Aunty Carol – Family Secrets

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Chapter one — The beginning

Well where do I begin, I guess to lay some background down and put you in the picture, time and place. It was the summer of 1982 and the place was seaside resort in the north east of England known as Whitby. Unlike most of my friends I had recently turned 18 years of age and to my growing concerns I was still a virgin, I’d been with a few girls and had many a kiss, fumble and a finger but not actually “Done it”.

As you can imagine my hormones were in overdrive and my dick was in a constant state of erection and so masturbating 2 or 3 times a day wasn’t unusual, what might be a little unusual compared to the rest of my friends was the main object of my desires and the focal point of my fantasies wasn’t Sarah Curtis or Mandy Carter the local stunners but was in fact my own mother. Not only did I fantasise about my mother but I’d been spying on her now for at least 18 months and had on many occasions seen her in various stages of undress, in the bath and on a few occasions seen her totally naked and on fully glorious show.. mum was simply a beautiful goddess of sheer womanhood and her pert firm breast and dark pubic hair still cause a stir today over 30 years on, but that’s another story.. literally!

This story is based around real events and involves me and my Aunty Carol, my mother’s older sister. The reason these events were able to take place was that me and my younger sister Gill were staying at my aunt and uncles house by the seaside for a whole two weeks of summer fun and more than that, mum and dad weren’t holidaying with us. Mum brought us up in her little Mini Clubman estate and was staying for the weekend but she was heading back home on Sunday afternoon to leave me a Gill here with Aunty Carol and Uncle Jeff. Gill and I had plans to explore and be out all day and mum and Carol were happy that we were old enough to look after ourselves, Aunty Carol would be at work all day anyway and uncle Jeff worked away all week so it was just going to be the three of us until the weekend with mum coming back on the Saturday of the end of the 2 weeks to stay over and take us home on the Sunday.

Now Aunty Carol was very similar to mum in her ways and posh mannerisms but not similar in her looks or stature, where mum is very petite with short dark hair, green eyes, slim waist and pert round breasts Aunty Carol was taller, more voluptuous and had Auburn hair, bordering on the red if you ask me but ask any woman and its Auburn; however Aunty Carol also possessed a wonderful full chest of big, heavy breasts.

Carols breasts were a fascination to me and although she didn’t dress to show them off out of the house, when at home or previously visiting us at our house I got to ogle them on many occasions, which in turn led to more moments alone masturbating; to put it mildly I couldn’t take my eyes off Aunt Carols breast whenever I got the chance to take a peak

On the occasion when they visited for the Christmas of 81 I found myself alone with mum and Carol and they teased me about girls and stuff and they seemed to be egging each other on to draw me out of my shell, Carol even asked if I was a bum, boobs or legs and when she said boobs she pulled her elbows in and made a huge cleavage form with her breast, I looked, mum looked and even Carol looked down before mum laughed, “Clearly a boobs man me thinks”, they laughed more and I just looked longingly at such a perfect place to bury my face. That was just one of a number of “incidents” over that week where I got a good look at both women in various situations that innocently flashed cleavage and legs off

By the time the summer had come around I’d seen much more of mum around the house in various states of undress, after the first few weeks of the new year it was clear how it was only when my sisters were out of the house and we were safely alone that mum would seem to be much more relaxed with her new found state of exposure, the sexual tension was immense and I was cumming for England 2 or 3 times a day.

When mum suggested we go to Whitby for holidays I was already excited as summer time means ladies wear less cloths, and Whitby meant Aunty Carol, so Aunty Carol in less clothes was such an exciting image for me to hold and maybe I’d get to see mum in a bikini too and be with mum without dad being around, however mum had to cover for a lady at work and it was decided that she would take me and Gill up there, stay the weekend and pick us back up two weeks later.

So there we were, Saturday night in Whitby, first night of the holiday, Carol and Jeff, mum, me and Gill out for a meal at a local seaside pub called the Jolly Sailors, that holiday feeling all over us and maybe this year I’d meet a girl and have a holiday romance. Mum and Carol looked a million dollars in summer dresses, Jeff wore his cords and roll neck sweater (in summer) and I can’t remember what Gill wore; then again she’s my sister!. I had eyes for mature breasts and the company I was in had breasts in abundance, and to casino şirketleri make matters worse Aunty Carol knew full well her cleavage was on show, but just giggled with mum and said something about having and flaunting whatever that meant?

By the time my Scampi and chips in a basket had arrived and mum and Carol were opening another bottle of some Liebfraumilch or something exotic sounding; I couldn’t take my eyes off Carols breasts all evening and had to rearrange my pants enough times that I think I made my condition quite obvious. Every time I looked in Carols direction my look was met with a cheeky smile and a look of knowing, she knew exactly what I was coveting and did nothing to make life any easier for me.

Well by the end of the evening we all squashed back into Jeffs Ford Cortina and soon we were home, Mum and Carol the worse for wear and Jeff opening a little red barrel of some yuk tasting beer. Gill and I were sent off to bed and I lay there for the next 15 minutes masturbating with mum and Carol in my thoughts, sounds of their laughter emanating through the floorboards only enhances this particular experience and as always I projected ropes of hot white cum all over my tummy.

It was actually whilst on this holiday that led me to a sexual act that I’ve not really shared with others until many years later, and that was the act of masturbating with my legs raised and my hips as close to my head as possible, this meant that when I came I could just about get my cock in my mouth and could splash my cum all over my face and into my mouth. Many years later I was to enjoy the same pleasure but with another mans cock and not my own, again; that’s another story.

Okay, where was I?, well Sunday was pretty quiet and soon it was time for mum to go home, we said our goodbyes and gave hugs and as mum hugged me she came in close and said “don’t worry Son, Aunty Carol will take good care of you”, this in itself was not a strange thing to say, but the look mum gave me and the smile that accompanied it really took me by surprise. What it meant I wasn’t totally sure about, but I knew it mean something and it was a look I’d never ever seen before from mum. He extra closeness of the embrace too had something stirring down below and then she was gone. Little beige mini clubman with wooden trim spinning off down the road with a whisp of blue smoke from the exhaust following behind.

For the next few hours I thought about mum, what she had just said and maybe what she meant in her words, “take care of me” it could have meant anything, but it was the way she said it, accompanied with the whisper, the tone of her voice and the look on her face; it was a private word and not a general goodbye thing to say. This got my pulse racing and my imagination raging with horny thoughts, thoughts about the many times now I’d seen her in her underwear, the times I was able to see her in the bath as she bathed with the door slightly ajar. My mind flashed to those stored images in my virtual wank bank of mums dark pubic bush visible through see through panties and those of dark pink nipples half exposed due to a gaping dressing gown, and again it was the image of mum getting dressed very slowly as I peeked through the gap in the door that took me over the edge; another heavy load of cum was soon released.

So now its Monday morning, the sun shining bright through the curtains woke me and I trundled downstairs into the kitchen to get myself a drink and some breakfast. I was surprised when Carol appeared from the yard and was still here but she was ready for work and moments from leaving, I was bare chested and my tartan pj’s did little to hide the semi hardness of my cock. Uncle Jeff had gone off till Friday so we were alone for a few minutes, this excited and scared me at the same time

“Help yourself to breakfast” Carol instructed “and I’ll see you later around tea time”, just before she spun away she smiled a big smile and looked down to my waist where I knew my cock was bulging

“My, My” she giggled, “It looks like somebody’s happy to see me! ” and with that she spun on her heals, chuckled to herself and was gone. Just like that, blatantly admired my bulging manhood, she made sure that I knew that she noticed it and then left me for a whole day to think about what just happened.

Well the day passed well with me and Gill going out and about, down to the beach, alone the seafront and in the amusement arcades, mum had left us with pocket money for each day so we always had things to do and places to enjoy. We got talking to some other teenagers and I guess made a few holiday friends, another brother and sister pairing too so that was good, and to be honest, I think Gill had a big crush on the boy Paul. We arranged to meet up again tomorrow and off we headed back for tea.

By the time we stumbled in the front door Aunty Carol was home and in the kitchen preparing dinner, she was just normal Aunty Carol, her red hair up in a bun and with a shortish skirt on casino firmaları and nice looking top but nothing revealing or in the slightest way sexy. I was a little disappointed that over the next hour or so there was no innuendo, no obvious signs of anything naughty in her mind and nothing at all spoken about what she had seen and commented on this morning, then it dawned on me; Gill was around. Just like those times with mum when anything in the slightest way naughty happened it never happened when other people were around.

I couldn’t help but question to myself why these things happened when they did or if it was just the fact that they had similar traits and personalities, they were close after all so why wouldn’t they be similar and let’s face it, it could be that my dirty mind was just be a little bit too imaginative. However I kept coming back to the same thought, and that was that mum and her sister knew exactly what they were doing and maybe, just maybe they both enjoyed the sexual excitement of teasing me to such a high level or sexual tension

Gill and I went back out after tea with the instruction to be home before dark and around 10pm we stumbled in with a giggle and a laugh, we’d been down to the park and went on the boating lake for most of the evening and had some really good fun together. A glass of Coke and some biscuits later and it was time to get to bed, luckily for us that mum didn’t stay as we were now able to have a room each but unlucky for me, I lost straws for who got mums room and the big bed in the attic; Gill always seemed to win at short straws!!

Little did I know but this was about to be the night my whole life changed, and something inside was telling me so, I guess it was a culmination of the innuendo and teasing from mum and Carol, the obvious exposure to Carols cleavage on Saturday night and other times around the house afterwards, her apparent acceptance of my gaze and then the comments this morning all had me excited and very horny. However now the first real time I had the real possibility of being alone with Aunty Carol, albeit with Gill in the attic room at the end of the hall and up the stairs, I was going to bed with the hardest of hard-on any hard man could wish for

So there I was, tucked up under a sheet and blanket, yes it was blankets in 82′ and not any of those fancy new duvet things, my room was very dark except for the light under the door but my mind was filled with bright sexy images of my mother and her sister. I was piecing the parts of my sexual frustrations together when I heard aunty Carol heading up the stairs and into her room, then about 10 minutes later I heard her door go again as she went to the bathroom. For some reason this got me hard, very hard, Was she naked under her dressing gown?, did she have a nightie on? or better still was she naked in the bathroom?

I listened intently and when she came from the bathroom she walked away from my direction in the direction of Gills room, I heard her knock and open the door, then she said good night to Gill but I never heard a response, so I assumed Gill was asleep and after a little pause I heard the latch click on Gills bedroom door. Footsteps became louder and closer and I was scared, no excited, no actually I was terrified!

The light hit my face hard as she opened my door, “Oh you’re still awake” she said, “you okay?”

“Er, yeah, I’m good thanks” I stammered “just not that sleepy”

“Oh, okay, me neither, these warm night are terrible for me” she said sympathetically “Just too hot”

“it is hot in here” I replied not realising I was being drawn into the seductive web of an older woman

“Well if you want I can always take the blanket off the bed for you?” and with that she pushed the door fully open and then it appeared, what appeared was the most sexually evoking image I’d ever seen in all of my years, suddenly my mother’s sister was stood in my open doorway wearing just a thin nightie, her legs parted slightly and with the hall light on behind her, the back lighting rendering it almost see through and the outline of her curvaceous figure was all so clear now, the curves of her heavy breasts, the protrusion or large nipples but most of all I could see the outline between her legs and the bulge of her hairy womanhood

I couldn’t see her face fully in the shadow but she could clearly see mine and she knew exactly what visual imagery she was presenting, I could sense her smile and her gaze as she just stood there, it seemed like an entire life time as I feasted on the image before me, an image I keep close to mind all the time. I just kept looking all over her sexy body, but most of all I could see the light shining through between her legs and shape of a woman’s hairy pussy.

“Well” she said breaking my trance like state, “would you like me to remove your blanket?” and without me answering she came in, bent right over so I could see her hanging boobs fill the front of her nightie and just carried on

“It’s always güvenilir casino warm in this room so I guess you prefer just a sheet anyway” she continued.

“Ey, yeah, okay” was all I could say and before I realised that it would be nigh on impossible to hide the raging hard-on I was covering as she was tugging at the bed covers, moments later I’m lying there with my hands in my lap for some stupid reason trying to cover myself up.

“Better?” she quizzed and then sat on the edge of my bed, right beside me.

There was silence for what seemed like minutes not seconds and then she placed her right hand on top of my left hand, without taking her eyes away from mine she lifted my hand and placed it on her right breast.

Deadly silence heightened the moment as her hand massaged into mine causing me to fondle my aunts heavy breast and then she smiled that knowing smile I first experienced on Saturday night, she put her finger up to her mouth as if to say keep quiet and then popped it into her mouth and then into mine. I sucked it in as though instructed to do so before she pulled it away and allowed her eyes to follow it off my chin, over my chest and resting on the back of the other hand covering my raging hard on.

“Now who’s hiding something from me” she giggled as she pushed my hand away, my left hand still on her breast and the other just by my side, the bulging sheet wet from the tip of my throbbing cock she just ran a finger over the top of the wetness causing my cock to twitch violently. Suddenly she jumped up and I panicked thinking something was wrong but she just stood and pushed my door to close more.

As she sat back down she reached in her nightie and to my amazement lifted her breasts out to be right in front of my face, well I was in tittie heaven, these breasts were so full, heavy and in my face I almost shot my load there and then.

“you’ve been wanting for these haven’t you? ” she whispered “wanting them for quite some time now if I’m not mistaken”

I didn’t reply except for nodding

“it makes a woman very excited knowing a young man finds her attractive, VERY Excited!”

With that she again allowed her finger to glide over the sticky white sheet covering my cock only this time as she slid it down she pinched the cotton sheet and pulled it down my body. Then I was exposed, fully exposed to a female eyes for the very first time, not any old girls from college, or the village, no this was my mums sister, my Aunty Carol, Uncle Jeffs wife for Christ’s sake.

I was staring at these huge fleshy orbs of womanhood knowing that I wanted to kiss them, suckle them and lose myself in them, “woman’s breasts” I kept telling myself, not teen boobies, but “Full grown up woman’s tits!”

I must have been in a little trance because it surprised me when Aunty Carol moved closer in and kissed me on the mouth, but at this point I now had both hands of her breasts and was so excited to see how her nipples just grew so big and so hard, she gasped as I touched both nipples and pushed her tits together. At the same time I felt the soft touch of fingers sliding up the shaft of my cock and over my tip, precum oozing out at such a rate I was wet all down to my ball. Carol moaned a deep erotic moan of the likes I’d only ever heard on a VHS porno tape and then manoeuvred herself as to offer her nipples to my mouth, I wasted no time in seizing the opportunity to lick, kiss and suckle on these great thick nipples.

This really did have an effect on Aunty Carol, she started to stroke my cock with long rhythmical strokes and began to talk really dirty about how she’s wanted me since last year and how she thought about me and masturbated, even that she imagined me fucking her when it was Jeffs cock inside her. Well this was about as horny a situation as me young mans balls could take, I was groaning too as I didn’t know women could say such horny things in real life and that they were only said in the movies. Carol knew I was close to erupting and slowed down as she watched my sucking her nipples, telling me to suck aunties tits like a good boy and telling me she’s going to make me a man this week

But it was time, my cock could take no more and I was on the verge of a tremendous orgasm which had been building since our encounter in the morning, Carol turned to watch her hand stroking up and down my rigid cock and I sucked both nipples in turn

“Oh god I’m gonna cum” was all I could say

“Yes, cum for me” Carol gasped “show Aunty Carol, show me how much you want me”

“Oh god I’m cumming!” I cried out in a muffled cry

“That’s it” she gasped “let it go, let me see it, cum for Aunty Carol”

And then it happened, it was like a volcano had go off in my hips, my body was bucking hard and spurt after spurt of white hot cum exploded from my cock, Carol controlled me with expert hands and she watched with open mouth as it just kept erupting

“Oh my god” she moaned

My head jerked back with the intoxication of hormones and my body became rigid, I was cumming harder than I’d ever cum before, I looked at her hand around my shaft, her heavy tits and the look on her face as the first spurt landed on my chest, then another and another. She looked so excited and turned on

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