Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 16

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 10). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 16 – Four On One


Tom Power flew partway back home with us. We stopped at the Boulder, Colorado airport to drop him off. He’d accepted my job offer to run Nanotech, and negotiated a pretty good deal to boot. The more we interacted the more I liked and respected him. I already nursed an idea of bringing him into headquarters in the future in an even larger and more important role.

I was also influenced heavily by Sheila’s opinion of him. I had watched the two of them fuck the night of my barbecue, and they put on a hot show. Sheila admitted that her part of the show was to try to entice me to be with her. She also wanted to be with Andy, since they’d had some growing feelings for each other over the years, so in the end she’d mated with him as well when I’d gone off with my secretary Melanie.

After we took off from Boulder, Sheila got out of her seat and came and cuddled into my lap. She said, “I think I belong here.” She giggled in a way very uncharacteristic for her, “Of course, it’s a very crowded lap what with Melanie, Elsa, and Cindy being here too.”

I asked, “Does that bother you?” After I’d asked the question I realized I might not have wanted the answer.

“Oh, no,” Sheila said in a sincere tone. “I am not being sarcastic or anything when I say that I like being one of your four steady lovers. I mean that. I think I’d feel panicked if I had to keep you happy all on my own. Of course, there’s outside help too – for instance, Margo.”

“Sheila, you don’t have to keep me happy. That’s my job, and you well know it’s mostly one’s attitude towards life that does that. What’s that old saying, ‘There is nothing either good of bad, but thinking makes it so.’ The same quote applied to happiness.”

“Hamlet,” Sheila retorted. “I think Emerson wrote something similar and all sorts of metaphysical authors since, including Carl Jung.”

We were quiet a minute and Sheila said, “There’s a side of me you don’t know about.”

“And what side is that?” I asked in a pleasant tone.

“I’m bisexual.”

I chortled, “Good. You’ll fit right in with the rest of the girls.”

Sheila looked surprised. “You mean … They’re … Are you sure? I thought that playing around at the barbecue was just part of their erotic show for the rest of us.”

“I’m very sure. They like it when I watch – and that happens regularly. I get hard again and then they can shift back in the other direction for a bit.”

“All three of them?”

“Yes. Elsa and Cindy started when they were teens. They converted Melanie after about a hundred sapphic orgasms in the first half-hour we had her in our bed. I bet they’re home right now naked and doing sexy things to each other.”

Sheila nestled into my body. She was about the same size as Elsa or Cindy, and that enabled her to be cuddly just as they could. Melanie was smaller still, and was the best cuddler of all because she could completely curl up in my lap with no parts hanging out.

Sheila asked, “Is there room for me in your bed?”

I chuckled, “I’ll get a larger bed. The four of us are kind of a tight fit now. What makes it work is that Melanie likes to be wrapped up at night by either Elsa or Cindy, so the two of them only take up one space. I don’t suppose I mentioned it, but we all sleep nude.”

“Get a larger bed. I’d like to be a regular in there with you and the others, particularly when everyone is horny and fucking.”

“Tomorrow. I’ll put Melanie on it. In the meanwhile, do you want to come home with me tonight? You have your overnight bag.”


“Good. I’ll let them know.”

Sheila pulled away and smiled at me.

When Sheila got up to get a glass of wine for each of us, I texted Elsa: ‘Arriving home about bahis firmaları ten o’clock with a very horny Sheila. She confessed that she’s bisexual so I hope you plan an appropriate welcoming party for her this evening. I love you all. M.’

The reply came quickly, ‘We just ate dinner, but are ready to eat some serious pussy – what, four on one? Sounds like great odds. We aim to satisfy, plus we were going to start without you. We love you both. E, C, and M.’

As Sheila unwrapped our catered dinners on the jet, I asked her, “What about Andy? Have you gotten together with him since the barbecue?”

“No. No time, although we acknowledged that we’d like that. Margo told him she would like to be there too, preferably with you doing sexual things to her. Maybe you should do another barbecue before the weather gets too cold.”

“I’ll talk to the social secretary.” I couldn’t help but notice how having sexual relations with others in our close proximity was taken as a given in our conversation.

Sheila said, “About Andy; we like each other and we have a physical attraction, but I don’t feel the connection points that I do with you. Steve is the same way. You and I trade energy back and forth, even just being in each other’s presence. I don’t feel that with Andy, except some horniness because I guess we like each other’s pheromones and the variety of another partner.”

I tilted my glass at her in a small toast, and took a drink. I said, “So, you want to keep fucking Andy?”

Sheila laughed, “Yes, to put it bluntly. It’d be a once in a while thing unless that upsets you. I want to be sure Margo won’t get her nose out of joint too.” She paused and added, “I’d like to be with Margo too, but I don’t know if she swings that way.”

“I think she does, but she really likes me,” I stated.

“She does, but it’s more of the same. She likes to fuck you and feels great sexual interaction with you, but I would hesitate to use the ‘L’ word except in a most casual way. I don’t think what either of you feel rises to that level, but saying ‘Love’ might be appropriate in some situations, like as a massive orgasm approaches or as you cuddle with her after some great sex – not just Margo, either; anybody.”

“I understand. Last night when we made love, I did feel as though I had entered your soul in some way, and that you were in mine. We melded together in serious, multi-dimensional love.”

Sheila nodded, “That’s the energy thing I mentioned. We really merged. It wasn’t just that your cock was buried in my pussy or spurting semen inside me; something even deeper than our minds merged for a while. I felt it a few minutes ago when you first held me.”

“I did too. I feel it often with the girls.”

“Good; that means you have something deeper than just a sexual connection with them too. You’re each bringing your souls or some deep part of you to the connection.”

“Elsa tried to explain it to me when she told me about Cindy, and later about how they felt about Melanie. There was never any doubt in their minds about the appropriateness of Mel’s joining us. One time she called it magical chemistry.”

Sheila said, “I hope they feel it with me.”

“I’m sure they will … and probably already do. You can give it a try later tonight.”


Mark and Sheila came in the front door pulling their roll-on suitcases. Behind them I saw Lucas and Marcia from their security team; they glanced in and made sure all was well and then disappeared.

We had waited for them to start our sex play, but we had been kissing and talking about love with each other. Cindy, Melanie, and I were dressed sexy. We greeted Mark first, each with a passionate kiss to welcome him home.

What wasn’t expected, apparently, was that each of us greeted Sheila the same way. I went first, and after kissing Mark I turned and collected Sheila in my arms. She looked surprised, but became even more so as our lips met in a kiss. I didn’t stop at just one, and after about a half-dozen, I added some tongue and so did she. She tasted really good – sugar and spice and everything nice.

Sheila was panting by the time I broke away with a smile and turned her over to my sister. Cindy picked up from where I left off, passionately French kissing our new older sister. We’d decided over dinner that would be our ‘official’ designation for each of us – sisters. We were all sisters who kaçak iddaa loved Mark and who loved each other.

Melanie had to pull Sheila’s head down to her level for her kisses given that she was about five or six inches shorter than the rest of us. Sheila seemed happy to comply and even gave an extra hug to her work companion.

Sheila finally said to all of us as she held Melanie in her arms, “That is the best welcome home I’ve ever gotten from anyone, anywhere, at anytime.”

I spoke, “We want you to know that you are very welcome here … and that we care for you – we care about you.”

Mark had watched the four of us with great interest. He didn’t appear ready to intervene, but then there probably wasn’t any need.

I continued, “We were so glad to hear that you two finally hooked up. We were unanimous in thinking that it was long overdue given what we know about the two of you and your backgrounds. We hope we have added a big sister to our polyamorous family.”

Sheila nodded enthusiastically, “That works for me, and thank you. I guess we’ll learn about each other for a while. Please think of me as a new sister who’s learning her way in the family, and that means if you find fault that I’ll hear about it. Don’t hide things,” she shot Mark a glance and added, “the way Mark did from you when you first met. I like your sisterhood, especially with welcomes such as that.”

I chortled, “Well, that’s the part of the welcome with our clothes on.”

Sheila teased, “Oh, there’s more?” She had a lecherous grin.

I smiled, “Oh, yes, but you have to accompany us to the master bedroom.” I took Sheila’s hand and gently led her down the hallway leading to the large bedrooms on the main floor. She came quite willingly. I heard Melanie drag Sheila’s roll-on behind us. Mark followed us.

In the master bedroom, we had some seductive jazz playing and about two-dozen candles lit. Sheila came to a stop next to me and next to the bed. She asked in an innocent sounding tone, “What happens now?” I laughed at her pretend innocence. I knew it was a rhetorical question, but I treated it otherwise.

I reached over and undid the top button on her blouse. “Well, the next part of our welcome involves something kind of intimate … and we’ve decided that this is the clothing optional part of the evening.”

Another few buttons got undone, and then Cindy, who had slipped behind Sheila, helped her shrug off the blouse leaving her in a lacy brassiere. Cindy undid the clip at the back of the bra and nudged the straps off of her shoulder.

Sheila let the bra fall down her arms. I took the lingerie and tossed it aside. Melanie was right there, bending only slightly to suck on Sheila’s full breasts. Sheila moaned as she cradled Mel’s head to her body.

I said in a low, sexy tone, “You see we have heard that you have some tendencies to like men and women. You did our man last night, and tonight you’re going to do all of us, and we’re all going to do you because we like you – a lot. Mark can join in as he sees fit.”

As we spoke, Sheila’s skirt fell down her legs along with a silk slip, leaving her naked. She’d been conforming to the Worthington Headquarters Executive Offices’ Dress Code. Sheila kicked the skirt and a slip aside, along with her low heels.

Cindy appeared nude out of nowhere and turned Sheila to her for some further kisses. Watching the two of them push their breasts together was a turn-on for all of us. There was a moment when they were pushing their nipples against each other in a side-to-side motion.

Off to the side, I could see Mark slowly getting undressed. He didn’t want to miss any of the action, but was well along on his own nudity. I dropped my micro skirt and pulled my top over my head, leaving me naked as well. Melanie was nude about the same time I was. Every time I saw her nude body, I just wanted to eat her up she was so sumptuous. I was so glad she welcomed every approach we made to her and was as oversexed as we were.

Mark, Cindy, Melanie, and I had come to realization that we were nymphomaniacs. We wanted a constant diet of sex, sex, and more sex. I had prurient thoughts all day long, and I knew Cindy did too because we often shared them to excite each other. Mel had admitted she saw something sexual in practically everything. I wondered whether we would overpower Sheila with our behavior and obsessions.

Cindy kaçak bahis pulled Sheila onto the bed, leaving her legs hanging over the side. I gently took her legs and brought them up until I could kneel in front of her and have them over my shoulders. My mouth made sapphic contact with Sheila’s pussy – my long wet tongue sliding up her slit from near her ass to past her clit.

Sheila jerked and moaned, “Oh, God, if this is the other part of your welcoming, I sure hope you do this every night when I visit.”

Melanie joined Cindy in kissing our new friend. She told her, “That can easily be arranged, only we hope you’ll think of this as home and something like this as your welcome home routine. We want you to move in with all of us.”

Sheila nodded enthusiastically and then gave in to another round of hot tongue-deep kisses with Cindy.

Mark sat in one of the modern chairs in the room, slowly stroking his hard cock as he watched the four of us. We were all over Sheila with mouths and tongues, and then in various versions of a sixty-nine with her as we gave her the opportunity she seemed to crave to reciprocate sexually with each of us.

Each of us had orgasms, but by far it was Sheila who was the benefactor of most of them. We’d each have an orgasm with her and give her one, and then Cindy, Melanie, or I would rotate, and it would happen again. Thus, Sheila was getting three times the number any of us got.

Eventually, I called Mark over. He was the consistency of wrought iron and I certainly hadn’t seen him any longer or fuller than he was right then. In that moment there were four wet pussies moving around on the bed; he wasn’t sure which one he should be looking to penetrate.

Melanie looked up at him and reached for his cock. She told him, “We have been so eager to see you penetrate our new sister. We want you to fuck Sheila while we watch and also continue to make love to her.”

With Mark’s help, Mel led him by his shaft so he was between Sheila’s outstretched legs. She licked his cockhead and then pulled his shaft until the head was right against Sheila’s swollen and wet labia, and then carefully rubbed his glans up and down her wet slit. Sheila and Mark both groaned at the newly induced pleasure. The fact that someone else was orchestrating the union made the coming union that much hotter.

Mark didn’t wait long, and when Melanie made his cock slip slightly into the rim of Sheila’s deepness, he lunged forward sinking most of the way into Sheila’s vagina. He immediately started pumping back and forth, and going deeper on each stroke until he was making calculated deep complete strokes his full length.

Melanie moved back to kissing Sheila and whispering dirty talk to her, except we could all hear her. “Do you like that cock in your warm pussy? Isn’t he good? Is he hitting all your hot spots in your cunt? Can you feel your juices flowing out around his fat cock? You’re so wet. I bet Mark likes your tight pussy wrapped around his long shaft. Squeeze his cock and he’ll cum for you. Oh, you smell so good; I want to eat you all up myself. I love how you taste; I hope you’ll like eating Mark’s cum out of my hairy cunt because I know I’m going to like eating it out of yours.” She went on and on.

Cindy and I watched the trio for a moment, and then slipped into a sixty-nine right next to them with Cindy on top, and me eating her pussy from under her. We were very accomplished at this position; we’d been doing it for almost fifteen years. The idea that we would ever tire of the sex with one another was beyond comprehension for us.

We shifted around many times. At one point, I had Sheila squatting on my face while I lay on my back eating her cunt and Mark fucked me and kissed her. After giving Sheila an orgasm, she rolled off to watch our sex show. Cindy and Melanie then lay so that their pussies were on either side above Sheila’s head. She could eat out one of them, and Mark got his jollies watching all of us playing together simultaneously.

Thanks to Mark, each of us was full of cum by the time we declared our sex-filled night complete and tried to sleep. I got to hold Sheila in my arms as we drifted off, and she kissed my arms that were wrapped around her and thanked me for the greatest welcoming ever. Melanie was atop Mark’s body with his cock still buried in her petite cunt; she was out cold with her head on his chest and Mark didn’t seem too cogent either as he balanced her small sexy warm body atop his. Cindy was tight between us all sleeping on her stomach; she had such a nice ass I reached over and stroked my sister, but she seemed oblivious to the contact.

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