.

“Yes Tim, she doesn’t need to hear some of the things your grandfather is going to say or tell about the family.” Jennings laughed and gave Tim a slap on his back. “You are going to be shocked!” he added with a laugh and shook his head.

Connie smiled back and knew right where the dress was hanging. “Yes sir, I’ve helped her many times and it will be my pleasure.”

“Thank you Connie and after…Mr. Wildwood’s service and I’m finished with his will, could I interest you in going to dinner with me and maybe a club after that?” he asked, with a big smile and wished he’d done this last year, when he found out his wife was cheating on him with their black gardener. Connie was a nice lady and very pretty too.

Her eyes got big and Connie’s heart was pounding. She always liked Mr. Jennings and he was a handsome man.” I’d like that very much Alex, and I’ve been hoping you’d ask me out.” she said as she flashed him a very big grin.

Tim held Raven and caressed her back. “Sweetheart, I want you to go with Connie, she’s going to help you get dressed real pretty for your…Daddy and for his…um…Jennings.” Tim said and looked to Jennings for help.

“Raven, remember when Mr. Moffat passed away and we went to his funereal? Well, today we’ll do that for your Daddy and send him up to heaven,” he smiled and caressed the side of her beautiful, ageless face and he remembered Raven’s mother Misty, and how beautiful she was.

Raven’s head was still spinning and she just couldn’t accept nor imagine, that her Daddy was gone, but Tim was there and he would take care of her. “I remember…will my Daddy go to my…my…mommy and be with her?” she asked with a soft, helpless voice and looked into Tim’s eyes.

“Yes baby, he’ll be with her and they will be together again.” Tim said, as he fought to hold in tears as he caressed Raven’s back.

“That’s right Raven and you have to look your best for him!” Jennings added and brushed a strand of her hair from her face. “Now, you go with Connie and after she helps you get dressed, I want you to help her dress up too, because I want you both to be beautiful!”

Connie waited until they were finished talking, and she looked to Alex again. “Thank you and I’ll see you soon!” Connie said, as she led Raven to her room.

“So, what’s going on Jennings and why couldn’t she be in the room?” Tim asked again, and as they walked back towards grandfather’s office, Tim saw that around twenty people had shown up, including grandfather’s staff. “Holy crap! What’s going on?” Tim asked with surprise as he looked at them. His aunt Cindy and her son, Paul were there. He knew all but about two people and he even saw one of his best friends, Johnny and his mother, Patti. She worked for grandfather for years, and even though Johnny was much older than Tim, everyone always said that they looked like brothers.

“Well, your grandfather has his will in order, along with a big surprise for everyone! When all is said and done, you, your mother and your grandfather’s other children, will be the only ones in the room and um…well, you’ll see soon enough!” Jennings said, and started greeting the people.


They all sat in the main dining room and a massive TV was set against the wall. “People, let’s get started, and you are all asked to implicitly follow the directions that you are given, or you will be escorted from the room!” Jennings said and looked to the TV.

The screen filled and there he sat, John Wildwood. Tim guessed that this must have been videoed sometime last year, because grandfather still looked healthy and he was smiling. “Greetings family, my few close friends, as well as my devoted employees. Well, if you’re seeing this…it means that I have finally kicked the bucket and hopefully relocated to a better place!” he laughed and reached to light a cigar before he went on. “I’m sure that some of you will truly casino şirketleri miss me, but most, are just hoping that I give them a bunch of my money, and unfortunately, a few of you are going to be disappointed!” he laughed, puffed the cigar and blew out the grey smoke.

“Thank fucking god!” Jenny mumbled, and couldn’t help but laugh with joy.

Carl poked her in the side and gave Jenny a dirty look. “Shut the fuck up Jen and have some respect!” he growled and couldn’t believe his sister.

“First order of business, my staff and anyone in my current employment will receive…two hundred and fifty thousand dollars each, along with my sincere blessings to you all. I could have never asked for any better than you! Go in peace and once again, thank you!” he stopped to puff his cigar and Jennings opened the door for them to leave. He smiled as Connie walked by, he couldn’t wait to take her out.

“This could take all freaking night…my god!” Jenny whined and shook her head.

John turned to the camera and started talking. “Carl, Jenny and Becky, I have something to say and I think you’re going to be very surprised,” he paused and put down the cigar. “You are not my only children and I’m not talking about my beautiful…Raven!” he stopped to cough and wipe his mouth, you could see blood and it was bright red.

Jenny sat up in her chair and gave Carl a quick look. “Oh no, this could be bad, this might mean we’ll have more people to share with!” she said with fear, and hated the thought of sharing more of HER money.

“Remember Patti, my assistant at the factory, and the lady I bought the house for long ago…she is the mother of your little brother, John. He was named after me and we decided not to tell anyone. Patti has been a very faithful friend and…lover for many years, and to her, I leave one hundred and twenty-five million dollars!” he smiled and blew a kiss.

“You are fucking kidding me!” Jenny yelled and was in shock. “I always hated that fucking, little cunt!’ Jenny thought back and remembered the woman that was around when mom died, but Jenny never really saw her after that, and she never thought of the woman again, until now. “Fuck dad, we all knew you loved to fuck anything with a hole, but Jesus Christ!” she yelled again and gave the old woman and the man with her, a cold bitter look.

“John, my son…I love you and you have made me a proud man! No father could ask for more from his son.” John said and a tear ran down his right cheek. “I leave you the same amount as your mother, and I hope it will make your dreams come true. I love you both.” John said and relit his cigar.

“Holy fuck, by the time he gets to us, it will all be fucking gone! My god, we’re not going to get anything!” Jenny said out loud, and didn’t care if anyone heard or not.

“Remember your aunt Cindy and the baby she had after you kids moved away! Well guess what!” he laughed, and Tim could see him laughing inside.

“You are goddamn kidding me! You fucked mom’s sister!” Jenny jumped up and she was so mad. “You no good piece of dog shit! Mom’s sister!” she yelled and turned to Cindy. “You are nothing but a fucking whore! He was mom’s husband!” Jenny screamed at her aunt and flopped back in her chair. “You rotten…fuckers!” she growled and lit a cigarette.

“Well, before you say anything, and I’m sure a few of you already have…your mother told me to go to Cindy and if it wanted, I could marry her, and your mother said that we’d have her blessings!” he said and puffed the cigar. “Read her diary in our room and see for yourself.” John said and puffed his cigar. “To Cindy and Paul, I give you both one hundred and twenty-five million each, along with all of my love!” John said and took a drink.

“Well, well, well, this should leave my three children, my grandson Tim and my beautiful daughter…Raven!” he smiled and Tim could see the love in his eyes. “First off, to my daughter Jenny, why are you so worried about Tim? Hum?” he laughed, and Tim could see his mother turning white. “Tim, feel free to look at your mother right now and if she doesn’t answer you, Jennings will have her escorted from the estate and will be cut from my will!” he paused to laugh and puff the cigar. “Tim, ask your mother who her first and second men were! Jennings, you know, and if she doesn’t answer, out she goes and not a single penny to her!” John laughed and hoped Jenny was squirming in her chair.

Carl heard dad, and thought of his first blow-job from Jenny.


“Jenny, what are you doing in here, and what if dad comes home?” Carl said, as she moved towards him and he could see that she was wearing her new, white bikini again, and his cock started growing. “You shouldn’t be in here Jenny or wearing that!” he said again, but Jenny pushed him down and sat on his hips.

“Shut up Carl, and relax. We’re here alone and we can hear if anyone is coming up the driveway.” She said, and started to unbutton his pants. “I teased and turned you on all fucking day, and casino firmaları I want to make it up to you. I want to…suck your, dick and I’ll even let you cum in my mouth too!” Jenny purred as she pulled down his pants, his big cock came into view and Jenny moaned. “Fuck, you are soooo big Carl, and hard too!” she moaned, slid down and Jenny started kissing all over his swollen cock-shaft.

Carl knew she was right, and he started watching Jenny. “I want to watch you Jenny, can I turn on the lamp?” he asked and Jenny giggled.

“Yeah, I think that would be so hot and kinda nasty too! Watching your big sister, as she sucks your cock and drinks your cum!”

“Damn, you have a dirty mouth!” he said, quickly turning on the small lamp next to his bed, as he pulled some pillows behind his back.

“I may have, but remember this, a dirty mouth can do lots and lots…of nice things to a little brothers hard…cock!” she moaned, reached her fingers around him, lifted the pulsing head towards her mouth, and started flicking her tongue in his piss hole. He quickly started squirming and twisting with pleasure, just like Daddy did last night, when Jenny sucked him off on the front porch and came in her mouth.

“Oh fuck, you are so bad!” he laughed and reached to caress Jenny’s face. “Damn, that feels so good Jenny!” Carl moaned, as her tongue continued flicking all around his cock-head, as she kept looking into his eyes.

She stopped, shifted around and was laying between his legs, looking straight at his massive cock-pole and Jenny smiled. “God, I’m going to suck you all fucking night!” she moaned, opened her mouth and Jenny was sucking her baby brothers cock. She moaned and sucked him hard, enjoying him moaning and squirming all over. ‘Yeah baby, Jenny is going to suck you and suck you!’ She thought, sucking his cock-head, while flicking her tongue around it as she kept her eyes riveted on his handsome face.

Carl was in heaven and could not believe this felt so good, and Jenny was free to suck him any time she liked. “Oh Jenny, I’m going to cum, if you don’t slow down and let me rest!” he moaned, looking to his sisters suckling mouth, he could see a smile form around his cock. He watched her cheeks suck in and out, each time Jenny nursed his head and her lips were locked tightly around his shaft. “Oh shit, come on, or I’m going to cum and I want it to last longer than this!” he moaned again, and Jenny sucked harder, lifted up and let his cock-head pop from her mouth.

“Carl, I wouldn’t have cared if you came in my mouth, and I was ready for it too!” she smiled and slid up his body, stopping when his thick cock was resting on her thigh, right next to her dripping pussy. “I’ll suck you anytime, anyplace! Would you like that? Huh?” she whispered in his ear as she shifted her hips completely on his. Carl’s cock was between them now, on her pussy and pointing towards her belly-button. He was so fucking hard and Jenny could feel his pulse beating, even through her tiny bikini, and she chewed her lower lip. “Oh fuck…Carl, you’re on my…my…pussy!” she gasped for air. Jenny needed a cock so fucking bad, if daddy didn’t take her very soon, she was going to give herself to Carl and never think about daddy again.

He grabbed Jenny and couldn’t believe just how hot and wet her pussy was. She was soaked, and it felt as if she’d pissed all over herself, but it was so warm and slick, Carl knew this would make it nice to hump her and try to get her pussy. He kissed Jenny and slowly moved his hips up and down, running his stiff cock-shaft over her bikini bottoms and the excited pussy under it. He held her hips, pushing up, and Carl could hear Jenny begin to breathe harder, as she started moving her hips in time with his.

Jenny was going crazy and she knew what he was doing. Carl wanted to fuck her and she was close to letting him. She was suddenly torn between letting Carl love her and forgetting about Daddy. “Oh god, you fucker! Are you…trying to…fuck me!” she growled into his mouth, as their hips mashed together, they could clearly hear Jenny’s pussy juices squishing about. She pushed harder onto her brother and could see the love in his eyes. She humped more, hoping that just maybe; her bikini would slip or move a little and let the dirty deed happen.

Carl held Jenny and wanted to be inside of her so fucking bad. “Jenny, please!” he said, with need and love for his beautiful sister. “Please!” he begged again, as he saw a tear run from Jenny’s left eye.

Daddy filled her mind with the love she had for him. “I can’t baby, I’m sorry, but you can do anything else to me. Anything at all!” Jenny purred, as she quickly slid down and sucked him deep into her mouth. ‘I’m not stopping this time baby and I’m sucking you dry!’ Jenny thought as she nursed his salty flesh and enjoyed his musky smell. ‘Oh Carl, I’m so sorry, but I want Daddy to be my first and then…I’ll be all yours, and I mean…all yours!’ she thought, as visions of her and Carl living together, as güvenilir casino man and wife, filled her mind, all the while hoping, that he thought of her the same way.

Carl was disappointed, but Jenny had him in her mouth and he knew she wouldn’t stop this time. He would cum in Jenny’s mouth and would get to watch it. “Oh Jenny, I’m getting close!” he moaned, while watching her cheeks sucking in and out, Carl could feel the suction around his cock. “Oh god, I’m in heaven and it’s in my big sisters…mouth!” Carl grunted and it happened. Cum shot from his piss hole and into Jenny’s suckling mouth. He heard her gag, but Jenny kept sucking and he could feel her swallowing his cum. Each time she swallowed, his cock slid deeper into her mouth, until Carl felt Jenny shift her head and she swallowed harder. “Oh fuck! Jenny, you cock…sucking bitch!” he yelled out, as his cock-head went into her warm, silky throat and she kept swallowing.

Jenny felt his cock easing into her throat and she was ready for him. She let Daddy into her throat last night, but tonight, Carl would get it much better, and Jenny knew what she was doing this time. ‘Come on, give it a little push and make it all go in me!’ she thought and leaned into him, taking more of her brothers cock and letting him fuck her throat. ‘Come on, push! Push it deeper!’ she thought, looking into his eyes and Carl smiled.

He lifted up; Jenny gagged and sucked him harder. Her face was bright red, but she kept sucking, taking him, and Jenny wasn’t stopping until Carl came again. “Damn Jenny, you trying to fucking kill me?” he moaned, as she sucked, Carl could see in Jenny’s eyes, that she was happy and having a blast.

She giggled and sucked harder, watching his face twisting with a mix of pain and pleasure. ‘Oh yeah, cum again or I’ll keep sucking and sucking and sucking you!’ she thought with a laugh, and Jenny wasn’t stopping until Carl came deep in her throat again. ‘Cum on, do it baby and cum in my throat!’ she thought and sucked harder, taking him completely into her throat. His pubic hair was in her face and her nose was being smashed into his body. He was all the way in her mouth and down her throat.

Carl looked on and couldn’t believe that Jenny had him all the way in her throat. “Holy fuck!” he moaned, his cock jerked and a hot jet of cum shot down Jenny’s throat. She moaned, nursing him with more love than ever, as he felt his cock starting to deflate. “Oh Jenny, I love you so much! Oh Jenny, suck it, suck my big cock!” he moaned and needed to give her a loving hug. He felt a bad pain in his shoulder.


“Ouch!” he yelled, as Jenny brought him back from the past, plus she was giving him a cool look.

Tim looked at his mom and she started yelling. “No good mother fucker, I hate you so much and I hope you burn in hell!” she yelled and watched Jennings smile. “My first man was…was…my father! Are you happy now! And after that…I fucked my brother too!” she yelled at Tim and the TV.

Tim was shocked, as this answered a few things for him. All those times she yelled at him for being around Raven so much, and she fucked every guy in her family. “Damn mom, all the shit you used to lay on me for being with Raven…you fucking hypocritical bitch! I hate you!” Tim yelled triumphantly, knowing that he was finally and completely through with her.

“Oh my god, how could you guys do that together, and with Daddy?” Becky asked with shock, as Jenny glared at her.

“If by chance, you ever got the chance to enjoy a cock the size of Daddy’s or Carl’s, you’d never go back to that horrible husband of yours Becky, and you’d follow ole’ Carl around just the way I did that summer! Daddy’s cock was soooo long and soooo thick. When he took me Becky…I came close to fainting in his arms. He made me orgasm better than any other man I have ever had!” Jenny said, and was glad she did. “Daddy was a true…man’s, man, and women of all types and ages would flock to him. I was one of them and I don’t regret any of it!” Jenny added, wiping her eyes and turning to Tim.

“I was trying to save you from an embarrassing moment just like this, someday in your future, but I guess I’m too late for that now!” Jenny snapped at Tim and couldn’t wait for this to end.

Tim laughed and thought of being inside Raven, “Oh yes, I’d say you are now!” he said with a proud voice and stuck out his chest. “We haven’t done anything, until last night mother, and I’m not lying!” he said with the same pride, as he hoped he would never have to see her again.

“To Becky, my little girl. I love you, and other than your lazy family, you are the best thing that has ever come into this world, and your heart is unmatched! I leave you and you alone, two hundred million dollars…your family is not to see a single dime, until they all hold down a steady job for one full year, and that includes your sorry ass husband too! No getting fired, no being hired by someone they know and they cannot tell anyone of this arrangement! If Jennings finds out that someone has cheated, I will ask you to exclude them from my gift Becky.” John said with a firm tone and he puffed the cigar. “Thank for all your love and I will miss you,” he added with a low voice and puffed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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