Bisexual Cards

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The doorbell of my hotel suite rang at exactly 7. I excitedly answered the door and to my surprise found two not one beautiful women standing there. It took a moment for me to gather my thoughts.

“Well are you going to let us in”

The voice belonged to Dee, who I recognized from her pictures sent to me during our e-mail contacts. This was our first meeting “in the flesh” so to speak and I wasn’t expecting anyone else.

“Of course, come in, come in” I stammered somewhat nervously.

“Brian, this is my friend Nina, I do hope your OK with the fact she’s here”

“Sure” I replied.

“It’s good to finally meet you and that’s a nice robe” said Dee as she came over and gave me a sensual kiss on the cheek, while rubbing her hand down the back of my charmeuse robe.

Nina also planted a kiss on my other cheek at the same time reaching around to stroke my ass.

“Cute buns” she commented.

“Well it sure is great to meet you Dee” and “you too Nina” I said almost as an afterthought.

“Well ladies would you like to slip into something more comfortable while I fix us a drink” I asked.

“Sounds great” said Nina, “I’ll have a white wine”

“Me too” said Dee as they disappeared into the bedroom.

After what seemed like an eternity they both emerged and I had to really concentrate on not dropping the wine glasses I was holding. These women, both in their early thirties, certainly had hot bodies and knew how to show them off to the fullest.

Dee was wearing a sultry red lace see-through baby doll, underneath she had on a red embroidered mesh garterbelt with stockings to match and a tiny red G-string. Over all this she wore a black chiffon robe. Boy she looked HOT.

Nina to was also looking hot. She had on a black leather and lace bustier with black G-string and also matching stockings.

I must have been standing there with my mouth wide open when Dee finally broke the silence.

“I’ll take that as a compliment” she said taking both glasses from my hand.

“So, in your last e-mail you mentioned something about a sexy game of monopoly that you found on the net” continued Dee.

“Yes I replied, I’ve got the laptop all set up if your ready to start playing.

With that we all moved to the large sofa in the living area. With each of these hot women on either side we started to play the game.

Dee is the first to “electronically” roll, she rolls a 7 and proceeds to land on and buy Las Vegas. Next Nina rolls a 4 and buys the Chicken Ranch. Finally it is my turn and I roll a 9 which lands me on an action square.

The card reads

Brian is the center of attention. You face each other cross-legged lean forward for a nice kiss. Let your hands wander over each others neck and backs. Your partner is Nina.

“Oh goodie” Nina exclaims, “I get into the action right away”

We move from the sofa to the thick carpeted floor and sit as instructed. Leaning forward we start to slowly kiss each other. I let my hands wander across the back of Nina’s bustier feeling the exotic leather texture change to the smoothness of the lace. We continue in this fashion for a short while then we hear.

“OK you two, let’s get on with the game, I came here for some fun too you know.”

Play continues with players buying various properties.

Nina then lands on a property owned by Brian, and having the choice of pay or play chooses play. An action card is drawn and reads as follows.

Your partner can take off an item of your clothing without the use of hands or feet. Any part of you that moves may be bitten. Your partner is Nina.

“Oh shit” Dee jokingly says ” It should be my turn bahis firmaları now”

However Nina is not about to stop and drags me to my feet. With her teeth she pulls at the bow of my robe which after a couple of tugs comes undone. My cock makes an involuntary movement at the warm breath Nina “accidentally” blows onto my stomach. Fortunately neither woman notice this movement and at least at this moment in time my cock is not about to be bitten. Still using her teeth Nina continues to remove the rest of the robe. As I return to the sofa Dee snuggles up closer to me and whispers in my ear.

“You look really sexy in those thongs, but I can’t wait to get them off you”

The next turn has Dee landing on the brothel property, which happens to be owned by me.

I draw an action card as follows.

Your partner starts massaging your cock through your underwear, but deciding it doesn’t feel right removes them before continuing. Your partner is Dee

“Finally” Dee exclaims, “Come here stud” Dee mocks at me.

I lie back against the sofa leaning on Nina as Dee starts to gently stroke my cock. She rubs my member until it is fully erect with the head poking out of my thongs. Over and over Dee keeps on stroking the full length right down to my balls which she gently squeezes.

“That card was right” says Dee “This isn’t right at all”

And in one swift movement Dee grabs either side of my thongs and pulls them down to my ankles where I kick them off. She then returns to stroking my cock. One hand massages the bulbous head lubricating it with my pre-cum which has started to ooze out, the other hand meanwhile is giving my balls a complete workout.

“MMMM” I sigh “This feels great, but lets slow down a little, we have all night”

The next card encourages the remaining players to strip, it reads.

Nudity is for everyone. The other players should take turns removing each others clothing until they are naked.

Both Dee and Nina stand and Nina starts by slowly removing Dee’s robe, next Dee kneels down and slowly pulls down Nina’s G-string. As the G-string is pulled lower Nina’s totally shaved pussy is exposed for all to admire. Dee takes this opportunity to do this at extremely close range as she starts to kiss and lick the naked skin. Flicking her tongue from side to side Dee gradually lubricates Nina cunt with her saliva. Nina then lifts the baby doll over Dee’s head and her tits stand straight out to greet us, before continuing Nina playfully tweaks each of Dee’s nipples until they are both good and hard. Dee then pushes Nina back onto the sofa, unclips each stocking in turn and removes them. It is now time for Dee to lose her G-string and Nina removes it with her left hand while her right hand massages Dee’s cunt.

“My god you should see how wet she is” Nina exclaims turning to me. I don’t need a second invitation and I quickly join Nina in fingering Dee’s soaking wet cunt. Together we part the outer folds and while Nina flicks her index finger back and to over Dee’s clit I start to rhythmically push a couple of fingers in and out of Dee’s cunt.

“Oh, Oh, Oh,” Dee continually moans and as we continue the moans turn into yells

“FUCK FUCK FUCK don’t stop I’m cummming yes yes”

Uncontrollably Dee’s hips grind back and forth against both Nina’s and my thrusts. Finally Dee cums and floods us both with her juices, we remove our hands and all three of us lick of the cum from our fingers, while the smell of Dee’s sex permeates the room.

When Dee’s breathing returns to normal she unclips and removes Nina’s bustier after this Nina goes to start unclipping Dee’s stocking.

“You know” I say “That garterbelt and stocking kaçak iddaa look so sexy I think you should leave them on, after all they won’t stop you from being groped, sucked and fucked.”

“Right” agrees Nina, so Dee is left to wear them.

We return to the game where an interSEXion card now appears since my token was still on the property square when Dee landed there.

The card reads:

Dee is getting interSEXion benefits You lie on your back while your partner smothers your chest with kisses. Your partner is Brian.

With a large expectant smile Dee lies down on the floor. I kneel beside her and supporting myself on my arms lean forward to start to gently kiss Dee’s tits. Starting with the right side I kiss first the underneath slowly working my way up to her nipple, but instead of planting a kiss there a leave my lips poised about a centimeter above and gently blow on her nipple with a long warm breadth. I then change over to the left side and mirror what I have previously done. Then I raise my self up and grasp both tits gently in my hands and squeezing them together kiss and suck both nipples at the same time. All this is too much for Nina who joins in by planting a big kiss on Dee’s lips both women’s lips part and their respective tongues meet swirling round together in a lustful French kiss. Dee’s breathing is now starting to quicken so we all break off and return to the game.

Dee is the next to land on a property and the card reads.

Brian draws an action card. Jerk off aiming your cock at your partners mouth, try to hit it with your cum. your partner has to catch and swallow as much as possible Your partner is Dee.

“Well do you want to sit or lie down” I inquire of Dee

“I’ll lie down and you can kneel straddling my chest, OK” Dee replies

“Sure” I retort.

Once in position I start to massage by balls with my right hand. My cock is rock hard and even though it is slightly lubricated with pre-cum I lick my left hand with saliva making it good and wet. With long slow movements I stroke right from the base to the head. I continue like this for a number of minutes. Meanwhile Dee’s hands have grasped an ass cheek each and have pulled them apart. Slowly she rotates a lubricated finger around my anus rubbing at the sphincter muscle.

“Oh that’s fucking great” I pant

I have now formed a ring using my thumb and index finger. With this I am concentrating on the head of my penis only. Faster and faster I stroke while my hips gyrate back and forth causing Dee’s finger to push past my sphincter.

“Oh GOD” I yell “I cummmming”

The first gush of creamy white cum hit’s Dee on the top lip, this is quickly followed by another which falls right into her waiting open mouth. Two more shots also hit her mouth and Dee swallows all of my cum. I lean forward and together we lick of the remaining warm cum from her lip, I then bury my tongue deep into Dee’s open mouth and we kiss as if all hell has broken loose.

Continuing with the game Dee lands on Nina’s property and draws this action card.

Nina the owner draws this card You lie on your back and your partner works a vibrator in and out of your pussy. Your partner is Dee

“Do we have any vibrators” Dee inquires

“Yes, there’s a choice here” I explain opening a bag which contains several vibrators and dongs of various sizes.”

Dee wastes no time in grabbing a 12″ vibrator, positions herself next to Nina who is lying down expectantly. Dee starts by holding it on Nina’s breasts. The vibrations cause Nina’s already hard nipples to become even stiffer and her whole body starts to shake. After teasing Nina for a few minutes Dee places the tip kaçak bahis of the vibrator at Nina’s wet, steaming crack and gently pushes in. As I watch it slowly slip into Nina’s cunt I feel a twinge as my cock grows even harder. By now Dee is using both hands to work the vibrator in and out of Nina’s hot cunt, Nina is soon beside herself in ecstasy as she climaxes in a thunderous orgasm.

The game is now forgotten as fucking is all that is clearly on everyone’s mind.

I reach out and ram two fingers into Dee’s pussy which causes her to stick her ass up and back to meet my thrusts. Having made sure she is well lubed I get behind her and begin to fuck her doggie style. I force my entire swollen meat up her slick pink cunt in one long stroke. I set up a fast pace pounding my cock in and out of Dee’s hot cunt.

Nina meanwhile has crawled under Dee and proceeds to lick my cock as it slides in and out of Dee’s pussy. Dee was feverishly working on Nina’s slippery pink pussy ramming two fingers in and out of her cunt while lashing her stiff protruding clit with her tongue and forcing her index finger deep into her throbbing anus. Dee was close to climax and was forcing her cunt back on my throbbing cock with ever increasing pressure. Sensing her impending orgasm I force two well lubed fingers up her squirming asshole and began finger fucking her tight anus. This combined with the deep probing my cock was giving her slit brought Dee to another orgasm.

As the waves of her pleasure subside I reach over and grab the small dong and position it to penetrate her tight anus rubbing the head up and down on her puckered pink anus. With one firm stroke I buried the dong deeply up her tight asshole. This pounding in Dee’s anus forces her mouth further into Nina’s cunt triggering Nina’s climax which floods Dee’s mouth and face with her slick juices. Watching these ladies climax gets me really hard again and I resume pumping in and out of Dee’s cunt once more. I can feel the dong through the thin walls of Dee’s anus which causes me to get even harder and I pound into her for all I am worth.

As I shoot my load into Dee I can feel her reach orgasm as her cunt milks the cum from my spurting dick. I pull out of her and I collapse on the sofa but Dee turns and continues to suck my cock and finger my anus keeping me hard in preparation for more. Nina comes over and positions herself ready to sit on my, yet again, stiffening cock. Dee reaches up and rams two fingers up Nina’s pussy before drawing her down on my raging prick. Nina engulfs my entire hard cock up her drenched cunt and sets up a hard pounding rhythm which drives my dick deep into her tight cunt with each stoke.

I watch as Dee positions herself ready to lower her sopping snatch onto my waiting lips and tongue. Dee rams two fingers in and out of her sodden snatch while rubbing her clit with her thumb. She then slides her fingers out and moved down placing her sweet slit directly on my waiting mouth. I began to eat Dee’s cunt forcing my tongue up her throbbing cunt and licking her engorged clit. Nina’s steady pounding of my straining cock and balls speeds up with each thrust. . A few minutes of this action had all of us cumming hard.

Dee was first and flooded my face with her sticky juices as she convulsed with orgasm ramming her cunt down on my face causing my tongue to slip even further into her hot pink hole. Nina and I came together as she rammed her tight pussy down on my straining cock covering my cock and balls with her hot cunt juice as I pumped a another load of my sperm up her tight hot cunt.

Needless to say by this point we were all covered in a mixture of cum, cunt juice and sweat and very tired. Lacking a sufficient erection to proceed I suggest we rest a little and shower before retiring to the bedroom. A sense of relief comes over me as the ladies whole heartily agreed.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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