Bait a Hook Ch. 16

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Chapter 16: Past, Present, and Future

“Robbie this is very sweet, but never, ever do it again.” I sighed as I climbed into the passenger side of his pickup.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Bobby.” Rob feigned ignorance as we headed out of the school parking lot. I clutched a large vase that held a dozen orange roses in my lap. The card attached to them said “I hope you never stop looking.” I couldn’t help but grin when I read that. I had been really embarrassed when I was the only guy called to the office after school along with what seemed to be every girl in the school. Today was Valentine’s Day and I was corralled into the office waiting for my name to be called. Thankfully, I knew exactly which was for me and walked over to the orange flowers in the sea of red and pink.

“Here you go Bobby.” I smiled and thanked Mrs. Harris, the secretary, and quickly exited the chaos that was in the office. We pulled into the driveway and I grabbed my bag and flowers and headed into the house.

“We need to go change babe.” Rob said as he headed up the stairs. “We need to leave soon in order to make the reservation.”

“I’m coming.” I answered as I placed the orange roses in the middle of the kitchen table, grabbing the card before I headed upstairs.

I walked in as Rob was sliding on a tight white t-shirt over his perfectly sculpted body. Every time I saw him partially clothed I felt like I was sneaking a peak. His hairy body drew all of my attention and I still blushed when he caught me ogling him.

“What should I wear?” I asked Rob as he pulled on a grey sweater.

“I already picked it out.” Rob answered as he pointed over to my bed. Rob had picked out a long sleeved blue dress shirt and a pair of brown corduroys. I knew he picked the pants because he liked the way they showed off my butt. I started to change into the clothes that Rob had picked out and I recognized the same look in Rob’s eyes as I revealed my body to him.

“I know why you picked these cords Robbie.” I grinned as I walked over to him. He had put on a tight pair of blue jeans that looked nice with his sweater. I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him towards me. He placed a chaste kiss on my lips as he cupped my ass with both of his hands. I couldn’t help the snicker that left my lips, at least he wasn’t coy.

“Where are we going Robbie?” I knew what his answer would be before the words left my mouth.

“Only one way to find out.” We spoke in unison as we headed down the stairs. Rob had switched shifts with someone at the deli and would have to work a double over the weekend in order to take the night off. I told him that I didn’t mind, but he insisted on taking me out for a Valentine’s dinner. After about an hour Rob pulled into a restaurant on the water in Chincoteague. The sun was just starting to set as we walked into the restaurant. Rob gave his name to the hostess and she smiled and led us out into a large glassed-in dining room with a view of the magnificent orange and pink sun setting and glistening over the calm water. Rob held my chair for me and I laughed and smiled as I took my seat next to the window.

“Pulling out all the stops Robbie.” I smiled as he sat across from me.

“Only the best for my man.” Rob grinned as he trapped my feet under the table between his legs. I ordered one of the specials, a filet mignon, cooked medium-well with steak fries. I saw Rob smirk before he ordered a filet cooked medium-rare with a baked potato. He also ordered a chocolate soufflé for dessert, knowing it would take a while to cook.

“Don’t like a little blood babe?” Rob chuckled as the waiter left.

“No Rob.” I said trying not to roll my eyes. “You know I don’t like raw meat.”

“Oh I know one raw meat you like.” Rob’s response was barely audible. I kicked him under the table as he bit his lip and we both tried to restrain laughter. The dining room was full and I was surprised that our meal came out as quickly as it did. My filet was cooked perfectly and was fantastic. I saw that Rob’s was very red when he cut into it.

“Delicious.” He exclaimed before he took another bite. We were happily eating and chatting in our own little bubble. We had finished our filets and I was trying unsuccessfully to fend Rob off from eating the remainder of my steak fries.

“Rob? It is you!” Both of our heads darted around and I saw a very pretty blonde girl walking towards our table. She was leaving a long table that had four couples and two empty seats. She was around five foot eight inches tall in her high heels. She had a slim figure with a very perky chest. Her hair was long and curled slightly at the ends. She had a devastating smile and her blue eyes lit up her face.

“Hey Jen.” Rob announced as she stood next to our table. “What brings you into town?”

“Oh my cousin is getting married tomorrow at noon. We’re having a pseudo rehearsal dinner tonight.” She gestured over to the group seated at the long table.

“We should bahis firmaları hang out tonight Rob; I’ll be in town all weekend.” She suggested, still pretending I wasn’t at the table.

“Jen…” Rob almost whispered. “You do know it’s Valentine’s Day don’t you?” A light bulb turned on in the recesses of Jen’s mind and she finally glanced over to me before returning her gaze to Rob.

“Oh…, you’re… on a date?” She questioned, disbelief was heavy in her voice.

“Yeah Jen, this is my boyfriend Bobby, Bobby this is Jen, she graduated last year.” Rob mentioned glancing between the two of us. Jen quickly dug through her purse and pulled out her phone.

“Is this still your number?” She inquired holding out her phone for Rob to look at it. Rob shook his head in response.

“No I got a new number.”

“Well give it to me and maybe we can catch up before I head back to school.” Jen handed the phone to Rob. Rob glanced at me and my gaze remained stoic as I watched him enter his number into her phone.

“I’ll call you later Robbie.” Jen smiled as she turned to head back to her table.

“Nice to meet you.” I managed to get out before she left. My stomach and heart were in jealous knots. As far as I knew I was the only one who had called him Robbie. There was something between Rob and Jen and the insecurities in my mind started coming to the forefront.

“Who was that?” I prodded, trying to remain calm.

“Jen Fisher, she was kinda my girlfriend for a while I guess.” Rob shrugged but kept his eyes on me. I don’t know how I had never thought about it before; of course Rob had been in other relationships, he’s a stud. I got really nervous and self-conscious as my imagination ran wild. I knew I wasn’t being rational, but my body was almost shaking with nerves. “Are you okay Bobby?” Rob asked reaching for my hand on the table.

“I don’t know Rob. I guess we need to talk about it.” I said honestly as I tightened my grip on his hand, needing some support.

“Okay babe, well let’s talk.” He replied squeezing my hand tighter.

“Not here.” I whispered looking around at the intimate atmosphere. “Can we get out of here?”

“Sure Bobby, let’s go.” Rob signaled over to the waiter who reminded him of the soufflé. “Can we get it to go?” Rob questioned and the waiter nodded and headed back to the kitchen. “I’ll go pay the bill and get the soufflé, you can go sit in the truck if you don’t want to wait babe.” I nodded and made my way out of the restaurant. I tried not to look at Jen’s table as I passed, but I saw her studying me out of the corner of my eye.

I was sitting in the truck trying to understand what happened. My brain was inundated with questions. How many people had Rob been with? Did Rob love me as much as I loved him? Was he only with me because we took him in after he was kicked out? My heart was racing and my feet were nervously tapping on the floor. I was driving myself crazy with worry. Several minutes later Rob came out clutching what looked like a to-go soup cup.

“They had to take it out of its dish, so it kinda fell apart, Should still taste good though.” He handed me the container and smiled at me. Rob started the truck and I reached, almost desperately, for his hand. He looked at me and smiled before leaning over and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks for dinner Robbie, it was great.” My expression must have betrayed my conflicting emotions because he looked concerned.

“Out with it Bobby.” Rob pried before he pulled out of the parking lot. I looked out the window trying to organize my troubled mind.

“How many?” I questioned, squeezing his hand.

“How many what babe?” Rob posed.

“How many-, you know, how many people… before me?” I knew it wasn’t a fair question, but I needed to know.

“Two.” Rob kept his eyes on the road but squeezed my hand as he spoke. Two wasn’t bad, I could handle two.

“Tell me about ’em.” I prodded trying to figure out Rob’s love life before I knew him.

“Bobby, babe, you’re the only one I’ve ever loved.” He braved a glance over at me and had a sincere smile on his face before continuing. “The summer before junior year I dated Sarah O’Reilly for a couple of weeks.”

“I don’t know a Sarah?” I thought, tilting my head and trying to place her.

“She moved to North Carolina halfway through junior year.”

“Go on.” I nodded, wanting to know what went on.

“Well we made out a lot. She gave me a couple of blow jobs, and I ate her out once. It fizzled out, probably because I didn’t like going down on her.”

“And Jen?” My stomach tightened thinking about how she acted around Rob at dinner.

“I dated Jen for a couple of months. I took her to her senior prom.” The silence stretched on for several moments before he continued. “Well she didn’t want to go off to college a virgin.” I gulped and braced myself for Rob’s newest revelation. “Well it was that night that I knew I wasn’t like the other guys Bobby. I got off, kaçak iddaa but it wasn’t as great as all the other guys said it would be. It felt…forced. It was nothing like it is with you Bobby.”

“Did you, uh, you know, use protection?” I stammered out.

“Well we were both virgins, but yeah, I didn’t want to get her pregnant.” Rob bluntly answered.

“So you don’t have any feelings for her?” I nervously asked shifting in my seat to face him.

“Bobby. I’m gay. I’m gay for you. I love you.” I melted when Rob smiled at me before speaking. “They would have to drag me kicking and screaming away from you babe.”

“I’m sorry Rob. When I heard her call you Robbie, it made me cringe. I was stupid and jealous.” I scooted over to the middle of the cab to be closer to Rob. I didn’t care what it looked like, I needed contact with him. He wrapped his arm around my leg and held me.

“I cringed too Bobby, she did call me that when we dated, but hearing her call me that now didn’t feel right. Don’t apologize, it’s okay to ask, I don’t mind sharing that part of my life with you. I was in denial then Bobby, playing the part and hooking up with girls. They didn’t mean anything to me. It wasn’t until I met you that I knew what love was. Don’t forget Bobby, I gave myself to you, you were my first.” I warmed at the thought of being Rob’s first, but had one more thing I needed to know.

“So you’re not just with me because we took you in?” I hated to ask, but it was still on my mind.

“Bobby?” Rob pulled my leg closer to him. “I can’t believe you would think that.” I hung my head in shame as he continued. “Bobby, I am grateful that you took me in, but I was in love with you from the first time I came fishing on your dock. I couldn’t imagine living my life without you babe. I love you so much.”

“I’m so sorry Robbie. I love you more than anything. Seeing you talking with Jen, perfectly pretty Jen, made me second guess things.” I kissed him on his cheek, even though he had shaved this morning his stubble was starting to poke through. I opened up the to-go container and the rich chocolate aroma filled the car.

“Smells good.” Rob licked his lips as he inhaled the aroma. I scooped up a bit of the soufflé and licked my fingers clean.

“Tastes good too. Want some?” I licked my lips as I scooped up some more of the delicious substance onto my fingers, holding them in front of Rob’s mouth. Rob answered by inhaling my fingers into his mouth. I moaned when he licked them clean and pulled his head back. The sensation sent a jolt directly to my groin. I reached across and squeezed Rob’s hardening bulge. A mischievous grin spread across my face as I slowly slid down the zipper on his jeans. I fished my prize out of the fly on the boxer briefs he was wearing. I heard his breath hitch as he quickly hardened to full bone in my hand. I took my thumb and ran it over the slit, rubbing the slick substance over his large helmet.

“Maybe you shouldn-” Rob’s words were cut off when I replaced my hand with my hungry mouth. I paused and prodded my tongue at his slit and lapped up all of the nectar that was flowing. I loved the feel and the taste of his rigid manhood leaking in my mouth. I was moaning with pleasure when I felt the truck jerk.

“Shit.” Rob groaned and I glanced up at him and saw he was straining to focus on the road as I worked my skillful mouth around his engorged shaft. I had planned on savoring every taste of Rob for as long as possible, but decided to make this quick and taste Rob’s seed as quickly as possible, to avoid an accident. I took Rob all the way into my mouth, causing a moan, feeling his mushroom head in my throat as his muscles became tight.

“Oh shit!” Rob panted and I increased my suction and speed and was rewarded with a blob of pre-come. Rob’s thighs gave an involuntary thrust and within seconds he unloaded his juices into my salivating mouth.

“Fuckin’ shit Bobby.” Rob was almost breathless and my taste buds were filled with the flavor that was distinctly Rob. I savored his release as I swallowed three times trying to contain his seed. I sucked on his deflating cock until Rob practically pulled my head off of his sensitive dick. I looked at Rob and he almost looked drunk. I carefully returned his member into the confines of his underwear before zipping him up.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Robbie.” I sighed before kissing him sweetly on the cheek.

“You’re going to kill us babe.” Rob chuckled. “Thanks Bobby, that was great, scary, but great. Happy Valentine’s babe.” Rob and I shared the remainder of the dessert and within a few minutes Rob pulled into the driveway. We sat there holding each other, sharing light, slow, lazy kisses until we headed up to our room. We caught up on our homework before getting ready for bed.

“I’m so glad you chose me Rob.” I proclaimed as I climbed up the ladder to the top bunk to get in bed with Rob.

“I’m glad you chose me Bobby.” I felt Rob’s mouth placing warm kisses on my neck, his kaçak bahis stubble rubbing my skin in all the right places, as my body melted into his comforting embrace. His arm was wrapped around my chest tracing light circles around my now hard nipples. I suppressed a squeal when he pinched my right nipple hard. The feeling sent an electric jolt straight to my crotch and I felt my growing erection trapped in my tight boxer briefs.

“You need a hand babe?” Rob whispered in my ear, his hot breath sending shivers down my spine.

“Please Robbie.” I murmured lost in his caresses. He pulled my back tighter into his chest and I felt his strong, fuzzy pecs pressing into my back. His rough fingers slowly traced down my chest and stomach. My body shuddered and he chuckled at my reaction to his touches. I felt his right hand grab me through my underwear and squeeze my trapped cock.

“Robbie.” I moaned as he played with me through my underwear. He began nibbling on my earlobe before I felt his hand slip inside my waistband. I gasped when his meaty paw wrapped around my throbbing erection. My hips thrust forward; needing friction as I felt his finger spread my natural lubricant around my head and shaft. His mouth moved down to the base of my neck and began sucking as his hand worked furiously around my aching member. Rob always knew how to get me hot. My back arched as my eyes fluttered shut. I erupted a healthy white cream that gushed around Rob’s hand and made a highly contrasted mess on my dark underwear. My body instantly went limp as my head was engulfed by the pillow.

“I love you Bobby.” I faintly heard and I felt secure spooned up in front of Rob before succumbing to sleep.


“But I’m not hungry.” Rob grumbled as we headed down the stairs.

“Come on Rob, you need to eat something, you have to take the SAT in a couple hours.” I prodded trying to get Rob to eat. “How about a bowl of cereal?” Rob relented and we sat down and ate a bowl of cereal. Rob insisted that I didn’t need to drive him, but I knew how stressed he got driving in traffic. The SAT was going to be held at a high school in Norfolk. While I wasn’t from Norfolk, I was used to driving in city traffic. Rob was a nervous wreck when he was in traffic and I wanted him to remain as calm as possible. Rob grabbed his calculator, phone, and a handful of pencils and we headed out the door to my Jeep. I put the address into my phone and let the mapping application lead the way to the school. Thankfully, traffic was light and we didn’t get delayed. Rob left his phone on the dash of the Jeep and gave me a weak smile.

“You’ll do fine Robbie, you’ve been studying and you know what to expect. Just do your best.” I flashed him my warmest smile as he got out of the Jeep muttering.

“Yeah, yeah.” He waved as he headed into the school. Rob was grumpy this morning and I hadn’t had much to eat so my stomach was growling at me. I found a Waffle House in my phone and decided that would be as good a place as any to kill some time. I made the ten mile drive and sat at the counter. I ordered a waffle, a side of bacon, and a sweet tea. I liked that I could watch them make my food and in no time I was enjoying my breakfast. I was sipping on my tea when I decided I should do something for Rob when he got out of the test around noon. I smiled at the waitress when she took my plates and refilled my glass.


“No problem sugar. Anything else I can get you?” She asked.

“I’m great for now, thanks.” I answered and she smiled before leaving to fill up other patrons’ coffee mugs. I was looking through restaurants to find a place to take Rob for lunch. Finally I found one that I knew Rob would love, and the prices were very reasonable. I paid my bill and headed back to the Jeep. Rob still had a little over two hours of testing so I found a Barnes & Noble bookstore and pulled into the parking lot.

I explored the store, taking a few minutes to play with the e-readers and tablets. I found a display for a new Dan Brown book and decided to get it. I took my new book and got a hot chocolate from Starbucks before settling in to read. Like most of his books, I was wrapped up immediately. It wasn’t until I took a sip of cold hot chocolate that I realized I had lost track of time. Rob would be ready in about in an hour so I discarded my drink and grabbed my book and headed to the parking lot.

I was buckling my seatbelt when I heard Rob’s phone beeping. Out of habit I looked at the screen. ‘New message from Jen.’ I briefly thought about opening it, but decided to put the phone back and let Rob tell me about. I couldn’t deny that I was curious, but I felt like I would be betraying Rob’s trust if I read it. After I pulled back into the school’s parking lot, I pulled out my book and again became absorbed in the story. It wasn’t until I heard Rob open the door that I snapped back to reality.

“Hey Rob, how’d it go?” I was smiling a little too broadly, hoping that he would be in a good mood.

“I dunno Bobby.” Rob shrugged before continuing. “I hate taking tests, I always feel like I get everything mixed up and forget things. As soon as left the room I remembered a couple of things that I had forgotten. “

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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