Boating Weekend Ch. 03

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WARNING: The following material is of an explicit sexual nature and intended for adults only. If you are not an adult, if you think you might be offended, or live in a country/state that prohibits such material, please leave this site now.

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The three couples returned to the dock late that night. Jack expertly maneuvered his boat into the slip and the group quickly undressed and jumped into their respective bunks, totally out of energy.

Next morning, Darlene nudged Ken, then reached across the narrow cabin to shake Dana’s leg. “Come on, you two, I cant’ start breakfast with you asleep in my galley.”

Dana sat up on her elbows, her naked breasts moving into a more normal position. “It’s daylight already?”

“Daylight, hell it’s past eight o’clock,” Darlene replied. “Okay, Ken, time to rise and shine,” she added as she tugged playfully on her neighbor’s flaccid cock.

“I may rise, but I’m not shining yet,” Ken grumbled as he quickly determined that more sleep wasn’t possible.

Ken helped Darlene convert their two bunks back into seats, then return the table post to its position. Soon, the aroma of bacon filled the small galley.

Jack emerged from the aft cabin, hair mussed and sporting a stiff member. “I need to pee,” he murmured as he stepped into the main bathroom.

The curtain covering the bow cabin moved aside and Frank peeked out. “Is that bacon I smell?”

“Bacon and fresh coffee,” Darlene confirmed. “Wake up your sleeping beauty and get on out here, Frank.”

Frank noticed that none of the others were clothed. He shrugged and slipped out of his bunk naked and turned to give Sue a good morning kiss. “Time to wake up,” he whispered to his wife as he caressed her smooth thigh. “You’re the last one up.”

The second cups of coffee finally took hold and the three couples were fully alert, wolfing down a delicious, big breakfast. Nobody bothered to don any clothes, and nobody seemed to care. Sue was quiet as the others chatted and sipped their coffee.

“What if somebody had come into the cove while we were there yesterday?” Sue asked during a lull in the chatter.

“Why, I’d just wave and say hello,” Jack countered with a grin. “It’s happened before.”

“I’m surprised that they didn’t report you,” Sue responded. “Aren’t there any rules about nudity on the lake?”

Darlene spoke up. “No extra rules, no, and most people on the lake believe in live and let live. Time before last when someone came into the cove like that, they didn’t even drop their hook. They took one look at us, turned their boat around and cruised back out of the cove.”

“But the last time, Jack interrupted, people saw me standing naked on the swim platform and immediately dropped anchor. We had a good time and so did they. We finally met them on the beach and shared dinner with them. The two other couples decided we looked pretty comfortable, so they all got naked with us.”

“And, did you…” Sue began.

“No, no we didn’t know them, so we just enjoyed being in the altogether, together that day. We’re not sure what the other two couples did later.” Jack replied with a sly grin.

Sue seemed relieved to hear Jack’s answer. “Maybe I’m still in shock or something,” she began, “but I’m having second thoughts about this whole scene. I mean, look at the six of us, sitting here naked sipping coffee and munching our bacon. This isn’t normal. This all seems crazy somehow. Am I the only one who is thinking this way?”

“Believe me, I know how you feel, Sue,” Barb replied with a slow nod. “After our first encounter with Darlene and Jack, I went for a roller coaster ride of emotions. First, I felt pretty guilty about what I’d done. Then, when I remembered how exciting it got, I began to crave a repeat performance. At least, Sue, you just came right out and admitted how you feel. I was afraid to say much of anything, and that just made it worse!”

Ken interrupted. “I never knew you had second thoughts, Barb. I wish you would have said something. We would have called a halt right then!”

“That’s part of why I didn’t speak up,” Barb admitted. “After several ups and downs, I finally decided that I didn’t want to stop at that first encounter. I wanted to experience those feelings again. I just knew that if I said anything negative you would feel bound to halt all the fun. I guess I was being selfish, and I thought you were enjoying the fun so much you would hold it against me if I refused to play along.”

Jack nodded. “Darlene went through those same ups bahis firmaları and downs at first, didn’t you, honey?”

“Yeah, it was just like you described, Barb. I guess we were all raised to believe sex was something sacred and yet kind of dirty…something to be hidden and avoided most of the time. I know that after our first encounter with another couple, I cried for several days. I blamed myself for being weak and letting my emotions overcome my other senses. I was so afraid that Jack would hate me after I let another man touch me and get intimate with me. Instead, Jack was even more loving and attentive. “

“Frankly, I was more attentive with him, also, Darlene continued. I wanted to make sure he stayed mine all mine, even though I had willingly shared him with another woman. We talked and talked about it afterward and our frank discussions brought us closer together and totally at ease with our new lifestyle. Frank, you and Sue need to take time to share your innermost thoughts and fears with each other. Get your feelings out on the table and try to come to a mutual understanding. After that, you can either continue with some adult fun, or decide it’s not for you and let it go. Either way, the four of us will still be your friends. You can count on that no matter what you decide, okay?”

Sue glanced around the table, looking into each person’s eyes in turn. She finally looked at Darlene. “Thanks for being so honest and forthright with me instead of laughing at my hesitance. I think I’d like to take your advice, Darlene. After we clean up the breakfast mess, will the four of you let Frank and I use the cabin for a while before we go anywhere?”

“No problem,” Darlene quickly agreed. “We’ll get dressed and go up on the dock for a while. Take your time, there’s no hurry at all. When you’re ready, we’ll decide what to do with the rest of the day.”

Frank opened the cabin door and squinted into the bright sunlight. Turning back into the cabin, he spoke to his pretty wife. “Sue, nobody’s up here. I guess they are off visiting with the others on the dock, or taking a walk.”

Sue emerged from the cabin wearing a pair of white shorts and a tube top. “I’ll go find them while you tidy up our mess and put more drinks in the cooler,” she volunteered. “I’m sure they’re anxious to know what we’ve decided, eh?”

Frank smiled broadly. “Yeah, I’m sure they are curious. They’ll be more likely to believe it if it comes directly from you, I think.”

Part way down the long dock, Sue could hear Jack’s laugh and knew she was headed in the right direction. She found the two other couples leaning on a tall counter, sipping coffee with a young couple who were busy washing the morning dishes.

Sue strolled up and greeted the others with a smile. Darlene introduced her to the young couple and their cute mutt, Jasper. Barb and Darlene glanced expectantly at Sue several times, but kept the general conversation going. Evidently, the other couple weren’t in on the situation and Darlene was unwilling to broach the subject with them listening. Sue just smiled and listened. Finally, Jack looked over at Sue and spoke up with a leading question.

“What do we want to do today,” Jack asked the group. “Want to stay here at the dock, go cruise the lake, or find a cove and anchor out?”

Sue hesitated, then spoke up. “Frank and I would like to find a nice cove where we can enjoy some peace and quiet.”

“Well, we’d better get started,” Jack advised. “It will take a while to get everything set and get underway.”

They left the young couple and walked back down the dock with Jack and Ken in the lead.

“You looking for peace and quiet, or quite a piece, Sue?” Darlene teased.

Sue cleared her throat as she turned to her two female friends. “Frank and I had a really serious talk. We sat in the cabin and held each other’s hands. It was the first serious talk we’d had in a long time, I think. And, yes, we both enjoyed our adventures with you guys. It turned out that Frank had some misgivings too, but we went over everything and finally decided that there’s no harm in expanding our world to include some truly adult fun now and then.”

Sue continued as the walked down the dock. “He was very understanding and I’ve never seen him so passionate. Afterward, we kissed each other tenderly…it was something very special for both of us. We both think this new experience will create a really strong bond between us. I can’t remember when we’ve been so open and honest with each other. I guess we’re both looking for quite a piece,” Sue chuckled.

The two wives laughed, and then Dana spoke up. “That’s great, Sue. I was hoping that you two would come to that conclusion. I’d like to see if Frank learned anything from Ken about giving massages, but I think it would be nicer up on the beach.”

“Yeah,” Darlene agreed, “Sue got all the attention last time. It’s our turn!”

“We should start before the sun gets too hot,” Ken broke in. “We can lay out a couple of blankets and cover a couple of floats with towels. That kaçak iddaa way, Darlene and Dana can both get massages.”

Jack clapped his hands together. “Good plan, Ken. Let’s get the gear together and head for the cove as soon as the boat’s ready.” …

Dana could smell the sand beneath her as she lay on top of the float. A few feet away, Darlene was settling onto the other float. Jack placed another blanket down nearby and stretched out next to Sue to watch Frank and Ken work their massage magic.

Both started with the neck, shoulders and upper back. Frank glanced over at Ken to get pointers as he began to knead Dana’s soft flesh. Soon, Ken moved positions, from above Darlene’s head and straddled her legs to make it easier to work on Darlene’s lower back and hips. Frank quickly followed Ken’s lead. Frank straddled Dana’s legs, his cock and balls resting just above the back of Dana’s knees. They each spent extra time kneading and working around the women’s lower back and over their smooth cheeks. With each stroke, Frank could feel his cock begin to harden.

Long strokes started up near the shoulder blades and glided down each side, over hips and ass cheeks. Frank’s fingertips brushed over Dana’s protruding breasts as she lay on them. The contact caused Frank even more discomfort as his cock grew involuntarily. His wife, Sue, watched intently and noticed her husband’s obvious arousal. She recalled how wonderful Ken’s hands had felt the day before and her love nest began to lubricate.

Darlene moaned as Ken expertly worked his hands over her nude body. Ken then slipped down and off so that he could finish her calves and feet. “Oh, that feels so good, Ken,” she murmured.

Frank followed again and carefully caressed Dana’s lower limbs and feet. “I like how you’re doing me, Frank,” Dana whispered. “You’re a fast learner.”

Minutes later, Frank heard Ken ask Darlene to turn over. Dana also heard him. As Frank moved to the side, Dana turned over onto her back and dreamily looked up into Frank’s eyes. “You’re doing a wonderful job, Frank, keep going.”

Frank was relieved that Dana didn’t seem to notice his erect shaft before closing her eyes again. He glanced over at his wife. Sue had noticed, but didn’t seem to be concerned. Perhaps having Jack’s hand cupping her right breast was distracting her.

Ken began at Darlene’s feet and Frank followed his lead with Dana. Soon, both men’s hands were moving upward onto their subject’s thighs. Frank felt Dana spread her legs and he was able to slide up between them as he let his hands wander up to Dana’s hips. As he bent over to knead the inside of her thighs, his face came within inches of her swollen vee. Frank could detect a definite aroma of arousal and his cock rose to its full stiffness.

“Oh yes, feels really good,” Dana cooed as Frank’s fingers explored the crevices between her legs. “Do that some more.”

Frank noticed that Ken’s fingers were now busily working on Darlene’s exposed labia and he saw Darlene arch her back, raising her bottom slightly as she tried to meet Ken’s tantalizing touches. He bravely moved one finger to Dana’s slit and he was surprised to find it met with Dana’s womanly nectar.

“Mmm,” Dana moaned as he slipped his finger between her folds and touched her engorged clit for the first time. Dana’s right hand clutched her breast and her fingers pulled up on her right nipple as she licked her lips. “Oh, yes, yes.”

Ken didn’t seem to mind Frank’s finger sliding up and down his wife’s slit, so Frank decided to use two fingers and move in deeper, touching Dana’s G spot. He felt her spongy spot and gently massaged her there with the tip of a finger. He felt Dana spasm and heard her moan low in her throat. Sticky liquid covered his finger and she suddenly felt warmer. “Oh, oh, fuck me, fuck me.”

Frank couldn’t look to see what Sue was doing at that point. His mind was fixed on satisfying Dana. He picked up both her short legs and sat them on his shoulders, raising her off the float slightly. His stiff cock waved just out of reach of her open labia, teasing him and attracting his shaft like a magnet. Leaning forward, Frank parted Dana’s pink lips and he felt the head slide effortlessly inside her velvet warmth. Dana bit her lip and sobbed. “More, more, baby, I need more.”

Tossing all caution aside, Frank drove his rigid member into Dana’s warm, slippery tunnel until their pubic bones met, his balls flopping against her upturned ass. “Oh God, yes, that’s right. That’s what I want.”

From the corner of his eye, Frank saw Ken entering Darlene and he knew that Ken would have no problem with him fucking his wife…at least not right now. Ken was busily putting his meat to Jack’s lovely lady.

Frank felt his balls begin to tighten. “Not yet, not yet,” he thought. “Let’s turn on our side,” he told Dana and let her legs slide down around his waist. They lay facing each other on their sides and moving very slowly. Frank was glad that his back was toward his wife, Sue.

Dana held Frank close and they moved together for endless kaçak bahis minutes, delaying the inevitable climax as long as possible. Frank glanced up and saw Ken stand up, obviously finished fucking Darlene. Then, Darlene rose and the pair walked away toward the lake to cool off. “I love how long you can last, Frank,” Dana gasped as she again took up a gentle fucking motion, driving Frank half crazy with lust.

As Frank began to feel he could no longer wait, Dana would pause and kiss him tenderly. The feeling would pass, and then she would start up again, sliding his thick cock back and forth within her sheath. Dana continued to set the pace for many more minutes and through several more close calls. Finally, Frank could hold back no longer. Dana made a bit of a back and forth while turning movement and he felt his hot cum begin to surge up from his tight balls. “I’m cumming,” he gasped and he felt Dana’s tummy begin to tremble. He knew she was ready for him now.

Dana felt Frank’s hot sperm splash up inside her womb, mixing with her own copious juices. She used her vaginal muscles to milk his cock until she felt it go limp and start to withdraw. “Oh yeah, Frank, you were wonderful,” she cooed contentedly.

Frank rolled onto his back, exhausted, and looked up. Jack stood over him, his large cock glistening in the sun. “Your wife got me ready, Frank. Now it’s my turn to enjoy Dana again. You did a marvelous job of preparing her,” Jack chuckled.

Dana looked up at Jack’s larger prick and shook her head. “I don’t think I can do it so soon,” she purred.

“Nonsense,” Jack responded with a smile. “You’re in just the right condition to take my big tool. You’re full of cum and nice and stretched out for me. Roll over on your knees and spread out a little. I’ll show you.”

Dana moved to her knees and lowered her head to the float. The position put her ass up in the air, fully open to Jack’s wishes. She felt Jack’s hands on her hips first, and then she sensed the head seeking her opening. Before she could say anything in protest, Jack’s thick rod penetrated her gaping vagina and filled her completely. “Oh, God,” was all she could muster as the tip of his cock bumped against her cervix.

Jack moved slowly at first, then faster, then slower again. He brought Dana to the brink, then let her fall back to Earth over and over again. After her final climax with Frank, she couldn’t dream of having an even stronger orgasm, but later she would remember that Jack’s pounding gave her one of the longest and greatest climaxes of her life there on the beach.

Jack’s heightened his own arousal by watching as Sue nursed her husband’s flaccid cock back to life using her hands and her mouth on him. She stroked and sucked Frank’s cock, kissing it and tasting Dana’s nectar. Then, she kissed Frank’s lips and fondled his balls. The feeling he’d had the night before while fucking Sue’s tight cunt flashed across his mind as he drove his thick prick into Dana’s shallow orifice. Within a few more minutes, he, too, unloaded his wad into Dana’s well-fucked cunt. Dana dutifully milked Jack’s cock and made sure she pulled the last droplets from his softening member.

“Yoo hoo,” Ken called out. “Better finish up pretty quick. I think we’re going to have company soon.”

Jack looked over his shoulder and saw the sleek cruiser turning bow on and heading for the cove. He slapped Dana on the ass and pulled his cock out. “We’re going to have company soon, Dana. Maybe we should all go back to the boat for a while.”

Sue immediately became self-conscious and took a float out to the water’s edge. Frank followed close behind. Ken and Darlene were already on the boat, pulling on suits as Frank and Sue crawled up the swim platform and, grabbing their suits, hurried into the cabin.

“I think that’s the same boat we saw here the last time. They got naked with us, so I don’t see any need to rush, Dana.”

“What if it isn’t the same couple?” Dana wanted to know.

Jack chuckled. “Then they’re going to see two naked people, aren’t they?”

“You’re impossible,” Dana retorted, but she took her time picking up the other floats and blankets. By the time they loaded the gear onto the floats, the other boat was rounding up and dropping anchor. The boat swung around and Jack recognized the name. “It’s Wanderer, the same boat as before. No problem with them.”

Dana looked around just in time to see a nude man rise up on the bow and call to the other man. “Anchor’s holding, shut her off.” He was tall and well built, with a dark tan.

The captain, also naked, stepped down from the fly bridge and waved to Jack. “Hello again! Hope we didn’t interrupt anything.”

“You’re fine,” Jack called back. “Welcome to Hangout Cove.”

Dana was waist deep in the lake when she saw the tall redhead emerge from the cabin and stroll to the bow of the other boat. She looked calm and collected, but her tan lines indicated that she spent most of her time in the sun wearing a two-piece suit. The other woman came out and went aft to unlock the door leading to their swim platform. She wore bikini bottoms but was topless. As soon as she reached the swim platform, she slowly removed her bottoms and tossed them onto the bench. Her hair was black, but she was smooth down below.

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