Camilla Ch. 024

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Female Ejaculation

Camilla removed the come-soaked paper towels from the bed and threw them away; then she slept for a few hours, waking up around 4 PM. She looked at the hidden camera in the hole in the wall above the head of the bed, and saw the camera move slightly. “He’s ready for yet another show,” she said, then she put more paper towels in the middle of the bed. After that, she took out a vibrator, a butt plug, and some anal lube from a nearby drawer. “It’s time I made the show a little more interesting,” she said as she spread her legs for the camera. Then she turned on the vibrator and touched its buzzing tip against her clitoris. “Ooh,” she moaned.


“How many times is this girl going to play with herself today?” Jim asked himself as he zoomed the camera in on her vulva. She was moving the tip of the vibrator around her vaginal opening. “Oh, that’s great,” he said as he pulled down his pants and underwear.


As Camilla continued masturbating, she remembered the day after her first day at Luvlee’s, two days after her 18th birthday.

After school at 4 PM, Camilla got on the bus that would take her to Luvlee’s. Apart from her and the driver, there were only two people on the bus: an old lady sitting near the front, and Wayne, sitting at the back.

“Hi,” she said with a smile as she walked up to him. When she got to the back, she stood before him and put her school bag at her feet. “Remember me? You saw me naked yesterday.”

“Yes, I did,” he said as he looked up and down at her. “You look sexy in your school uniform.”

“Thanks,” she said with a shy giggle.

“Did you sleep with your boss last night?”

“Yeah, but he didn’t pop my cherry,” she answered with a pout as she lifted up her skirt to show him her pink lace panties, with a camel-toe tightly hugging her crotch. “It’s still in there.”

“He must have a microscopic prick,” he said as he stroked her between her legs.

“His prick is small–and thin–but that’s not the point. He didn’t even wanna put it in my pussy. He only wanted anal sex with me.”

“Well, at least you lost your anal virginity. Did it hurt?”

“No, I liked it, actually. His penis felt just like your finger when you stuck it in my bum yesterday; about the same size, too. To make his dick slide in better, he spat on my asshole. Eww!” She unbuttoned her shirt halfway down to show off her pink brassiere.

“Oh, I hate it when people lube girls’ butts with their spit like that.”

“Why?” She sighed at his fingering.

“It’s so disrespectful: your asshole is so pretty. It should be worshipped.”

She giggled shyly at this strange compliment, then she nervously asked, “You wanna have anal sex with me, don’t you?” She still held her skirt up for his hungry eyes.

“Oh, yeah!” Wayne growled in lust; he kept fingering her–she was getting wetter and wetter.

“But Wayne, your penis is so much bigger than my boss’s: it would hurt if I let you put it in my poo-hole,” she said with a coy smile.

“I’d be really gentle, sweetie,” he insisted, hoping to persuade her to let him do it. “I’d use anal lube, too.”

“But Wayne, I want it in my pussy. I don’t wanna be a virgin anymore,” she fought back a few sobs.

“I’ll fuck your pussy, too, sweetie. I promise. Don’t cry. By the way, does your mommy know about you working as a stripper?”

“Not yet. I don’t wanna talk about my mommy, though. I wanna talk about my physics homework. I don’t understand it; I can’t do it.” Sighing, she kept showing off her panties as he stroked her.

“Oh, physics is easy for me; I’m an engineer. I can help you with your homework.”

“Oh, would you, Wayne? Look, if I sleep with you, will you help me?”

“Baby, to sleep with you, I’ll do it for you; but I want to have anal sex with you, too, OK?”

“But it’ll hurt,” Camilla pouted coyly; her face, however, showed she was half-willing.

“Your first vaginal sex will also hurt–breaking your hymen; but you still want to lose your virginity, in spite of the pain. As I see it, doing your homework for you and sleeping with you are two favours I’m doing for you. What will I get in return?” He grinned as he continued bartering for her body.

“But you’ll get to sleep with me,” she haggled back.

“Which I’ll enjoy, no doubt; but breaking your hymen kartal otele gelen escort will hurt my cock, too. With anal sex, that pain isn’t there–only pleasure.” He grinned at how he was easily winning the bargaining.

“I–I don’t know,” she said, turning her head away coyly.

“Look, if you never wanted anal, why did you so willingly show me your pretty anus–during your lap-dances, which you had only with me, and every time I saw you on the stage last night? Why did you like it when your boss fucked your ass? If you don’t like to take it up your beautiful asshole, why did you let me finger-fuck it during our lap-dances?”

“Well, I knew you liked it, and I wanted to please you,” she answered timidly.

“Then please me completely. I’ll be very gentle, I promise. I’ll do your homework for you; I’ll deflower you; and I’ll lubricate your rectum thoroughly before I put my cock in so it won’t hurt. Please–satisfy me. I’m on fire for you.”

“Well,…” she dithered, half in coyness and half in teasing him. “Oh,…okay,” she said nervously.

“Wonderful,” he said with a grin from ear to ear. They reached a bus stop near Luvlee’s and got off the bus. They went to the back entrance in the parking lot, where nobody else was. Before they went inside the strip-joint, he asked, “Can you undress for me here? I want to see your naked body in the bright light.”

“OK,” she said as she undid the rest of her shirt buttons. “But what if somebody sees us?” She took the white shirt off.

“I’ll protect you, as best I can, anyway.” He admired her pink lace brassiere.

“OK,” she said as she unbuckled her skirt belt. Then she undid her skirt button, unzipped the front zipper, and let the plaid skirt fall to her feet. She turned around so he could see her panties from behind as she undid her bra.

“What beautiful underwear,” he panted as her bra came off. She turned around so he could see her large, shaking breasts. As she pulled down her panties, she looked up at him with shy eyes. He smiled at the sight of her brown pubic hair. She admired the bulge she saw growing in his pants.

She turned around so he could see her behind as she bent over and took off her shoes and socks. Now completely naked, she put all of her clothes in her school bag. Then, knowing he wanted to see her anus, she spread her legs wide apart so both her anus and vulva were showing, and, still bent over, she looked back upside down at him from between her legs. Her eyes betrayed her nervousness: liking her body in a dark strip-joint was one thing; liking it in the daylight, where any imperfections of hers would be more visible, was another. She was terrified that he would see something he didn’t like.

Staring at her wrinkly caramel anus and cherry-cream vulva, he said, “Beautiful. Beautiful.”

Still bent over and looking back at him from between her legs, she giggled with relief. Her confidence was growing in proportion with the rising phallus in his pants. He bent down and with the whole width of his tongue slowly licked her from her clitoris, to her vaginal opening, including her labia, all the way to her perineum, and every inch of her anus, contemplating every wrinkle, and beyond the anus up to the top of her anal cleft. He didn’t mind the faecal smell: it was her natural smell, and he wanted to worship it all. Sighing with excitement, she giggled at his thoroughness. Then they went into the bar.


That night, after finishing at Luvlee’s (she gave only Wayne lap-dances), they left early to find a nearby sex shop. He bought some anal lubricant for her, as well as the vibrator and butt-plug she was using to masturbate and entertain Jim with. She called her mom on her cell-phone and said she was staying at Candice’s again for the night.

They took a taxi to Wayne’s apartment. As soon as they got in his room, she started taking off her school uniform. He took off only his shoes, pants, and underwear, since he assumed she didn’t want to see his hairy beer belly. She didn’t care how unattractive his body was: she wanted to feel his fingers stimulating her erogenous zones as he had done so expertly during all the lap-dances she’d given him that day and the day before. She also, of course, wanted to know what his huge phallus would feel like inside her vagina. Naked, she got on his bed on all istanbul kartal escort fours with her legs spread wide open, displaying her vulva and anus for him. He put a condom on and got on the bed. Instead of going inside her immediately, he lay on his side and pulled her body next to his so she, now also laying on her side, had her back against his chest. Lying this way for several minutes, he cradled her in his arms; his erection went between her legs, just under her vulva to tease her.

His left hand fondled her left breast, and his right hand went down to touch her vagina. He found her hymen and gently played with it as a woman would play with a man’s erect penis. “My sweet, lovely virgin,” he sighed.

“Please don’t call me that,” she said, still insecure about her lack of sexual experience.

“But you are a virgin, my baby. The Virgin Camilla.” He tickled her hymen again.

“Don’t!” She was on the verge of tears again.

“Sweetie, cherish your last moment of innocence. Once it’s gone, it’ll never come back. You don’t understand how beautiful your purity is. You’ll appreciate it not too long after it’s gone forever.” He rocked her back and forth in his arms. “Sweet little virgin. Sweet innocent virgin Camilla.” He kissed her on the back of her head. He heard her quietly sobbing. “Oh, my baby. OK, let’s do this.” She turned around and lay on her back. He got on top of her in the missionary position.

“Please be gentle,” she said in a trembling voice. “I wanna say sorry in advance if I don’t please you much.” She was shaking with nervousness and insecurity.

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” he reassured her as he put the tip of his phallus against her vaginal opening. “I’ll guide you through the whole thing. Don’t be scared. I’ll be gentle, but popping your cherry will hurt. Be ready for that.”

“OK,” she sighed as he started pushing his phallus in. “Oh!” she sighed. As it went inside, she felt the most incredible pleasure she’d ever had. It was so hard! It was so big! It was so thick! Her vagina was already welling up with moisture…Then the tip of his penis punched her hymen. “Ah!” she squealed in pain. He kept puncturing and and piercing that obtrusive maiden-head, that obstacle to their pleasure. Now a different liquid mixed with her fluids of delight–blood. Getting rid of that hymen was like chopping a thick piece of wood with a blunt axe: difficult, and irritating. Camilla felt extremes of pleasure and sharp pain; it was confusing for her to decide if she was more in agony than in ecstasy, or vice versa. His penis was sore, too, but the pleasure he got from the tightness of her virgin vagina greatly compensated. Finally, the maiden-head was cracked. “Ah!” she screamed in pain. A dull but intense soreness remained inside her, but the pleasure of his huge phallus sliding in and out made it easier to ignore that. Now she was screaming mostly with pleasure. Soon, he gave her her first penile-vaginal orgasm: she screamed in whistle register, and her come splashed all over them and the bed; her come was thoroughly dyed with her blood. He kept pumping inside her, nearing orgasm himself. She couldn’t believe how endowed he was! The paradox of simultaneous pain and pleasure was overwhelming for her: his phallus reached and stimulated every cavity, every wall inside her; her G-spot and A-spot were sizzling with arousal; at the same time, the soreness reminded her of the rupture. She came again, and so did he, soon after.

They lay there, moaning and catching their breath for a minute. “Thank you. For…deflowering me,” she panted.

Staring at the pretty pool of blood mixed with come on the bed, he panted, “My pleasure.”

She got up on all fours and pushed her behind out so he could see her anus. Looking back at him, she timidly asked, “Wanna put it in my bum now?”

He looked at the pretty hole and and stroked it with his index finger. “Not now,” he said. “I’m too sore. Maybe tomorrow.” He replaced the bloody bed-sheet with a clean one, and they went to sleep.


The next morning, Wayne woke up to see Camilla’s behind pointing at his face. She’d showered already, and her freshly-cleaned anus looked like a the puckered lips of a woman without makeup on, a woman’s lips ready to perform fellatio. “You want to have anal sex with me now?” she asked as she looked back at him with wide-open kartal rus escort eyes and pursed lips.

His penis felt less sore now, and it was hardening quickly. “Yes!” he said, and kissed her anus. He got up, masturbated to get himself completely erect, and put on another condom. He got behind her and got the anal lube. He lubricated her rectum thoroughly, delighting in making his finger rove around and smear all of her rectal walls with lubricant. Then he put some lubricant on his penis, and gently pushed the tip against her anus. “Oh, you beautiful little asshole, I’m going to conquer you!” he grunted. She was scared about his size, worried that he would tear her apart, but so far enjoyed the sensation. He slowly slid it in about an inch; he didn’t want to overwhelm her. She moaned with pleasure: she could feel stimulation of her vaginal walls from through the other side where his phallus was rubbing against her rectal walls. She’d enjoyed this stimulation when Mr. Chen, her boss, put his smaller penis inside her anus. It surprised her then to feel vaginal pleasure–she thought it would hurt–and the even greater pleasure she was feeling now surprised her all the more. Wayne pushed it in an inch further–she liked it! Finally, he slowly and carefully slid all the way in. They moaned in unison. His phallus was in love with her anus, and her rectum craved his probing cock. In…out. In…out…

Wayne looked down at her behind, loving the sight of his long, thick phallus all the way inside her ass, seeing his pubic hair brushing against her anal cleft. His pubic hair tickled her. What a sweet girl Camilla was! he thought. Only the day before at Luvlee’s, he was looking at her beautiful brown puckered prune of an anus, the anus she didn’t even realize was showing, the anus she didn’t even know he was lusting after, and now she was allowing him to enjoy it! Every inch of it! “How do you feel, Camilla?” he grunted. “Am I hurting you?”

“No,” she groaned. “Not at all…I like it…enjoy yourself…I want…to please you.”

He came at those kind words. “Oh!” he shouted. He pulled out and lay on his back for several minutes, contemplating the happiest morning of his entire life. He removed the condom; the reservoir tip had an excess of come. She remained in the same position, on all fours; he looked at and admired the gaping hole between her buttocks. Her wide-open anus looked like the mouth of a shocked, screaming woman. “Beautiful,” he sighed. “Beautiful.”

“Wayne,” she asked. “Will you teach me how to do oral sex on you now?”

“In a little while, when I’m hard again,” he said. “Just know that I’m a hard task master when it comes to teaching fellatio.”

“Good,” she said earnestly. “I want the discipline; I want the practice. I don’t want to stop learning until I’ve mastered the technique.”

“Camilla,” he sighed. “You’re beautiful.”


Camilla, on all fours on the bed, had to balance herself with her head on the bed; for both hands were busy shoving toys in and out of her vagina and rectum. Her left hand used the vibrator to explore and massage her G-and A-spots, and her right hand pushed the butt plug deep inside her rectum. In…out. In…out…

All the while as she was pumping herself, she thought about her sexual encounter with Wayne. Sometimes she shoved the vibrator a little too aggressively inside her vagina, in memory of the painful rupture of her hymen. She was fortunate not to cause any bleeding. At one point, she pulled out both toys so Jim could see the holes wide open, as when Wayne saw her gaping anus. She made sure her behind was pointed at the camera so he could get a good look. She looked back at the camera with eyes that wanted to see if what he saw was pleasing him. Then she put the toys back inside–deep inside, and continued probing herself until orgasm.


Jim zoomed in on her vagina and anus as soon as she pulled the toys out. He studied both gaping maws as he played with himself. “Oh, you’re so fuckable, girl!” he groaned. He saw her put the toys back in, and both voyeur and exhibitionist continued masturbating. He loved the way she looked back at him as she probed away. “You want me to look…you little bad girl…you want to please me…and you are…Oh!” He was nearing orgasm.

When she started gushing her orgasm, she opened her vagina and kept it pointed straight at the camera; she was also quite close to the hole in the wall. Jim enjoyed watching a fountain of come spew right at him, that is, at his computer screen. The gushing almost reached the camera lens, and one or two drops got on it. He didn’t care: a quick cleaning would fix that. “You’re a star, girl. A fucking star,” he panted, then came.

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