Candy Pt. 04

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After the way Nikki and Candy enjoyed the strapon play, I decided to go shopping before our next party. I bought a thicker, longer dildo for the strapon, a second harness, and a double dong. I also got out the one that straps to my face.

I showed them to Candy. “I think Nikki might have the makings of a real size queen,” I said.

“What do you mean?”

“I think she might get into bigger and bigger toys.”

“You want to stick bigger and bigger toys into her,” she laughed.

I did too. “We’ll see. Anyway, this one’s a step in that direction.” I picked up the double dong. “I thought the two of you might like playing with this.”

Her eyes got wider, then so did her smile. “I might want to use that with you, too.”

That was an exciting idea.

She looked at the face strapon. “You know I like that thing a lot.”

“No more than I do,” I said.

“We should play with it more often.”

“No time like the present.”

“Oh? Strap it on, and let’s get it on, like Donkey Kong.”

“You mean donkey dong.”

We both laughed.

She slid the straps over my head and left the dildo dangling around my neck. Meanwhile, I unsnapped her jeans and pulled them and her thong down. She stepped out of them. I knelt before her and pressed my face against her shaved pussy, nuzzling it, inhaling deeply. Clasping her muscular ass with both hands, I pulled her to me and rubbed my whole face into her crotch. Extending my tongue, I licked at her pussy lips. They were closed together and dry, but I separated them with the tip of my tongue and found a hint of moisture within as I pressed upward bursa escort to the pearl of her clit.

She inhaled deeply.

We continued like that for a few moments. Her hand rested on my head. I pulled her against my face, savoring her deliciousness, spreading and wetting her, preparing her for penetration. Our movements became more vigorous. She lost her balance and lurched forward. Her pubic bone crashed against my face. She caught herself by clutching at my head and putting a foot forward.

Steadying herself and me, she pushed my head away. “Let’s go to the bed,” she said.

In the bedroom, she adjusted the dildo’s elastic straps. It now jutted forward from my chin. Then she lay back on the big bed, legs spread, labia also spread invitingly.

I crawled up between her legs. First I simply laid the dildo across the top of her pussy and slid it back and forth. It flopped upward against my face, and I used my face to push it against her.

Soon she raised her knees and tilted her pelvis upward, The dildo was now sliding between the spread, wet lips of her pussy. I sensed her squirming a little beneath me and realized she was reaching for lube on the nightstand. She pressed my head back with one hand and smeared lube over the dildo with the other, then wiped the rest of it onto her pussy.

“Now,” she whispered. “Put it in now.”

I did. Arching my neck back to angle the tip, and using one hand on her and the other on the dildo, I slid it gently in.

“Oh!” Her breath caught. “Yesss.”

I rolled my head backward and forward, sliding the dildo a little farther in a little at bursa escort bayan a time, until I reached my goal: on each inward stroke I was able to slash her clit with my tongue.

“Oh, fuck yes,” she said. “Yes, yes, yes. Lick it! Lick my clit like that. Stick me with that plastic fuck stick! Lick it and stick it. Fuck me with your fucking face! Oh, oh, oh, oh… Pound my pussy with that plastic jackhammer!”

She rocked up into me and I rolled down into her. My neck got sore. I grabbed her ass and pulled her to me in rhythm. Then all her muscles tightened. She bucked uncontrollably. Her pussy walls clenched on the dildo. I jabbed and licked, riding and rolling with her orgasm until she fell limp. With the dildo fully inside her, I licked gently, tickling her clit with my tongue tip until she pushed my head away.

I crawled up to lie beside her on my back. The dildo jutted upward from my chin, and my erect and neglected cock jutted firmly upward too.

After a few moments rest, she raised herself up onto her knees. Turning to face my feet, she straddled me and guided the dildo into her wet and open pussy. The puckered rosebud of her asshole loomed invitingly above me. She lowered herself. The dildo bottomed out inside her. Her meaty ass pressed down on me. I plunged my tongue into the rosebud, pressing, licking, tasting. She stayed pressed down on my face. I opened my mouth. My chin movements wiggled the dildo inside her. I engulfed her asshole with an open-mouthed kiss, and sucked, and sucked at it. I pulled at the rubbery muscle ring with my lips, and slathered my tongue all over it, and then escort bursa into it.

“Oh, yes,” she said again. “Eat my asshole! Eat it like you mean it!” She was squirming and rocking on my face.

She poured more lube into one of her hands. I felt the cool slickness on my cock as she began to pump me. Her other hand joined in. She rocked back and forth, working the dildo in and out of her pussy, and my tongue in and out of her ass. Her hands slid up and down my cock in time. A wet foam gathered around the base of the dildo, and I gathered tastes of it with my tongue. My whole face grew damp with sweat and sex juice. My cock bobbed and twitched. For a short while I held back, but the erotic stimulation was too much and I felt the orgasmic rush. Cum spouted from my cock, fountaining in the air and spattering my belly.

Candy wasn’t done. Clutching my shriveling cock like a handle, she bounced and rocked. My head was bouncing on the bed, my face working into her asscrack, my tongue plunging deeper and deeper into her asshole. Her muscles twitched and another gush of fluid escaped around the dildo to run across my mouth and down over my neck. She rode the orgasm out and collapsed sideways.

I turned with her. With a little adjustment I was lying with her thigh as a pillow. The end of the dildo rested inside her. Her head was on my thigh also.

We rested like that briefly, then she moved her head and began licking my belly, lapping up the cum that pooled and dripped there.

To finish, she turned and knelt above me again, gazing into my eyes. With closed lips she kissed the tip of the dildo, then eased it off my chin with her hands. I stared up at her and opened my mouth. She drooled a long string of sticky cum onto my tongue and down my throat. Then, eyes locked on mine, she lowered her face to give me an open-mouthed kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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