Becky’s Sister Jamie Ch. 02

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Part 2 of Becky’s Sister Jamie. I would read them order. Thanks to Larry for the editing again. Part 3 is a small idea. Please comment and thanks for reading.

Becky licked her lips to get the last bit of my cum from them and gave me a big smile.

“I bet you saw her sucking on her newest play thing.” my goddess laughed. “I did not know she was going to have him over. I am sorry I did not tell you.”

“It is OK baby. I really enjoyed the show they put on.” I responded.

“Was that why you were hard as a rock when I came into check on you? Were you dreaming of my big sister fooling around with that kid?” she asked.

Becky was beat red talking about what I may have seen. She had just woke me up with an earth moving blow job but could not say the word fuck. She is so sexy and innocent all at the same time. I know it turned her on that I had seen her sister and she wants me to tell her about it but she is too shy to ask me. I want to tease her a little as a thank you for the blow job and to hear her talk dirty for me.

“Yes I was dreaming of her fucking her young lover. Did you know she was fucking somebody else?” I asked in an attempt to get her talking.

“She and Jeremy have experimented with lots of things but I did not know she had someone on the side right now,” Becky answered. She also started to slowly stroke my soft cock. “I found a movie they made when they were first married. She had it saved on her computer. It was the two of them and another guy.”

She had my undivided attention. Her small hand was stroking my shaft and rubbing my inner thigh as she told me what was on the porno her sister and brother in law had made.

“It started out with Jeremy videoing Jamie in her old Hooters uniform getting ready to go to a Halloween party. I loved that we both got to work there during college,” my love said. “Then it skipped a little bit and showed Jamie sitting in the lap of one of the mangers from the restaurant. She was drinking and flirting with him and a couple of other guys.”

“Jeremy told her to flash the guys at the party. I guess she was pretty drunk because she looked around and pulled down her top. She had a push up bra on but it was half cups and not the full ones we had to wear at work. You could see her nipples sticking out but not her full breast.”

I reached out to touch Becky’s big tits as she kept talking. Her hard nipples told me she was getting just as turned on by the story as I was. She had shifted up to lay down beside me, never taking her hand off my slowly hardening cock. I stopped güvenilir bahis her hand long enough to pull her top down and free her huge breasts. I gave her nipples a hard tug and went back to cupping her tit as the story continued.

“It was real quick on the movie but everyone yelled and hollered when she flashed them. A couple of the guys at the bar started chanting ‘show your tits, show your tits.’ Other girls started coming up in front of the camera and pulling out their breasts, bringing out more and more cheers from the guys in the bar. I knew a couple of them and recognized a few of the guys too.”

“The movie had about a half hour of party footage with a lot of flashing and flirting. It cut to a close-up of Jamie still sitting in the manager’s lap. It showed his hand between her thighs and her hand working down into his pants and the two of them kissing deep. It skipped ahead again and had Jamie talking to the camera. She asked Jeremy if he wanted to go home and take Billy the manager with them. That is when the video ended. I then started looking for any more from that date and found a second one.”

I was all the way hard at this point of the story and did not want to cum to soon. I reluctantly pulled Becky’s hand away and moved down the bed. She moved to the center of the bed and placed a couple of pillows behind her back. I got between her legs and slipped her terry cloth shorts off her beautiful ass and down her sexy legs. She was laying in just her baby blue thong in the middle of our king sized bed. I started kissing her feet with the plan or working my way up to that thong.

I took one foot in my hands and put her big toe into my mouth and gave it a long suck. She was reaching down to her pussy with her right hand but I smacked it away.

“No baby that is mine. Keep telling me the story,” I commanded.

She gave me a little pout and stuck out her tongue. I smiled at her and gave her panty covered pussy a hard slap and switch to the other foot. I licked her sole and she shuddered from the tickling sensation. I was moving slowly up her legs as she resumed telling me the story of the videos she found on her sister’s computer.

“The next video started in Jamie and Jeremy’s living room. Billy was sitting on the recliner and Jamie was dancing in her Hooter’s girl shorts. Her top was already lying on the floor. Her bra was on top of Billy’s bald head.” Becky said with a giggle.

“They must have been really drunk ’cause she could barely stay on her feet. She was playing with her tits and giving him a lap dance. She turned around güvenilir bahis siteleri to face the camera and put her orange covered butt in his face. She was squeezing her breasts together and Billy was playing with her butt,” my goddess said as she started playing with her own tits.

Dang her tits are perfect. C cups or maybe Ds. Her aureoles are about the size of a half dollar and the nipples must be half an inch when they get hard. It amazes me how much they change when she gets worked up. I love running my fingers across the little bumps on the outside rim and then giving the tips a good long pull. The small scar under her left breast just proves how perfect they look. There is little or no sag to her mounds even leaning back on the big pillows.

I had made my way up those tanned legs and gave her inner thigh a little bite. Becky yelped and pushed her legs together trying to control my head. My hands pushed on the back of her knees trying to bend her in half as I kept her legs spread. My mouth went to her other thigh and licked all the way up to her panties. I was having fun teasing her as she told me about her sister being a slut. Kissing her inner thighs and licking up to her covered pussy but not touching her there. She gave up closing her legs and started trying to pull my hair. She wanted my mouth on her lower lips almost as much as I wanted to eat her.

“Do you want me to lick this cute little pussy? Stick my tongue inside you?” I asked.

“Yes please,” she begged.

“Yes, what?” I teased.

“Please eat my pussy. I need you to eat my pussy!” she yelled while pushing my head down.

I did not fight her. My mouth went to her panty clad mound and I sucked the fabric and her lips into my willing mouth. The panties were already damp and stuck to her smooth lips. My tongue pushed the silk inside her as I pushed it hard into her. I rubbed my hairy chin between her legs. She was sweet and salty mixed together.

I moved back just enough to pull her thong to the side and get a great look at her pink lips. The aroma of her sex was intoxicating. I made my tongue into a point and drove it into her small opening. My fingers were keeping her lips spread. I pulled back and pushed my fingers together. Her lips got bright pink. I was squeezing them and pulling on them hard trying to get her to squirm and moan. She bucked her hips from the relentless pressure on her lips. I slid both fingers back between her lips feeling her wetness and getting her worked up. My lips went back to hers. Light kisses at first and then long licks up and iddaa siteleri down the slit.

Her pink clit was swollen and sticking out. I ran my other hand around her thigh and put my thumb just above her pussy. I ran the thumb across her clit while putting pressure on her mound with the palm of my hand. She started to wiggle on the pillows with all the attention I was giving her small little pussy. Taking her clit between my thumb and fore finger, I pinched it hard. Becky gave out a loud yelp. My mouth and hands pushed her over the top. She started to cum hard. Her legs clamped down on my head and she grabbed the back on my head. Her sweet juice flowed into my mouth. She was calming down from my tongue lashing but I wanted to hear the rest of the story.

“So what happened next?” I asked her after giving her one last lick and sliding up to kiss her.

“Billy pulled her shorts down and started doing to her what you are doing to me,” Becky said between moans and squeals. “Jeremy walked in front of her naked. He kissed her hard and then pushed her head down to his penis. She looked up at him and then the camera before she started sucking on it. Billy pulled her down on his hard cock at this point. She kept Jeremy’s penis in her mouth and really rode Billy hard.”

“The movie did not last much longer but it showed both of the guys having sex with Jamie. She sucked them both and they took turns on her,” Becky told me between heavy sighs.

“Did you get turned on watching your sister getting fucked by 2 guys?” I asked. I had stopped licking her and pushed 2 fingers into her very wet pussy.

“It was a really hot tape but yuck,” she said with a smile. “I liked seeing the 2 penises. Jeremy is almost as big as you are and Billy isn’t called the Club by the girls for nothing.”

“Have you seen Billy’s club other than on tape?” I asked.

“Seen it and sucked it,” she said I think trying to shock me. “Almost all the girls did at one time or another. We had to see if the stories were true.”

Trying to play along, I said “Was that before or after you watched the movie?”

“Before and after.” She blushed and reached for my cock. “I still have a copy of the movie downloaded and saved somewhere. Do you want it watch it with me?”

“Oh yes I would love to watch porn with you,” I replied.

“How about with Jamie and Jeremy?” she asked.

“What?” I was a bit shocked.

“I told you the two of them play around. Jamie has told me before she would like to play with you and I have always had a crush on Jeremy,” Becky answered.

“You want to have fun with your brother-in-law and I get to play with your sister?” She was full of shocks today.

“Nothing for sure but Jamie knows I have the movie and she thinks it would be fun to get us all together,” Becky said.

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