Captured Business Woman

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Two years ago I was on a business trip and I was captured by a Dominate and sold at a Slave Auction. My name is Jasmine Miller and at the time of the story, I was a 26 year old with a great petit body, blond hair and a baby face. I look much younger than my age. I was at the end of my business trip, I was about 200 miles away from my home city, and was looking to relax.

I had been married for less than a year and thought I would spice it up by going to an Adult Bookstore and buying my husband, Jerry, a gift. I found the location and drove to the Adult Bookstore and parked in the store’s parking lot. I sat in my car for about 10 minutes while I got up the nerve to go inside. When I entered the store, I saw a young female Sales Clerk, 3 men and two other women. None looked to agreeable. Well, I shouldn’t say that.

The Sales Clerk was a real looker who when I entered said, “Hi, my name is Meagan. Can I help you?”

I walked up to counter, leaned over it and said to Meagan in a soft voice, “I thought I would get a gift for my husband. You know, to “spice things up.” Do you have a suggestion?”

She replied, “Men love a Slave Girl Role Playing. You know, it’s very kinky and hot. I can help you, follow me.”

I followed her trying not to notice everyone in the store watching me.

As she led me to a display, she said, “You should probably start to get into the character now. Address me as “Mistress.”


Meagan turned to me and said, “Call me Mistress or leave.”

It was so embarrassing and humiliating, but I replied, “Mistress, please help me be a good Slave.”

“That’s better. You must obey all commands.”

Why I said that I don’t know. Perhaps it was because I was always “in charge” and needed to let go.

She asked me, “What is your name Slave?”


Meagan chose a Collar and leash, handcuffs, leg irons, a strap to go around my middle, chains to connect all the restrains, a ball gag and a paddle.

She said, “This will do to start. You and your husband can add to your collection later.”

I said, “I just wanted one gift.”

Megan responded, “You need this, I can tell.”

And, for some reason, I agreed. I could tell Meagan was enjoying this and that she was thinking of something.

After a moment, she said, “We should see how it all looks on you. Strip little Slave.”

I said, “What? Out here?”

Meagan, “Yes Slave Jasmine. Obey all commands, remember. And call me Mistress.”

I looked around, and all were watching me.

I thought for a moment, and then said to Meagan, “Yes Mistress. I will obey.”

And I took my clothes off and soon I was standing, in the store naked in front of 6 strangers.

Meagan had a big smile on her face and she said, “Damn girl, you are something. I may just keep you for myself.”

I smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Then she proceeded to put all the gear on me. I was collared and leashed, my hands cuffed, my ankles put in the leg irons, chains connected to all, and a leash on my collar. And with the middle strap on and connected to the cuffs, I could not move much. I was at the mercy of Meagan and anyone else.

She then led me up by the counter and said to the other customers, “Isn’t she just precious?”

One of the guys said, “Hard to say from this far away, bring her closer.”

Meagan said, “Why sure Sir.”

And started to lead me to him but I held back, that is when one of the women customers slapped my ass and said, “Obey Slave. Move!”

When we got to the man who spoke, Meagan said, “Please, go ahead, feel her up. Touch any part of her.”

He reached out and rubbed my left breast. Then he lean over, sucked on my right nipple while he rubbed my mound. Soon he started to finger me and I got wet.

He stopped and said, “She’s getting wet. What a Slut.”

Meagan led me bahis firmaları to each customer and let them feel me all over. To tell the truth, it was a rush.

She then brought me back to the front and said, “Would any of you like my Slave to suck on your dicks.”

All three men stepped forward, but the woman who slapped my ass, said, “Me first guys. The little bitch can eat my cunt.”

I had never gone down on a woman before.

And I said “No. I won’t do that.”

Meagan grabbed me and dragged me to a chair. She sat down, pulled me over her knees and spanked me hard 20 times. Then the woman who slapped my ass earlier, brought over a paddle and used it on me. I was crying and begging them to stop.

Meagan said, “Now Slave, will you behave and obey all orders.”

I said, “Yes. I will obey Mistress.”

Meagan pushed me off her lap and said to me, “Stay right there Slave.”

Meagan than stood up and said to the two women, “If you would like my Slave to eat you, sit here.”

The first woman sat in the chair and Meagan said to me, “Slave, you will eat both of their pussies and make them come. And then you will suck the cocks of the three men. Understand Slave.”

I as beaten down and said, “Yes Mistress.”

I serviced both women and sucked off all three of the men with Meagan holding my head so I had to swallow.

Then Meagan said to the customers, “Ok, bring your purchases to the front. The store is closing.”

None of the customers bought anything and they left.

Meagan locked the door and turned to me and said, “Now my Slave, it is just us.”

She walked up to me, started to finger me and asked, “Does anyone know you came here?”

I said, “No”

Meagan, “And you’re from out of town?”

I said, “Yes. Why?”

Meagan, “Good, you’re coming with me.”

Meagan took a bunch of photos of me and copied my DL. She then sat on chair and said, “Now Slave Jasmine, eat my pussy.”

I walked over to her and did as ordered. After I brought her to two orgasms, we both stood up and she left me standing there, rang up my purchases and closed down the store.

She called someone but I couldn’t hear what she said. Meagan put all my cloths and purse in a bag. And said, “Well, we’re all set.”

And she started to lead me out the door.

I said, “Meagan, I’m naked. I can’t go like this.”

To that, she said, “Yes Slave, you will.”

And she forced me through the door.

As she locked the door, she said, “It will be a few moments, a friend is coming.”

A number of people walked by and stared at me. It was so embarrassing but also very exciting. Soon the friend showed up.

Meagan said, “Hey Doris.”

“Hey Meagan, is this the Slave Girl.”

“Yes, pretty isn’t she.”

When Doris reached me, she kissed me hard, fondled me and fingered me. And Meagan got it all on her phone.

Meagan then handed Doris my car keys and said, “Follow us.”

Meagan led me to her car and sat me down it in.

I asked, “Where are you taking me?”

Meagan said, “You’ll find out Slave.”

We soon stopped in front of a beauty salon. Meagan got out, walked around and let me out of her car. Doris drove up and parked. Meagan then led me inside.

A voice said, “Hey Meagan. Hey Doris. Who’s this?”

Meagan, “Hey, Sherry. This is my new Slave, Jasmine.”

Sherry, “What do you want done?”

Meagan , “I want her clean shaven. And her hair styled. Make her look as young as you can. We’re going to get her some new clothes.”

She then turned to me and said, “Slave Jasmine. Obey Sherry or else.”

She and Doris walked out the door and Sherry locked the door and said, “No one else in here.”

She led me to the back, the bondage gear was removed and I was ordered to sit in a chair. When I did, I was laid back, my arms were strapped kaçak iddaa down and my legs put into stirrups, and strapped into place. I was now totally exposed and vulnerable. Sherry proceeded to shave me and when she was done, she ate my pussy but did not bring me off. It was so frustrating, to be so hot and not be able to do anything about it. I begged.

I said, “Please, let me come.” Sherry said, “Not yet sweetie.”

She then styled my hair. When it was done and I looked into a mirror, I could not believe what I was seeing. With my hair in pig tails, I looked like I was 18.

I said, “WOW.”

And Sherry said, “I did good, didn’t I.”

By this time, Meagan and Doris were back. I was let out of the chair, dressed in a school girl outfit and all the bondage gear was put back on me.

Meagan paid the bill, with one of my credit cards, and said to Sherry, “Thanks Sherry.”

Who said, “Bring her back to me.”

Meagan led me back to her car, put me in, got in and said, “Here’s the deal, Jasmine. I have photos of your day and everything you have done. I have copied your DL and I have all your contact info. I own you now, understand, you are my Slave now.”

I said, “Yes Mistress.”

She then drove to her home with Doris following in my car. On the way, we stopped. I was left in the car while Meagan and Doris cleaned out my car of everything in it. Meagan then placed the keys on the seat.

When they came back to her car and got in, I asked, “What are you doing with my car?”

Meagan said, “You’re not going need it anymore. It will be gone by morning.”

I was shocked and wondering what was happening. Now I had a Mistress but part of me was excited by the idea.

When we got to Meagan’s apartment, we went inside and she said, “You look like a little girl now. Maintain the look Slave.”

I just said, “Yes Mistress.”

We spend the rest of the evening with me licking both of Meagan’s and Doris’s pussies. And getting fucked by them with a dildo or a strap-on. Around Midnight, Meagan took me to a spare room and tied me to the bed.

She said, “Get some sleep Slave.”

The next morning, I was taken to a bathroom and told to shower. Then, Meagan brought me some forms to fill out. One was to my employer, my resignation letter and the other was to my husband, telling him I was leaving him. I was so beaten down that I signed both.

At noon, Meagan said, “Slave, we are going out.”

And she dressed me in the school girl outfit and all the bondage gear. On the way she said, “We’re going to make your Slavery legal today.”

I said, “What do you mean?”

She said, “You’ll find out.”

We arrived at the location and went we walked in Meagan said, “This is a Slave Grading and Auction.”

I had never heard of such a thing.

We walked to the desk and Meagan said to the girl at the desk, “I would like to have my Slave Graded.”

The girl said, “Yes Ma’am, fill out this form, please.”

I was numb and was just looking around. I was soon led to a room where my whole body was measured and photographed. I was assigned a Slave Number and it was tattooed to my scalp just above the hair line. I was branded with a small Slave Mark on my left buttocks. I was told that all the information and photos were to be downloaded into the data base. When everything was completed, I was Registered and Certified. I was now a legal Slave. I was Meagan’s Slave.

Meagan showed me her hard copies of my Slave papers.

The then hugged me and said, “I’m sorry. I had planned on keeping you but you will bring a huge price at the Auction.”

I was shocked. I said, “You’re going to sell me? After ruining my life?”

She said, “Yes I am Slave.”

And I was led to the stage by a woman by the leash. The Slaves up for auction were paraded around the stage.

When it was my turn to be sold, the kaçak bahis Announcer said, “And here we have something special. Just look at this Slave. She is 24 but looks like she’s 18. She is guaranteed to be STD free and not be pregnant.” As I was being paraded around the stage, I was put into different poses. And the bids kept going up and finally, the Announcer said, “Going once, going twice, sold to Buyer 912, an anonymous buyer.”

I was floored by how much I brought. I was lead away and put into a crate, and my chains were attached to eyebolts on the inside.

The woman leading me said, “As soon as we receive payment, you will be on your way to your new Owner. Try to relax.”

I thought, “Fat chance of that.” I was still not believing what was happening to me. The crate door was closed and I heard a lock being put on the door. Then I felt the crate being lifted and it was moving. I could not hear anything, only muffled sounds. At one point, it felt like the crate was being lifted higher and placed onto something.

I thought I heard a motor start and then, it felt like we were moving. At some point I fell asleep and the next thing I knew, the crate was being lifted and set down. The door was opened and my chains released. I was helped out of the crate. When my eyes had adjusted, I looked around and saw the biggest mansion I had ever seen.

I thought, “Uh, is this for real?”

I was led to the house and an older lady was there who said, “Welcome, New Slave. What is your name?”

“Jasmine, what is going on?”

“I am Sharon, the Mistress’s Slave Overseer.”

I said, “Wait, is this for real? There’s been a mistake. I don’t belong here. Take me back.”

Sharon said, “That is impossible Slave Jasmine. Here you are and here you will stay. Take her to the dungeon.”

I was led inside and as I was being guided, a new voice said, “Hold.”

And all stopped. A very beautiful woman appeared and said, “Is there a problem Sharon with this Slave?”

Sharon said, “No Mistress, the Slave Jasmine claims this was a mistake.”

Mistress, “Oh, follow me.”

I was led into a sitting room and was seated next to the beautiful woman.

She said, “Tell me about it.”

So, I told her my story. She listened and then said, “Interesting. But you did obey Meagan didn’t you. You were her Slave weren’t you.”

“Yes, I did but I didn’t know she could sell me.”

Mistress said, “Well, I have your Slave papers right here. You were Meagan’s Slave and now you are mind. Here you are and here you will stay.”

I said, “But, I had a life, I have a husband.”

She said, “These other women that had dominated you, did you enjoy. Answer truthfully.”

I said, “Well yes. It was great. First Meagan at the Adult Bookstore and then Sharon.”

“Well, here you will serve me. I am very good to my Slaves; I treat my Slaves very well indeed. Not like some Dominates do. Some are very hard core, they like to give pain. I don’t.”

She went on, “You are here, and you cannot leave. Make the most of it and serve me with all your heart and soul Slave Jasmine.”

She looked straight into my eyes and I nodded.

She said, “Get on your knees Slave Jasmine and beg me to except you as my Slave.”

Since I could see I had no choice, I got on my knees and said, “What is your name Mistress?”

“My name is Marlene.”

“Thank you Mistress.” I continued, “Mistress Marlene, please except this Slave in your Service. I will be a good Slave.”

“Very good, take her to my bedroom.”

And so, what started out as a lark, turned into Slavery. I have been in Mistress Marlene’s service for 3 years now. Mistress is a wealthy lesbian and can afford to take care of her Slaves. She treats me well; I sleep with her most nights. I am the only Slave she uses for sex and pleasure. All the others are for labor. I am lent to her friends for parties and such, for entertainment. I am well cared for and Mistress protects me. I serve Mistress with all my heart. I do miss Jim and wonder what he is doing. But this is my life now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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