Bump Up My Grades, Please?

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I was worried about my grades. This paper was a difficult one, and the grades would make a very big difference to my final GPA. I spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out a way to salvage the situation. That is when I thought of approaching you. You promised to help, on certain conditions of course.


You call me to your room at around 10 at night. You ask me to wear a skirt and a tank top. This is it! This is my one chance to ensure a good grade, and I am ready to do whatever it takes. I am scared; you can be quite intimidating. But I trust you, and I have a feeling that I am going to have an exciting night.

I am at your door at 10.15, late as usual. As I knock, you open the door with a stony expression. My heart does a somersault in my chest.

“For someone who needs an urgent favour, you are not making a very good initial impression P. Come in and shut the door.”

I nearly smirk, because I can sense your excitement underneath the fake anger, but I keep a suitably remorseful expression.

“So, you have managed to get a B-. I can bump it up to A-. But you will have to work for it. Are you ready to do that?”


“Yes Sir!” you bark out.

I gulp. I can feel liquid warmth pool into my nether regions. “Yes Sir”.

“Good girl. Now come stand near the bed.” Your voice softens as I move forward. “Any time this gets to be too much for you, call out my name, and I’ll stop.”

You sit back on the bed as I come closer. Your eyes are coal dark, sparkling with desire. You run your fingers gently down my calf, making me gasp.

“Mm, your skin is so soft…” you mutter, before pulling me forward. I stumble and land on your lap, and you deftly slide your hand up under my skirt, up to my derriere. Your other hand fists into my hair, and the next moment we drown into each other’s mouths, all tongues. I feel sn electric tingling all over my body as you fondle my butt. I hold on to your collar as I push my tongue deeper into your mouth, tasting the warm musk of your breath. Unconsciously, I start grinding against you. You stop as abruptly as you started, holding me firmly by the hip, restricting movement.

“Just look at you, bahis şirketleri foaming at your mouth for me already. What a ready little slut you are!”

I groan, frustrated. But I quickly realise what you want from me, and I am thrilled at the thought. I work my hands down your torso slowly, unbuttoning your shirt as you gaze intensely into my eyes. I travel all the way to your jeans. I can feel your erection through it, straining to be released. I fiddle at your buckle, my anticipation building up. After what seems like an eternity, it finally comes undone. I step off you, and you shake off your jeans and boxers. Your cock leaps out at me, and I draw in a sharp breath. You are nearly as thick as my fist, and I can sense my fear returning at the thought of that meat inside of me. You notice my expression, and your gaze softens even as you push me gently down on my knees.

“Fear not, you will be ready for it. I will make sure of that.”

“Yes Sir,” I reply throatily. I grab on to your shaft and give your head a tentative lick. I feel you shudder, and that boosts my confidence. Cautiously I take you into my mouth bit by bit, my jaw opening wide. You have a strangely pleasant odour that turns me on even further. I keep going till you fill my mouth completely, and I can taste the soft tuft of hair at the base. Sheathing my teeth, I apply pressure there, while my hands go on to explore your balls, searching for your magic spot. And so it continues, my head bobbing on you, covering you whole and sucking in deeply, making you squirm, before moving back up to let my tongue continue exploring your rock hard meat, your soft and pliant balls, and that secret stretch behind them that drives you mad with pleasure every time I flick my tongue on it or scratch it gently with my fingers.

I can sense that you are close as you begin tensing up, your fingers digging into my shoulders as you steady yourself. Your moans grow louder, my shoulder starts stinging, but I refuse to stop, increasing my pace instead, planning to move away at the last moment. But you explode into my mouth as your hand fists into my hair, pushing me down further and holding me tight. I struggle for air but you are relentless. bahis firmaları The hot liquid fills my mouth and travels down my throat. I am usually revolted by the taste of cum, but you taste strangely delicious, and pleasure overrides my gag reflex..

I am drenched in sweat, and panting from exertion. I stand up unsteadily, and you catch me from stumbling, setting me down on the bed next to you. You give me a few minutes to gather myself, and then you are suddenly on top of me, straddling me. The shock makes me lean back, and soon I am sprawled out on the bed, pinned beneath you.

“You have on far too much clothing for my tastes” you growl, as I feel you tugging at the cords of my skirt. They come undone in seconds. The next to go is my top, which you rip off me, nearly tearing it to pieces. I suddenly feel very vulnerable as you stop to look over me in my lingerie, your gaze feral as you lick your lips.

“Mm, I’m going to ravish you, little girl. But first I need you under control.” Your voice is menacingly low, and I feel my flesh crawl from carnal need. You reach out to your bedside drawer, and bring out a bright pink satin ribbon. You push my hands over my head and tie my wrists together with it, tightly enough for them to be rendered useless. And then your mouth is upon mine again and your tongue begins its ferocious assault. You move to my ears, teasing it with light licks. Your hands reach behind me, deftly undoing my bra clasp and the straps. As your mouth explores my decolletage, every inch and crevice of it, your fingers remove the impeding cloth and begin working on my cups. Eventually your mouth reaches my left nipple, and you latch on like a child, sucking in deeply as your hand pinches my right bud. I struggle beneath you, desperate to trace your skin with my fingers, but the satin holds me back. You repeat your play on my right bosom, my knobs hard as buttons by now, my breath ragged. The need keeps growing down below, and you seem to know it. You take your time, exploring my stomach with your mouth, and finally you are there.

You stop for a while and stare at my panties. By now it is dripping wet and bunched up, barely doing its job of covering kaçak bahis siteleri me. You smirk at me before tracing your finger on my clit through my panties, making me tremble.

You reach down and roll my panties off with your teeth. Suddenly I am completely naked in your bed, my mound exposed to your piercing gaze. You bring your face down and inhale deeply, before flicking your tongue on my button. The sensation sends me over the edge, and my eyes roll back into my head. I groan and arch, pushing my mound into your face. But you have other plans.

‘On your fours baby, I’m going to take you now” you whisper, and you flip me around. Now I am on my knees and elbows, my butt sticking out obscenely into the air, my juices trickling down my thigh. That is when the first spank lands. Your twitching palm lands on my right cheek with a resounding ring. It takes me by surprise and my knees buckle. But you are ready for my reflex action and hold me firmly in place with your thighs, like steel cables. There comes a rain of blows in quick succession, each one sharper than the previous, and soon I am moaning piteously. And then it stops as suddenly as it had started. I get a moment’s respite, a moment to lick the tears off my cheek and focus on the red hot glow on my posterior. And then your hands are cupping my tits as you ram into me from behind, taking the wind out of me.

I nearly pass out from pleasure, from pain. Your cock, warm and throbbing, fills me up and stretches me out like no one ever has. The initial thrust brings a sharp stab of pain, but my pussy is dripping wet for you, and opens up willingly. The heat builds up as you move in and out of me with your steady rhythm, your thumbs teasing my nipples all the time. I know I will not last long under your dexterous thrusts. As the ringing in my ears reaches a crescendo, I cry out from deep into my tummy. My muscles contract, and moments later I can sense you shooting your seed inside me as I milk you for all I’m worth. The warm liquid spreads and seeps out of me, trickling down to your bed as you slow your pace, finally coming to a stop. I collapse on my stomach, and you fall on me, stretched out on the bed. As I drift into exhausted sleep, I hear you murmur into my ear, your breath moist on my shoulder, “Good job, Ms. P, you’ve just earned yourself an A.”

“Thank you, Sir, when can I earn my grades from you again?” I smile, before the night closes in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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