Ben Around Ch. 02

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Chapter 02: Girlfriends

Jenna fidgeted nervously as she waited for Ben to arrive at the airport pickup lane. His plane arrived late, the result of a series of delays caused by a massive snowstorm in Cleveland. A few minutes of waiting for his baggage and Ben would be coming through the door, happy to be back in Baltimore and anxious to find out about her week.

She brushed a strand of her auburn hair away from her face and hoped that her new haircut would be enough of a distraction to postpone the inevitable discussion until after they got back home. She honestly didn’t know how he would react and she certainly didn’t want to find out in the car.

There he was, stepping through the automatic doors. She’d recognize that face anywhere. Damn, he was good-looking. Ben dropped his suitcase into the back seat, and got into the passenger seat.

“Hi Jenna,” he said, leaning in for a kiss.

“Welcome back,” Jenna replied, quickly depositing an obligatory kiss on his lips.

She pulled away from the terminal and made her way back onto 195. Jenna felt like she was prolonging their silence. “Like my new haircut?” she asked.

“I love it,” Ben answered. “You cut, like, five inches off. It’s nice.”


“Yeah. You look great.”



“So, quite a snowstorm in Cleveland,” she said. “Were you stuck at the hotel during that?”

“Yeah,” said Ben. “Power went out, so I ended up playing solitaire on my phone.” It was a total lie, but he wasn’t about to admit to cheating on her with a stranger. Even so, the memory of his sweat-soaked body sliding against another woman’s skin was making him aroused. He looked over at Jenna, hoping she was in the mood.

“Sounds pretty boring,” Jenna commented.

“How about you?” he asked. “Did you do anything fun while I was away?”

“I worked a lot,” she half-answered.

“I know you hate to cook when I’m not here,” he said. “Did you eat out a lot?”

Jenna stifled a huge laugh. “Um. Yeah. The pizza delivery guy knew the route by memory.”

The conversation finally began to loosen up about half way back to Jenna’s house. They discussed the project Ben had been assigned to in Cleveland. They could always rely upon Architecture as a topic. They had met when they were both working at the same firm. After Jenna was laid off, she took a lot of consulting jobs, but still hadn’t found anything permanent.

They arrived at the house and Ben put away his luggage. He took a much-needed bathroom break and freshened up in the mirror. His mind wandered again, filled with images of entering Rachel from behind during the snowstorm in Cleveland, how good it felt as he approached climax. He had to clear his head. He brushed his teeth and began to head out of the bathroom.

There, on the end of one of the towel racks, hung a pair of black panties with red edging. “Very nice,” he said to himself. “Something new.”

He walked into the living room, where Jenna was working on her laptop. He grabbed her hand and lifted her to her feet. His arms slipped across her back and he kissed her. “Must have had a big surprise in mind for me when I got home, huh Jenna.”

Jenna tightened her brow. “A surprise?” she said. “I don’t think so.”

Ben held the panties up. “These are nice. Are they new?” he said.

The color seemed to bahis şirketleri drain from Jenna’s face.

“What’s wrong?” Ben asked.

“Uh,” Jenna replied nervously. “Ben, I think we need to talk.”

“These aren’t for me, are they?” he asked.

“Ben, I ran into some old colleagues on Tuesday. We went out for drinks,” she began.

Ben could sense where the story was headed, but felt like anything he could say would be hypocritical.

Jenna continued. “Preston was there… and, um. You know who else was there? Do you remember Heidi?”

Ben nodded.

“She was there too,” Jenna went on. “Actually, it turns out she had a huge crush on you when we all worked at Burns & Jarvis.”

“Oh, well that’s…” Ben trailed off.

“Me and Heidi were really hitting it off, but I had a few too many, and Preston was hitting on me a lot… Anyway, I needed a ride home, so I used Heidi as an excuse to get out of there… We, um, got back to the car, and we were talking… and one thing kind of led to another.”

“What do you mean?” Ben asked.

“I’m sorry, Ben. Those panties belong to Heidi. I don’t really know what happened, but, well, you’ve seen Heidi. She’s fucking hot and I just couldn’t help it.”

“You had sex,” said Ben.

Jenna nodded. “I didn’t realize it, but apparently I’m a little bit bisexual. Please say something.”

“What did you do with her?”

“Like, stuff.”

“Is it over?”

“I… I don’t think so.”

“So, like, what? One night with Heidi and you’re just going to dump me for her?”

“No, Ben. No,” she said. She grabbed his arms. “No. I want to be with you, but, sometimes… with her too.”

“Interesting,” Ben commented. “You want to be able to have someone on the side.”

“That’s one way to put it,” Jenna replied.

“What’s in it for me?” asked Ben.

Jenna slid her hands down Ben’s arms and pressed herself against him. “You, Ben, get to fuck around, and that’s not all.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Well, as I said, Heidi had a crush on you,” said Jenna. “So, well, you can join us from time to time.”

A smile emerged on Ben’s face.

“You like that idea. Don’t you?” Jenna pressed.


Jenna closed in. Her lips were so close that Ben could feel her breath as she spoke. “Then maybe tonight I can give you a little welcome back present.”

“Is she coming over?”

“Only if you want.”

Ben nodded.

Jenna looked positively giddy. She vanished to the kitchen to call Heidi. Ben couldn’t quite hear what was being said, but it involved a lot of giggling. After she hung up, she pulled together some dinner and sat down with Ben.

As they ate, they didn’t say much. They were almost done when Ben slid his hand up her thigh toward the hem of her skirt. She closed her eyes, dropped her fork and leaned her head back. Ben’s fingers slid under the fabric of her panties. He began to rub her pussy, which became progressively wetter. His middle finger teased at her hole and she moaned. She cinched up her skirt and Ben rapidly finger-fucked her.

The doorbell rang, but Jenna grabbed Ben’s arm, holding his hand in place. “Don’t stop,” she moaned. He worked at her wet pussy until her moans became screams. “Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!” And then she became silent as her body tensed in orgasm.

She panted as she sat recovering, bahis firmaları running her hands through her hair. She stood and walked toward the door while pulling her skirt back down. She opened the door and said, “Sorry about that. I had to finish something.”

A voice from outside replied. “I know. I heard. Sounds like you couldn’t wait.”

“Come on in,” Jenna said.

In walked Heidi. Ben had forgotten how hot she was. Heidi was about an inch shorter than Jenna, maybe 5’6″. She had pale skin and raven-black hair that curled in cascades down to her chest. Her proportions were similar to Jenna’s, slim but not skinny at the waist, C-cup breasts that bordered on D, with a nice curve to her hips and ass. Heidi’s button-down shirt was undone far enough to flaunt her cleavage, and she wore tight-fitting black pants. She was dressed to impress. “Not for long,” Ben thought.

“So, there’s Ben,” Heidi said, walking slowly toward him. “Hotter than I remember.”

“Good to see you again, Heidi,” Ben said as he stood.

She placed her hands on his chest and slid them up toward his shoulders. “Good to see you too. It seems we have the same taste in women. You know I had sex with Jenna while you were away.” Her lips neared Ben’s and she whispered, “Does that excite you?”

Ben smiled. “Why don’t you check to be sure.”

Heidi’s hand slid down his chest, down his stomach and over the bulge in his jeans. “Mmm. I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Okay you two,” Jenna laughed. “Don’t forget about me.”

Heidi turned and walked to Jenna, being sure to sway her hips for Ben’s enjoyment. “I could never forget you,” she said as she passionately kissed Jenna’s lips.

“I can’t wait to get you naked,” said Jenna. She led Heidi by the hand to the bedroom and Ben followed. He sat on the end of the bed and watched as Jenna and Heidi kissed, their tongues seeming to battle between their enjoined mouths. Jenna licked Heidi’s neck and she frantically undressed her. Heidi’s hands slid under Jenna’s clothing, one article at a time, pulling them off and discarding them effortlessly.

Their clothes were off. Their skin was pressed together. Their lips roamed and hands wandered. Between kisses, Jenna moaned “Ben, mmm, you’d better, mmm, get your clothes off.” Ben complied quickly, and soon he was naked, stroking his fully erect cock, watching two gorgeous women tear into each other with lust.

Heidi’s eyes wandered over to Ben. “Mmm. Nice cock,” she said. She pulled Jenna toward him, then knelt, grabbed hold of his dick and started to suck. “Wow,” said Jenna. “That’s so hot. Do you like that, Ben?”

“Oh yeah,” he replied.

“Then you’ll fucking love this,” Jenna whispered. She knelt next to Heidi, who offered his cock to her waiting lips. Jenna sucked him with a passion he hadn’t ever seen from her. She offered him back to Heidi and she took another turn. She slid his dick from her mouth and kissed Jenna again. They parted, smiling at each other for a moment and then Heidi licked along one side of his cock. Jenna joined on the other side, and they massaged his big, hard dick with their lips, which met as they reached the tip. Their sucking continued, alternating, first Heidi, then Jenna, then Heidi again.

Ben pulled Jenna close, licking her nipple and sucking it while Heidi continued to blow him. He fell back onto the bed, pulling Jenna kaçak bahis siteleri down to him, kissing her. Heidi pulled him out of her mouth and held him in her hand while nudging her leg. Jenna took the hint, straddling Ben as Heidi guided his cock into her pussy.

Jenna rode on his cock, lifting herself up into cowgirl position. Heidi crawled onto the bed next to Jenna and kissed Ben. Her tongue invaded his mouth as Jenna’s pussy slid up and down on his cock.

“Oh yeah,” Ben said between kisses. “I want to eat your pussy.”

Heidi didn’t waste time. She placed her knees next to his shoulders, facing Jenna, and then she lowered herself until her pussy rested gently against Ben’s lips. His tongue lapped at her slippery outer folds and he parted them to press it against her clit, licking and sucking her pussy.

She leaned forward, grasping one of Jenna’s breasts in her hand and kissing her nipple. The three bodies moved together as they pleasured each other. Jenna’s voice had a rattle to it, as though she was overcome. “You like how her pussy tastes, Ben?”


“I’m so fucking wet,” Jenna continued. “You know how I taste when I get wet.”

Heidi kissed her. “I know, and I’d love to be reminded.”

Jenna dismounted from Ben. Heidi lifted herself off of Ben’s lips and lied down on her back. She grabbed Ben’s shoulder. “Fuck me,” she said.

Ben got between her legs, his knees under her thighs, propping them up. He slowly slid into her waiting pussy as Jenna kissed him. “Mmm,” Jenna said. “You taste like pussy.” She then straddled Heidi’s face. Ben watched her tongue lap at Jenna’s pussy. His cock was hot and wet with Heidi’s juices and he fucked her harder.

“Yes,” Jenna cried out. “Fuck her so good. Make her cum.”

Ben went deep into Heidi, and she gasped for air while her tongue slipped in and out of Jenna’s hole. Her body tensed the way Jenna’s did whenever she was getting ready to have an orgasm. Her back lifted from the bed and she came, her juices running out of her.

Ben was nearing completion as Heidi’s fragrant wetness dripped down his balls. He pulled out of her, moved quickly toward Jenna, cradled her head in his hand and shot his load across her face. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

He collapsed onto the bed and Heidi got to her knees. She licked his cum from Jenna’s face and kissed her. Their hands roamed freely over each other while their lips tangled in lustful passion, faces slick with Ben’s ejaculate.

Jenna pushed Heidi onto her back and, without pretense, buried her face between Heidi’s legs. The raven-haired beauty beckoned to Ben and began to lick his still-erect cock while her auburn-haired lover noisily slurped.

Heidi tensed again, spending all she had left, moaning her orgasm onto Ben’s shaft. Jenna wrapped her arms around Ben and they fell together until they rested on the bed. Heidi continued to suck Ben until his erection subsided, then lied down as well.

The three took turns kissing and fondling. Their naked skin glistened. Their eyes were heavy with fatigue.

“Was that what you were expecting on your day back?” asked Jenna.

“Not at all,” replied Ben.

“Sure beats being stuck in some snowstorm in Cleveland, huh?”

Ben smiled, remembering that a snowstorm in Cleveland had its perks too.

“So,” said Heidi. “Did I pass the test? Are you okay with me fucking your girlfriend from time to time?”

“She’s in good hands,” said Ben.

“I’m sure Ben doesn’t mind,” said Jenna. “We kind of made a deal.”

“Oh yeah?” Heidi smiled. “So, Ben, who are you going to fuck next?”

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