British Bloke

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I had been chatting with this guy for almost a year. We didn’t think anything of it. It was online friendship so nothing would happen. Especially since he was in England and I was in the States. Not to mention we were both bottoms. Nevertheless, I, at least, enjoyed our messages back and forth. I used him as my sexual conquest outlet, telling him all the dirty nasty things I couldn’t share with my friends for fear of being judged.

We were radically different. Yin and Yang. I am tanned, black haired lightly coated with soft black hair. I loved look at myself naked in the mirror. I admired my tight bubble butt and my skinny fat belly. I have a bit of a belly that I’m working on. I can definitely see the Gypsy heritage in my blood. It almost makes my six and a half inch cut dick stand proud.

Adam, the guy I was talking too, was a fiery redhead with short cropped hair, smooth white skin with two sexy strawberry nipples. We exchanged pics. His cock, I would say is about six to six and half. I never understood the metric conversion. The thing that enthralled me was his foreskin. It covered the entire head of his dick. I wanted to get my tongue in there and just play.

He’s a businessman, a real power house in the office, but with men, he’s shy. He told me that all he wants is a man to just dominate him and show him the ways of sex. He’s got a cubby build, not fat, not fit, but that cuddly body you just want to feel pressed up against you. According to him, he’s not that experienced. I’d love to show him what a bottom could to do him.

When he messaged me that he’d be coming to the States and to where I was, I got hard instantly and insisted that he stay with me, at least for the weekend. I told him if he didn’t like it, or felt uncomfortable, I’d take him to a hotel. I wouldn’t let him say no. I had plans for my ginger Brit.

He was flying in on Friday, in the afternoon. We agreed that he would take a taxi service to my place, in case he chickened out. Depending on how he was feeling, I’d show him to his room, let him freshen up and then the fun would start when he was ready. I wanted him in a jock all weekend, and he confessed he didn’t have one, so I made sure I laid one on the bed for him along with a note that said, “Just wear this when you come out.”

I was waiting impatiently for him when I heard the doorbell. I bolted to open it revealing a tired ginger man about my height standing there lost, with suitcase at his side and a garment bag over his shoulder. He wore slacks and a polo that hid that sexy body I wanted to taste. I grabbed his garment bag and smiled. “Adam!”

He gave a warm smile, taking his luggage and coming in. “So nice of you to put me up, Evan.” I loved his accent. “You really don’t have to do this, I can get a place at the hotel, and there are some nice ones around here.” I shut the door behind him. I had plans for him. I laid the garment bag over the couch and pulled him into a hug, feeling that body.

He was a bit stiff, not the way I wanted, but then relaxed and hugged me back. “Let’s get you settled.” I took him by the hand then grabbed his garment bag. He trailed along, dragging his suitcase behind him. “You have your own room, with your own shower.” I babbled excitedly. “Go get settled and freshened up and then you can come out and visit.”

Before he could say another thing, I shoved him into the room and handed him his garment bag, shutting the door behind him. One thing I knew about men like him, they liked to be told what to do, and you never give them a choice. I knew he would find all the notes I left for him while I freshen up. I was going to have fun with this one.

About thirty minutes later, I was waiting in some short shorts and tank top. He came out the room nervously, wearing the jock I had left him and a white undershirt. I stood up, reading his nervousness. “You almost got it right.” I said standing to meet him. Without a thought pulled that shirt up and off him. “That’s better.”

“I’m a bit shy.” he looked at me with bashful eyes. “I’m not as pretty as you.” I took his chin in my hand and pressed my lips to his. He stumbled a minute before he opened his mouth, letting me in. My hands moved behind him, cupping his plump ass. I pressed him against me. I definitely was going to have fun with him.

“Never say you’re not pretty.” I said breathlessly as I broke the kiss. “Let’s get you comfortable, Adam.” I shoved my tongue down his throat again, his hands encircled me, feeling my body. This time he was more at ease. His hands moved over my body. I moved us over to the couch. He pulled my tank top off and I pushed down my shorts, revealing my hard six and half ready for attention. “Suck me, Adam.” I commanded, sitting down with my legs spread and welcoming.

He had hunger in his eyes. I knew that hunger. He dropped to his knees and swallowed me down, working my cock fast and furiously. “Whoa, baby.” I grabbed his head and pulled his spit riddled mouth off me. casino oyna “Slow. Enjoy it.” I put him back on my cock. He obeyed, slowly sliding his thin lips up and down my cock.

I stroked his hair, giving him words of encouragement while he worshiped my dick. I grabbed my phone off the end table and began snapping pictures of him bobbing up and down my dick. I started videoing it. This was going to be a great memento for us both. Watching him enjoy himself was such a turn on.

His tongue was feather light in his caresses of my shaft as he sucked me. He massaged my shaft then toyed with the tip. He kept his eyes closed enjoying the feel of my cock sliding across his lips and into his mouth. I could feel the boil in my balls. For a newbie, he was quite good and talented.

I sat my phone aside, the need to burst growing in me. I spread my legs further, took a firm grip of his head. I held his head still, moving my hips up into his mouth, my balls slapping the underside of his chin as I fucked his mouth. He didn’t make any move to break away as I used his mouth. I gritted my teeth as the surge came forth. I wanted to shoot right down his throat but held back, to just on his tip. I wanted him to taste me. I wanted to linger on his tongue and lips.

I shot, hard into his mouth, and Adam sucked it all up greedily. I let my cock rest in his mouth as he lapped up my salty goodness. My eyes rolled back in my head as he sucked the last drops from me. I relaxed back into the couch, letting him clean my dick till it got too sensitive, and I finally pulled him off me.

He sat on his hunches that sexual hunger unleashed in him. I moved forward and brought his lips to mine, tasting the remints of me on his palette. I could feel the excitement in me stir again. I reached down to his crotch, feeling the hardness in his jock. I massaged his cock as I kissed him, knowing I had to taste him.

I broke the kiss, hand still on his cock. I heard him moan as I toyed with him. “I may not fuck that ass, but I’m going to eat it.” My words sent shudders through him. I guided him up by his chin so that he stood before me. I admired his body, the hint of a treasure trail on his belly. I stood, my lips a hair’s breadth from his. I took firm holds of his big ass and pulled him close to me. He gasped. “I’m hungry.”

Adam was speechless as I moved him onto the couch ass out on display for me. I quickly grabbed my phone and took some choice pictures. He didn’t stop me, even wiggled those cheeks for me, eager to have my tongue deep between them. I sat the phone aside, parted those white cheeks with a slight dusting of red hair and dove in.

“Evan!” I heard him shout as my tongue flicked across the skin. He tasted fresh and clean. I didn’t eat ass often but this one I had to have. He was tight, too tight for a bottom like me to ever think could fuck. I feasted, devouring his hole, darting my tongue against the tight sphincter. “Fuck that feels so good.” I heard him moan as I strummed him with my tongue.

He reached back pulling his cheeks open for me. I pressed further into his cleavage. I took a hand from his ass. I pulled back spitting on his hole. I rubbed the spit into tight rosebud. “Fucking hot hole, boy.” My voice was husky as I pressed my index finger knuckle deep into him. I felt him tense then relax. “Just relax baby.” I soother. “I just want to prepare you for big daddy later.”

I pressed further into him, feeling his warmness around my finger. I could feel him in tense up and pulled back, not wanting this to be a bad experience for him. I pressed my mouth against his ass, pressing my tongue into his virgin hole. I felt him slowly open up to me, allowing me to taste his velvety sweetness.

I dug my fingertips into his ass, as I tongued his ass. I’m not sure what got into me, but I wanted to see his hole opened up, gapping. I ran my tongue down his thighs. Down one then up the other. His labored pants only encouraged me to do more. I pressed my thumb to his puckered hole, finding it give to my touch. My other hand fished out his cock.

It was silky smooth, the foreskin moving up and down over his tip as I stroked him. I wanted to run my tongue all around his hood, coax out his head and taste his sweet Brittish cream. I slipped the jock down his hips, maneuvering them down one leg then the next. I nipped at his ass playfully before giving him a long lick from the top of his ass down to his balls. I rolled him over, sitting him where I was.

I toyed with his cock, pumping it up and down, watching the strawberry head appear and disappear. I mouthed his balls. Their heft was heavy on my tongue. Even freshly cleaned he had that slight musk I loved on my tongue. I licked my way up his shaft, pulling the foreskin back just enough to snake my tongue in.

I swirled my tongue inside his along his sheathed head, tasting his excitement as it dripped out. I maneuvered over him, slowly moving my way down and up his cock, letting slot oyna his cock fill my mouth. He wasn’t too big, or too small, he was just right to fill my mouth and hit the back of my throat. I worked him slow and steady. I knew I had to have his first experience with me be a memorable one.

I could feel him shake, trying to control his writhing as I enjoyed my treat. I was going to have to have more uncut cocks in my sexual diet. I dragged my tongue up and down his shaft as I moved along it, pausing at the tip to dig in and lap his juices. “Evan, I’m close.” I heard him pant. I wanted to drag it out longer, but I had a whole weekend for it. “Evan!” His voice was full of need.

I pushed aside my desire and bobbed up and down on his cock furiously. I felt him grip the couch cushions, I knew he was about to shoot. “Evan!” The howl from his mouth reverberated off the walls. I felt his cock blow in my mouth, coating my tongue. I lapped it up greedily, not wanting to waste a single drop as he came down off his sexual high. I nursed those last bits out of him before letting his softening cock fall from my mouth.

I climbed up on top of him, straddling his hips. His eyes were half lidded as I kissed him. His hands tentatively moved to my hips then my ass. I sloppily kissed him, exchanging back the fluids he had given me. He gave my butt a gentle squeeze then took a firm appreciate hold of my small bubbled bottom.

I ran my hands through his short red hair, pulling his head back as I moved away. “You don’t get to wear anything but that jock, if that, this entire weekend.” I grinned as his lazy grin. “Let’s get you something to eat, then we’re going to open you up real good.” I grabbed my phone off the side table and pulled the video up. “I’ll make sure you get a copy of the video.” I said showing him in action.

We snacked on sandwiches as we conversed. Adam prodded me for what I had planned next between yawns, but I refused to give any hint other than we’d be opening him up. When we finished our lite meal, he let out a loud yawn and I sent him off to nap with a hungry kiss. “Don’t play with that.” I fondled his cock and balls. “That’s all for me.”

I watched that juicy white ass disappear down the hall. I grabbed my phone and texted Big Daddy. “I got a virgin ginger cub staying with me this weekend. Think you and a friend could keep us company tomorrow night?” I attached a few pics of him sucking my cock. “He’s a mean cock sucker.” I knew Big Daddy would come through without the pictures, but I figured it would be an added enticement.

A few minutes later, while I was contemplating how to sexually explore Adam next, I got a text back from Big Daddy. “Hell ya, my boy Luke been wanting to see if everything I said about you true. We’ll be there. What time?” I thought for a few minutes, then told him to be at my place at seven.

I decided we’d give the boys a show before they took over and popped that ginger cherry. I went to my room and grabbed a few choice toys, things I knew would help Adam take the massive cocks that I had set up for us tomorrow evening. I grabbed the thick black dildo, a double ended one, another white flesh tone dildo and a vibrating butt plug.

When Adam came out his room two hours later, I was casually playing with my dick on the couch. I had the toys laid out on the coffee table with some lube. He had a salacious grin on his face when he noticed me and then the toys. “What’s all this?” I loved that British accent. He came over to me, pecking me on the lips, taking over playing with my cock. “You going to fuck my arse with those?”

I pulled him to me, making him straddle my lap. I ran my hand casually over his ass, watching his body react with anticipation. “Yes.” My voice was low and growly. “And you’re going to fuck mine.” I flicked my tongue over his right nipple. “I told you, you’re my plaything this weekend.” He arched his back into me as my hand slowly travelled from the small of his back to his neck and back down. I let my mouth explore his chest with delicate wet kisses.

I could feel his hardness press into my soft abdomen. My hand found its way between his cheeks, my index finger rubbed his eager hole. I pressed, feeling the tightness that wanted to give. I tapped it lightly. He let out a low moan, pushing against my hand with need. “You want to feel that hole stretched, don’t you, baby?”

“Yes.” Came his growlly moan. He grinded against my hips. “I want to be fucked so badly.” I felt his hole relax then clench. The mind was ready, but the body was hesitant. I could feel his body purr at my touch. “I want to be fucked so badly.” Need dripped from his voice. I knew by the end of the weekend, I’d turn him into a British power bottom.

“Come on, let’s get you ready.” I moved him off me onto the floor. He stood on his knees and when he went for my hard cock, I redirected his mouth to mine. I slipped down to the floor, resting on my knees. “All fours.” He sucked on my tongue, then canlı casino siteleri assumed the position. I admired his beauty and his booty a moment.

I moved behind him, slapping his ass. He jumped with a start, then pushed his ass back toward me. I spread his cheeks and dove in, slathering his hole with my spit, relaxing him. I could feel the twitch of eagerness against my tongue. I ran a hand up his back. Adam arched to my touch. I knew he wanted me to shove one of the toys into him, but knew he needed more time. I ran a finger between my tongue and his hole.

I pressed lightly. He gave a little. “Relax.” I said around a mouthful of ass. My finger slid into the second knuckle. “Don’t think about it.” I pulled my mouth off his ass, slowly finger fucking him, watching my index finger slowly disappear into him. “Good boy.” I grabbed the lube with my other hand and drizzled some into his crack, working it into him.

Cautiously, I worked a second finger in, running a soothing hand across his back when he grunted in pain. Slowly I felt him accept me into him, the clenching and relaxing becoming more and more frequent. I added some more lube and pressed a third finger in, this time his velvet warmness surrounded the finger with ease.

“That’s it, baby.” I spread my fingers, stretching him. He fought at first. “Deep breath.” I ordered. I grabbed the white dildo, the one I dubbed Buster. I did my best to coat it one handed. Carefully, I pulled my fingers free, and pressed the tip of Buster to his hole before he could close up. “There you go.”

I had the tip pressing into him. He was breathing heavy. “Focus.” I pressed slightly. His ass gave way. “Deep, slow breaths.” I watched as his ass accepted Buster, millimeter by millimeter. He regulated his breathing and I continued, pressing forward till the false tip popped through. “Clench and relax.” He did and I saw the tension leave his body.

“I’m just going to push this in slowly.” I announced. “It’s not that big.” I pushed the six inch Buster into him. His ass greedily ate him up to my amazement. “That’s it baby.” Slowly and steadily Buster disappeared into him. Then, without any warning, Adam pushed back, gobbling all six inches up in one big gulp. “Fuck, baby, you wanted it that badly?” I tried to hide my amusement, but failed. “You ready for me to…”

“Fuck me.” He cut me off with a clenched teeth growl. “Fuck me, please.” Who was I to argue with a man fake ball deep on a dildo? I pulled out slightly then back in, letting him get a feel for the sensation. He rocked back and forth, meeting my thrusts with eagerness, wanting more of Buster than he could give. I thought about switching to Tony, my black dildo, but figured I had better wait.

Tony wasn’t for a beginner, no matter how eager they might be. He is thicker, longer and the head is just shy the size of a golf ball. Tony was my favorite because he reminded me of Big Daddy. I could feel my cock leaking from the thought of Big Daddy pummeling my ass, and this time he was bringing Luke.

I had a dick crush on Luke. He looked like he swung a mean bat between his legs. When he licked his lips at me just so, I always nearly creamed my pants. Big Daddy’s boys knew not to mess with his toys, and his toys knew not to mess with his boys without permission. Big Daddy had that reputation and a tongue that reached your tonsils when he ate your ass.

I was lost in the fantasy when I realized how hard I was pumping Buster into Adam, but he didn’t whine or cry about it. “Okay, let’s change it up.” I pushed Buster balls deep into Adam. He looked back at me, eyes glazed over with lust. I grabbed Tony and slicked him and myself up. I pushed Luke, all eight bulbous inches of him, into me. I was a practiced bottom, I didn’t need all the prep work.

“On your side. We can fuck each other with these dildos while we suck each other off.” Adam rolled onto his side and I moved beside him, presenting my cock to him as I took his in my mouth. It took a minute to get the rhythm going, but we found it and his warm mouth enveloped my cock as he punched my guts with Tony.

I did the same, toying with his hood from time to time, lapping up the precum goodness that pooled there. Neither of us were destined to last long, but we had all night to play. Tomorrow we would abstain, but Big Bubba, the butt plug, would be in Adam all day. I felt my need surge from my balls and coat the back of Adam’s throat, only to have him do the same to me moments later.

We sucked each other soft, neither one of us wanting to give up that feel of the other in each other’s mouth. I finally rolled over, pulling my cock from Adam’s puffed up lips, my cock too sensitive now for play. “That was awesome.” He beamed, rolling over onto his back, Buster still wedge tightly into him. “Can we do it again?” I was too spent to answer.

After a while, we cleaned up, together. I enjoyed the feel of his strong hands soaping my back, his tinder touches across my skin. I took delicate intricate care of his cock and ass, making sure to get it nice and clean for him. We kissed like lovers in the shower, lovers who couldn’t possibly fuck each other, but enjoyed the other’s body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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