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Before I’m more than half awake, I can feel you behind me, warm and solid. Your hand is heavy on my hip, and I can feel your breath on my neck. My back is nestled into your chest. I can feel the fronts of your thighs along the back of mine, we’re fitted together perfectly. I hold still, wondering what woke me. Your hand on my hip squeezes gently, releases, squeezes again, then slips across my belly. I clench my muscles to keep it from tickling, as your arm tightens slightly around me, pulling me into you with a sigh. You seem to still be asleep, and I think I want to wake you…up.

I start rotating my hips slightly, pressing my ass into your lap. Your sleeping cock is nestled between my ass cheeks and I squeeze and release it as I move. I put my hand over yours on my belly, slowly moving it up to my breasts, just cupping one gently. My breath catches as your palm drags across my nipple. I feel your cock stirring against my ass and I grind into you a little harder, closing your hand tighter around my tit and moaning softly.

My other hand trails down my hip and thigh, then back up yours until I reach your hip, pulling you toward me while I arch my back and press against you. Your cock is almost fully hard against my ass, and your hand moves on my tits on its own now, finding my tight nipples as you sigh into my hair.

I slip my hand between us, exploring your cock with my fingers, stroking, squeezing, barely scratching my nails across your balls. You’re completely hard now, and I love the weight of you in my hand. A drop of precum makes the head slick anadolu yakası escort and elicits an answering surge of wetness between my legs. I wrap my hand around your shaft and give you a few long strokes, as you groan and push yourself against me. I position you between the tops of my thighs and take your hand again while your cock prods and nudges, searching for a way in. I lift my leg up over your hip, spreading my legs just enough to move our hands down. I guide your fingers over my sensitive lips, which are still tender and puffy from the night before.

You’re breathing light and fast now, making small noises in your throat, your body is still while you focus completely on your fingers, still under my control. I use one of your fingers to stroke my lips until they begin to part, then very slowly start to push it inward. You feel a hint of dampness on your finger, which I move in a small circle, spreading wetness over your finger. Then I’m suddenly open to you and there’s a rush of wet heat over your hand. You groan something inarticulate and take back control of your hand, slowly sinking your finger into me. You can feel I’m swollen from the pounding I took the night before, but I’m so wet it slides in effortlessly, enveloping your finger in slick, hot flesh.

I can only endure a few moments of this before I whisper over my shoulder to you “Baby, fuck me, please? I want it. Please god I need you inside me.”

And you’re like an animal then, rolling me onto my knees and pressing my chest and shoulders into ataşehir escort the bed so my ass is raised up, legs spread so you can glimpse my pussy. Then you’re on your knees behind me, cock straining, you can feel my heat against your thighs and belly, smell me in waves as I involuntarily move my hips, mindlessly seeking contact. You take your cock in your hand and press it against my hot, swollen tight hole, moving it in circles to spread wetness around as you work your head into me. Once the head is inside, you pause, feeling me trembling with desire and a touch of pain, savoring the quivering of my pussy around the head of your cock. You flex once or twice, swelling it inside me but still not going deeper despite my increasingly urgent movements. I’m panting and gasping and you hush me with a low chuckle, saying you’ve never felt me so tight. You grasp my hips and start to move in and out of me, just an inch or two, short, teasing strokes. Your thighs are aching with the strain of holding back, but you bend closer to my ear and ask me “Does this hurt, baby?”

“A little bit,” I answer “but I want it.” You say you don’t want to hurt me and pull almost all the way out of my pussy, stopping when I whimper a protest. You’re poised with just the head of your cock in my hot little cunt, fingers digging into the meat of my hips. You can hear me whispering “please” over and over. My teeth are chattering. You say “Tell me you want it.”

“Fuck yes I want it.”

Your breathing speeds up and your grip tightens on my hips, your voice ümraniye escort is lower, huskier, and you say “What do you want, my cock? Do you want my big hard cock?” I’m whimpering “Yes, yes, yes…” and you growl “Tell me what you want. Say it!” I plead, practically sobbing, “I want your cock inside me. Please, please, fuck, I need it. Fuck me hard, come on, deeper, please!” Then crying out as you shudder and bury yourself in me, “Yes, god, yes, like that, fuck me deep!”

You’re out of control, slamming your cock into my hot pussy as hard as you can, balls slapping against me, grunting, mindless. You can feel the head of your cock hit bottom with every thrust, you’re so far inside me. It feels like a shock through my entire body, you’re as deep as humanly possible, yet we’re still clawing and straining to be closer. I gasp “I’m gonna come baby, make me come. I’m so close, come on fuck me just like that, give it to me!” Then the waves of searing pleasure start rolling outward from where your cock is pounding and you can feel me coming. That’s enough to push you over the edge and you grate out “Fuck, oh fuck!” as you spasm inside me again and again, forcing yourself as deep as you can, feeling my muscles clenching around you, milking every drop, pulse after pulse of almost painful pleasure as the roaring in your ears starts to subside. Every twitch of your cock causes another shockwave through my whole body, until you slip all the way out with a groan, almost collapsing across my back. I let my hips sink down onto the bed, lying all spread out, still gasping for air, my hair a mess. You sprawl beside me, gently tracing the marks your fingers have left on my hips.

I’m too spent to even turn my head, so I miss the wicked smile as you murmur sweetly “Why’d you have to go and wake me? I was having such a lovely dream!” then wisely hightail it off to make me breakfast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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