Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 04-06

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Chapter 04.

The three of us became fairly constant companions once Justin overcame his initial embarrassment. It was a pretty quick turnaround for him once he met Amy face to face and realised that he concurred with my assessment that she was “pretty hot.”

One Thursday evening, about three months after that first dinner, we had retired to her apartment after enjoying a meal at a Thai restaurant around the corner from where we lived. Justin didn’t smoke, he never had in fact, but he would join us on the balcony when we partook. Being the end of summer meant that the balcony was one of the nicest places to be anyway.

‘So were we the only ones you ever saw?’ Justin asked out of the blue.

‘What do you mean we?’ I interjected when I sensed Amy was perhaps a little uncomfortable with the topic. Although she and I had discussed it several times, Justin had seemed to be more comfortable pretending that it had never been part of our relationship.

‘Well, I mean was Alex the only one?’

‘Yeah,’ Amy answered but I sensed from her tone some sort of qualification in her reply.

‘You mean the only one from this balcony,’ I added for her.

‘Um, yes, that’s true,’ she responded.

‘So where else have you seen such shows?’

‘Yeah, spill the beans,’ Justin added with enough lechery to make me wish he wasn’t here.

‘Well, I sometimes go to this club…’

‘A strip club?’ Justin interrupted.

‘Dickhead,’ I shot back at him. ‘Ignore the little boy Amy and tell your story. If he can avoid coming in his pants perhaps he’ll learn something about women.’ I didn’t know what sort of a club she was talking about, but I knew it wasn’t a strip club. Amy wasn’t into women as such, she was into watching things happen. Interesting things. The one-sided pre-determined outcome of a strip club would hold as much appeal as a pair of spanking pants for my school chum Anna. But then again, she was catholic…

‘Thanks Alex,’ her white smile flashed in the shadows. ‘Its nothing like a strip club, it’s a place for all sorts of people, ordinary people. It’s a private club with entry by invitation from a member only, and it’s a place where those without inhibition can act out what they want, and where those who want to watch are allowed to watch.’

Silence followed as Justin and I digested this information.

‘How did you get to be a member?’ Justin asked, and I silently applauded his intelligent question.

‘A co-worker invited me about 18 months ago.’ She giggled at the memory. ‘I was so shocked when I got there, I had no understanding at all about what happened at the club when she invited me. I thought she meant it was a rave or something where people might get naked.’

‘So you were what, 20 years old?’ I asked.

‘Not quite, I was still 19,’ she replied. I knew now that Amy was 21 and had done some quick arithmetic. Justin squirmed in his seat and I knew he had a hard on. He was 28, three years older than I, and the thought of a 19 year old wandering into some sort of sex club just did it for him no end.

‘How often do you go there?’ Justin asked.

‘Its on once a month, but I haven’t been since I met you guys.’

‘So we’re better value than this club hey?’ I injected a light tone into my voice, trying to move the conversation on.

‘Sure,’ she replied with a smile, ‘but I was thinking that if you wanted to come along, you could come as my guests.’

‘Both of us?’ Justin asked a little too eagerly. I knew that the voyeur in him was salivating at the thought. The voyeur that had been starved of action from me since Amy became more than a stranger across the way.

‘Yeah,’ Amy said. ‘A guest can bring one male, six female guests or three couples.’

‘Cool,’ Justin said and I realised that he was about to make a decision without consulting me. It was a big no-no in our relationship.

‘When does the club meet next?’ I asked.

‘This Saturday night as a matter of fact,’ she replied, then stood up. ‘Before you respond to my invitation you need to talk it over alone. This club, like your relationship, has two sides to participation.’ She walked inside, closing the door behind her.

‘What does she mean two sides?’ Justin asked.

‘Voyeur and exhibitionist dummy,’ I responded. ‘She wants to ensure that if I get the urge to act, that you will be cool with the fact that there will be a whole bunch of people around watching other than yourself.’

‘Oh,’ he said.

‘On the other hand,’ I murmured conspiratorially, ‘you could sit next to Amy while watching.’

And so we agreed.

Chapter 05

It was a warm night that Saturday. I wore a pair of tight white pants and a tight fitting, bright red lycra top that outlined my bra-less breasts very clearly. I wore black boots that had a small heel, something I could stand in for long periods of time if necessary. Justin wore his so-called best jeans, a long sleeved white shirt that was embroidered in patterns that gave it an instant escort ankara Elvis appeal with deck shoes. Amy wore a light blue sundress that fell half way to her knees, was held in place with thin straps and hugged her waist tightly without over emphasising her breasts. She looked so girl-next-door off to the picnic that I almost laughed given our actual destination. She looked sweet and innocent and made me feel almost lecherous as I stood beside her on the curb waiting for our transport.

The club was situated in a renovated factory on the fringe of the CBD, a mere fifteen minutes ride in the limo we hired. From the outside it appeared like it had for probably two decades, a stone and steel factory. Inside it was a mixture of opulence and austerity, fantasy and functionality. The factory’s three levels had been retained and we were ushered into a very non descript but large entrance hall where we were offered the use of complimentary secure lockers and asked to sign a disclaimer that we would not be offended by the quite explicitly described acts that might occur within.

From there we entered a wood panelled richly decorated bar in which several groups and couples were seated or stood, chatting animatedly and clearly excited about the night’s activities on offer. Amy’s cheeks were slightly flushed which betrayed her own eagerness, and I knew that while my nipples were hard, that there would be no other outward sign of my own anxiety. Justin on the other hand kept turning to stare at the others in the bar and his eyes so threatened to pop out of his head that I was forced to grab his hand and tell him to stop behaving like a ten year old in the lolly shop. He calmed considerably after that and kept his presence much lower key.

‘What now?’ I asked after we had ordered a drink. The prices were quite reasonable for a private club that had in effect a captive audience.

‘Whatever you want,’ Amy responded. She looked at me with such a penetrating gaze that I knew, just knew, that she wanted to watch me tonight. ‘If you like,’ she continued, ‘we can take our drinks and have a quick wander. The first level is reasonably tame, there is a strip club with cubicles for private lap dances.’ She grinned at Justin. ‘Men and women perform and unlike normal strip clubs you can tip in order to touch. Each dancer has a business card with his or her prices for services. They cover all sorts of contact,’ Amy added with another grin.

‘Could be an expensive night,’ Justin observed.

‘It sure could be,’ Amy nodded. I noted that she was watching two muscled men in tight black leather pants and matching leather vests that were standing close to each other at a nearby table.

‘So this is a club for all proclivities?’ I enquired.

‘Anything and everything — at least as long as it is legal of course.’

‘Alternatively we could split up and maybe meet back here in half an hour or so,’ Amy said. ‘That way you can see for yourself what goes on and we could go on from there.’

‘Sounds like an idea,’ I replied. I needed to sound Justin out on what the rules were here. I needed time to think as to what I wanted to get up to here. But I wanted to talk to Amy alone first.

‘Where’s the ladies room?’ I asked. Amy began to explain but I grabbed her hand. ‘C’mon, show me.’

There were two other women in the ultra clean and spacious ladies room. I felt a pang of angst that I wouldn’t be able to talk, then remembered that they were here for the same, or similar things as I was.

‘Amy, before we go on, I need to know something.’


‘I need to know how you’ll judge me in the morning.’ I regretted the words as soon as I said them, realising it sounded like a prelude to us making love.

‘Alex, I was drawn to your boldness when I first saw you,’ she said earnestly. ‘I’m not gonna judge you no matter what you get up to.’

I smiled at her in relief.

‘Okay, but what about if Justin loses his cool and I walk away from him?’ It had occurred to me almost as soon as we accepted the invitation that Justin may not be cool with others close up and personal if I put on a show, with or without his urging.

‘I’m not going to judge you for his reactions,’ she replied, ‘but I suggest you think about what effect what you do might have on him.’

‘You don’t think he can handle this do you?’

‘I’m not sure,’ she replied slowly. ‘I’ve seen a lot of men storm.’


‘I think that they can’t control their emotions when their partners start to let loose.’ She grinned. ‘Its probably why I don’t have a boyfriend.’

‘I’ve wondered about that,’ I said. And I had. In the three months that we had known her there wasn’t even the hint of one sniffing about.

‘Well didn’t you think I was into women?’

‘Well yes, for a day or so,’ I replied, smiling at her

‘Which begs me to ask the question I should have asked all those weeks ago.’ She looked at me again with that penetrating gaze as she spoke. It was far ankara escortlar too deep for a 21 year old and unsettled me slightly.

‘What question?’

‘Would you have slept with me?’

‘I don’t know,’ I shrugged. Justin had asked me as soon as I had returned to our apartment. He had sat up watching. He had seen the flares of the matches. He had been disappointed that no show was forthcoming, but he was horny at hell after spending the evening imagining what we had been up to. I didn’t want sex that night, but I let him jerk off onto my breasts while I knelt in front of him, then we slept.

‘Oh.’ Amy looked a little disappointed.

‘Do you want to sleep with me?’ It was too bold a question and I could see she looked uncomfortable. ‘We better get back to Justin,’ I said before she responded, taking her by the hand. Her long fingers wrapped around mine and it felt good. I didn’t know what that meant.

As we approached Justin I saw his stare drop to our clasped hands and his eyes, still bug eyed, seemed to flare even more. For a moment I felt embarrassed for him, but tempered my own feelings with the recognition that this club was his ultimate fantasy and that he probably had every right to feel like a kid in a lolly shop. But I still wanted to be the one in control, so I manoeuvred us so that Amy was between Justin and I, and while still holding her, reached across with my free hand and caressed his crotch. He jumped, Amy looked and I outlined his erection in his pants.

‘I thought you looked like you’re enjoying yourself,’ I laughed. Amy giggled as Justin tried to protest.


‘What? Are you telling me that you’re not turned on by the thought of seeing all sorts of things here tonight?’

‘W-w-well yeah,’ he stammered, ‘but you don’t have to go grabbing me like that.’

‘So you don’t want Amy here to see that big hard cock of yours through your pants?’

‘Alex!!’ This time both Justin and Amy cried out in unison and Amy released my hand.

‘So you’re happy for her to see me naked, and for other people to see me naked while I masturbate, but you don’t want to let others know that you like that to happen?’


‘Well nothing,’ I cut him off. ‘Amy told us that there are two sides to this place, voyeurs and exhibitionists. In case you didn’t understand what she meant, it was that she recognised that like her, you are a voyeur. I’m not sweetheart, I’m the other part. And I’m here tonight too.’ I was being blunt and had injected a little harshness into my tone. And by the look in his eyes I realised that an understanding was dawning in him. He realised now that if I became sufficiently aroused, I may just be in here exhibiting myself, not just for him, but for anyone else who might want to watch.

I held my hand up as he went to speak. ‘This is the deal Justin. I want you to spend the next thirty minutes wandering through this place. Every time you see a woman doing something, ask yourself if you would want to watch me doing it. If things get down and dirty, I need you to tell me before they start that you are not comfortable. I’m going to let you be in control, to a point.’ I thought I was sounding clinical and hoped it wouldn’t kill the mood. Amy was watching me closely and I thought I could sense some discomfort on her part.

‘What do you mean, to a point?’ Justin had already accepted my deal, I could see that from the way his eyes were following a leggy blonde dressed in a maid’s outfit as she sashayed her way into the main area.

‘If I start something here and you haven’t said no, then there’s no going back.’

‘Okay,’ he said. ‘I’ll meet you here in half an hour.’ He checked his watch and was gone in the direction of the maid.

‘Do you want to meet here in half an hour too?’ I turned to Amy. She was smiling at me.

‘What?’ I asked her.

‘He is absolutely wrapped around your little finger,’ she laughed. ‘You let him think he has control, that he made you go out onto the balcony, but it really is all your idea isn’t it?’

‘Maybe,’ I shrugged. ‘Time’s a-tickin” I said. ‘Where should I start?’

‘Let me show you,’ she said and reached for my hand again. I accepted and enjoyed the coolness of her palm in mine. ‘So do you think you could get up to something here?’

‘I don’t know,’ I said frankly. ‘It’ll depend on who’s watching, or maybe how many are watching me.’ I shrugged as we walked into the large open plan area. ‘I just don’t know. Sometimes I get so turned on I’m prepared to do anything. Then other times…its just not the same.’

‘What about if I was watching?’

‘I think so,’ I said, meeting her eyes. I could see that special intensity in her gaze and knew that she wanted to watch me. I felt butterflies in my stomach at the thought.

‘And if Justin wasn’t watching?’


‘Well what if he wasn’t there?’

‘I don’t know…’

‘But you told him that once you started there’s no stopping,’ Amy explained patiently. ‘So ankara kaliteli escortlar if he changes his mind, the only option for him is to leave. Then you aren’t exhibiting yourself to him any more.’ We had stopped walking now near the row of low stages where several dancers were performing. I looked at Amy again and marvelled at how mature she seemed.

‘That won’t matter,’ I said. ‘Once I get that turned on, I probably wouldn’t even be aware that he was gone.’


‘Probably,’ I agreed.

‘You need to think about that.’

She was right, but already I knew that it wouldn’t matter whether he was there. The animal was awake, only just, but awake never the less. It wasn’t about me being an exhibitionist; that side of me is also a part of Justin and his voyeurism. The thing that turns me on immensely, that unleashes the animal, is control. And exhibitionists who control their voyeur are in control. I could be a lap dancer if it was socially acceptable (and my breasts were bigger!). The control they have over a client who can only look and not touch is supreme.

And this club presented every possibility for control, surrender and expression of lust and desire. For the next thirty minutes Amy held my hand as we wandered past the strippers, through a small maze of booths, some empty, some with curtains closed which indicated they were occupied, and some with the curtains open revealing their occupants. Some simply drank and watched what was going on outside, in another a man rested against the padded lounge backing his eyes glazed as the head of his partner bobbed up and down in his lap.

We walked up a stair case to the second level which was divided like city blocks into three rows of rooms. None of the rooms had walls facing the corridors and the central row was open at both ends. I quickly counted eight rooms along each corridor although at the far end there seemed to be a very large room. People stood looking into various rooms, some with drinks, some without and every now and then I noticed one or more people enter a room. It appeared that this whole floor consisted of these rooms.

‘What’s upstairs?’ I asked.

‘Office space and storerooms I think,’ Amy replied. ‘The velvet ropes indicate that no one is to enter,’ she murmured to me. I noticed that some of the rooms were indeed roped off. The first room we came to was empty, other than several very large cushions sprawled around on the floor.

The next room, which was roped off, contained a couple who were probably in their mid-forties who were going for it hammer and tongs. She was naked and on all fours side on to the door, her ponderous breasts swinging back and forth as her partially clothed husband slammed into her from behind. His long sleeved shirt was unbuttoned revealing a hairy chest and something of a beer gut, while his suit pants were still bunched around his knees. His poor attempt at a comb-over completed the picture of middle aged depravity. I hoped that they were enjoying themselves and moved on.

Less than a third of the rooms were occupied, perhaps later in the night there would be more occupied. Two rooms contained couples who were no more than touching, in another two women were kissing and fondling each other, though still clothed. I felt Amy pause and stopped walking, positioning myself so I could watch the two women while watching Amy’s facial expression in my peripheral vision. The fact that we were holding hands obviously caught the occupants attention who beckoned to us to join them. I saw Amy smile and I turned to look at her as she turned to me. The velvet room was down in this room.

‘Interested?’ I asked and knew that the faint smile on my lips would be seen as a challenge.

‘Later,’ she said with a shake of her head. She smiled broadly at the two women and then we walked on. The final room before the last oversized room had six people watching. It wasn’t roped off either, but we had to squeeze together against the wall to see the occupants. It was the two leather clad men we had seen earlier. They were naked now and their physiques were magnificent, hard well muscled bodies that shone in the light. Both of them possessed large, fat penises and as they lay side by side on the cushions, they stroked each other and kissed. I had never seen two men together before and found it both a turn on and somewhat confronting. Their tongues probed each others’ mouths as their fingers stroked the other’s erection.

I was conscious of my breasts pushing against Amy’s shoulder. So was she obviously as she turned slightly and placed her hand on my thigh. This was going to lead to something I wasn’t ready for. Yet.

‘C’mon,’ I said, stepping back and breaking the contact between us, ‘let’s find Justin before something happens that I’m not quite prepared for.’

‘I do want you Alex,’ Amy said plainly, reaching out to take my hand in hers. We walked silently back through the club hand in hand until we found Justin enjoying a lap dance. He hadn’t gotten past the strip show and we stopped and watched as a slim blonde gyrated on his lap. He wore a shit eating grin, especially when the girl turned and brushed her pert breasts across his face.

‘He thinks she looks like you,’ I said to Amy.

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