Cari’s First

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Even though Cari was still a virgin at 18, she knew that she absolutely loved sex. She planned on having a life filled with sexual adventure. She daydreamed constantly about sex. She wanted to try everything there was to try, and she wanted to start this process soon. As much as she enjoyed masturbation, she knew it was time to find other people to share her horniness with.

In fact, Cari masturbated so often that she sometimes found it hard to get anything else done. Sometimes for three or four hours a day, she’d play with herself. Even at work, she’d sneak off to be alone to relieve some of the burning she felt from her young and eager pussy. And when she was alone at home, she pulled out all of the stops. Her favorite thing to do was to climb onto her bathroom sink counter, and fuck herself with her toys. She loved to watch herself, to watch the toys slip into her cunt, to see how the juices seeped out when she penetrated herself. She really had no inhibitions; she began to suck on her dildo after it had been inside of her, and really loved her taste, and it just made her hotter to know she was doing something that so many people would find obscene. She even began playing with her puckered asshole. She saw it in the mirror and loved the way it looked. The fist time she touched it with her smallest vibrator, she nearly passed out from the sensation. She knew that when the time was right, she’d make some men very happy by giving them her hot ass.

Cari could not deny it. She found herself to be very sexy. The countertop masturbation sessions went on for hours at a time. She loved the way she looked; she loved the curves of her body, and the soft feel of her skin. She loved the way she looked and smelled when she came. She loved it all so much; she just knew that she needed to find another sexy girl to play with.

This new determination kept Cari horny constantly. There were so many hot looking girls in her classes, she stayed wet all day just thinking of what she would like to do to them. Still, weeks went by and she was not able to make herself come on to a girl, as much as she wanted to. Finally though, something wonderful happened. In one class, the professor paired up students to work on a project together. Cari’s partner bedava bahis was to be Julie, one of the girls she had been fantasizing about.

Julie was, like Cari, 18, though it was hard to believe. She was a petit redhead. She had great curves for her frame and the results were impressive. Her breasts swelled perfectly inside of her sweaters and blouses, and her flat stomach flowed into beautifully lined hips and a perfect apple of an ass. In spite of her curves, Julie looked very young. She wore very little make up. She didn’t need to. And she would often wear her hair in a disarray of various pigtails, pointed any which way off of her head. It all gave her a very fresh look She looked to Cari like a girl who could be a freshman in high school, not college.

All day Cari had been even more turned on than usual, and more than a little nervous. Julie was coming over that night to work on their assignment. She wanted so bad to get her mouth on that girl’s pussy. She knew it was risky, but just the though of Julie’s firm body made Cari’s cunt gush, so she would take the chance.

On this night Julie wore an outfit that made her look particularly young and slutty. It was the classic, nearly cliché, schoolgirl outfit; thigh-high white stockings, green and blue plaid skirt, and a very tightly fitting white blouse. The black lace bra was easily seen through the material of the blouse. Cari gasped when Julie came in. She had to remind herself that the girl was her own age; so she didn’t feel guilty that she was about to seduce someone who seemed SO young.

With her mind made up, it became very easy to flirt with Julie. The first thing she did was to compliment her outfit.

“That is a very hot outfit, Julie. You look like an older man’s wet dream.”

Julie giggled, “Yeah, I like to play it up. I know how young I look. It freaks a lot of these college boys out, but older men love it. Once they find out that I look like this, but I’m legal AND like to fuck, well I can get anything from them.”

This actually made Cari blush. Any conversations she had had before this with Julie were only about schoolwork. To have their friendship jump ahead that fast made her feel very at ease. She giggled bedava bonus back at Julie and said they should get to work.

The project was going well. They took turns at the computer, typing their different parts. They worked well together. Then something happened that made Cari wonder just who was going to seduce whom. She left Julie at the computer while she was in the bathroom, and then in the kitchen making them a snack. When she came back, Julie seemed a little flushed, and she definitely had undone the two top buttons on her blouse. The sexy black lace bra was clearly visible to Cari now.

“I have a confession to make,” Julie said. ” I was tired of typing, so I started wandering around your hard drive. I found this.” She clicked a button and a picture popped on the screen of two beautiful women in a passionate kiss, their tongues playing together.

Cari was a little embarrassed; she thought Julie would hate her for the pictures. Instead Julie asked, “Have you ever done that, Cari? I mean with another girl?”

Again Julie’s frankness and gentleness put Cari at ease. “No I’ve never been with another person at all. I just really like to play with myself.”

“Oh, me too! Masturbation can be so great,” Julie answered. “But I have to have some cock too, I just need to feel that penetration. One time though, I was with another girl. I loved it, even though the whole thing was really strange.”

“How was it strange?” Cari asked.

“I was with one of the older men I mentioned, he’s a widower, and we were at his house, fucking like crazy. It was the middle of the day so we were just in the living room; he had me bent over the arm of the sofa, doing me from behind. I looked up and noticed his daughter was staring at us. At first I freaked out, but her dad just said ‘Hi Sweetie’ to her and kept pounding me. She just took off her clothes and walked right up to me. I was scared, but she put her pussy right up to my mouth and I went for it. She tasted so sweet that I couldn’t stop. That afternoon the three of us did everything. Watching him ass fuck his own daughter was the most intense thing I’ve ever seen. I got so turned on that I ate his cum out of her ass.”

Cari was stunned to deneme bonusu silence during the story, but finally was able to respond by saying “Shit that is hot!”

Julie giggled, “I can see you REALLY liked hearing that.”

Cari was so turned on that she had pulled up her skirt and was stroking her cunt without realizing it. The look on Julie’s face said she did not mind, so Cari laughed back. “Yeah, I really need to get off Julie.” She continued playing.

“Oooh Cari, that is so hot, I need to get off too.” With that Julie took down the last of her buttons and removed her blouse. Then she raised her skirt as well showing black panties that matched the bra. She started to rub her cunt through the material, but then pleased Cari by taking off the panties and bra, standing there fully naked. This petit girl was so hot, and so confident. Cari continued rubbing herself with her hand in her panties.

Julie stepped toward Cari and grabbed her wrists. She then lifted Cari’s hand out of her panties and to her mouth. Julie licked Cari’s cunt juiced from her fingers, and then kissed her deeply, moving them to the bedroom. Their tongues played as they shared the juices from Cari’s hot pussy. The nervousness had left and there was only passion as Julie removed Cari’s panties and began to eat her. She must have come three times, each with much intensity, as Julie teased her clit and explored with her tongue.

They kissed again, for a long time, as they caressed and fondled each other’s bodies. The feelings overwhelmed Cari; she thought she might cry from happiness. She wanted to make Julie come. She moved down between Julie’s legs. She stopped to admire how lovely this pussy was. It was shaven, except for a small patch of red hair. The lips were very puffy and swollen. It was dotted with beads of moisture. With her first lick and taste of another pussy, Cari knew that women would always be a part of her sexual exploration.

The softness, the beauty, and the smells that she loved so much in her own body were there in Julie, only slightly different. The smell and taste of Julie’s cunt was different from her own, but they were both amazing. She wondered how other women tasted, and couldn’t wait to find out. She ate Julie over and over, savoring every minute, bringing her off again and again. She then crawled up and kissed Julie again with deep, lustful kisses. Finally, Cari fell back onto the bed, exhausted, and drifted to sleep holding on to her new lover.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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