Bored in the City

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I was 26 years old and away from home for really the first time. I was a graduate student living in a large city and bored out of my mind. With nothing to do, I decided to explore the local adult bookstore just three blocks from my apartment. For the first couple of times, I just browsed around and got used to the place. After that, I became more active in trting to satisfy my urges. On about the fourth trip, around midnight, I was extremely horny and just looking for any relief. I had planned to work out and had on a pair of very short gym shorts and a tight t-shirt. I am not a hairy guy and so that sometimes attracts other guys, especially older ones.

Anyway, it was midnight and I was looking at the rack of gay porns when I noticed an older man staring at me from the arcade area. At first, I didn’t think much about it, but then I noticed that he was looking me up and down. In just a little while, I noticed he was rubbing his crotch and smiling. I tried to ignore him but I realized my own cock was getting hard. I bought a few tokens and made my way through the curtains and into the dark arcade area. The man touched my ass as I walked toward an unoccupied booth. After getting seated and starting the movie, I heard the door to my booth creak slightly bahis siteleri and looked over to see my older new friend. He quietly asked me if I wanted to have a little fun. I told him I was new at this and wasn’t sure if I knew what I was doing. He smiled and told me I could learn quickly. He felt of my crotch and began to message my cock until it was rock hard. He asked me to stand up and he took my seat. He then pulled my shorts down to my ankles and proceeded to swallow my already hard cock. I was getting my very first blowjob from another man. He made quick work of it and I moaned to him that I was cumming. Indeed, I was. I shot a stream of cum into his mouth which he expertly swallowed.

He asked me to return the favor and I asked him to come to my apartment so we could do this properly. After giving him directions and asking him to give me an additional twenty minutes, I hasily left to get to my place.

In about twenty minutes, I was lying naked in my bed when my phone rang. I answered and told my new friend that the door was unlocked and to let himself in. In just a minute, I heard my apartment door open and close and lock. I saw a shadow coming down the hall. As he entered my bedroom, I lay naked across the bed smiling. He was roughly fifty, canlı bahis siteleri in great shape, tall, graying and tan. He walked to the side of the bed and I edged over to rub his crotch. He smiled down at me as I unzipped and unbuttoned his slacks and pulled them off of him. He was still wearing his white dress shirt as I tugged at his boxers. His semi-erect cock sprang upwards. It was roughly 7 inches already and surprisingly, he was clean shaven.

I quickly flicked my tongue across the head of his shaft and took the head into my mouth. I held it there for just a moment. Then I began to lower my mouth over the fullness of his cock, which had grown to 8 inches. I could feel my mouth being stretched and was forced to breathe through my nose. He grabbed the back of my head as he fucked my mouth. As I pulled off of his cock occasionally, I could see the thick ropes of my spit as they fell to the bed. In just a few minutes, I was able to deep throat my older man and relax my throat muscles enough to adjust to his thick cock. Soon his cock was sopping wet with my spit and my chest and his thighs were also wet from the blow job I was giving him.

After sucking his cock and licking his balls for a good half hour while he fingered my boi pussy, canlı bahis I lay on my back and spread my legs as wide as I could. He got between my legs and applied KY jelly to his now condom-covered cock and my hole. In no time at all, he was inside me. After a couple of minutes adjusting to the thickness of his cock, which was made easier by my previous use, over the last couple of months, of a dildo, his balls were slapping against my ass. He asked me to talk to him while he did his work. “Oh, baby, fuck my tight little pussy. Please, Daddy.” He loved it. “That’s it, screw your little whore’s brains out. Oh yeah, fuck that pussy, Daddy.” I could tell he was savoring the moment. “Give me all of that beautiful luscious cock, Daddy, all of it. Your little cock whore wants it all.”

He fucked me for a good twenty minutes, when I could feel his legs, balls and arms tightening up. He asked where I wanted it and I told him on my face. He quickly pulled out and threw off his condom just in time to grab the back of my head by the hair. He moaned with pleasure and shot a huge warm load across my check, up my nose, across my lips and finally into my now open mouth. As he did so, he talked back to me. “Daddy’s boi loves that hot fucking cum all over his face, doesn’t he?” Indeed Daddy’s boi did love it. I sucked my friend dry and he went home to his wife. I saw him often during that semester and he helped me in many different ways. But more importantly, he fucked me hard and deliciously.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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