Born to Suck Ch. 17

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We pulled on our clothes and jumped into Sven’s pick-up, with me in the middle. I looked over at Kurt. He sure looked good. He wasn’t wearing his mechanic’s overalls like I’d seen him in last time. He had on a faded pair of jeans that looked real good on him; not too tight, but not too loose either. They fit nicely on his hips. Up top he had on a plain black t-shirt that fit him snugly; the soft black cotton forming nicely to the inviting contours of his strong muscular chest and shoulders. His bulging biceps had the little sleeves of the t-shirt stretched tightly around his upper arms. Like the rest of his body, his arms were covered by a generous amount of dark curly hair; very different from what I was used to with Sven; I liked it though.

“I know a nice steak house that’ll do just fine,” Sven said as he slipped the truck into gear and headed back out onto the main road.

“Sounds good to me,” Kurt replied. “What about you, Joey? Feel like getting a nice big piece of meat into you?” They both started chuckling as I looked up at Kurt’s smiling face in surprise.

“Y….yes,” I said, feeling myself turning red at his suggestive expression.

“Well, why don’t slip your hand in there, Joey,” he said as he nodded towards his crotch as he lifted the waistband of his jeans away from his stomach an inch or so, “and see if you can find a piece of meat to your liking.” I looked quickly at Sven as if asking permission and he gave me a little nod. I reached over with my right hand and slid it right down inside Kurt’s jeans. Like both Sven and I, I noticed that he’d left off the underwear he’d been wearing when he arrived. As my hand slid over his wiry pubic hair, he let go of his jeans with his hand and laid it on the back of the seat behind me. His crotch felt nice and warm as I moved my hand deeper into his thick nest of pubic hair. My fingertips touched the thick root of his big cock and through his jeans I could see it lying sideways across his abdomen.

“That’s it, feel that piece of meat and see if you think that one’ll be able to fill you up,” Kurt said as he let his thick thighs roll open to each side. I let my delicate little fingers slip over that thick tube of flesh and then let my softly gripping hand slide along the enticing length. It felt so warm and velvety smooth as my hand followed the thick tube until my fingers wrapped around the spongy membranes of his helmet.

“Mmmmm, that feels nice,” I said softly as I moved my hand back and forth along the full length of his supple member.

“Do you think that’s big enough for you?” Kurt asked provocatively as I felt his big limber cock start to thicken under my stroking hand.

“Oh…….yesssss,” I said with a soft groan as I gave his stiffening cock a gentle squeeze.

“You guys are just gonna hafta wait on that,” Sven said as I felt the truck turn abruptly. “Here we are.” I looked up and saw he’d pulled off the road into the busy parking lot for the steakhouse. I kept my hand wrapped around Kurt’s thick cock as Sven deftly pulled between two other trucks and slammed the truck into park.

“Okay, Joey,” Kurt said, “slide your hand way down there and let me feel you cradle my balls for a second.” I did as he asked and my hand sank deep into the moist warmth of his crotch. I slipped my hand around his sweaty sack and cupped his big warm nuts. They felt heavy and full in my cradling hand as I fingered them gingerly.

“That’s good,” Kurt said as he moved slightly, signally he wanted me to remove my hand. Reluctantly, I slowly withdrew my hand from inside his jeans.

“Smell that,” Kurt encouraged as he nodded toward my hand. I brought his hand up to my face and as I breathed deeply of his warm manly sweat, I closed my eyes and let out a little purr of pleasure.

“Now lick it,” he said. I brought my open palm to my mouth and licked the whole surface with the flat of my tongue. I could taste the salty sweat of his crotch and it inspired me to slip each of my fingers into my mouth and lick up as much of the warm salty flavor as I could.

“Mmmmm…..nice,” I mewed softly as I licked my hand totally clean.

“C’mon you two, I’m starving,” Sven said with a big smile on his face as he got out of the pick-up. Kurt and I followed and the three of us entered the big restaurant. It took a minute or so for our eyes to get accustomed to the dark atmosphere inside the restaurant; so different from the bright sunshine we’d just come from. It was late afternoon and the sun wouldn’t be going down for a couple of hours yet.

“Just the three of you?” an older balding guy with a nametag that said ‘Manager’ asked us.

“Yep,” Sven replied.

“Would you prefer a table of booth?”

“A booth.”

“Okay, right this way,” the man said as he led us to an empty booth on the far side from the entryway. Sven motioned for me to go in first, then slid in next to me with Kurt taking the seat across from us. The manager set menus down in front of the three of us. “Robert will be your waiter casino oyna tonight. He’ll be right with you.”

The restaurant was made up to look like an old-fashioned ranch with plenty of rough-sawn wood, butcher-block paper on the tables, animal heads on the walls, some antique signs and other paraphernalia. I looked around at everything with interest. It looked really good. I was glad Sven had chosen this place.

“Hi guys; my name’s Robert,” a young guy said as he came up, grabbed a crayon from a little plastic cup on our table and wrote his name on the paper-covered table so it was facing us. “I’ll be your waiter tonight. Can I start you off with something to drink?” I looked at the guy’s name; ROBERT, and I was really impressed that he had written it so quickly upside down; I wondered how long it had taken him to practice that. I had never seen anybody do that before. I looked at Sven and Kurt to see if they had noticed too, but neither one of them seemed to have paid any attention to it.

“Yeah, bring us a couple of beers,” Sven said evenly, “and a Coke for the kid.”

“Yes sir, two beers and a Coke,” Robert said as he turned on his heel and headed towards the bar area. He looked like a college student in his early twenties, probably working a part-time job to make a few bucks. He was a good-looking guy, sandy-brown hair, about 5′-10″ with a medium build and I noticed how white his perfect teeth seemed when he smiled at us. He looked like something straight out of a tooth-paste commercial. We were looking through the menus as Robert came back with a tray and plunked down a couple of beers and a tall icy glass of Coke in front of us. Sven closed up his menu and looked up at the waiter.

“All set already?” Robert asked as he pulled out his little order pad.

“Yeah, bring us a couple of those big T-bones you’re famous for,” Sven said as he nodded towards himself and Kurt. “And do you have something a little smaller for the kid?”

“We’ve got a 6 oz. strip-loin that’s really good.” Sven looked at me for a second and got a quirky little smile on his face.

“Yeah, the kid likes the loin. Bring him that.” Robert’s eyes flicked to me with a bit of a surprised look on his face and I don’t know who seemed more embarrassed by Sven’s statement, him or me.

“Okay, two T-bones and a 6 oz. strip-loin,” Robert said as he quickly composed himself and started jotting down our order. “How would you like those done?”

“Rare,” Kurt said.

“Rare for us too,” Sven answered for both of us.

“The usual with that? Fries and salad?”

“Sounds good,” Sven said as Kurt nodded his agreement.

“Great,” Robert said as he put his down his pencil, “we’ll have that for you shortly. If you need anything, just give me a shout.” He gave us all a big toothy smile and his eyes caught mine briefly before he left our table. I noticed a quizzical look as he looked at me; I’m sure he was curious about what Sven had said.

The guys took big gulps of their beer while I slowly nursed my Coke. They talked about the horse auction and Kurt’s business while I listened quietly. Sven grabbed our young waiter as he breezed past our table and ordered two more beers. Robert brought them and took away their empties and returned a minute or so later with our plates of food. I say plates; but they were more like platters. I’d never seen plates so big; Kurt and Sven’s each loaded up with a huge steak and generous portions of fresh-cut fries and a nice crisp salad. Mine was the same, with just a smaller portion of everything; but I knew it was still more than I’d ever be able to finish.

“Jesus, this looks good,” Kurt said as he carved off a big chunk of meat and shoved it into his mouth. We all dug in and I was amazed at how ravenous I was. There was little talking as we all savored the robust flavor of the grilled meat and hot fries. The simple oil and vinegar dressing on the salad nicely complemented the meal as it cut through the rich but greasy flavor of the steak and fries.

“That really hit the spot,” Sven said as he finished up and pushed his empty plate away from him. Both Kurt and I agreed with Sven’s assessment of the meal; it had seemed like the perfect thing to satisfy our hunger. As I thought about what the rest of the day was going to hold for me, a different kind of hunger started to take hold; my seemingly insatiable hunger for thick hard cock and silky-smooth cum.

“Can I bring you guys anything else?” Robert asked as he cleared away our plates.

“No, I think we’re good. Just the bill,” Sven replied. As the young waiter cleared the last of our dirty dishes from the table, Sven turned to Kurt. “So, what reason did you give Lucy for coming here?”

“I told her I’d had a call from a guy who was looking to invest in the shop. Told her he wanted me to come down and see how his operation here works and if I wanted my shop to be set up as part of his.”

“That’s pretty good,” Sven said with a smile.

“Yeah, I’ve got the young slot oyna McManus kid watching the shop. He can pump gas, and he actually seems to have a knack with cars. He’ll be fine. Me, the only operation I’m interested in seeing here is how far and how many times I can feed my cock into young Joey here,” Kurt said as he gave me a lecherous smile.

“Yeah, I told the kid we’d keep his mouth and pussy busy all night long,” Sven said just as Robert appeared at out table with our bill. I found it interesting the way that Sven and Kurt were talking about me as if I wasn’t even there. I thought that it should be bothering me, but I actually found it arousing. Robert left the bill on the table and gave me a quick look of interest before walking away. I felt myself blushing as I found myself wondering what his cock was like.

“Hmm, those steaks were good, and we’ve got the bill to show it,” Sven said methodically as he looked at the piece of paper in his hand.

“How much is mine?” Kurt asked as he reached into his wallet and pulled out some bills.

“Whoa there, Kurt,” Sven said as he looked over at me with that interesting look in his eye again. “I’ve got an idea.” Kurt and I watched curiously as he walked over to the waiter’s station, our bill in his hand. He got Robert’s attention and then we watched as Sven put his arm around the young waiter’s shoulder and started speaking to him quietly as they slowly made their way back to our table. As Sven continued to talk, I saw Robert’s eyes flick over to me a couple of times, and then his face flushed bright red. They finally arrived at our table and Sven slid back into the booth beside me as Robert stood there, seemingly unsure of what to say or do.

“So, what do you think, is that an even trade for the meal?” Sven asked the waiter as he stood there, visibly trembling with uncertainty.

“But…..but I don’t have that kind of money,” Robert stammered as he looked furtively from Sven to me, and then back to Sven again. “I….I just started my shift a little while ago.”

“You probably don’t have to balance out until the end of the night, right?” Sven asked him confidently.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“And don’t you think you’ll make this much in tips by the end of the night?” Sven asked as he pointed to the figure at the bottom of the bill.

“I….I guess so.”

“Then what’s the problem?” Sven said in that confident soothing voice of his as he sat back in the booth, then nodded towards me. “Like I told you, it’ll be the best blow-job you’ve ever had.” I felt myself blushing as I finally realized Sven was once again trading my services; this time for our meal. Robert looked at me intently and I could see the excitement in his eyes.

“Okay…okay,” he as he looked around furtively to make sure no one was within hearing range. “I get my break in about five minutes. Here’s the key to the store room. It’s just down the hall past the washrooms. It says ‘Staff Only’ on the door.” He handed the key to Sven who passed it to me.

“Wise choice, Robert. You won’t regret. And Kid,” Sven said as he turned towards me, “our friend here deserves a tip. I want you to lick his ass for him too.”

“Yes, sir,” I said as I nodded eagerly. Robert gulped in surprise before hurrying back to the waiter’s station. He re-appeared a minute or so later with two steaming mugs of coffee.

“Here guys, this’ll keep you busy while I’m uh…..on my break,” he said with a nervous smile as he set the mugs in front of Sven and Kurt.

“Thanks Robert,” Sven replied as he slid out of the booth to let me past. “I see you’ve brought some cream for us; make sure you give the Kid a nice big load of cream too. He loves it.” Looking at the astonished look on Robert’s young face, I turned and went down the hall leading to the washrooms.

I found the room he’d mentioned and let myself in with the key. As I turned the light on, I could see that it was just a small store room as he’d said, not much bigger than a closet. There were shelves with napkins, rolls of the butcher-block paper and other restaurant supplies as well as a janitor’s sink with some mops and cleaning supplies stacked nearby. I turned as I heard the sound of the door being opened and saw Robert enter the room and quickly lock the door behind him. He turned to me, his face still somewhat flushed.

“You’re really gonna suck my cock?” he asked as he started to pull off his little waiter’s apron.


“I……I’m straight, you know. I have a girlfriend.” That didn’t bother me at all, the idea of it made it all the more exciting for me. I guess it didn’t bother him much either, the way his hands were furiously undoing his pants.

“That’s okay,” I replied as I watched him shove his pants and underwear to the floor and step out of them.

“And you’re really gonna lick my ass?” he asked with an incredulous look on his face.


“Wow. I’ve always wanted to try that, but my girlfriend won’t do it.”

“I….I like it,” I canlı casino siteleri admitted.

“Oh man, this is gonna be great,” he said excitedly as he turned towards the janitor’s sink and leaned over and grabbed the front edge. With his shirt tails hanging down, I hadn’t even been able to catch a glimpse of his cock, but I knew I’d be seeing, and tasting, all of it soon enough. “If you like it, come and get it.” As he shifted his feet slightly to each side and leaned forward, I compliantly dropped to my knees behind him.

I pushed his shirt up out of the way as he arched his back, presenting his round bum to me. It was smooth and firm under my hands as I ran them over those two beautiful cheeks. I would have loved to have stayed there and taken my time, but I knew I had to hurry before Robert’s break was over. I put a hand on each cheek and gently pulled them apart, revealing the deep dark crevice between. I leaned closer, my nostrils quickly filling with the intoxicating scent of his sweaty groin. It was like a soothing elixir as it settled on my taste-buds, enflaming my senses as I breathed deep of the musky earthy scent. I pushed a big wad of saliva onto the tip of my tongue and slid it deep into Robert’s warm crack.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned as I feathered my tongue between his soft round cheeks. It was warm and sweaty and I loved the feel of his smooth skin against my cheeks as I slid my tongue right over his hot pink pucker. I pursed my lips and placed a wet sucking kiss right on his tight hole.

“Oh Jesus,” he moaned as he wriggled his bum back against my pressing face. I slid the big gob of saliva in soothing circles all around his clenched hole and then pressed right on it with the tip of my tongue.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned with pleasure as I tried to worm my tongue right up inside him. I also knew it would help him to relax to let him know I was enjoying it.

“Oh fuck,” he growled again as I pressed ardently against his tight sphincter with my probing tongue. As my tongue pressed furtively against his unyielding pucker, I heard him take a deep breath and then let it out slowly; trying to make himself relax in order to enjoy the new sensation he’d thought so much about. As he breathed out, I felt his hole start to relax; so I took the opportunity and lanced my tongue deep inside him.

“Unngghh,” he grunted as my feathering tongue slid way up into his clutching chute. It felt wonderful as the hot moist lining of his bum seemed to grip onto my probing tongue; as if trying to pull it further into him. “Oh man, that feels so fucking good.” He continued to moan softly as I worked my tongue in and out of his inviting hole. My face was hot and sweaty but I was loving every minute of it. I alternated between sliding my tongue in hot bathing swaths along his crack and over his wrinkled pucker, and then pressing right back on his nibbling hole and sliding it as deep into him as I could. He let me service his beautiful bum for about five minutes or so before quickly turning around and grabbing my head.

“Oh Jesus, I am so fucking horny. That was amazing.” As he gripped my head in his hands, I could see his cock sticking out from between the tails of his white shirt. It looked to be about 7″ long, and surprisingly thick. The massive broad head looked purple and angry; it was so engorged with his pulsing blood. It was a definite lip-stretcher, that’s for sure. He’d obviously gotten tremendously aroused as I’d been working on his bum; the wet red eye at the tip had a glistening drop of pre-cum dangling from it as he started to pull my head closer to him. I reached out with my tongue and quickly speared it into the distending drop and followed it upwards, his warm silky fluid gathering on my tongue.

“Mmmmmm,” I purred like a kitten with a saucer of warm milk as I savored the flavor of his smooth pre-cum on my taste-buds. As he pulled me against his rock-hard cock, I could feel the intense heat as I rubbed my cheeks and face against the big flared knob. It felt beautiful as it pressed against my skin; but I knew I would love it even more inside my mouth. I brought my mouth to the inverted V on the underside of the broad crown and let my lips follow the inviting contours of his beautiful young cock as I slipped them over the head. My lips stretched open further and further as they slid down over the hot spongy surface of his glans until I felt that wonderful sensation as my lips slid right over the thick protruding ridge and gripped down on the velvety shaft beneath.

“Oh fuck, your mouth is so hot and wet,” Robert said as he let go of my head and leaned back against the sink, his hands gripping the front edge on either side of him. I now had free rein to service his cock as I liked and I took the opportunity to push a big wad of saliva to the front of my mouth before proceeding. With the hot gooey spit oozing from the corners of my mouth, I slowly let my stretched lips slide forward.

“Oh fuck, that is so fucking good,” he groaned as I bathed his cock in my slippery spit as I let my lips slide further and further down until I felt the tip enter the opening to my throat. I suppressed my gag reflex and just kept going until I felt my lips nuzzling up against the base of his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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