Camping with Tom Ch. 01

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Don had a clear view of Tom through the tent’s netting. He moved about the small campfire to adjust a misbehaving log. The best part was, Tom naked as a jaybird. He looked rather like an Indian with bare feet and his bronzed back glistening from the flames. Don studied his best friend. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on the muscular, ripped man with long wavy black hair. Don chuckled at white ass cheeks, contrasting with the deep body tan. When Tom turned to face the tent, Don focused on the fat penis sprouting from a thick forest of red hair. In this setting, the sight of his attractive buddy, Don realized a new emotion with Tom. Arousal. They mutually smiled.


They were best of friends and shared many of life’s changes. Tom was the physical type, excelling in sports and seemed to have a different girl hanging on his arm week after week. Don enjoyed some competitive sports but drifted towards playing music and writing.

Directly after graduation, Don suggested they get away from it all, take a week to camp and unwind in the deep forests of Canada. Tom eagerly looked forward to fishing and cooking over an open fire.

“We’ll take my car. It’s better on gas and has plenty of room for all the gear. I’ll be over after work on Friday afternoon. We can pack and drive during the night when it’s cooler.”

The car hummed along the nearly empty interstate and a wide awake Don listened to the radio while Tom dozed off. Stopping at the border, they passed the mini-inspection and pulled off at the nearest town’s open diner.

About mid-morning they negotiated with a local for a rental canoe. The provincial park was enormous. Miles down twisting dirt roads the men found a ideal spot next to a gurgling mountain stream. Efficiently they set up camp and were soon fishing for a trout dinner. They had stripped to shorts and Don found a warm patch of sand to lay back and enjoy the clear blue skies.

“This, my friend, was a great idea!” Tom chirped.


Approaching the tent, Tom squatted on haunches to unzip the netting. With the campfire’s light, Don stared at Tom’s ball sack hanging loosely. His cock tingled with the newfound manly desire. As Tom entered, Don scooted over onto his sleeping bag.

“Hey. Know what? If we were Indians, you’d have to get a pouch or something for the crown jewels.” Don chuckled.

“Yeah, casino şirketleri yeah. I don’t care, I love being nude and free. We picked a good spot, huh?”

They chatted about what tomorrow would bring. More fishing and breakfast outside and not missing home or work. The fire crackled and hissed hypnotically and after a tiring day Don peacefully drifted off.


The sun beat down on his exposed shoulders. He should have brought sunscreen. Soon it was dark and the water refreshingly chilled his ankles. White sand stretched along the edge of the pond and Don saw what looked like a tiki torch fluttering in a nearby patch of trees. He walked quietly realizing he was alone and naked. Branches laden with pine needles tickled his skin. Surrounding the flickering light was a circle of grey stones. A path led further towards more lights.

Marble top tables were placed around the small, kidney shaped swimming pool. A man and a woman were drinking from wine glasses and they looked at him. “She’s inside.” The man said pointing at the building’s entrance.

Wooden stairs led downward and the air was humid. Don heard hushed conversations and continued down the corridor. Under the tall archway, Don entered the room. He stared.

In the center, a naked woman was shackled to an overhead beam. Her blonde hair hung wetly. Her eyes showed terror. Clear spittle ran over the bright red ball gag, dripping onto her breasts. Purple nipples strained from the attached weights. The woman’s ankles were pushed apart wide by a spreader bar.

A dozen people sat in chairs watching. The tall, large breasted woman stood next to the tethered girl. The devilish cat-o-nine tails swished in the air and landed on her exposed derriere. Painful snakes gripped tender thighs and licked along back and shoulders. She shivered and whimpered from the lashing.

Don’s cock was hard. An unseen hand caressed his penis. He looked down at the man kneeling there.

“Mmm, you’ve got a nice cock. Very hard. She’ll like you. She needs to be fucked in the ass. That’s what they’ve come to see. Are you ready to perform?”

Don was astounded at this new predicament. Did they, or this man, expect Don to walk into the center of the room and ass fuck the submissive girl? He stepped into the light. Was that applause? No it just sounded like sheets rippling on a clothesline. casino firmaları The sound was persistent. Rhythmic. Scratching. Rustling.

Something wet touched the head of his glans. A mouth? Some type of lubricant? Don groaned as his cock hardened. The girl looked with pleading eyes. The ball gag was released and she gulped air. More scratching and rustling. He wished the incessant sound would go away.


The nocturnal erection pushed against Don’s boxer shorts. His eyes fluttered open. The rustling, rhythmic sound was two feet away. Dim moonlight filtered into the tent and Don slowly turned to see Tom lost in the pleasure of masturbation. Silently he watched Tom lick his lips and sip at the air. Carefully, Don propped onto an elbow and gazed lustfully at Tom’s fingers wrapped around his sizable hardon. He slowed the strokes and pulled the sensitive foreskin back to expose the mushroomed cap. Don traced the outline of his imprisoned, throbbing cock and moaned softly startling Tom.

“Oh. I…uhh…I…just…” Tom muttered apologetically.

“Don’t stop my friend.”

“I…ugh…don’t want to.” he rasped, his imminent orgasm temporarily halted with someone watching. Fully aroused and unashamed Don knelt next to his prone friend. Boldly, his fingers closed around Tom’s grip. Grasping harder, Don moved their fingers in unison, milking the towering shaft. Tom groaned.

“So. What…or who…were you thinking of?”

“Ohh shit. Umm…Claire. She…umm…gives the b-best hand jobs ever. I mean…” Tom slowly relinquished his grip allowing Don the freedom to handle his manhood. The transition of changing hands was not awkward, in fact quite natural. Fascinated, Don moved the slippery foreskin back and forth. Covering and uncovering Tom’s throbbing head.

“God, you’re hard as a rock. Love this extra skin. You’ve got such a great cock.” Don whispered. Tom flexed his hips. Don’s words were stroking his ego and he moved to kneel between Tom’s muscular, outstretched legs.

“Hmm. Guess I’ll have to be Claire tonight. Tell me, what does she do that’s so different? The best?” Don’s grip tightened, his other hand palming Tom’s heavy balls. He squeezed knowing what he liked best.

“Ugh. Ohh. Fuck…s-she…you know, brings me right to the edge. Right to the brink and then lets go…teasing…and…” Tom sighed deeply güvenilir casino while Don’s thumb caressed the pulsating underside. “She…umm…uses this great oil. I…uhh. Ohh!”

Don felt powerful. In control rhythmically stroking the bloated penis. Tom’s cock was like warmed steel and Don released the beast, hearing it plop back onto Tom’s belly.

“Does she tease you like that?”

“Yes oh yes. Please…please…I want to cum. So bad.”

“Hmm…I can see how she’d like that…hearing you beg.” grasping the rigid pole, moving the pliable skin up and down eliciting another deep groan from his friend.

“Don’t stop. Please don’t…”

Nimble fingers encircled Tom’s swollen ball sack, erotically pulling. Don painted the silky pre-cum along his oversensitive frenulum. Tom sighed, his breathing labored and ragged. Don’s tireless wrist pumped faster, masturbating the blood engorged staff with urgency. Every sinew of the prone young man went rigid. A thick rope of white cum erupted, splattering onto Tom’s stomach.

“Ohh! Arghh…ohh…ohh!”

Don relished the feel of Tom’s cock strained at it’s full height and the semen ejaculating through hidden, prominent veins. A warm dollop oozed onto Don’s thumb. Slowing his strokes, Don milked the cock, emptying Tom who rasped and mumbled incoherently.

The unexpected thrill had Don in total arousal. His boxer’s were smeared with leakage and quickly doffed the cumbersome material. He needed no foreplay or teasing, palming his enormous hardon. Nimble fingers now turned attentively to his swollen balls and self-pleasure.

Don orgasm burst in seconds, jism poured from his spongy head, covering the pleasing fingers and soft mat of pubic hair. Don bellowed ecstatically from the intense release, not ashamed in the least while jerking off in the presence of Tom. The scent of male essence permeated the tent’s interior. Don lewdly spread gooey cum over his slowly deflating penis, sighing in the afterglow.

“Wow. That was…really hot…” Tom muttered, propped on elbows staring at Don’s heaving chest and exposed, satisfied genitals.

“Ohh. Yess. So…hot…yes…” he whispered, mesmerized, happily surprised by the spontaneous sexual act they’d shared. With shaky legs, Don plopped onto his sleeping bag. Tom innocently touched his thigh then reached to fondle Don’s softening cock.

Alone in the woods. Naked. Don’s libido suddenly went into overdrive. The possibilities seemed endless. He wanted more and apparently Tom felt the same. Don’s balls stirred.

~To Be Continued~

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