Can I Suck Your… Ch. 01

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Please note that this was my first gay experience that happened a few years ago so I will do my best in remember the events. The names of the people have been changed for privacy issues. Thank-you.

Kevin and I had been friends for over 10 years. We grew up together playing the same sports, going through the same experiences, and although we didn’t go to the same school, we hung out with each other at least three times a week. We were the best of friends and there was never an awkward moment between us……

Until one December night.

We were watching T.V. in his basement and just chatting. There was one of those silent moments where no one really says anything. At that point, he asked me one question that nearly knocked me out of my chair.

“Can I suck your cock?” Kevin asked me.

I looked at him like he had two heads. While I was picking my jaw up off the floor, I wasn’t really sure what to say. I had never thought of having sex with a man and the thought made me feel uncomfortable. He was looking casino şirketleri at me waiting for an answer when I just said the first (and normal) thing that any straight guy would say.

“What the hell are you talking about?!?! You’re joking!!!” I said.

“No, I’m not. I’m serious. I really want to suck your cock and I would like you to suck me off. I’ve always pictured it and I want you.”

I have to admit this now: I was really turned on. I had no idea why but I had the craving for a nice, thick, hard cock to be in my mouth. I was picturing it while looking at him and I wanted it badly.

“Sure, but you have to let me suck you off first.” I told him eagerly.

At that point, he undid his pants and pulled out his rock hard 7” dick while lying on his bed. There was a ton of precum all over the head and I couldn’t wait to lick it all off. He was holding it at the base and playing with his balls, just trying to get me horny and he didn’t have to do it because I was already there.

I went casino firmaları between his legs and held his thick cock in my hand. I had my right hand stroking the shaft and my left caressing his balls. I leaned over the head and slowly dropped down on it. I licked the top of his rod dry and had my first taste of him. Honestly, it tasted amazing and my own penis was fully erect.

After getting him warmed up, I took his whole cock in my mouth. I nearly gagged but I was enjoying every bit of his 7 inches. While having his cock in my mouth, I continued to fondle his sack. His moaning was turning me on even more which meant I would suck him harder. I started to stroke him while sucking him. I could feel his cock bulging and by the way he was screaming, he loved every bit of it. I took my left hand from his balls and placed a finger in his ass. At that point, he screamed with pleasure.

“Oh…..Please fuck my ass with your finger!!!”

Let truth be told, I didn’t have to be told twice. I slid my finger in güvenilir casino and out of his tight ass and I loved it. I sucked his cock harder and harder while penetrating his bung hole faster and faster. I looked up into his eyes while doing this and he could no longer hold it.

He shot his load of cum in my mouth and I tried to swallow as much as I could. Some of it leaked out down my chin and around the corners of my mouth. I took my finger that was stroking his cock, wiped it off, and put the remaining bit in my mouth. I savored every last drop.

Kevin looked at me with a blank face, not knowing what to say. He was breathing like he had just run the Boston Marathon and he was shaking a little bit.

“Was that alright?” I asked.

“You suck some great cock. Man, I would love for you to do that to me again sometime.” Kevin said, in between breaths.

At this point, I really didn’t want a blowjob from him. I was already satisfied by having him inside my mouth and I knew that we would have more opportunities in the future.

After doing the business, we just watched a movie and I went home. That night, I masturbated thinking about his juicy cock in my mouth again. I knew that we would do it again and I would not have to wait long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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