Becoming His Ch. 01

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Sometimes, I feel as if I don’t belong in my family. I am the youngest of five. I am so different from all my siblings. Melinda and Greg are twenty seven. They have always been inseparable. They went to the same college, both became high school teachers, and have even bought a house together to fix up and sell. Amanda is 25 and is well on her way to becoming a doctor. Michael is closest to me at 22 in age but that all that we have in common. He is intent on becoming a hotshot lawyer someday. They are all overachievers and have goals that they are set on achieving.

In contrast to them, I am more content to hang out with my friends and slack off. That is why I am bringing home the report card right now that will tell my parents that I have to do another year of high school. When I get home, my father is the only one home. I silently hand it to him. He reads it, and then without a word he leaves the house. My parents have never been too strict but I at least expected him to yell a little bit or tell me he was disappointed in me. But I got nothing. I didn’t let it bother me though. I went up to my room and I dress in my usual slutty attire. Today I have chosen a short denim skirt, a tight fitting t-shirt that leaves little to the imagination, a black thong, no bra, and a pair of heeled sandals. I then leave the house before my father has returned. I only give him a fleeting thought as I call my best friend and we go out to meet our friends at the year end party being thrown at one of our classmate’s homes. We party a better part of the day and into the evening away and I ignore multiple calls I get on my cell.

When I finally make it home, it is well after on in the morning, early for me. Imagine my surprise to find my father on the couch waiting for me. I am a more than a little tipsy at this point but when I look into his eyes I know that he is really angry.

“Jessica, sit down. We need to talk.” Without a word, I sit down across from him.

“You have really disappointed your mother and me. I cannot believe that you have to go back to school. Luckily, your principal has been nice enough to allow you to only go the first semester of school next year in order to make up for the credits that you have missed. You will be enrolled for that semester and I will be making sure that you finish whatever needs to be done.” I nod as he tells me this.

“Your mother and I have been very lenient on you, but that ends now. I hope you enjoyed that party you were at tonight because it is the last you will attend for a long time. You will get a job and be responsible young lady this summer. You will be punished for any misdeeds. We are not playing around young lady. Do you understand?”


“Yes what, young lady?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Now, as for your punishment for leaving and ignoring my calls all night, get over here and bend over my leg I will be administering your punishment here and now.”

But Daddy, you can’t spank me. I am eighteen!”

“I am your father and I will do what is necessary to teach you to be respectful and act like a young lady should.”

The only time I ever remember him spanking me is when he caught my friend and me stealing some gum from the convenience store down the road. I could not believe he was serious but, by the angry tone in his voice I know that I better not test him. Resigned I walk over and bend so I am lying over his lap. My father pulls up my skirt, and he spanks me for what seems like an eternity. Tears are rolling down my cheeks, but at the same time I realize that I am incredibly wet. I dismiss this as I have just had too much to drink. My pussy should not have a reaction like this to m father spanking me. Finally, he relents. He fixes my skirt and tells me to stand before him.

“You will be up at 7:30 tomorrow morning. We will go out and you are going to apply for any job out there and you will continue looking until you are employed and making some kind of money. Now, go to bed. I will be in in the morning to wake you.”

I turn and go to my room. There are so many emotions running through my head. I cannot believe he spanked me, and why is my pussy wet? This cannot b normal. Why do I have to get a job? This was supposed to be a great summer and now it looks like I am going to be a prisoner in my own home. I go to sleep with these conflicting feelings. Anger, hurt, lust all weave their way into my dreams.

I am there again, on Daddy’s lap, he is spanking me but when he is done, he holds me there, his hand rubbing my bottom that he just spanked. His had finds its way in between my legs. Just as he is sliding my panties to the side, I am awakened by my father shaking me.

“Jessica, it is 7:30, time to get up.”

“Yes Daddy. I am going to take a shower and be down.”

“I want you to dress appropriately. None of your normal attire. I want everything that should be covered, covered.

He only leaves after I have sat up and am rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. As he closes my bedroom door, my dream bahis firmaları comes back to mind and I feel my face flush. I put it out of my mind and go take a shower. After my shower I get out my most responsible outfit. I really don’t have a lot that covers what my father wants me to have covered. I dig out an outfit that my mom bought me that I have never even worn. To be honest, it is not my style but it will serve its purpose today.

We are out of the house by nine and we spend all morning and a better part of the afternoon with my applying for jobs. My father doesn’t say much to me the whole day. We stop and have lunch but even then it is hard to even get him to engage in small talk. After I have put my application in to every place possible, we return to the house. I go to my room and change my clothes and we go about the day.

“Daddy, since I don’t have a job yet can I go out tonight?” I ask figuring I know what his answer will be.

“No, you may not. I told you last night that you will be spending all your evenings in until further notice.” he says sternly.

Rather than throw the tantrum that I want to, I just nod and go to my room. For the next few days I play the good girl he wants me to be. By the end of the week I get a call for a job in one of the stores that I actually frequent. Despite the fact that I am angry he is making me work all summer, I am happy that at least it is in the mall, and it is a store that would not embarrass me to be working at… The beginning of the following week, I start my new job. I go about this routine for a couple weeks. I get up every morning and am dressed by 7:30. If I do not have to work I am given a list of chores to be completed in the house. My father is some kind of analyst and he works most of the time from home. So, he is always there to supervise me.

About two weeks after I begin working a group of my friends come into the store. They invite me to meet them for dinner before I head home. I willingly agree. I figure it will be ok. It is only an hour! I am so excited by the time I get out seeing as I have not hung out with my friends in nearly a month. After we have eaten, we are sitting there just chatting and they invite me out to a party. As much as I wish I could, I decline knowing I have pushed the boundaries enough today.

When I arrive home, my father is the only one home as usual. I start to go up to my room when I hear him.

“Jessica, please come in here!” He calls from the living room.

“Yes, Daddy?” I ask as I stand in front of him.

“Where have you been?”

In hindsight, I know that I probably should have told him the truth but I didn’t.

“I had to stay late at the store. One of the girls called in and I stayed until her replacement got there.”

“As a matter of fact, you did not. I was out at the mall and I thought that I would see if you wanted to meet for dinner since your mother will be in meetings until late tonight. So, imagine my surprise when your boss told me that she had sent you home already. So, why don’t you tell me again where you were?”

“I just met a few of the girls for dinner Daddy. They invited me out to a party too, but I told them no.”

“So, you lied to me about where you were and you expect me to be happy you didn’t go to a party. You know the rules. You are not allowed to go anywhere without permission. You brought this upon yourself”

“I’m sorry.”

“I know, but that doesn’t change the fact that you must be punished does it?”

“No, Daddy.”

“Well, Jessica, I believe that your punishment will be the same as last time. Come over here and lay over my lap.”

Images of the last time he spanked me pop into my head as I lay across his lap. It is only when he raises my skirt do I remember that I had not worn any panties today.

“What is this???? You try to tell me that you only went to dinner with some girls and yet here you are with no panties.”

“I really did Daddy. I just didn’t wear any panties this morning under my skirt. I’m sorry Daddy.”

“Ok… So tell me why you were dressing like a whore then. Why is my daughter running around town with no panties under her short skirt?”

“I don’t know. I just like the way it feels.”

“Well, I do not ever want you to do so again. First you will get punished and then we are discussing the new rules. You are to receive 15 smacks. Five for going out without permission, five for lying to me, and five for not wearing panties. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

With that, he began to spank my ass. He would alternate where he was smacking my ass. First the left, then the right, and then both. To my utter shame, I knew I was getting wet again and hoped that he did not see the wetness of my shaven pussy. Finally, he reached number fifteen. I never thought he would finish. I knew that my ass had to be beet red. After the last swat to my ass, he left his hand there rubbing it softly before telling me to kneel before him.

I slide off him and kneel kaçak iddaa as I am told. He lets me kneel there for what feels like an eternity. Finally he speaks.

“Since your work schedule has you in at nine on the days that you work you will come to my office at eight each morning. You will bend over the side of my desk and wait for your inspection. I will be checking to be sure you are wearing panties. No daughter of mine will be running around town like a whore. It is at this time that you will receive your daily cleaning list if you are not working. Only when I have approved what you are wearing will you be allowed to go about your day. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy, I understand.”

“Also, you will put your schedule on the calendar so that I know when you are to be home each day. You have no more than a half an hour to return home. If you will be late you are to call me. Understood?”

“Yes,” I respond sadly, knowing that I really messed it up this time.

“Good. Now you may go. I will call you when dinner is ready.”

I go to my room and I realize just how wet my pussy is when I begin to change me clothes. I lay down on my bed with my legs spread and slide two fingers in my tight pussy. I toy with my clit with my thumb. My mind is replaying the events that have made me this horny. I should not be this turned on but my body betrays me and I am soon cumming all over my fingers with the most intense orgasm I have ever been able to give myself.

After my shower, Daddy calls me down to dinner. To my surprise my mother is sitting there.

“I thought you had meetings all day Mom.”

“I did but the client agreed to a settlement so we got out earlier than expected.”

My mother is a lawyer and many times handles insurance cases so we have gotten used to her being gone all evening but it is also not uncommon for her to come home earlier than originally expected.

“How was work today Jess?” my mom asks.

Since my father has not mentioned what happened earlier, I choose not to.

“It was good. I saw some of my friends today. But other than that it was pretty uneventful.”

After we are done eating and I have washed all the dishes, I go up to my room and am again plagued by the images from earlier today. Just thinking about it again has my pussy tingling. What is wrong with me?

The next morning I wear the most modest pair of panties that I own when I go to his office for my inspection. Since I always wear a skirt it is easy for him to simply raise my skirt and see that I am indeed wearing panties.

We fall into this routine and I have become the well behaved daughter he wants me to be. I have gotten braver with each passing day and have been wearing sexier panties like I normally would. This is how I have come to be wearing a thong as I am bent over the end of Daddy’s desk. As today is my day off, he has taken his time coming in to inspect my attire. When he finally comes in, he takes his usual stance behind me and raises my skirt.

I hear him gasp when he sees what I am wearing. Without a word he walks around the desk leaving my skirt around my waist. As he has not told me that he approves of my attire I stay where I am. He sits at his desk and begins to go through some papers.

“Umm, Daddy, may I get up.”

“No you may not. You are to stay there until I say you may go.”

He takes the phone and leaves the room. I hear him talking on what sounds to be a business call. When he returns and walks around the desk I am shocked to see his pants open and his hard cock hanging out. While not being huge, his cock is larger than any other I have ever seen.

“You have been teasing my with those panties you wear. Now it is time that you take care of the problem you caused.”

“I can’t do that! You are my father.” I say in shock at what he is asking.

He smacks me across my cheek before I realize what is coming.

“Don’t talk back to me. You will do as you are told or you will be punished. Something far more serious that just the spanking you just got.”

I contemplate arguing but by the look in his eyes and the anger in his voice I decide against it. I open my mouth and he slides his cock in my mouth. I am surprised at how thick his cock is. He is of average length but very thick. I close my lips around him and suck as he begins to fuck my mouth.

“You are a whore aren’t you? Suck Daddy’s cock baby. You do that so good baby. You have been making me hard every morning with those little panties that you wear. Now you can suck Daddy’s cock like a good little whore.”

He kept talk to me the whole time he was fucking my mouth. I knew my pussy was getting wetter and wetter.

“Mmm, take it all baby. Suck it so good.” He holds my head in place and fucks my mouth fast and hard. “Daddy is going to cum baby. Your hot little mouth is going to make me cum. Take it all baby.”

He begins to shoot in my mouth. I do my best to swallow all of his jizz but it is just too much for me and some kaçak bahis runs down my chin. I use my fingers to scoop it up and bring it to my mouth after he pulls out.

“You may go now.” he says, again sitting behind his desk, not bothering to put his cock back in his pants.

I stand and go begin to work on my list of chores. It is thankfully not too long. I only have to clean up the kitchen and vacuum the living room. When I have finished, I walk back to my father’s office.

“Daddy, may I go for a walk? I just would like to get out and get some fresh air.”

“Where are you planning on going?”

“Just maybe a walk around the block or something… The weather is so nice and I would like to go enjoy it. I will be back in less than half an hour. Please Daddy…”

“Well, you have been a good girl today, so I think that will be ok. Just don’t be gone long and when you get back come in here and let me know.”

I rush up to him and hug him. I can’t believe how excited I am to just be going for a walk.

“Thank you!!” He laughs and shoos me away

I go and take the walk that I begged for. I was truly looking to take a walk and enjoy the summer air. I hadn’t had the chance to just get out of the house and just be by myself. It gives me time to think about what happened this morning. On one hand, I know that it is wrong. It shouldn’t have happened. But, on the other hand, why did it turn me on so much? Why didn’t I fight him?

I couldn’t answer these questions, and the more I thought about it the more I question my own motives. Did I unconsciously wear the thong hoping for something to happen? This is all playing in my mind when I finally walk home. I feel good after my walk but perhaps have more questions on my mind than anything else. I walk into my father’s office again to let him know I am back.

“Come over here and assume your inspection position Jen.”

“Yes, Daddy.” I say, not sure why he is asking me to do so.

I am bent over the side of his desk wondering what is happening.

“I realize that I was selfish this morning and I wanted to fix that. You made me happy this morning and I want to make you happy.”

He stands up and it is then that I realize he has no pants on. He opens a drawer and pulls out a condom.

“I thought about it while you were gone, and I realize that you have needs to and it isn’t fair of me to keep you unsatisfied.” he tells me as he rolls the condom down his cock.

He walks around me and raises me skirt up around my waist. He softly rubs my ass. Sliding his fingers into the side of my panties he feels my pussy before moving them to the side. I know I should resist, but I want this. I want him in me. I can’t wait to feel his thick cock stretching me. I feel his cock pushing into me, but he stops once he has pushed just the head in.

I look over my shoulder wondering why he stopped. He smiles.

“What do you want Jessica.”

“Umm.. Daddy, please…”

“What is it, tell me?”

“I want…..”

“Yes?” he asks swatting my ass playfully.

“I want you inside me Daddy.”

“Do you baby girl?” he says, inching more into me slowly.

“I do Daddy.”

“Who am I to disappoint?”

With that, he buries his cock into me. He begins to fuck me, his cock easily sliding in and out of my pussy. Suddenly, I think that we must be a sight. ; A father behind his eighteen year old daughter with his cock buried inside her. Just the thought of this makes me hotter for him. What is wrong with me?

“Beg for it Jessica.”

“Please Daddy, fuck your girl. Feel the pussy you created wrapped around your thick cock. It feels so good daddy.”

“Your pussy is so tight. It feels so good on Daddy’s cock. You know you are a naughty girl letting Daddy fuck you like this don’t you?”

“Yes, I am your naughty girl Daddy. I need you to teach me to be good Daddy.”

He begins to spank my ass as he fucks me, which only turns me on more. With his free hand Daddy reaches up and grabs a handful of my hair.

“Daddy, I am going to cum.”

“Cum for daddy, I am close to. Cum on Daddy’s cock, baby.”

It isn’t long with the spanking and fucking that he is giving me and I begin to cum. My whole body shakes with the massive orgasm he has given me. The clenching of my pussy drives him over the edge as well and he fills the condom over his cock.

He pulls out of me then tells me to turn and kneel in front of him.

“Open your mouth.” he tells me as he gingerly pulls of the condom.

I do as he asks and he brings the condom to my mouth. He pours the contents into my mouth.

“You are never to waste a drop of Daddy’s cum. Do you understand?”

I swallow what has been poured into my mouth, savoring the taste of him.

“Yes, Daddy.”

It is at this moment that I realize this is my life from now on. I was made to serve him, to be his. I know that he will use me, abuse me, and it excites me. I am his daughter, his lover, his whore, his slave. This is why I have never felt like I fit in. I now know this is my role in this family, even if nobody can know that I am my fathers whore.

“Jessica, we need to discuss the new rules of your life…”

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