Birthday Celebration

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I couldn’t believe I was here. Me, In a bar! I’ve never been in one by myself before. Looking around, I squinted a little – it was pretty dark inside. It smelt kinda stale, booze, and lingering smoke. It didn’t look like anyone else was here. I walked over to the barman and asked for a gin and tonic with a slice of lemon – an English thing apparently, but I liked its refreshing taste.

I paid for my drink and choose a table against the wall. I removed my jacket and draped it over the chair, sat down, took a deep breath and relaxed. The music seeped into my body. Jazz. The beat mirrored my heart. Sipping my drink I looked around the room. Dark deep red walls, black furniture, the occasional lit candle on a table. The pub had atmosphere. It was growing on me. Smiling to myself I looked around again.

My gaze stopped, rested upon a couple sitting at a table beside a huge plant. His back was to me, her front facing me. He looked very broad-shouldered, leaning forward and quietly talking to her. She watched and listened earnestly. And then she glanced up. She stared straight at me. I gasped. Didn’t expect that look. Pure hunger.

He saw her face, turned in his seat and looked directly at me. I squirmed a little. Picked my drink up and sipped slowly, keeping my eyes on the tabletop. Studying a round cardboard beer mat. I felt a blush creep over my face and neck.

“Hello” a deep voice spoke just above me.

I looked up, and there he was. Gulped a little. “Hi,” I returned.

“Would you like to join us?” he gestured across to their table.

I looked at him for a moment. He appeared to be nice. He smiled down at me and held his hand out. “Oh sorry, forgot to introduce myself. I’m Rich.” We shook hands. “I’m Karen.” He held my hand a moment longer than I expected. I looked up into his eyes and stood. “Yes I’ll join you.” God, I’m a forward hussy. It’ll end in trouble no doubt.

I held my jacket and glass, slipped my shoes back on and walked across to their table. I felt his hand, lightly guiding, against my back. Warmth flooded me.

“This is Julie. Julie, this is Karen.”

“Hi” we spoke simultaneously and smiled. Her eyes lit up while she looked at me. I felt suddenly hot.

“Make yourself comfortable,” Rich pointed to the empty chair. As I sat, my knee brushed against Julie’s leg. “Sorry,” I apologised, smiled and moved the chair a little.

“No probs. You’re on your own then?” she enquired.

“Yes. I felt like a drink and decided on the spur of the moment to come in.” With that, I lifted the glass to my lips and took a long sip. It was icy cold in my mouth and I let it roll over my tongue before I swallowed it. Very cooling on a hot and humid day.

“Do you work around here?” Julie asked.

“No. I’m just in the city for the day. Doing a little shopping and looking around.” I smiled as I thought of the piles of gifts in the back of the car. Retail therapy sure works a treat for me. I came back to earth as I saw an odd look pass between them. Julie nodded slightly and spoke. “We were wondering if you’d like to spend a little time with us? We were planning on going up to our rooms and ordering in lunch with a bottle of champagne. We’d love it if you’d join us.”

My mind raced as I looked from one to the other. I didn’t even know these two. Sharing a table in a pub is way different to sharing a meal in a hotel room. Still, they appeared to be genuinely nice people. Before I realised what I was doing, I nodded and replied “Yes, thank you, I’d love to share your lunch. Are we celebrating anything in particular?”

“Yes,” Julie answered smiling. When I looked enquiringly at her, it was Rich who answered. “Today is Julie’s 40th birthday.”

“Wow! I never would have picked you for being 40!” I blurted. “Happy Birthday!”

Laughing she blushed a little. “Thank you Karen,” she spoke with a quiet shyness.

“Come on then you two. Let’s get upstairs, I’m starved.” Rich stood and held our chairs for us each in turn.

Julie went up the stairs first, I followed. She wore her peach coloured suit to perfection. The jacket over her arm showed off how snugly her hips filled her skirt. Her blouse tucked in neatly showing her tiny waist.

We arrived at the first floor. Rich went forward and opened the room door, allowed us to pass through. Julie kicked her shoes off, threw her jacket over the chair back, pulled her blouse out of her waistband and stretched out on the couch. I walked over to the floor-to-ceiling windows, and admired the view. Even the first floor view was great. Looking out over Auckland city, the Sky Tower looming right beside us.

“Come and sit here Karen.” Julie patted the couch cushions. “Relax, lunch is preordered and will be here shortly. Rich, I’d love a drink darling.” I watched as he walked to the bar and poured her drink. He handed it to her and looked at me. “Hmmmm. How about a red wine for you Karen.” I nodded, wondering how he knew red wine was exactly what I felt like. ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar He brought it back to me, and as I took the glass from him, he dipped his finger into it and held it to my lips.

Startled, I looked across the couch at Julie. She smiled and nodded, and before I realised what had happened, Rich had slipped his soaked finger into my mouth. The wine dripped and his finger gently rubbed my tongue. Without realising, I sucked his finger. I looked up into his face as he moaned. Julie had moved across the couch towards me. As I sucked, her arm moved behind me along the back of the couch.

“Oh girl, that feels wonderful.” Rich’s deep voice seemed to echo in my ear, as I licked the last drip from his fingertip. I didn’t know what to say. I’d never done that before with a complete stranger. I leant back against the couch and felt Julie’s arm behind my shoulders. I stilled, then gulped down a mouthful of wine. I felt her fingertips at the nape of my neck, then in my hair. She’d found the clip holding my hair up and as she opened it, my hair tumbled out. It was an unruly mess, I kept it up for tidyness.

“Karen,” Rich’s hoarse whisper above me made me look up. “Karen I want you, and Julie does too.”

I jumped up from the couch. Before I realised what I was doing, I’d grabbed my jacket and was heading for the door. “Karen wait up honey,” he said. “Please don’t go.”

I turned and looked at him. Then at her. “I don’t do this kind of thing. And I don’t do it with women, no offense meant Julie. I didn’t come up here for sex. I came because you asked me for lunch. I didn’t have a clue that I was on the menu!” I was almost crying with shock.

But it was more than shock which hit me when I realised how completely turned on my whole body was at the thought of what I’d just said. I looked across at them. Rich’s eyes wandered to my breasts, my hardened nipples straining against my blouse. He looked back to my eyes. “Your body is telling me differently, love.” I glanced down and immediately crossed my arms over my chest. Traitorous tits! Damn them to hell.

I didn’t know what to do. I stood there dumbfounded. Very slowly, Rich walked towards me. Like rounding up a frightened kitten. He held out his hand for mine. His was warm, strong, comfortable. He pulled me gently towards him. I looked up and watched as his mouth lowered down onto mine. His tongue traced my lips, and slipped inside. Moaning sounds came from behind me. Julie’s moans.

I tore my mouth away from his. My chest heaving with every breath. “It’s ok,” he said, one hand soothing my hair. “I can’t do this,” I said. “Yes you can baby. Just relax and let your body be your guide.” He smiled down at me. He lowered me back onto the couch. Julie’s hand reached up and found the back of my neck… Gently she began rubbing, my hair lifting and lowering as her fingers moved. My brain was still telling me to run, but my body was warming up. I have to admit it felt good. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of her hand against my neck. Soft skin, very gentle fingers. My body began to relax.

The couch dipped beside me and Rich whispered into my ear. “May I undo your blouse honey?” My reply was a nod. I kept my eyes closed as I felt his fingers undoing each button. His hand brushing against my skin. He pulled my blouse out of my skirt, and undid the last button. Cool air blew against me as he opened the blouse right up. “MMmmmm you are beautiful,” he nuzzled his mouth against the top of my shoulder, followed my bra strap down. Wet tongue traced the edge of my bra and licked deeply between my breasts.

“Ohhhhh,” this time the moaning was mine. A hand gently rubbed over my bra and cupped my covered breast. Julie’s hand. I couldn’t believe I was letting her touch me. But I wanted to know what her hand would feel like, how I would feel as her skin touched mine. A wet tongue was soaking my bra. I thought my nipple would burst, it was so hard. Tiny teeth tugged at the material over my nipple, and then they scraped against my hard aching nipple. I felt the tingling deep inside me, a direct link to my throbbing pussy. Moaning involuntarily, I arched my back and felt her mouth take my nipple and suckle. “Ohhhh God, that feels soooo good.” At least I could tell her that much.

The hand behind my neck moved lower. I felt a gentle tugging on my bra and then, big hands pulling the bra away from my body. “Sit up a little honey,” I did as he bid. My blouse slid down my arms, the bra followed. I was naked from the waist up. Before I could think, he bent down and took my swollen nipple into his mouth. Julie sighed and helped herself to the other one. I was in heaven! Never before had I had two suckling me.

Rich moved to lie on the couch, his head resting in my lap, his mouth firmly attached to my breast. Julie lifted her hand out from behind me, she moved and stood up in front of me. She looked at me as I watched her hand undoing the buttons on her blouse. ankara götü büyük escortlar I watched as it fell to the floor, and kept watching as she reached behind and undid her bra. That too fell to the floor, and small beautiful breasts bounced a moment. Her nipples were pink, and hardening more as i watched. She cupped her own breasts, and smiled as my eyes widened when she brushed her thumbs over her nipples.

I looked pleadingly at her, she understood and lent over so her hands were either side of my head on the back of the couch. Her breasts were close to my face, i reached for one with my hand and guided the nipple to my mouth. My warm, wet tongue licked her gently. Her nipple felt rough and hard against my tongue. My very first! Slowly, my mouth circled her, sucking a little, i felt her nipple move deeper into my mouth. My tongue circled it, stroked it, licked and tickled it. Sucking harder made her moan. As she moaned Rich sucked my nipple harder. God it felt amazing.

His mouth moved from my breast and his hands went to the side zip on my skirt. “Let me help you out of this,” he whispered. I lifted my hips and he undid the zip and slid my skirt down. Thong, stockings and shoes were all I had left on. He moved off the couch and knelt down in front of me. “Open your legs for me love. I want to see you.” All I could do was let my body obey. Julie’s breast in my mouth felt so good, but I moaned out loud when I felt warmth touch my pussy.

She moved from me, undid her skirt and stood watching as Rich breathed against my body. He hadn’t touched me yet, but I could feel I was soaked. She slipped out of her skirt, her pretty lacy panties had a tiny dark patch. As she bent and slipped her panties off too, I could tell I was right, she shaved and only left a little tuft. She stood, with only her stockings left, she looked stunning.

Back to reality as Rich’s tongue licked the inside of my thigh. I opened my legs wider for him. He sighed in approval and knealt as close as he could as his tongue traced the line of my thong. “Ohhhh yesssss, that’s sooo good.” The tingling inside grew as he followed it as far down as he could. As his tongue moved along my pussy lips, I shivered. He found my clitty with his tongue, encouraged her out. I whimpered and immediately Julie bent and kissed me full on the mouth. Her tongue slid deep inside my mouth. She tasted minty and sweet. Hearing her soft noises, I let my tongue move over hers. She moaned gently. I slid my tongue up hers and right into her open mouth. Oh soooo warm and wet! I explored her whole mouth, her tongue, her teeth, the roof of her mouth. God I was kissing another woman! And it felt great.

My hand moved and I held her breast gently. She moaned in my mouth. Rich’s tongue lapped at my pussy lips and I felt his fingertips as he parted them and held them back. I shuddered as he dragged his tongue slowly up and down my slit. I felt sure my juices were pouring out as he tasted me. He moaned and licked me faster. His hard tongue slipped inside me, and my hips thrust towards his face taking him deeper. God, if he keeps that up I’ll cum on his face.

Julie lifted her mouth from mine. Her lips were swollen and mine felt tingly and thoroughtly kissed. I smiled and my palm gently stroked her face. She leant forward and kissed me lightly, and moved down over my chin with her wet mouth. Down lower to my breast where she suckled briefly. Down lower to my belly button. Her tongue darted inside, and then circled and moved lower…

Ohmygod! She wasn’t going down there was she?! I watched as two heads moved against me. Rich’s tongue moved out of the depths of my pussy and onto my thigh. Julie’s fingertips found my clitty and very lightly rubbed it. My body jerked and she looked into my eyes smiling. They switched places, I came down to earth with a jolt. A woman was between my legs, God! I must be mad!

She saw the stunned look on my face, “It’s ok sweetheart, just relax. I won’t hurt you, I want to love you. I want you to enjoy yourself. Will you let me help?”

I looked at Rich, his hands had stilled against his shirt buttons. My eyes dropped and I could see he was turned on. But I knew instinctively that if I wanted to stop, it would be ok with them both. Somehow that knowledge spurred me on. “Please don’t stop,” my voice was a whisper.

Julie rewarded me with a gentle swoop of her tongue. She looked into my eyes as I watched her tongue moving against my pussy. Her fingertip held the strap of my thong, and she moved it out from my body a little. The tightness between my arse cheeks felt good. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back against the couch. She licked my pussy. Very slowly at first. Heat flooded my body. She let the thong strap go to one side. Her fingers held my pussy lips apart. I waited for her next move.

The only thing I felt was cool wind against my pussy slit. She was blowing gently. Her fingers separated my pussy further. It hurt a little, but she soothed ankara çıtır escortlar it instantly with her tongue. I felt my juices sliding down my slit, and instantly her tongue licked and smeared them all over my pussy. My insides ached for deeper touching and I whimpered for more.

I felt Rich move behind the couch. He lifted my hair with his hands and his moans told me he was rubbing his cock with my hair. I smelt his precum and bent my head right back over the couch. He ran his hard throbbing cock over my face. My tongue whipped out and licked him. He moaned loudly and I opened my eyes to find him watching Julie. I couldn’t see her with my head back. But I felt her.

One fingernail scraped the side of my pussy. “Ohhhhhhhh,” was all I could say. Within moments her fingertip was easing inside me. She moved it gently in and out, and on it’s third entry her second finger joined it. I felt them both deep inside me. She pushed against me and wriggled her fingertips. “Ohhhh yess, that’s good!” I moaned deeply.

She moved them in and out together. I could hear my juices squelching as she moved. Rich’s cock was rubbing against my lips and I flicked my tongue out licking his tip whenever it came close. I tensed suddenly as I realised what Julie was planning next. “Relax baby, it’s ok, you’re going to love this,” Rich murmured in my ear. He came round beside me on the couch and kissed me gently. As he nuzzled my ear, I felt a tightness below. My eyes flew open and I watched Julie as three fingers entered my body. I squirmed on the couch as the tightness grew. Her fingers felt so big inside me, and yet I knew they weren’t.

Rich’s mouth moved to my breast, and very lightly he sucked me. My hand held his head close against my body. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back. Julie’s fingers moved gently inside me… The in and out rythum felt good. My juices were covering her hand. Rich sucked a little harder on my breast. Julie leant forward and played with my clitty with her tongue, the aching in my body grew and I whimpered. She slipped her fourth finger into me. I felt full inside. Rich sucked harder. I turned my head a little and watched as he stroked his cock. My hand reached down and I held it against his hand as he stroked. He groaned against my breast.

Julie took her fingers out of me, they were covered in my juices. She pressed against my pussy and smeared her whole hand with me. Moving it around and around in my juice, making sure it was covered well. Then she looked up at me, like she was checking if I was ok. All I could do was nod at her. I opened my legs as wide as I could for her. Rich’s sucking intensified and I breathed as slow and as deep as I could as I watched her cage her thumb and insert her fingertips into my pussy. I felt the tightening straight away. She stopped and let my body get used to the feeling. Rich left my breast, and slid to the floor to watch. His cock was straining and I could see the blue veins throbbing fast.

Her hand pushed against me again and slid in a little deeper. There was no way her whole hand would fit in there. She waited for me to get used to the feeling. Rich leant forward and flicked his tongue over my clit. I shuddered and held his head there against me. He took it between his teeth and rubbed it with his tongue. I was almost cumming. Julie pushed as I begged for more. Her hand was at it’s widest now, she’d made it as small as she could. I wasn’t sure it was going to fit, but I prayed it would.

I breathed deep as Rich sucked on my clit and screamed out as with the next push her whole hand entered my pussy. Oh God!!!!!!! she filled me totally with her fist! He sucked and licked my clit faster and faster and I came all over her hand. His mouth moved low over her wrist and my pussy, he sucked all my cum juices away. He licked her wrist and my pussy lips which were still throbbing in orgasm. Her fingertips moved inside me and still i kept cumming! He licked my pussy until I begged him to stop.

No sooner had he stopped than Julie began turning her hand inside me. OMG the feeling was incredible. It felt like her fist was a huge ball, but when she twisted it I saw stars. He swooped up and kissed me deep in the mouth swallowing my moans. His tongue found mine and stroked it. I tasted and smelled me. My juices were all over his face and as I kissed him back I savoured my taste.

She turned her hand until it was sideways. Rich moved to the floor and with Julie’s hand still deep inside me, he lifted my legs up onto the couch. I lay right back, panting. Julie climbed onto the couch up onto her knees either side of my head. I looked over at Rich. He was watching me intently. Her tongue stroked my clitty gently.

Her pussy was close to my face. I looked directly at it. It was beautiful! Pink. That tiny tuft of blonde hair looked enticing. Her clitty poking out a little way. She smelt sweet as wine. My tongue reached up and I licked her with it’s tip. Her clit was hard, so I stroked it gently. My own juices poured as she slowly removed her hand. Her mouth was there to receive them. She whimpered as I kept licking her clit. I moved my tongue down one pussy lip and up the other. With one hand, I opened her lips. Creamy juice seeped from her pussy. “Ohhh Karen… please…” she was begging already!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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