Carmen Ch. 04: Trust Me

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Pt. IV – Trust me

Carmen and I stumbled down the hall and finally reached the bedroom door. She caught my eye, “You know, tomorrow you can blame the alcohol if you want.” Carmen stated with a sly smile.

“I could but I won’t” I laughed. “I know exactly what I’m doing. Alcohol may have helped open this door, but I’m walking through it with my eyes wide open. No regrets.”

“I told you we would get along just great” Carmen said as she took my hand. She smiled that crooked smile again, “Not to worry, I’m rather into you and only want to go as far as you are willing. I don’t want to scare you off or anything. I just have this gut feeling you and I will enjoy each other. I just hope you are willing to let your guard down and just trust me.

“Stop talking,” I whispered, “I trust you.”

“Good, follow me.” She said and took my hand. We walked into my bedroom. I kind of giggled when we walked through the door. I had forgotten about my clean clothes on the floor from earlier.

“I’m such a mess” I exhaled with a slight smile.

“I didn’t exactly help. I.. umm.. kind of threw you off earlier by coming up here unannounced” Carmen mused.

“I was in a bit of a hurry to get ready when you came up” I said sheepishly. I was turning red again.

Carmen saw I was a little embarrassed and ran her hand across my cheek, adjusting that damn strand of hair again. I could feel myself melting from her gentile touch. My legs were weak. My head was still spinning from her being so close again. I could see the playfulness in her eyes. I knew I was in trouble. I was falling for her.

Her gentile touch made me feel surprisingly sure of myself again. I just trusted her. I was in my home away from home and I wanted her to stay with me forever. I felt so torn, I wanted her to devour me, do whatever she wanted, but I was trying to hide my eagerness. She made me feel so special, like she had been a part of me I’d lost somewhere and found again. It was all so overwhelming, but excitingly peaceful too. My head was fuzzy.

I found myself at the edge of the bed. Carmen leaned forward and kissed me tenderly. I gave into her touch. I was in trouble. So much trouble, I kissed her back. She leaned in closer, making me lay back against the bed. I felt her perfect breasts against mine. My nipples were so hard, aching to be touched again.

Carmen must have read my mind. She cupped my breast squeezing me. A deep sigh escaped my lips and I heard her moan in reply. My own hands traveled down her sides and found her hips. I pulled her closer still, squeezing her ass. I could not believe how turned on I was. This was the first time I was being so intimate with another woman. My lust for her was taking over.

There were soft sighs and moans coming from the both of us. I was in heaven. I was letting her in. I was scared and so excited at the same time. My heart fluttered with pleasure and I could once again feel her Amsterdam Shemale smiling as we kissed. Her lips still tasted like cherries.

She finally pulled away slightly. “Are you sure you trust me Sam?” She asked in a very serious tone.

Without hesitation I answered her. “Yes, of course I do”.

“Good, then I’d like you to follow me” she said. She took hold of my hand, pulled me up and led me to the bathroom door. My head was swimming again. All I could do was stare at her beautiful skin, her ass in those tight jeans, as I followed her.

She turned on the light and released my hand. She walked into the bathroom, turned around and gave me that mischievous smile. She walked to the shower, pulled back the curtain and turned it on. She adjusted the temperature to her liking. Each time she bent over her jeans accentuated her perfect curves.

I was so giddy, not what I was expecting from the hallway to here. The thought of her naked and wet made my head fuzzy again. I was tingling all over.

Carmen tested the water one last time and walked back over to me. Her perky nipples mirrored my own. She was unbelievably sexy. My heart raced again.

“Sam, take off your jeans” she stated and reached forward to unzip them. Once done she slid her hands down the sides and I watched her as she let them fall to the floor. She looked back up at me and smiled. I was so comfortable with her and she knew it. My panties followed suit, and I stepped out of them both. I quickly removed my socks and stood naked in front of her.

I was vulnerable beyond belief but I pulled her close. I kissed her. I then removed her jeans as well. Only I surprised her. I watched her beautiful face, watched her eyes, as I felt her jeans drop to the floor. Instead of removing her panties, my hand slid down the front of them, slowly. I felt her warm flesh. She had recently shaved. I found her warm skin exhilarating. My hand cupped her soft mound, teasing her. I moved my hand under and over her smooth prize. She adjusted her legs slightly, and soft moans escaped her lips. I watched her closely, her eyes closed and she lightly bit her lip. I leaned forward and gently caressed her face with my other hand, not letting go of her prized flesh. Her kiss deepened. I could feel her body rock slowly with the rubbing of my hand.

“You are a tease” Carmen whispered “But I like it. I didn’t think you’d be the first one there.” She smiled.

“I’m full of surprises” I smirked.

Carmen stepped back, took off her panties and socks and stepped into the shower, pulling me with her. The water was warm. Just as I had thought, her wet skin turned me on even more. I saw the colors of her tattoos glisten under the water. So vibrant. I traced the one on her side with my fingertips. Carmen stifled a laugh, “Your piercings are really sexy when the water drips off your breasts. I was stuck staring for a moment. I had only seen them from a distance Rotterdam Shemale before.”

“Thank you,” I said and traced her tattoo down her side again. “I like your artwork.”

I moved closer to her and gently turned her body away from me. It seemed she trusted me as well. I ran my fingertips down her arms to her wrists. I moved her hands out in front of her against the wall. I watched the water pour through her dark hair, over her shoulders, and down her back. She kept her hands where I moved them.

I reached behind me and grabbed the soap. I gently washed her starting at her hands, running my fingers between her own. I rubbed up her arms and across her shoulders. I moved nice and slow. I could feel her body move when I tickled certain spots, and watched the bubbles run down her body, across over her ass and down her legs.

Carmen was silent except for the soft moans or deep sighs that escaped her lips. She was as still as she could be. I felt her slowly pushing herself back toward me, but kept her hands against the wall. I could tell she wanted more. She finally leaned back against me. Bubbles slid on to my own skin. I sighed deeply, enjoying the feel of her wet skin. She swayed her hips so her ass painted bubbled against the front of me.

My hands moved up across her sides to her breasts. My left hand stayed over her firm tit and my other hand moved downward. I moved ever so slowly back down her stomach, over her belly button, down further to her shaved skin and back to her mound. There were no longer any bubbles on our skin, just the warm water cascading down between our bodies. I cupped her flesh again, and felt her push her hips toward me. Her firm ass pressed against my own wet skin. My fingers found her wet slit. She sighed quietly and I felt her shift her weight, moving her legs so my hand could find what I was searching for. I couldn’t help but tease her. My fingers moved forward and back over her sweet prize. Carmen quickly wrapped her left hand around me, pulling me in. She had me.

“Stop teasing me” she pleaded, passion thick in her voice. My left hand tugged gently at her hard nipple. Another moan escaped her lips as I rolled her hard nipple between my fingers.

My body was reverberating with excitement, my own nipples as hard as hers. I held her close, again cupping her breast, squeezing her as water rushed over our skin. She moaned and a deep sigh of my own echoed hers.

Carmen squeezed my left hand. Her body swayed with the gentile pressure of my fingers. My right hand found her sensitive button, she moaned and inhaled quickly. I traced little circles across her swollen clit. Her left hand gripped hard at my side. I continued to play with her button and dipped a finger into her, alternating with rubbing her clit and fingering her. I finally found the rhythm, my fingers entered her and my thumb rubbed her clitoris. Her body rocked faster and she grasped at my hand Netherlands Shemale held against her breast, pulling me against her harder. I squeezed her tit harder, following her lead. She leaned her head back and she began to pant.

I felt her passion rising. Her moans and quick gasps becoming steady. I knew she was close, her honey pot dripped with desire. I kept a steady pace. Her right hand took hold of my wrist, holding my arm close, assuring me to keep going. Her sounds of pleasure were echoed by my own. I was so turned on, knowing she was quickly peaking. There was no chance I was stopping now.

She turned back to me, she moved fast. She kissed me again. I gave a quick pause, to re-adjust to her new position. She stepped back against the wall and quickly pulled me close. Her kiss was intoxicating. She gently brought my right hand up to her lips and kissed my fingertips. Carmen then moved my hand back to her pussy. My fingers began dancing again. She was so wet and my head was dizzy with desire. She kissed me deeper, and pulled me closer still. I could taste her sex, her desire. So lovely. So undeniably… her.

“Please don’t stop” Carmen panted quietly, “oh…please…” she exhaled. She began to speak again, but I couldn’t let her. I thrust my tongue into her mouth again. She tasted so good. As I kissed her I slid my fingers into her finding her g-spot. I felt her body shudder again, her legs trembled.

“Oh… my… ” was all she could mumble before the orgasm stole her words. Her sounds of pleasure were so fulfilling. Her body spasmed and I kept my fingers dancing until she finally squeezed my wrists again, her fingers intertwining with mine.

She allowed her body to relax once more, then pulled me closer and kissed me softly. “I didn’t know that was going to happen so fast. It usually takes me a while to get to that point” she mused. Her cheeks were a nice pink, still flushed from her orgasm.

Carmen reached around me and grabbed the soap. “Your turn” she stated matter-of-factly.

“Who am I to argue?” I smirked. We caressed and kissed each other in the shower for what seemed to be for hours. Bubbles and more bubbles dripped across our wet skin.

The water temperature finally started to drop. That was our cue to get out. I was fascinated with her body. I didn’t give her that chance to get “a turn” as she had suggested. I was being greedy. I could not get enough of her gorgeous sleek skin.

We made sure there were no lingering bubbles and stepped out of the shower. Carmen got out first and handed me a towel. “Everything is glistening in here,” I mused, “I think it’s time to get out of this room.” I wrapped the towel around myself, opened the door and turned on the fan. “Wow, it’s a bit cooler out there.”

The cool bedroom was a little surprising. I felt my nipples harden again under my towel. I turned back to look at Carmen and saw her drape the towel around her own body. Once tucked snuggly between her firm breasts, she paused and looked back up at me.

“I’m sure we can fix that.” Carmen stated walking forward and once again took my hand in hers.


Part V coming soon. Thank you all for your support!

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