Being Neighborly

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Listening intently, Craig thought he heard a soft tapping noise against the wall. A few seconds later, the sound was confirmed when it repeated. Making sure his wife, Janisha, wouldn’t notice, he moved closer to the shared wall and responded with a rhythmic knock of his own.

“Hon,” he called to Janisha across the apartment. “I’m going to take out the trash.”


He heard her gather the wastebaskets in the bedroom and bathroom while he tied up the kitchen bag. The sound of another apartment door closing carried through the thin walls as he waited for her to appear.

“Thanks,” she said as she finally approached. “I tell the other wives in the park all the time how good you are at doing this without being told and they don’t believe me. I really appreciate it.”

Craig smiled against her lips as she leaned in to kiss him. “We’re in this together, right?”

“We are. And in that spirit, Friday night I’m going out. You’ll have diaper duty.”

He rolled his eyes and groaned theatrically. “I guess that means I have to spend time alone with the little poop machine.”

“You do.”

He let out a heavy, put upon sigh. “Well, I guess that’s fine. Not that you deserve it for hanging around here taking care of him and taking care of me. You’ve got it so easy.” Craig knew his stay-at-home wife worked hard to take care of their ten-month-old son while doing the housekeeping and trying to have food on the table when he got home from work. He often encouraged her to get together with her new friends for some adult time and was happy that she finally was going to be doing it.

“Oh, yeah. So easy.” She rolled her eyes as she kissed him again. Her only concern was trying to decide whether Craig was happy that she was going out or happy that he would have their son to himself. “Oh, I was at the park this afternoon and saw Tammy from next door with her kid and tried to make nice.”

Craig winced. “How’d that go?”

“She was as pleasant as always,” Janisha said sarcastically.

“I’m sorry. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She waved a dismissive hand. “I was actually with Leann and—”

“From downstairs?”

“Yeah. Leann went off on her. Not that I needed her to defend me but it was nice to know that she had my back.”


“I know you and Barry aren’t exactly friends, either. Sometimes I wonder if we should just stop trying. So much for Southern Hospitality.”

“I know you don’t need me to fight your battles, but the next time I see Barry, I’ll talk to him to see what’s up. We gotta find some way to live with these people.” Craig gave his wife a hug then picked up the bags. “Be back in a few.”

Craig left and walked down a flight of stairs and out to the walkway in front of the building. The apartment community where he lived was a collection of three story buildings that housed four units on each floor. Every few buildings had a shared dumpster where they had to take their trash for collection.

Being stationed in Florida was much different from his previous posting in Colorado, but he was already seeing a number of positives, one of which was the weather. Even though it was the middle of January, he was wearing a tank top, basketball shorts and flip flops at seven o’clock at night. While it had been hard to leave their friends in the previous city behind, he and his wife hoped this was going to be a good change for them. Unfortunately, despite all of the positives, one of the things they soon found out was that, unlike their previous home, there was much less diversity and they were quickly learning what it was like to live in the South as a black couple.

“Took you long enough.”

Craig turned toward the deep voice with its thick drawl and saw his neighbor, Barry, leaning against his lifted full-sized pickup truck smoking.

“Had to wait for Janisha.” He held up the trash bags and heard his neighbor snort.

Barry tossed his cigarette to the ground and crushed it beneath a boot then fell into step next to Craig as they walked toward the dumpster. At six feet four inches tall compared to Craig’s five feet seven inches, he looked down at the top of the black man’s bald head as he said, “I don’t know why you don’t just say you’re going out and leave it at that. I thought you black guys were supposed to be king of the castle.”

Craig made a scoffing sound. “Doesn’t always work with a strong black woman. Especially not with one who quit her job as a lawyer to move across the country with me and is willing to stay at home for a few years to raise a child. If I say I’m going for a walk, she’ll want to pack up the kid and come with. Say I’m taking out the trash and she’s sure to leave me alone and thank me for being perfect. It’s always worked.”

“Man, my wife doesn’t give a shit what I do.”

They made small talk on the way to take care of Craig’s errand. After that was finished, they walked into the small wooded area behind the dumpster enclosure. Even though he knew it wasn’t possible due to his apartment facing the opposite direction, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Craig still checked behind him to make sure that Janisha wasn’t watching him. It also helped to know if there was anyone else walking around who might see them and relay the information to his wife.

Barry chuckled as he stopped and leaned against a tree. “It’s been nearly three months now and you’re still jumpy?”

“Never can be too careful,” Craig said as he dropped to his knees in front of Barry.

Barry and Craig had met shortly after Craig moved in. They both happened to be on their phones looking to hookup at the same time on one of those apps that would tell you the distance between you and another person. Seeing that they were within feet of each other, it didn’t take long during their initial conversation to realize they were neighbors. They each had been thrilled but wary due to their not so friendly encounter when Craig first moved in.

Barry lit a cigarette and looked down to watch as Craig opened his jeans. Wearing boots, a sleeveless undershirt and camouflage patterned ball cap that covered his medium length, strawberry-blond hair he looked like the epitome of redneck. Having just arrived home from his job working road construction, his body and clothes were grimy and even he could smell the funk and sweaty residue of his day.

As soon as he opened the fly of Barry’s jeans, Craig was assaulted by the unfiltered, pungent scent and reflexively turned his head and closed his eyes against the odor while momentarily holding his breath. Barry’s crotch had produced the sweaty and musky unavoidable stench of a man who had worked a full day out in the sun.

“Smell that?” Barry grabbed Craig’s shiny, bald head and held it to his crotch. “That’s what a fucking man smells like. Now chew on my dick and get it hard.”

While Craig began to nibble on the hardening piece of flesh still hidden beneath the faded boxer briefs as ordered, he looked up and saw Barry’s green eyes looking down at him both literally and figuratively. Though Barry was only twenty-four years old, seven years younger than he was, Craig was wary of the young man. He knew he should not feel that way considering that he was thick with muscle from his military career while Barry was lean and sinewy. If it came down to it, he knew he could easily take the younger man in a fight. He also didn’t fear that Barry had firsthand knowledge of the acts he engaged in without his wife’s knowledge and could blackmail him and threaten to reveal the truth to Janisha. His discomfort was because, despite their occasional hookups, he felt a hint of superiority in Barry. Not just the youthful “I know it all” attitude exhibited by many guys his age, but the “I’m better than you attitude” exhibited by a white guy in the presence of someone black. The first time they had met shortly after they moved in, Craig had recognized it immediately in the way Craig had warned him and his wife about keeping their ghetto music down though no music was playing and had not played since arriving. It reared its head again when Barry had said he didn’t reciprocate, though his profile indicated he was versatile. However even after they started hooking up regularly and Barry started working his dick in return, it became something more intense and hard to ignore. While Barry had never actually said anything that made him feel inferior, Craig could definitely see it in his eyes and the way Barry didn’t seem to enjoy being on his knees sucking his dick.

“Get it out,” Barry ordered once he was nice and hard. Because his cock had lengthened down along his leg it would only come out if Craig lowered his jeans, the idea of which Craig didn’t seem to grasp. Barry fought to keep the smile off his face as Craig eagerly tried to free his dick knowing that if the black man took a moment to slow down, he would recognize the problem. It turned him on even more seeing how dumb his dick made Craig. He knew the man was smart and did some high-tech shit for the military, but moments like this made him wonder how the guy managed to walk and talk at the same time.

Until Craig, Barry had never hooked up with a black guy but their proximity to each other made it a tempting offer. If Craig had been white, his shiny, bald head and muscular body would have been more than enough to say yes to exchanging some dick. Unsure about tasting the dark skinned man, it took him a while for him to agree to reciprocate any action and even now, he did it but didn’t enjoy it.

It took Craig a short moment to realize his error. Reining in his enthusiasm, he pulled Barry’s jeans down and cursed at the sight of the end of the redneck’s dick sticking out of the leg hole of his undershorts. Thinking about the image Barry had used for his profile pic, Craig thought, not for the first or last time, that it didn’t do him justice. As he freed the hard appendage, he thought even the stats listed on Barry’s page didn’t seem to fully capture what was in front of him.

Slightly more than twelve inches long, Barry’s cock güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri left his crotch in a straight line whose end was pulled downward by its weight, yet had flesh that curved upward slightly just before the tip. While the length didn’t seem out of place compared to his height, it was thicker than would be expected of someone so thin. So much so that even Craig’s large hands barely enclosed it in a fist. Already exposed from the cover of retracted foreskin was a long, helmet shaped head that flared out about another quarter of an inch around the shaft. Below hung a large, loose sack that was sparsely covered in wispy blond hair. The outlines of the two large orbs within were visible through the thin skin and were heavy counterweights balancing the oversized cock above.

Craig leaned forward and took it into his mouth. He could immediately taste the sharp tang of dick cheese that blended with the saltiness of old urine and sweat and the strong, musky funk of dick. In response, he quickly flooded his mouth with spit hoping to tame the pungent flavor.

“Fuck, yeah,” Barry muttered as he leaned his head back against the tree. “Eat that dirty dick. Goddamn, I can smell the cheese from here. So fucking rank. Get in there and clean that shit.”

Pausing with just the large head in his mouth, Craig took a moment to move his tongue over and around the spongy flesh and down into the small fold of foreskin sucking it clean of the grit and the associated flavors to reveal Barry’s underlying taste. It was still sharp and musky due to the flesh soaking in the moist secretions while trapped in his warm jeans under the Florida sun, but gradually became less intense and allowed the flavor of Barry’s bitter precum to be tasted.

Barry placed the hand not holding his cigarette on Craig’s head and held it steady as he thrust his hips forward. Even though he couldn’t get more than a third of his length into the black man’s mouth, he always enjoyed feeling Craig’s mouth on him. While not the absolute best head he ever got, it definitely ranked up there as something he would miss if he couldn’t get it anymore. He often wondered if it was something to do with the full, puffy, dark lips that seemed to hold onto him like a pussy. They gripped him firmly and molded around him perfectly, forming a seal so tight that his cock was dry and free of spit whenever he pulled out despite the wetness he felt inside Craig’s mouth. After settling into a steady pace, he muttered, “Such a world class cocksucker.”

Craig looked up and saw Barry resting his head against the tree behind him looking off into the distance. There was a blank, unaffected expression on the white man’s face that almost seemed entitled and he couldn’t help rolling his eyes even as he continued playing his tongue around the hardness moving through his mouth. And when Barry pulled him off then shoved his balls in his face for servicing without a word, there was no question about it. Admittedly, they were out here for this reason, but he had never been with someone who used him with such disregard as Barry did. Yet, for as much as he was unsure of Barry as a person, the cock drooling precum across his head was enough to keep him coming back as long as things didn’t get too out of hand. Between licking and sucking on the soft sack, Craig said, “Before I forget, can you get Tammy to try to be pleasant to my wife? She’s only trying to be friendly but your wife always seems to be in a mood.”

Barry looked down at Craig and sighed as if the man on his knees were a child asking for a cookie for the hundredth time. “Get your pants off.”

Craig gave Barry a look for having his request essentially ignored but complied. He stood and dropped his shorts, exposing his own erection. While he knew his own circumcised eight-and-a-half inches was nothing to be embarrassed about, it was yet another way Barry could feel superior in his presence.

Without a word, Barry turned Craig around and pushed on his back to bend him over while he sunk to his knees. With the cigarette still in one of his hands, he spread Craig’s ass cheeks and winced before diving in. Like everything else he did with Craig, he wished the man was white instead of having to lick at the inky black hole that was his target. He knew it didn’t taste any different or that there really was no difference between the opening in front of him and that of a white guy. After all, an ass was an ass, a fuck hole was a fuck hole. It just felt demeaning to be eating out a black man’s shitter instead of having it done to him. But he knew it was either this or give up the easy, regular hookups with his neighbor.

Like Barry had done with his request, Craig ignored the wince of disgust he glimpsed on the redneck’s face before he began to prepare his ass. He wanted to believe that it was simply a reaction to eating ass in general, but he knew better. Barry knew how to work a man. Very well. Even during their first encounter it was obvious the country boy was no stranger to man sex and over time Craig began to wonder güvenilir bahis şirketleri if Barry enjoyed it more than he let on. Craig had always gotten compliments on his blow jobs and rimming but, even with the limited number of times Barry had reciprocated, he couldn’t deny Barry’s superior skills and technique. Feeling himself tense in frustration, he put all of that out of his mind and enjoyed having his ass eaten as much as he could while keeping his sounds of pleasure to a minimum so they wouldn’t carry beyond the trees.

After adding a few, perfunctory fingers to loosen Craig, Barry stood and touched his blunt tip to the weeping hole. He placed his cigarette between his lips and held it there then grabbed Craig’s hips.

As Barry pressed forward and penetrated him, Craig’s eyes closed and he steadied his breath waiting for the crown, by far the cock’s widest point, to breach his tight ring. It had been almost two weeks since they had done anything other than swap blow jobs and Craig hoped Barry would take his time.

“Goddamn,” Barry said softly as he finally popped into Craig and kept going. “Always so fucking tight.”

“Maybe if you fucked me more often it wouldn’t be,” Craig said playfully as he began to slowly stroke himself.

Barry growled and muttered, “Maybe if you let me breed your ass more often.”

Craig didn’t respond. He actually didn’t mind Barry seeding him, but tried not to let it happen too often. Even though Barry shot deeply into him, a few times the redneck had spent too much time in his hole making him too loose to hold everything in so that by the time he arrived home he could feel the cum leaking out of him. Once his wife had even commented on the wet stain that had formed on the seat of his pants before he could make it to the bathroom. For that reason, he usually limited Craig seeding him to when Janisha wasn’t home.

They lapsed into the silence of heavy breathing as Barry steadily pushed into Craig. Despite having been fucked by the young man a number of times already, it was still slow going as Barry’s large, rigid shaft rearranged his innards. For as good as it felt when Barry was completely buried in Craig and in the midst of a fuck, the anticipation brought on by the slow initial penetration was Craig’s favorite.

Once Barry was completely sheathed in Craig, he didn’t wait before pulling back out and fucking Craig with strokes that were nearly half his length. He took his cigarette back into hand while holding onto a hip with the other. He closed his eyes for a moment and reveled in the tightness gripping his length and the moist heat surrounding him. With each inward thrust he could feel Craig’s chute shift and spread open around his cock head then collapse in its wake when he pulled out. Reopening his eyes to watch his plunging cock, he saw the pink flesh shine slightly with a mix of Craig’s spit and ass juices as it moved through the dilated hole. The black flesh surrounding his hardness gripped him tightly yet was supple against him. He could see it practically prolapse each time his cock pulled out only to become deeply recessed when he pushed in. Unable to resist himself, he smacked one of Craig’s muscular ass cheeks then kneaded the firm flesh beneath his broad hand and long fingers.

Barry’s thrusts came hard and fast with only one purpose and Craig didn’t begrudge that. He had quickly learned that he would eagerly allow Barry to fuck him however he wanted just to feel that big, hard dick inside him. Whether they could take their time or were forced to have a quickie, Barry never disappointed. Against his better judgement, he looked back over his shoulder and saw Barry looking more indifferent than before even as he raised a hand to deliver another slap as he inhaled from his cancer stick then slowly exhaled. That, the relaxed display of confident masculine sexuality, held his attention and he saw Barry give him a curious look.

“What?” Barry asked without slowing his hips and punctuating the question by connecting his hand to Craig’s ass slightly harder than before.

“Nothing,” Craig responded as he turned his head forward and adjusted his hands where they were braced on his knees.

Barry narrowed his eyes to glare at the back of Craig’s head and increased the speed and force of his fuck. While he could last a bit longer, he wanted to get it over because it seemed like there was something growing between them that had everything and nothing to do with arousal. Getting his balls emptied was what he wanted, was all he came out here for. He had no intention of really being the man’s friend and didn’t give a damn about his wife. All he cared about was having his cock serviced by a wet mouth or a tight ass and Craig provided that. It took more restraint than Craig would ever know for him to not just fuck his black ass dry but he went through the prep work just to keep the fucker happy. And that was the problem. He found himself wanting to make Craig happy. Not in a gay, let’s move in together way, but in a way that made him want to make sure Craig left their encounter satisfied. He initially hadn’t cared if Craig got off or not, but recently he found himself wanting to stroke or even suck Craig to completion to reciprocate. And it wasn’t because Craig had asked for it, it was simply because he had begun to feel bad for not doing it, as if the man was a friend.

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