Beach Trip

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Every summer a group of friends I’ve known forever, and I, get a beach house down by the shore for a week. The party is different from year to year.

Everyone decided they would bring someone along on the trip. I didn’t invite the girl I was “sort of seeing” (we weren’t exclusive). I did, however, invite this fine hottie I met on the train a month ago. We had been chatting it up on the phone every other day or so. Her name was Halle and she was only twenty years old (two years younger than I was). She was a looker and lived up in the Bronx. We communicated by phone and email. Our exchanges were both friendly and flirtatious. These exchanges sometimes became hot and heavy with things like:

“So how’s the pussy?”

“Trimmed and delicious. ”

“Really? I have to try it some time.”

“How’s the dick hanging?”

“Thick and eight… “

“Hmmm… sounds filling. “

Halle intrigued me. She kept insisting we hook up on a date but I kept refusing because I was already seeing someone. Finally, I gave in and invited her out to the shore with my friends and I.

I could tell she wanted to fuck me; I too wanted to fuck her. I wanted to sink my dick in her coochie. We all met up at the shore at the big wood frame beach house. Later, casino şirketleri when we all went out in the nice summer water, Halle wore a red two piece bikini. There was no question that she had a nice, tight, thick, voluptuous body. I instantly got hard at the site of her.

Later that night, at around ten, my desire for her intensified when she invited me to sleep, with her, in her room. Once in the room, she started kissing me. She said I was really handsome, and I was a guy she really wanted to fuck her tight, wet pussy. I was stunned but managed to return the complement

She described some of the preparations she had made: she brought her own condoms (all colors and flavors), lotions and creams, and a feather, grapes, and many more.

“Grapes?” I asked. “Are these for a snack between fucks.”

“You’ll see,” she replied teasingly.

Faster than a snake can shed its skin, Halle had her bikini off and in a very small pile on the floor. She was spread-eagled wide on the bed, and was twirling the fingers of one hand in her “trimmed” bush. She invited me to join.

Her fat tits and juicy ass commanded me to strip and join her AS.AP. She was already wet as I slid my cock inside her and began to suck her tits. As I pumped her pussy, she casino firmaları screamed so loud that I could hear my friends cheering and snickering out on the deck. Halle was very tight.

“Sex with you is by far the best I’ve had,” she said.

“I bet you say that to all the guys. “

“No, really! You make me feel really good and you’re very big.”

As she said that, I filled her tight taco with my love sauce. Her heels were on my ass and she was clenching my cock with her pussy muscles to squeeze every drop out of me.

With her knees in the air and her heels on her ass, Halle stuck two fingers in her pussy and used my juices to wet her clit and put her fingers in her pussy again. She got up on all fours, doggie style, and yelled, “eat me now!” Her ass looked so good that my tongue led me to it. I started fucking her with my tongue and started sucking her clit when she pushes back on my face.

She came very violently. She went to the bathroom and came back with a sly smile on her face.

“I’ve got a surprise for you. ”

“What is it?”

“Wait. “

I started falling asleep when Halle announced, “It is time for the grape game.”


“Watch. “

She sat spread-eagle and started popping about güvenilir casino four grapes into her wet pussy.

“Now I want you to suck these grapes out of me as slowly as you can.

I was wide-awake now and before I knew it my head was between her legs licking her pussy. I tried my best remove the first grape and it was difficult I sucked her pussy lips like a vacuum.

The second and third grapes became easier as I got better but the fourth grape was the hardest because it was so far back. When I finally got it she moaned loudly and released her juices onto my tongue, grabbing the back of my head.

She grabbed my face and pulled me up; she knelt down in front of me and put her mouth on my crotch. She began sucking on my balls and licked her way up my cock. She seized my cock in her hot mouth and gave me the longest and best blowjob of my life. She deep throated my eight and a half inches of man meat and my balls too. She knew when I was about to come because she removed her mouth and caught my thick load on her breasts. We literally flicked until the sun began to rise; that is when we went to sleep.

A week and a half later, and twenty messages I finally got in touch with her. I was feening for that good pussy. She refused and had me strung out for a whole month before she fucked me again. After that I was only given some of that fine piece of ass once a month. It was driving me crazy but I managed. We are a couple now and I get it on a weekly basis, and that is still not enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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