Bill , Mousey Ch. 04

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The actors in this script are of legal age. This is a work of adult erotic fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If you’re under the age of consent where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain adult literature where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it’s entirely legal for you to read sexually explicit material, I hope you enjoy the story!

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The following Monday reality starts at the top. Grama introduces Jane and William to the Board of Directors.

“Ladies and Gentlemen I want you to meet my new replacement as member of The Board of Directors, my Grand Daughter and sole heir, Jane. Also your new Chief Executive Officer, William Miller, Jane’s husband. As you already know, with my demise, this Empire will remain a Family owned and operated Business. Do not be deceived by their youth. Jane is of my essence and William is of my soul. You will find them made of the same stern stuff as I am. They will lead you as their own persons in ways I have been incapable of or simply did not know about. Are there any questions?” Breathless silence.

We are both in Executive Dark Blue. Jane’s suite is with a knee length skirt. She did wear her new breathtaking dark Sable coat but not into the Board Room. Those that did see her with it on as we came in to the Offices, nearly fell to their knees as before a queen. This is my wife!!

In the Board Room ‘The Mother of Them All’ informed them that they had a new much younger Mother. She didn’t have to tell them she was totally gorgeous. That was for all to see. We each gave simple introductory speeches, first Jane and then me. All applauded, hand shaking and introductions all around. From Grama’s preparations for us I felt as though I knew them all personally.

On the way back home we made out in the rear of the Limousine. Executive privileges. Aside from her super Sable and her being incredibly arousing and exciting it will, no doubt, get back that the new Director and the CEO made out like minks in the limo. There will be no divide and conquer in this Empire. Her new Sable over her suit is an incredible turn on. We screwed without so much as making a wrinkle in our suites. We hope there is a clear perception throughout the company where it is headed and who is in control. Spare us those “Dallas” intrigues.

That evening we had Dinner at Grama’s. Mousey was back in her happy coat with the white silk dress.

“I see you approve of today’s activities?”

“Yes Grama, but that is not the main source of my/our happiness. It is no single event announcement or single idea other than Bill and I are so incredibly in love in ways that are continually unfolding and that we encounter nearly moment by moment. Our happiness is sometimes overwhelming. Last night was such a moment in the middle of making love. Our bodies could barely contain the joy and passion we have for each other and it was hard to feel any separation between us, as though we were one. I don’t mean to be so detailed and descriptive of our intimate moments but I don’t know how else to tell you.”

“This is a pleasure to hear and makes the trip to the grave joyful knowing that I am, at least, partially responsible for such happiness. I have given you both everything I have and I wish I could give it ten fold as such love deserves to be rewarded.”

“We are not asking for anything and I know that is not what you are saying it is just that you are the one person that can truly understand and appreciate our joy and I had to tell someone. My heart is about to explode.” Mousey is in Bill’s embrace as she talks.

“Your love and passion for each other is clear for all to see. It’s already transforming the Company without any effort on my part. Such indiscretion!! The Director of the Board and the CEO making out in the Company Limousine? You too surprise me! Such incredible and intuitive directing. See, I could never have done anything nearly so swift. Congratulations on your first successful Company decree. The message has been received in the most forthright and powerful manner possible and I am sure you enjoyed every moment.”

“Yes,Grama we did.”

“That is what I was telling you. As I said the message is a big one with many parts that you two don’t yet fully understand and I know you understood much of it in the moment. It makes future actions so much easier. Creative ideas will have fertile ground to grow, pun fully intended of course and I am sure you two are making plans. The saddest thing is that I will not see my Great great grandchild. That would have been the final gift.”

“We don’t know that for sure. We have not been trying but Mousey isn’t on any contraception either.”

“I haven’t missed a period yet is what Bill is trying to say. We are literally letting nature take its course. We never talked about it but we never said no. It’s one of those tacit agreements. It’s certainly not for lack of opportunity kartal genç escort for the little critters. We make love, several times a day as you might have guessed and we understand the consequences of our actions of course.”

“I think one of our first actions is to investigate Child Care for our employees. I think that would do a lot for company moral and capturing top people. There are a few other Companies doing it.”

“See how smart you two are? This is a brilliant idea and would fit into company policy very smoothly.”

“Though we can afford private care, having our child cared for when we are at work by the same people would certainly be convenient but good policy as well.”

“I really don’t have much to teach you two. You are educating me now.”

“You do need to go over the relationship with the board and the CEO so that we have a clear and defined situation in our minds.”

“Reading the Corporate Documents will give you the defined roles but I will spend some time telling you cases and situations I have dealt with over the years.”

“I’m sure that will be extremely helpful.”

“Your choice to wear your new Sable was an excellent choice. Acting like the Queen is a very important message as well. You were appropriately worshiped. The ultimate Power Suite. William you were very skillful and though you will be tested you are starting off with a very strong image. I’m also glad you got my message through William to cash some of those checks in your drawer. Thank you William however you did it.”

“I think this is the first time Mousey has been shamed into anything.”

“He’s right Grama. With Bill’s help and ear bending I figured it out finally. I was avoiding the jealousy problem but with Bill in the picture all the relationships have shifted and I no longer feel constrained.”

“Bravo for you both. You have passed the ultimate Get the Message test. I can put my mind totally at ease now.”

The next few weeks are spent other than Classes evaluating our “jobs” and getting to know the key management and personnel critical to the operation of the Companies. Everyone is surprisingly friendly and cooperative. Mousey and I gradually shift from Uniform blue suites to more casual attire. Everyone else is always in Corporate ready attire. We show up some days dressed to kill. We don’t want folks to get too use to us in casual. Mousey, as usual, always is in fur regardless of how casual she is.

I begin wearing the few furs I now have on every third or fourth day and when in uniform. At first the guys were taken aback but some of the women actually swooned. I can tell Mousey has an unexpected touch of jealousy. She remarked on it and said she only had herself to blame. It did set a tone and what with the Sable-in-the-Limo event folks are definitely off their normal game around us. We will soon have our confidants who will give us the inside skinny.


Our custom furs finally are ready and were delivered. We go to another level of fur fondling and love making in the furs. The new spreads and capes do their assigned jobs and take us far far beyond our expectations. Having both our entire bodies engulfed in Chinchilla and Sable is otherworldly. Wearing the capes as we make love in the super sensuous spreads surrounded and supported by the equally wonderful pillows is heavenly at the least. It makes Mousey’s experimentation’s with the Kamasutra much easier and far more effective. I thought I was going to have to call 911 the following morning when she awoke to her furgasm. She’s constantly in an orgasmic convulsion. We spend longer than usual with the following intercourse and are late to class.

I’m still at it in my mind nearly all the class. A few of my fur lined leather jackets are delivered as well. I wear the Lynx lined tan suede jacket with integral hood. I’m definitely eyed on campus but when we get to the office I look back as we are walking through the open office areas to find a female entourage following with questions about this and that. Mousey nearly breaks up laughing.

“Your fan club?” Since I’m a Ball Player and athlete and all know I’m making it with my wife, what a concept, questions of being a pansy ass or such comments are to a minimum if at all. The guys are trying to figure out where they stand with the new CEO and Stock Holder to be too concerned about our attire, though it certainly sets a tone. There are a couple of men and women who seem to be genuinely cooperative and proactive with some creative suggestions. Maybe the core of a new policy group.

Mousey begins testing the water by wearing her old baggy print dresses to the office. She still wears fur as the day I first met her. Is she reminding me of something? She alternates this with a silk dress and then to a tailored suit. She has begun to acquire a wardrobe of suites and slacks which she had never worn before with all the accessories. She is a natural beauty and still avoids makeup. We don’t hide our affection for each other at the office and frequently touch and hug each other. bayan kartal escort We occasionally kiss. Not passionately but more than a peck on the cheek. Folks are just going to have to get use to that.

When I drop by the Furrier to pick up a couple of my new fur lined jackets I had a warm and sexually exciting image of Mousey in a fur lined suede jacket with elaborate folk art embroidered and stitch pattern designs on the suede in a rough cut Folk styling. I discussed it with the furrier and we came up with a couple of very fine designs for her. They have someone who is very artful with embroidery and stitchery. I am looking forward to the surprise. Mousey has been claiming the furs of her Mom’s that she wants and since the Mausoleum is going to be gifted in the near future she has been tagging and having the staff pack her Mom’s things that will be moved to a yet to be determined location. Aside from the furs, clothes and books Mousey and I have little to move.

Grama has a Guest Apartment over the Carriage House behind her house and we are going to propose that as a move for us. We have had a contractor friend of mine look at the appropriate modifications for such a move.

We can utilize Grama’s maid and handyman for the little housekeeping we will need with one additional male “maid” from the Mausoleum to help Grama. Moving around for her is becoming increasingly difficult.

Several will be reemployed at the office as our aids and a chef for the Executive Offices and Grama’s. Building and Yard Maintenance staff will be retained until the house has been dealt with. Since we actually only occupied three rooms at the Mausoleum we will not be inconvenienced in the least and the feeling of dread will be out of our life. We proposed this to Grama.

“Why haven’t you done it already?”

We moved in two weeks later after the modifications were done. We had a new bed made that has raised, cushioned, fur lined sides and is, indeed, womb like with the new furs draped and spread out with cushions in place. The other furnishings are all to our liking and quite comfortable. The suede leather couch with furs is going to be our favorite place when not in bed.

The apartment is the size of a small house. There is a small Kitchen next to the generous Living Room and it’s complete with a Fireplace. Closets in the eaves larger than the Bed Room and all we really need.

Grama got in touch with her Daughter and told her to find a place in Paris to live as she’s the new European Executive Director. This we collectively agreed to possibly giving her greater feelings of worth. She much prefers Europe anyway and was not upset at all. We shipped her furs and some other things she said she wanted to keep and she has Business and personal expense accounts to replace or expand her fur collection. We then went about the task of Donating the Mausoleum to a worthy cause.

Most evenings we have Dinner with Grama. She not only loves having us there but loves our choices and the Apartment. Sometimes Dinner in our Apartment and sometimes I cook for us. She spends time visiting with us and it’s a very pleasant and relaxing time.

“You two have created quite the love nest and it emanates wonderful warm and passionate love. It makes me feel warm and young again myself. Your impact on the company is already having quite an effect. There are a few individuals that you have singled out to create a team. Very good choices. William, you would most likely have succeeded quite well at a Restaurant or what ever you had chosen.”

“It doesn’t surprise me that you know every breath we take there. Do you have any other individuals you might suggest?” She hands Mousey a list.

“I don’t mean to interfere but you may want to talk with these folks. You may not hit it off with any of them but they have been excellent and reliable to me in the past.”

“We have been gathering individuals and making contacts from person to person getting to know them along the way. Any step to other reliable sources and help is exactly what we need at this point. We have also decided not to follow the Company hierarchy in our choices. It’s upsetting a few of the older employees but it’s motivating others all the way to the bottom. Your list may help to smooth over some ruffled feathers. We are pushing innovation and creative thinking as the primary Company asset.”

“The two of you are doing an incredible job going directly from the College classroom to the Board Room of an F500. You have already exceeded my wildest expectations and are moving rapidly beyond that. The fact that your love can actually thrive in this pressure cooker speaks volumes to your true character. I am very appreciative also of the care and attention you have showered on me. Making the decision to move here is appreciated more than you can know.”

“Not that you didn’t do an incredible job but it was your Company and now we have to make it ours. We can’t just lip service what you did and I don’t think that is what you want us to do.”

“You have totally gotten my message escort kartal bayan and it’s good for you to take control so firmly.”

“Getting out of the Mausoleum has been a major psychological improvement in our lives as well.”


Friday I stopped by the Furrier and picked up the fur lined suede coats for Mousey. That evening we were on our new couch making out like teenagers that we were only a few short years ago when I finally had Mousey totally nude. I pulled out a wide Chinchilla sash/blindfold and told her to stay sitting up in the couch, that I had a surprise for her. I brought out the first which is a Lynx lined dark brown suede coat with tan, red, maroon, green and white embroidery and an integral Lynx lined hood. I slipped it over her nude body as she twitched and shivered with the sensations, lightly sighing. As I removed the blindfold she gasped with excitement hugging herself in the soft fur and suede, stroking her tits with it and jumping up and down in the couch.

“It is absolutely gorgeous. The detailing is incredible.” She then proceeded to ravage me with thanks. “It is the loveliest fur I own. How did you think of this?”

“It just popped into my head as I was picking up my fur lined jackets the other day. It was confirmed by your response to my wearing them. Blindfold time again. I just had these visions of you like this.” I put the blindfold back on her fondling her for a moment in the Lynx before going for the full length golden Sable lined tan lambskin leather also with integral hood, red and yellow embroidery.

I slipped the Lynx off as she sighed in disappointment and then slowly slid the Sable on her. She slipped into an ecstatic state of sighing and immediate tit and crotch fondling with the Sable. I didn’t remove the blindfold immediately. She laid back against the couch back as she floated in this state for a few moments. I fondled her legs and stomach with another Sable also pulled up the Sable hood over her head and smothered her face in Sable. She was drifting into an orgasm which I encouraged with the Sable around her stomach sliding it down into her vagina. Mousey quivered with a smooth soft and sustained orgasm. She has been doing that lately and I wonder if she is controlling it somehow or? I removed the blindfold after her orgasm and she wrapped her arms around me kissing and fondling me with the Sable. I was suddenly on my back with my cock in her mouth and Sable all over the general area as she sucked my essence long and smoothly to the last drop.

“These are show stoppers. Having the fur inside is heavenly and even in the arms. I love the furry cuffs and how the fur on both sort of “erupts” from inside the coat all around the edges and the cuffs. These are the finest furs I own now, well for wearing in public anyway and with the new dark Sable I love so much. The embroidered artwork is fabulous. I understand why you chose to get the fur lined jackets now.”

“You’re incredible in them and I’m so glad I got them for you.”

I come home after Mousey the next evening to see her reclining on the couch in front of a nice fire with candle light. She has only the new Sable lined coat with her beauty on display welcoming me home. A new level of intimacy and communication I quickly comply with. We sit together and enjoy our slow and beautiful evening together. Though we have intercourse only once that evening it will be one of the most memorable evenings of my life. We touch, slowly fondle and kiss with the softest but most passionate and loving way that we have to now. The warmth and love we have is boundless.

Her hair is getting longer and extremely nice now that I have been shampooing her on a regular basis using conditioners and brushing it. Her natural waves are responding very well to this. Since it’s so much thicker I started to do some simple and very classic things such as bradding it in a single fat braid. That was when she got stopped in the office for the first, “are you lost little girl”, comments. She’s wearing one of her antique frilly dresses, work boots, beat up bowler hat and a blond mink lined denim jacket at the time. After several of these challenges the word was out that, “If you see a young girl running around the office dressed funny and wearing an incredible fur she is your boss”.

This becomes confusing in the coming days as many of the women begin wearing furs of various types in the office. Shortly after that some of the men take up my fur lined jacket in style imitation. We, of course, do nothing to halt this new trend. We begin to notice a markedly lower tension level throughout the office in the following days. As I heard said once, “Crap rolls down from the top”. Let’s hope goodness does as well and maybe this is an example.

Our screwing in the Company Limo got back to us recently without our identity attached as a positive image comment from a competitor. “I sure wish my bosses were that cool”. We don’t care what their bosses think. Their employee’s opinions, however, are very important to us. We have begun to transform the Company into our image. Our Core Committee has begun to disseminate new policies which they have formulated under our guidance, Company wide now with strongly favorable employee response. The Core Committee members, to the person, wear fur now and not coercively but one and two at a time with the women first. Imitation is the finest form of complement.

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