Before The Fall Ch. 04

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Sheila was lying inert on the bed, recovering from the vigorous fucking Terry had just given her, his semen drooling slowly out of her red-fringed cunt onto the bed.

Carol was near the end of the bed, posed just the way Terry had directed her. He was standing there, his limp, dripping cock sagging down, his arms on his hips, just looking at Carol posed naked for him there in that chilly basement apartment.

Carol was kneeling down on the bed, with her butt resting on her heels. Her knees projected slightly over the edge, and she was leaning back, with the whole weight of her upper body resting on her arms, which were propped back behind her shoulders.

Terry was just drinking in the sight before him. This girl was perfectly ripe, and insanely willing to do anything he wanted sexually. Not yet even quite twenty years old, and her body was in perfect condition. Her arms, legs, and torso were covered with long, lean muscles, none of them bulging, but all of them smooth, sleek and clearly ready to move quickly and powerfully.

Her tummy was absolutely flat; the curve from the bottom of her rib cage down to her mons was not rippling with muscles, but the muscles were clearly there, not tense or tight in the pose she was in, but stretched to their maximum, her skin pulled taut, with only the faintest haze of pale, almost invisible hair. Her mons made a visible rise in that otherwise flat tummy, and it was shaven bare, except for a slight stubble which might have sprouted since yesterday.

Carol’s breasts, in this position, rose from her chest, but were parted away from one another, their bulk lying slightly to each side, and they didn’t have the delightful concave curve above and convex curve below that they had when she was upright. Instead, they were compressed by gravity against her ribs, their full round shape like silken cushions, waiting for someone to lay their head down on them.

Only her neck was tense, as she strained to hold her head up over the bed between her shoulders, and her hair spilled down toward the bed, hanging free. Her arms were twisted slightly, her hands palm down, with the fingers placed away from her body. This revealed her shaven arm pits and the tender underside of her upper arms, the insides of her elbows, the back of her lower arms, and the pulse point of her wrists to Terry’ eyes as he stood there appreciating her, appreciating his luck to be seeing this lovely, naked girl like this, arrayed for him, awaiting his announcement of what new pleasures he wanted to take with her body.

Carol was thinking hard about what she was doing, what she had done today, and what she wanted to do in the future. She was thinking about how sweet John was, the boy she had met at home over Thanksgiving, and she acknowledged that she really loved him, and was eager to see him again and feel that deep, romantic satisfaction she felt suffuse her when they were together.

On top of that, and more demanding, she was also disdainful of John and of his safe, respectful, and tender ways; here she was naked on this bed, her body lewdly stretched out for Terry’s visual pleasure, and ready to engage yet again in any kind of debased and depraved sexual activities that this lanky man standing there wanted. This virtual stranger, this would-be rapist, this man she knew almost nothing about and certainly didn’t love, she would do whatever he wanted, whatever he demanded. A thrill ran up through her body as she felt the power of her betrayal of true love to the immediacy and lust of the pure sex she was engaged in. Those thoughts made her juices flow again, her nipples stand out prominently from her breasts again, and goose flesh to appear all over her naked skin again, as the rush of anticipation of filthy sinful pleasures permeated her mind and body.

She knew that she wanted this so badly that she was risking something very precious to her. But she also knew that she would want this again and again, with this man and with others, in spite of her craving also to be cradled tenderly and cherished by a decent friend and a true lover. True lover could wait; right now, she wanted to be fucked, real bad.

Terry saw the goose-bumps rise and he saw her nipples growing. He knew that meant she was thinking about him, and getting ready once again to be impaled on his cock, to let him fuck her, to HELP him fuck her and defile her again on this cum-stained bed. But he was in no hurry. He needed some time to be really ready himself, and they had hours yet before he would get dressed and leave these girls’ lives forever.

Terry leaned forward, and let his weight fall on his hands as he placed them together on the top of Carol’s right thigh. In spite of the chill in the room, he could feel her body radiating warmth, her arousal sending hot blood throughout her young athletic body to prepare it for the coupling to come.

Carol felt him slowly slide his hands up her thigh, paying attention to the texture of her skin and the casino şirketleri subtle curve of her elongated muscles as he moved. She felt when he reached the crease which was the joint between her leg and her hip, and she felt him keep one hand on her hip there, and slide the other one over, across the very upper limit of her mons, and rest it on her other hip. He caressed the protrusion of bone there, pushing his hands around to the back, and she could tell that he was feeling the indentation on the sides of her buns then the bulge where her ass was resting on the heels of her feet. He ran his hands down the length of her feet, and gently felt her toes. Carol’s goose-bumps sent another shiver up from her sensitive feet, through her legs, and it radiated all over the surface of her body.

He had leaned down so far now that his own torso was in contact with her thighs and she knew he could feel on his chest the moist heat rising from her pussy. His face was only fractions of an inch from her navel, and he studied it, seeing that here, too, she had not one ounce of unnecessary fat — her navel was only the merest depression into the smooth muscle of her stomach, with the tangled skin of her navel knot barely embedded there.

He slid his hands along under her shins, with his finger-tips slightly under her. He felt the texture of the sheet on the back of his hands until he came to the tense gathering that was her knees, folded tightly to hold this pose for him.

He moved his hands up over her knees, and as he did so, he lifted his own torso again, and slid his hands up her thighs again, but this time right next to one another along the inside of her legs. She shivered and felt the start of a little orgasm building in her groin. He made a slight pressure there, at the top inside of her thighs, and Carol responded as he knew she would, by opening her legs, spreading her base to a vee, with her feet still together under her, but her knees now apart a foot or so.

She felt him continue to slide his hands up toward her shaven pussy mound, but when he had nearly reached it, and Carol’s breathing was getting ragged and deeper, he surprised and disappointed her by lifting his hands and rolling them over onto the tops of her thighs again and up to her hips once more.

He continued , moving his hands up along her sides, sensing the firm, but relaxed and soft muscles of her lower torso, then feeling the bottom of her rib cage on each side. He moved his hands up over her ribs, and she could feel him pushing down slightly between each pair of bones there until he reached her breasts, each of them falling off to the sides of her upper chest. He ran his hands up under her breasts, and slid his index fingers back and forth in the fold below each one where the bulge of her breasts met her rib cage, then up their contours from below, and he spread his fingers to encompass each breast entirely, eventually encountering the nubby texture of her areolas and then the almost rough texture of her nipples, straining in their protrusion up from the surfaces of her bosom.

But Terry didn’t linger there. He kept his hands sliding upward, onto the flat, hard platform of her upper chest, into the dip by each clavicle, and into the hot, sensitive hollow of her neck. He pushed inward slightly above each clavicle and they both could feel the hot and intense, but slow and powerful beating of her pulse there. She felt him wrap his hands around her throat, and he tensed them a little, as if he were about to strangle her, reminding them both of that moment weeks ago when SHE had HIM in her grasp and could have done anything with him from pain to pleasure. She had chosen pleasure, as he chose pleasure now.

He ran his hands up her neck then out over the bulge of her chin, up her cheeks, then back to her ears. Her compressed her face between them, and leaned forward to kiss her on her lips, his body leaning heavily on hers, she taking his weight as well as her own on her straining knees and arms. She felt his cock against her sex, hard now, and oozing oily fluid.

Ho opened his mouth onto hers, and slid his tongue across her lips. She responded in kind, and their tongues tangled with one another for a moment, then she subsided, deciding to allow him to explore wherever and however he wished. Terry’s tongue slid around her teeth, and he strained to lick the roof of her mouth, then he ran the tip of his tongue along the inside of her upper lip, sliding it against her sensitive gum line. Then she felt him pull his tongue out, then pull his head away slightly and slowly, dragging his tongue out of her mouth onto her upper lip. While he licked around the edges of her mouth, then teasingly in her nostril and up one side of her nose to her eyelids, and back down to her gasping mouth, he was sliding his hands down her arms to the bed, with his fingers snug around her arms the whole way down until he felt her knuckles and the backs of her hands.

He licked her casino firmaları eyebrows and forehead for a few seconds, then pushed up against her hands, and stood again at the foot of the bed. He stepped around to her side, and started to repeat much of his sensual journey with the tip of his penis, dragging it along her skin all the way from her thigh to her shoulder, but alas only on the side nearest him.

He moved his throbbing cock back down to her breast, and rubbed it around her nipple, leaving a trail of sticky ooze all over it. He dragged the tip of his penis along the length of her distended nipple, the slot below the opening in the end widening to gently grasp her there. When he reached the top of her nipple, he lifted his cock off of her, and brought it up to her mouth. Carol turned her head and opened her mouth to take it in, but he refused to push it in, and instead just slid the tip of his massive cock back and forth along her lips, smearing them, too with his rich and oily fluid. Carol would lick her lips, and he would catch her tongue and duel with it on the end of his penis, then resume sliding himself, oozing sex fluids all over her beautiful teen-aged face.

A drop of cum appeared on the head of his penis, and he lowered it to just above her upper lip. “Sniff,” he said.

“What?” Carol responded, startled by Terry speaking after his prolonged silent exploration.

“Snort! Sniff in, hard!” Terry said again.

Carol sniffed in, and felt the drop of semen spray up into her nostril, and suddenly her mouth and throat were filled with that salty, chemical taste she knew from swallowing men’s cum. She was overwhelmed by the idea that Terry had just fucked her in the nose, and her building orgasm shot up through her body, and made her flail her head left and right with the shock of it.

“Didn’t like that?” Terry asked.

“Oh, fuck!” Carol answered, her voice low and breathy as she tried to form a reasonable sentence and climax at the same time. “Do it again!”

Terry rolled his fingers along his shaft from the base to the tip, shoving the waiting semen up along the tube on the underside until another drop appeared on the purple tip. He placed his cock under her other nostril and said, “Sniff!”

Carol sniffed again, and again the interior of her head was suffused with a sudden spray of seamy sexual aroma and the biting chemical taste and feeling of his cum. Again, a little spasm of orgasm surged up her torso, and Terry could see her muscles ripple and roll with it, like a wave coming up from her vulva to crash on her breasts.

Terry paused there with his cock on her upper lip to take a mental photograph of this moment, of this girl, this woman, kneeling on the bed with this other little girl behind her, who was lying there trying desperately to recover from his recent fucking; Terry was trying to memorize every detail of seeing this outrageously sexy young woman pulsating with the pleasure he had just given her, picturing her forever in his mind with his hard cock just lying there on her upper lip, oozing cum.

Carol knew that if she weren’t so sexually primed, what Terry had just done to her would seem silly, but she thought of also of John, and how unlikely HE would be to ever think of such a perverted, sexy, and thrillingly obscene thing to do to a woman, to her, let alone to actually do it and then do it yet again.

Terry impatiently smoothed away Carol’s hair from her temple and slid his cock down along her lip, across her cheek and jaw, to her ear. There, he repeated his move of rolling his fingers up the length of his cock, squeezing out another tiny drop of milky fluid. He deposited it in her ear canal, then left his cock resting there against her era lobe while her drilled his come into her ear with his pinky finger. Carol could feel the liquid entering her ear as she had many times felt the water of the swimming poll enter there, but she knew that this wasn’t clean, chlorinated water, this was the filthy erotic spend that just oozed out of the tip of the big cock of the man who had once tried to rape her. She loved it.

Terry was ready.

He stepped away from the bed, then down to the foot, and grabbed Carol by the knees. He lifted her legs upward and unpeeled her calves out from under her by lifting her whole body up off the bed.

He quickly slid his hands up to grasp her tightly by the tops of her calves and pushed her backwards a little bit while he hooked her legs over his muscled shoulders. He didn’t wait; he pushed forward, his own hand guiding his painfully swollen cock directly into her oozing-wet cunt opening. Carol was shocked and thrilled, and her mind filled with the sensuous, abandoned joy she had felt the first time he’d rammed himself into her like this on her bed in her mother’s apartment back home, while her mother slept only inches away.

He wasn’t gentle now, or slow, or sensuous, or patient, or any of those things she knew John would always güvenilir casino be. Terry was a demanding, violent, powerful machine ramming his hard stalk of meat up into her willing young cunt again and again and again. She tried to imagine herself in a more sexual and debased situation, and she couldn’t.

Sheila had roused, and was leaning forward to watch Terry pounding Carol’s body just as he had pounded her own only a short while before. The flesh around her vaginal opening felt bruised, and she still felt the ache where he had gripped her tiny breasts so hard during his assault on her, then begun slapping them in rhythm with his thrusts.

He was slapping Carol’s bigger, more sensual and responsive breasts now as he fucked her so violently. He would slap one as he reared back, his open hand landing flat and making her tortured flesh vibrate and sting, then slap the other one on his next violent strike into her cunt.

Carol knew she should be outraged, but instead, she was zooming toward an orgasm the likes of which she had never felt or imagined. The pain in her chest was overlaid onto profound pleasure emanating from her breasts, too, and the idea of his abusing her for his pleasure made her respond all the more and sent her sexual rush spiraling up to a dizzying height. Her cunt began to clasp his cock, trying to hold him tightly in her, but his muscled body refused to be slowed or trapped, and he was in a furious tantrum of lust and violence as he assaulted the lovely young girl there below him.

Carol knew that Terry had nothing to lose, and could demean her or torment her in any way he imagined; he was already known as her rapist, and he was planning on driving away from here in only minutes, never to see her again, so what did he care for her feelings or welfare? She loved the lewd abandon that she felt giving her most precious gifts to this reckless asshole to abuse so roughly. She flashed again for a moment on the soft, gentle and loving contact she had had with the man she loved, her John, and thought how much she preferred this, this wild, painful, thrilling fucking that was coursing through her. She started to laugh with the joyful abandon of a young girl who was experiencing her own perversity and depravity. As Terry’s cock began to throb and unleash a torrent of forceful sprays of fertile juice up into her vagina, then pound it like a hydraulic press up through her unprotected cervix and into her uterus, up even into her fallopian tubes, she started to laugh and to writhe as she climaxed with the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced, mind-blowing shocks like electric current shooting throughout her body over, and over, and over again, as she thrilled to the slaps on her breasts and the bruising pounding he was inflicting on her teen-aged twat.

Carol’s orgasm and Terry’s coincided perfectly, and after an agonizingly passionate and wonderfully pleasurable few minutes, their coupling was done. Terry stood up, and Carol’s used-up and limp body slid off of his cock and dropped to the bed, their combined cum running out of her sex like a tiny river. She looked up at him, standing there over her in triumph, having just totally dominated her, abused her, impaled her, yet also having given her the most pleasure she had ever experienced.

But Terry’s cock was not softening; it remained hard and erect, dripping semen profusely, but throbbing to be pressed yet again into her cunt, into someone’s cunt. “Oh, fuck, I need more!” Terry cried out. “I need to fuck more, now! Who wants it?” he shouted.

“Me!” Said little Sheila, in a dizzy heat from watching Carol and Terry mate so violently there on her bed. “Fuck me in the ass, you bastard!” she cried, and she scrambled onto her hands and knees next to Carol before Carol could think to offer herself again to this rampaging man, as she knew she would if Sheila did not act quickly.

Terry grabbed the petite little redhead, and pulled her towards himself. He reached over and ran his hand along Carol’s gaping twat, scooping up the oily, milky fluid that was gushing out of there, spread Sheila’s butt cheeks, and smeared the cum all over Little Sheila’s asshole. He violently pushed his finger into her hole, guiding more fluid there to ease his assault, but he couldn’t wait to do more, and simply leaned in and rammed his cock home into her tiny ass.

Sheila’s scream could be heard out on the street. Carol watched, fascinated as this little girl and this lanky wild creature of a man were joined, his cock thrusting up into her asshole just as it had been only seconds ago ramming into Carol’s own cunt. She only regretted it wasn’t her that Terry was ass-fucking. Carol’s heightened appetite for debasement was still at a fever pitch, and watching her friend get impaled on this giant pole of meat only inflamed her more.

Carol reached underneath Sheila and grabbed one of her little titties, and pulled downward as hard as she could. Sheila screamed in pain again. The scream only inspired Terry to an even more brutal assault on her tiny body.

“So, Shirley,” Terry shouted at her back, as she was thrown all over her bed, impaled on his thrashing shaft. “This what you had In mind? You LIKE this, huh?”

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