Back in Catherine’s Arms Again Ch. 02

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Chapter One:

Lately, my life has settled down here on California’s Central Coast. My special lady, Catherine has been a constant in my life since returning from an extended visit with her daughter in June. Lately, I’ve spent more time at her home in San Luis Obispo then my own. A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to her new next-door neighbor, Samantha. We went on a morning hike around the local creek and then Catherine and I helped Samantha get more settled in her new home.

I know I’ve described Catherine in past stories, but for of you who have not been introduced to my love, let me elaborate. The first thing you notice is her sparkling blue eyes and ever-present smile. She can light up any room she walks into. The second attribute is that she is tall, standing at five-feet nine inches. Third on the list is her big beautiful tits. She will tell you that it was her boobs that really attracted me to her in the first place. It’s probably a true statement, but I have come to appreciate everything about Catherine, especially her outlook on life and the joy she brings to everyone she meets.

Catherine retired from an accounting position with a local winery well over a year ago. She is in her late 50s, has a daughter who graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Her daughter now resides in Southern California and Catherine visits her often. It is usually when Catherine is down there visiting her Amy and I am left to my own devices that I find myself involved with all kinds of crazy, sex filled situations. However, when Catherine is close by, we are side by side.

Catherine has been single for more than seven years. She proudly proclaims that she put her daughter through college all on her own. Catherine is also a confirmed nudist and enthusiastic exhibitionist. Whenever she is in her backyard which overlooks rolling green hills, she is naked. In her spa she is naked; laying on her chaise lounge she is naked. She loves to visit the clothing-optional side of Avila Beach strutting her stuff and ogling the naked cocks and boobs. There is an area out by the huge rock outcroppings where people enjoy sexual liaisons. Catherine and I have made love out there several times with an audience looking on from the shore. We have watched many couples fuck and suck to their hearts content as well.

Whenever Catherine struts back and forth along the Avila Beach shore she draws appreciative stares from both men and woman alike. For a lady in her late fifties, she still has the body to make others envious. From her long, lean legs up to her generous Double-D breasts, she is perfect in my eyes. If you look closely, you will not see any tan lines, just a golden glow from top to bottom. Speaking of bottoms, Catherine’s ass is wide and fleshy as you would expect to see on an older woman. She doesn’t hide the fact that her rear is not tight and trim, she is happy to leave that attribute to the twenty-somethings that frequent Avila.

As far as I’m concerned, her best attribute, or should I say ‘attributes’ are her huge, firm tits. They are large and rounded with a bit of sag that comes with maturity, and all natural. She has crimson red areole that stretch four inches in diameter with thumb-size nipples centered within. Her nipples grow to at least three-quarters of an inch when erect, which is most of the time. They are very suckable.

And I cannot ignore that sacred space between her thick thighs. Her smooth outer pussy lips are puffy and full, with a tight slit. Catherine’s dark red inner labia hang down about a half inch from within her slit. I love sucking them between my lips and tasting her essence. I always stick my tongue out and lick her hanging red lips from bottom to top. Her inner labia are capped with a cute little clitoris that looks like a pink pearl that emerges from within its hood when she is overly stimulated.

When I first met Catherine on a 5K walk, she sported a trim triangle of auburn pubic hair on her mound. Over the course of this past year, she has changed her look several times. One time she let her trim triangle grow to a dense jungle of curls. I loved that look, and her hair always tickled my nose when I ate pussy. A couple of months ago, for our one-year anniversary, Catherine went to a waxing salon and came away with a full Brazilian. This is her current state. Although I miss her thick curls, I really prefer her all over smooth pussy. She loves the fact that I will never say no to licking and sucking her smooth puffy labia.

This Wednesday evening in mid-July finds us at her home in bed. We walked a 5K earlier with our walking club, followed by dinner with several of our walking buddies. I will forever be thankful for the club because this is where Catherine and I first met. I was looking for a healthy way to spend my time and ended up with the sexiest lady in San Luis Obispo.

I am laying on my back in the center of her bed, Catherine snuggles up to me on her side and I wrap my arm around her to stroke her back. Her firm boobs press into my side. Catherine’s right casino şirketleri hand is wrapped around my balls and she massages them over and over. Every few minutes, she moves her hand up along my seven-inch shaft. With each stroke, I get harder. Catherine squeezes my cock every couple of strokes fueling my desire.

With my cock fully engorged, I shift Catherine onto her back and run my hand around her tummy and up to her full tits. I massage her body while she strokes my cock. My fingers delve down to her smooth mound and puffy outer lips before traveling back up to her breasts. I use my finger tips to trace her crimson areole and pinch her nipples. They respond to my touch and harden. With the next pass, my hand moves back down to her smooth pussy.

Catherine’s inner labia flare as I encounter her wet slit. My fingers slide along the folds and dip between her pink flaps. The more I stroke, the wetter she becomes. I lift my fingers to my mouth to taste the sweet nectar. I continue to move my hand up her stomach, around her sides and over her boobs as I stimulate her body. Her nipples remain erect. Catherine presses my hand to right breast.

“Rob, stroke my pussy, I’ll take care of my tits.”

My fingers delve back down between her outer lips to her moist labia. She keeps her right hand firmly wrapped around my thick shaft and uses her left hand to massage her breasts. I stroke her wet slit back and forth. With each pass, my fingers press deeper and deeper into her gash. I slide two fingers into her pussy and my pinkie into her rosebud. Catherine squeezes my cock and pinches her nipples.

“You are hitting all the right spots.”

“Cath, are you ready for some lube?”

I grab the vanilla flavored lube from the night stand, pour some onto my fingers and glide them over her slit. I repeat the process, applying more of the slippery lotion along her pink flaps. I slide my fingers back and forth along her pussy lips as her clit hardens.

“Rub my clit baby. Make me cum.”

I use a circular motion to stimulate her bump. My fingers press against her pearl and flick it left and right.

“Oh, gawd yes.”

Catherine’s breathing increases and her thighs quiver as her orgasm reaches the tipping point. I increase the speed of my touch. I rub up and down her labia and circle her clit several times to send her over the edge. Catherine’s body convulses with each pass of my fingers. I hold my hand against her pussy moving my fingers around and around until she grabs my hand.

“Stop, stop, I can’t take anymore. Gawd, you are good.”

Catherine releases my cock and turns on her side facing away from me. She slides her ass against my body and lifts her left leg high in the air.

“Take me from the side, Rob. Slide that wonderful cock into my pussy.

I move onto my side and position my shaft at the entrance of her cunt. I grab her raised left leg, holding in her in place and press my hips forward. My cock slides between her wet folds and I am immediately buried deep inside.

Catherine grabs her top leg just above my hand. I release her leg and reach around to hold her breast. I massage her boob while I pump my cock in and out. I palm her breast and roll her nipple between my fingers. I continue to slide in and out of her warm sheath. My orgasm starts to build and I develop a nice rhythm of thrusts and retreats. Catherine’s juices from her orgasm provide a nice lubrication for my cock.

I move my left hand back up to her thigh and hold her leg up, so she can move her fingers back to her pussy. Catherine maintains a nice pace of rubbing her clit and pressing her fingers into her pink flesh. She masturbates while I fuck her from the side sending her closer to a second climax. Our bodies slap together as I increase the force of my thrusts. I can feel the sensations in my glans as I press deeper and deeper into her love canal. It’s my sign that I’m going to ejaculate soon.

“I’m so close Cath, I’m so close. I’m going to cum in your pussy.”

“Don’t hold back Rob, give it all to me. Fill me with your hot cum.”

I last only a few more minutes until my entire shaft is buzzing and I can’t turn back. My brain tells me to hold still, but my cock tells me to go into overdrive. I follow my cock and my orgasm washes over me with just a few more thrusts. I release my cum deep inside Catherine’s cunt. Several ropes of jizz make the journey from my balls, up my shaft and explode into my warm cocoon. With each spasm another rope of semen fills her cavern. As the pleasure turns to pain, I press my hips tight against her bum and hold on while I drain my cock.

My hard shaft is buried within a sheath of hot flesh and then I feel the contractions. Catherine’s pussy muscles flex with her second orgasm. I can’t see her hand, but I sense her fingers are working overtime to abuse her clit. She lowers her leg and presses her ass against me while her lower torso pulsates with good vibrations. This second climax is deeper and more profound than the first.

I casino firmaları lay next to Catherine with my hand gripping her hip. Slowly the shaking subsides, and she lays against me in a fetal position. She is totally drained. When I feel my shaft soften, I pull back from Catherine. My cock is covered in cum and her girl juice. She rolls onto her back with her legs spread and takes several deep breaths. Her tits swell high on her chest with her hard nipples pointing straight up. Still lying on my side, I reach over to massage her breasts and glide my hand down her stomach to massage her pubic mound. I try to soothe her spent body.

It’s several moments before Catherine opens her eyes and looks at me. We stare into each other’s eyes and smile. The two of us are totally satisfied. Sweat covers our bodies. We kiss some more as we enjoy our shared orgasm.

“Geez Rob, that was amazing. Thank you for staying with me through that second orgasm. Your cock felt so good and I was starting to feel butterflies as you were fucking me. I just decided to go for it and see if I could cum again. I did, and it was great.”

“I love watching you cum Catherine. And to see you masturbate is a real treat. I’m happy you’re not self-conscious about playing with yourself in front of me. It’s a real turn on, I have to say.”

Our tired, spent bodies are totally relaxed and we drift in and out of consciousness. I believe we may have both slept for as a while because Catherine begins to stir and breaks contact with my body.

“What time is it Catherine?”

She looks at the clock on the nightstand, “Just after eleven. We must have slept a few hours. I need to clean up in the bathroom and then I’ll join you under the covers.”

While Catherine is away, I tug on my soft cock and realize I’m done for the night. It feels good to stroke my shaft and massage my balls, but nothing is going to rise. A few minutes later Catherine slips into bed beside me. I cradle her head in my arms and stroke her side. I avoid her tits and pussy. No sense in stirring the pot if I can’t cook.

She whispers in my ear, “Rob, my love, I have a favor to ask. Will you take Samantha down to the adult shop in the morning? She wants to get an eight-inch dildo just like mine.”

“Really, she can’t go herself?”

“She could, but I promised her you would escort her and help her find what she needs. And, you can pick up some more lube, we are running low. I’d love some cherry flavored this time.”

“She could borrow your silicon cock when she needs a little satisfaction, and besides, she does have a nine-inch rabbit vibe?”

“Oh, no, no, no. My cock stays put right where it is. And yes, she does have her new rabbit, but women like variety and one vibrator is never enough.”

“But Cath, I’m worried she might try to get me into the video booth and want to suck my cock through that glory hole. She said so herself.”

“Oh sweetie, it’ll be OK. And if she did, what harm would that be? She’s already seen this gorgeous cock and she did give you a blowjob last week in the spa.”

Catherine wraps her hand around my deflated shaft as she talks. It’s no use, my dick isn’t going to respond.

“Yes, but you were with me and we were together. Samantha and I will be alone, and I don’t want to step out on you.”

“Oh really, and has that ever stopped you before?”

“Well, no.”

“Besides, I want you to get to know Samantha; something tells me that we are going to see a lot of her and I think we could become a threesome. At least I know we’ll be involved with a lot of threesomes. You’d like that wouldn’t you? Making love with two ladies is one of your major turn-ons.”

“You know if I deny that, I’d be lying. Where will you be tomorrow?”

“The pest control man is coming in the morning. I want to show him the places where I want him to spray extra to get rid of the spiders.”

“Are you sure, that’s all you want to do? The bug man, huh? What special places do you have in mind?”

“Oh you. It’s Mr. McCarthy, my regular pest control guy from Nu-Tech Pest Management. He’s a little old man in his mid-70s. He’s a gentle soul with a kind heart. Now, if it was the refrigerator repairman, that would be a different story. He was quite the hunk.”

“Was he the one you fucked to get a discount, or was it just a blowjob?”

“No, I did not. I thought about it. He was only here for a half hour to replace the freezer fan, so I flashed my boobs for his tip.”

“Cath, you are too much. You make me laugh.”

Catherine giggles and rolls on top of me. She wiggles and presses her tits against my chest as we kiss, and our tongues collide.

“I hope that’s not all I do? So, if you say yes to taking Samantha, I’ll give you a big surprise in the morning before you leave.”

“Yes, I’ll do it.”

“Thank you darling. Let’s get some sleep. I want you well-rested for the morning.”

Catherine rolls to her side and faces away from me. She shimmies her fleshy ass right against my limp noodle. güvenilir casino It’s not going anywhere else tonight. I stretch my arm over Catherine and hold her left boob in my palm. This is my comfort position. She grabs my hand and kisses the back of it before returning it to her breast.

“Good night my love.”

“Good night.”

Chapter Two:

I had a good night of sleep; a full eight hours. I’m a little groggy as I come back to the land of the living. I realize the bed covers are completely off and my cock is very hard. My eyes begin to focus, and I see Catherine naked, standing by the side of the bed with her eight-inch dildo dangling between her thighs. Her strap-on is tight around her hips.

“Good morning sleepyhead. I see your cock is ready for me. It’s nice to know I have that effect on you.”

“Catherine you know this is my morning wood. I wake up every day with this condition until

I can relieve myself. I need to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”

When I return Catherine is still standing next to the bed with her hands on her hips. The bed top sheet and comforter are on the floor. I know Catherine has specific plans for me.

“Hey Cath, have I told you lately how big and beautiful your boobs are? They are perfect, and your nipples are to die for. You can remain topless forever as far as I’m concerned.”

“The Vice Squad might have something to say about that. If I’m in the backyard, or at Avila Beach, I’ll grant you your wish. Now you can grant me one of my own.”

“I think I know what that wish might be. Are you going to be gentle with me?”

“Yes, I promise just like last time. Remember how you liked my cock and how incredible your orgasm was? We’ve never seen you cum so much and it was yummy. I want just as much this time. I need my morning protein.”

“Alright but use lots of lube and go slow. I was sore for a couple of days last time, but it was worth it. My orgasm almost made me pass out.”

“Hop on the bed and let mama have that ass.”

Catherine moves between my legs as I lie on my back. She lubes up the eight-inch lifelike cock and presses the tip against my tight sphincter. Once again, my cock is rock hard in anticipation of being pegged.

“Rob, look at your hard cock, it’s giving you away again. Are you ready?”

Catherine grabs my shaft with one hand and her other guides the dildo into my rear end. She presses her hips forward and the fake cock stretches my ass. My O-ring expands and accepts the width of the penis.

“Gawd Rob, this is so sexy; and I guess I love the control that I have over you.”

Catherine leans into me and several inches slide deep into my anal canal. She squeezes my cock and pumps my thick shaft. Catherine pulls back, and the hard silicon dick massages my prostate. The feeling is incredible. She adds a little more lube to the shaft and it glides in my rear all the way. Catherine presses her hips against my ass and the entire eight inches are buried in my rear. She remains frozen as I catch my breath. My cock throbs and Catherine’s fingers pinche my glans to stave of my climax.

“Don’t cum yet Rob, the longer you hold out, the more intense it will be.”

Catherine holds my cock and jacks me up and down while she fucks my ass with the eight-inch dildo. She pumps my shaft quickly and then releases her grip. Her hand moves to my balls and she pulls on my sack. Catherine rolls my balls around like marbles and then grips my shaft again. All the while she maintains a constant rhythm of sliding her cock between my ass cheeks.

Once again, I am on the edge of exploding. Catherine senses my imminent orgasm and bucks her hips wildly filing my ass with hot silicon. She grabs my shaft with both hands and masturbates me with fast strokes. Her palms squeeze together surrounding my cock and urging me to spew. The combination of an eight-inch cock and hand job drive me over the edge.

“Keeping pumping me Catherine, I’m going to cum. Oh gawd, I’m going to c…”

Before the word ‘climax’ leaves my mouth, I erupt with a torrent of cum. Several thick blasts white fluid shoot up from the tip of my shaft and travel a foot in the air before splashing onto Catherine’s hands and my belly. Catherine presses her hips against my butt, forcing the dildo deep in my ass.

“Oh Rob, so much cum, so much cum. Just like last time.”

Catherine massages my cock as more cream flows and covers her fingers with sticky goodness. My orgasm surges through my body and my ass lifts into the air. I grab the bed sheets in my hands and hold on as my entire body shakes.

When I come to rest, and my hips fall back to the mattress Catherine eases off and her silicon cock exists my ass. My tight rear muscle collapses and I’m empty again. My cock throbs as Catherine grips my shaft. She bends over and licks the sperm from her fingers and my cock. After she cleans her digits she moves to the pool of cum covering my stomach. Catherine suctions up all my cum between her lips and into her mouth. She is a human vacuum cleaner.

Before she completes her duty, I am cum free and she has her morning snack. My cock softens as it slips from between her hands. She is satisfied, and I am completely satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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