Better in the Flesh

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Delighted is the word I would use to describe how I felt when Lena and Jake invited me to their house for an afternoon of swimming and reminiscing. We’d been neighbors and friends for over twelve years when, as a fiercely ambitious career woman, I’d left Dallas for a job in Raleigh, North Carolina. Even though I lived in another city and state, I kept in close touch with Lena, and sometimes Jake, too, through phone calls and email. I was back in Dallas on business for a week. On Friday afternoon I took off early from work and headed out to the quiet northern suburbs. My flight back to Raleigh wouldn’t leave until almost eleven that night, so I knew I could enjoy several hours swimming in Lena and Jake’s refreshing saltwater pool.

Lena was waiting for me on the front stoop of their beautiful brick and stone home when I pulled up in my rental car. Her long, wavy espresso brown hair stirred in the breeze. She wore a red halter top and white shorts, both of which accentuated her large natural breasts and lean limbs. She also wore white sunglasses, but I knew that behind those dark lenses, her brandy-colored eyes sparkled with true affection. Her bronzed face was radiant with a toothy white smile.

She ran barefoot across the soft grass to my rental car and threw her arms around me before I could even get out. I felt the press of her hard nipples through my thin blouse and was surprised by the shot of arousal that went up my legs. She smelled like dark spices and citrus and her skin was warm and supple under my hands.

“Oh Susan,” she said in that soft Venezuelan accent that had always made my heart race a bit. “I’m so excited you’re finally here. Jake and I both have longed to see you.”

She stepped back from me, and put her arm through mine as we walked to the house. “I wish so much you could stay the night. Isn’t it possible to change your flight?”

“No, I can’t,” I said. I didn’t want to tell her that I’d already changed the flight once just so I could come visit them. “But it’s great to see you, Lena. You look fantastic…but then, you always do.”

“So do you,” she returned generously. “But I can’t wait to get you out of those stuffy old work clothes and into something pretty. Did you bring your suit?”

I shook the little bag I carried. “Right here.”

“Good. Jake has been mixing something for us to drink. I don’t know what it is, I only know it has a lot of tequila.”

“Uh-oh,” I murmured. “You know how I get when I drink tequila.”

Lena laughed. “Yes, I do know,” she said, and looked at me with a wicked grin.

We’d had our one and only girl-on-girl kiss just before I’d moved away two years earlier. Lena and Jake had invited me over for an authentic Venezuelan dinner together with a prodigious amount of margaritas. At the end of the evening just before I left for good, Lena had kissed me goodbye on the lips, something people in her country did as a matter of course. But it was new to me. I’d made a little sound in my throat like I’d liked it…not anything over the top, just a small “well, that was nice” kind of noise. It must have turned Lena on, because the next thing I’d known we were kissing away like crazy, with Jake standing there watching us, a surprised grin on his face.

A girl-on-girl kiss isn’t the kind of thing you forget, especially if it’s your only one. I was strictly heterosexual and had never felt the desire to swing my own way. But I have to admit, feeling Lena’s lips against mine and her tongue inside of me was one of the most sensual experiences of my life. It wasn’t raunchy or nasty; it just felt really luscious, like crème brulee on the end of a spoon. Afterwards, while meeting new people in a new city and before I’d started dating in earnest, I’d fantasized about Lena, imagining her doing other things to me as well. And I also have to admit, I let Jake into the picture, too. But my fantasy threesome was something I’d never shared with anyone.

Jake was waiting for us in the kitchen, standing over a large pitcher filled with golden liquid, stirring. He looked up at me with those big blue eyes in a tanned face and smiled.

“Hey you,” he drawled. “Come around here and give me a big hug.”

I walked around the kitchen bar and stepped into his welcoming arms. He held me against him, his lips nuzzling against my hair. He smelled like sunshine and pineapple, and when he pulled away to look down at me I felt a tinge of desire towards him. Not that I would have ever acted on it; I wouldn’t have betrayed Lena that way. But Jake was a rare gem. I adored him.

“How are the girls?” I asked both of them as I watched Jake pour a very tall glass of the golden liquid for me.

Jake and Lena had four daughters, all as gorgeous as their mother. Two were away at college and the younger girls still lived at home.

“Kelly and Lindsey are at a slumber party tonight,” Lena said. “I’m sorry they couldn’t be here to see you. They wanted to be, but it’s their friend’s sixteenth bahis siteleri birthday. They couldn’t miss it.”

Jake handed me the glass and I took a long, thirsty sip. He watched my face, a funny smile curving his lips.

“How is it?” he asked at last.

“Delicious,” I said, taking another drink. “What’s in it?”

His eyes twinkled mischievously. “Wouldn’t you like to know,” he teased.

Lena took my bag. “Come into the bedroom to change,” she said. “I can’t stand looking at you in that morbid black suit.”

Their bedroom was downstairs. A silver brass four-poster king-size bed stood in the center of the far wall. Covered in luxurious red and silver fabrics, it looked like something out of a bordello. The lower half of the posts were a bit scratched from the chains they occasionally used in some of their hotter sex play. Lena had never been shy about sharing with me the kinkier things they did, and I knew that Jake enjoyed videotaping them too.

We continued into the bathroom, where an oversized whirlpool tub stood under a window. The tub was open on two sides and Jake had especially requested the builder to add a built-in bench on one side with a very special purpose in mind. Lena had shared this with me as well. Jake used the bench to sit on while Lena, kneeling in a tub full of bubbles, gave him blowjobs. It made me wish I could be a fly on that wall.

Lena leaned against the vanity as she carelessly watched me undress. “How are you doing, Susan?” she asked, her voice filled with genuine concern for me. “Are you happy? Are you in love?”

“No,” I answered honestly, slipping off my jacket and skirt before unbuttoning my blouse. “I’ve dated a bit but…well, it just hasn’t been all that fulfilling.”

“Did you ever buy that video I recommended?” she asked as her warm brandy-colored eyes moved over my lacy white bra and satin panties.

She’d recommended I buy a DVD on self-pleasuring.

“Yes I did,” I said enthusiastically, picking up the glass Jake had given me and drinking the more of the delicious golden liquid. “And I have to tell you, Lena, it’s fabulous. The orgasms I achieve now are just out of this world. I go into work happy and relaxed with a big smile on my face. Everybody tells me they want whatever I’m on,” I finished with a laugh.

Lena’s eyes had grown very wide and her cheeks a bit flushed. I’d been standing there talking to her in my underwear, not even thinking about it. I thought it must be the tequila—and whatever else Jake had put in that drink—getting to me.

I took my bag and started for the separate commode with the door. Lena quickly veered me off.

“Don’t be silly,” she said. “You can change in front of me. I’m not a child. Besides, I want to see if you’re really trimming your bush like we talked about. You should, you know, not so much for the guys but for yourself. It makes you feel so sexy.”

I’d already unhooked my B-cup bra and tossed it onto the top of the rest of my clothes, revealing my soft natural breasts with relatively small beige areolas but quite large pink nipples. Now I was slipping off my panties to expose the topic of so much of her interest. I’d had my bikini area professionally waxed before I’d left for Dallas and the skin around my pussy was soft and sensual feeling. I now had a small “runway” of blonde hair about an inch over my clitoris. Lena eyed it approvingly.

“Yes,” she said in a silken tone. “That’s perfect. Good for you. Does it not make you feel sexy all the time?”

“Well, yes,” I admitted as I pulled on my bikini bottoms. Lena watched as I got the halter-style top in place, then circled around to help me with the strings in the back.

We were about the same height as we stood in the mirror together. But whereas Lena was all golden skin and dark hair and full breasts, I was slender, blonde, and pale. I have the kind of white-blonde hair people envy without considering how easily I burn in the sun. I could never go to the lake as a child without wearing long sleeves and a hat. Now I just slathered myself in sunscreen…and still wore a hat.

She finished the tying but didn’t move. Instead she stood behind me as we locked eyes in the mirror, her hands holding my upper arms in a subtle grasp. I waited, wondering what she was doing. Her eyes in the mirror swept up and down my body in a way that left no room for doubt. She wanted something. I had no idea how far she wanted to go, or if just lusting for it was enough for her, but her gaze made it very clear that she found me sexually attractive.

Having never been in that position with a woman, I had no idea what to do. Were I less cautious, or perhaps more intoxicated, I might have simply turned right then and there in her arms and kissed her like we’d kissed that night two years earlier. But I needed her to make that first step, and right now she wasn’t taking it. Instead she dropped her arms and took my hand in hers.

“Come on,” she said in canlı bahis siteleri a husky voice, “let’s take a dip in the cool water. I’m feeling overheated.”

Jake sat on one of the barstools at the kitchen bar, watching us as we walked, hand-in-hand, from the bedroom. “Well, that’s a sight to behold,” he remarked, looking us over with a wolfish grin. “You two girls look mighty hot together. You haven’t been doing anything naughty back there, have you?”

“Darling,” Lena purred, coming up in front of him and planting her palms on his thighs. “You know that if we were to do anything we would include you. Otherwise it just wouldn’t be fair.”

“As long as you remember that, my pet,” he said, kissing her full lips with a little more than just an affectionate peck.

Lena poured another glass of the golden elixir for me and topped off her own.

“Come on, everybody,” she said, throwing open the back door. “Let’s get out of this stuffy old house and have some fun before the sun goes down.”

The pool was fabulous. They were the only couple I knew with a saltwater pool but then, Lena and Jake weren’t an ordinary couple. The back yard was carefully planted with privacy bushes against the tall fence. Having been their neighbor, I knew they craved their privacy. Lena had angrily told me of occasions when she and Jake had caught neighbors trying to catch glimpses of them having sex in their back yard; as far as she was concerned, what she and Jake did was no one else’s business. I agreed with her. Now the bushes were a good twelve feet tall and impenetrable to the eye. It was like our own little world.

Lena slipped out of her shorts to reveal a tiny string bikini that showed off all but a fraction of her ass. Her halter top she simply pulled over her head. She wore nothing underneath, nor did she intend to. Her heavy breasts were still amazingly firm. She had large areolas the color of cappuccino and nipples about my size but much darker. She dove straight into the pool, not caring about her hair, makeup or jewelry, and swam after surfacing with an expert stroke to the other end.

“Come on!” she called to me. “Jump in!”

“I can’t get my hair wet,” I told her, holding my glass and sipping Jake’s secret serum. “I have that flight tonight.”

“Oh pooh! Who is going to see you if your hair isn’t perfect? No one cares!”

That was Lena’s philosophy and it was infectious. She made me want to ditch the routine and step out of my comfort zone. I looked at Jake, who was smiling like a man who lived with this and loved it, and shrugged. The next thing I knew I was diving into the cool, silken water.

That’s the thing about saltwater pools. Not being overwhelmed with chlorine, the water feels like nothing else in this world. It smells better, too. I was in a tropical heaven in the middle of North Texas.

Eventually Jake joined us, wearing a pair of baggy swim trunks. He looked like a middle-aged surfer, his blonde hair shaggy and bleached to different shades by the sun and his skin very tan. A computer whiz, he didn’t work that hard any more and took life as it came. He was enjoying watching me and Lena together immensely.

We played Keep-away with Jake and a tennis ball for a few minutes. Then Lena got in the middle, not doing as well as Jake. My turn came, and I showed off my natural athleticism by jumping quite high out of the water to catch the tennis ball.

“Show off!” Lena playfully accused me as she came up behind me and started tickling my sides. I didn’t realize until it was too late that she’d also been untying my top. Suddenly it came off of me and she tossed it over her head to Jake.

I shrieked and went after it, trying to cover my bare breasts with one hand. Jake waited until I was almost on him to toss it to Lena. I shrieked again, this time in laughter, and went after Lena. She taunted me, backing up as I got closer, then tossed it away.

This time the top landed midway between me and Jake. Giggling helplessly, I went after it as fast as I could. So did Jake. He just barely reached it before me but my hand was already out, and I accidently grabbed his upper arm and tugged. He put out his hand to keep me away, his fingers several times sliding over my nipples.

“Give it!” I said, determined this time to have my top back. Of course, I was still in a playful mood, secretly delighting in this moment of semi-naughty play.

“No!” he returned, dragging himself towards the edge of the pool, my bikini top held over his head like a trophy.

He reached the edge of the pool and started out. My hand grabbed the back of his swim trunks and pulled hard. He lost his balance and tumbled backwards, practically falling right on top of me. I went under and so did he. The two of us came up at the same time, laughing and sputtering. He grabbed me in play-anger around the hips and lofted me into the air. As I slid back down in his arms he held me against him. His arm curved around me canlı bahis and the next thing I knew he kissed me.

It might have been a deep, passionate kiss had Lena not been there. But Lena was there, and I broke the kiss and looked at her. She wore an odd expression: approval…and something more.

“It’s okay,” Lena reassured me. “Jake and I talked about this beforehand.”

He was still holding me. “About what?” I asked.

“About you,” Lena said. “About how I felt that night we kissed, and what I’ve dreamed of since then.”

“I’ve dreamed of it, too,” Jake said against my ear. “The more Lena shared with me the things she wanted to do to you, the more I wanted it too.”

Lena lifted a hand to stroke my arm. “Jake and I have never included anyone else in our marriage, but you’re different, Susan. You make both of us feel something that we can’t feel with each other.”

“Lena, I’ve never been with a woman before,” I said. “I don’t even know if I’d like it.”

“You don’t have to do anything,” Lena said. “Even Jake has agreed not to touch you…unless you want him to. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy.”

Hearing those words from Lena’s lips was like an aphrodisiac. Jake moved me to the pools steps and I sat down. Lena sat down beside me and tentatively raised her hand to stroke my nipples. I closed my eyes, overwhelmed by the desire that welled up within me. Jake bent his head and sucked one of my nipples. Lena leaned in and kissed me. The feel of her tongue against mine was like silk. I opened my lips wider, and kissed her back with hungry longing. I was getting incredibly aroused.

Lena let her mouth blaze a trail down my chin to my neck, then farther down to my chest and breasts. She joined Jake in sucking my nipples. I tilted my head back and gave in to the exquisite feeling. Jake’s hand rubbed my inner thigh. Soon Lena’s did too. I was floating in the clouds when the both of them broke away from me.

Lena stepped out of the pool first, me rising after her. Jake came last, and the three of us stepped under the covered porch. There were four sturdy iron lounge chairs there, one for each of the girls. Jake and Lena had a special double chair they could both lay on, but instead of Jake and Lena taking it, it was me and Lena. We lay on our sides facing each other, kissing and touching each other’s breasts. Jake had walked into the house and I had no idea why until he returned with a tripod and a video camera.

I immediately got nervous and broke away from Lena.

“Jake, I’m not comfortable with that,” I told him.

“I didn’t think you would be,” he said, and pulled something out of his pocket. “Would you wear this?”

It was just a simple black satin sleep mask. I was pretty certain that if anyone who knew me saw the video, they’d know it was me even with the mask on. But my biggest fear was Jake putting it on the internet and millions of strangers seeing me. I just didn’t like that idea. So the mask made sense. Plus there was an added benefit: something about wearing the mask, not being able to see what was happening around me, simply feeling it as it happened, was incredibly erotic.

I put on the mask. Lena made a noise of aroused approval and kissed me again. After a moment I felt my bikini bottoms being drawn off. Hands immediately touched my pussy. Lena’s softer, smaller fingers stroked my clit while Jake parted my thighs and eased his middle finger into my vagina. I squirmed against them both. Lena continued kissing me while Jake leaned over and sucked my tits. Trapped in my own dark world, no longer distracted by sight, I was aware of every movement, every sensation. My nerve endings had never been so teased and tantalized.

Lena stopped kissing me and Jake stopped sucking my breasts, although both of them were still thrilling me with their hands. I waited breathlessly for what was to come next. A tongue moved against my clit, soft and gentle. Then it lifted and another tongue, bigger, slightly harder, moved over my clit. I gasped as I realized what they were doing. Lena licked me for a long moment, starting at my vaginal opening and going up, all the way over and off my clit. Jake took over the moment her stroke left me, starting at the opening, going up the slit, to glide over the clit and off. They did this over and over again, driving me to a trembling frenzy.

“Oh God, I’m going to come!” I cried. Jake’s finger went deep into my pussy and Lena’s tongue stroked my clit with gentle swirls. I felt Jake’s mouth reclaim my nipple and suck greedily at it. My hips rose and fell wildly as my orgasm built on itself. The combined sensations on my body were so powerful that I lost all control over my own throat.

I cried out loudly—loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear. My orgasm crested and released itself, a million roman candles shooting off inside my core. My groin continued thrusting into Lena’s face. I couldn’t stop it. Gradually my body began to return to a normal pace, although the fire between my legs was only smoldering, not extinguished.

“Let’s take a break,” I heard Lena say. “Turn the camera off so Susan can relax and have a drink. I know she must be thirsty.”

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