Catching a Thief

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I am watching my monitor and waiting for Aniyah’s knock, which is a little overdue. She may not know what this meeting is about, but she will find out soon enough. It is going to be very difficult for me to hide my smile from her, but my plans require me to have a very stern face. I just love this part of my job and have had similar meetings with many of the young women working for me for a very long time.

There is a knock on the edge of the open door and I look up to see her narrow frame, then say, “Come in, Aniyah, and close the door behind you.”

She looks confused by her invitation to my office, since this is the first time meeting with me, then mumbles, “Yes, Miss Thompson.”

I watch as she closes the door behind her and takes a seat. She is clearly nervous, but I know she has no idea why she is truly in this room. She starts to fidget with her fingers and bites her lower lip. My guess is, she thinks she’s on the verge of getting fired and, in all fairness, her work has not been up to par in months. I easily steel a glance at her chest and wonder just how small her tits are under her black shirt.

I maintain my stern face and ask, “Do you know why you’re here, Aniyah?”

Her eyes are almost as black as her hair and there is real fear in them, as she says, “No, Miss Thompson.”

I set the video to the right spot and turn the monitor towards her so she can see what I have been watching. Her chocolate colored face lightens just a little as she watches me press play. There is no doubt she is in my office uninvited and stealing several hundred dollars I purposely left out in the open. I know none of the young women that have been caught ever tell any of their co-workers about the price, since it never fails to entrap another.

Her face shows shock at first, then starts to lift slowly. Tears start to stream from her dark eyes and her mind is racing to try to find some way out of this. She needs this job and cannot afford to get fired, which is the same with every young woman I have shown video evidence of their theft.

She starts to cry a little harder, then says, “Please don’t fire me, Miss Thompson. I’m so sorry. It won’t happen again.”

I flash a much practiced anger in my eyes and say, “Fired! You’re damn right you’re fired. Hell, Aniyah, you’re not just fired. I’m calling the police and pressing charges. I hate thieves.”

She shakes her head and tears start to fall more quickly, then through sobs, says, “Please don’t call the police. I’ll pay you back, Miss Thompson. I promise, I’ll pay it all back.”

It is getting very hard to maintain my stern look, since I know what is coming next. I hold my tongue for quite a while and she gets more scared by the second. Her body is shaking and she is sobbing very hard now.

My voice is filled with anger, as I ask, “How the hell do you expect to pay me back? I know how much you make. And I can’t trust you to pay me back. You’re a damned thief. You belong in jail.”

The fear increases in her beautifully dark eyes and she places her elbows on the table. She brings her thin arms up and her hands come together tightly. I struggle hard to hide the grin that wants to overtake my lips, since I know what is coming.

She begs, “Please, Miss Thompson. I’ll do anything. Just please don’t call the cops.”

With just a hint of well-rehearsed anger, I ask, “How old are you, Aniyah?”

Through her sobs, she says, “Twenty, Miss Thompson.”

I nod and she is looking into my green eyes with just a touch of hope, then I say, “Well, you are still pretty young. Maybe you can still learn from your mistakes. I don’t know, though.”

She pleads, “I can learn. Just give me a chance. I don’t know how I’ll pay you back, but I will.”

I release the anger and replace it with just a hint of concern, then say, “Perhaps you can work it off.”

She smiles a little and her tears start to slow, then says, “I can. I’ll stay late, show up early, whatever it takes. I’ll make this up to you, Miss Thompson.”

I shake my head and say, “Sorry, Aniyah, right now there’s no overtime allowed for anyone and can’t have you legally work for free. How about you come over to my house tonight and I’ll have you work it off there. Deal?”

She smiles widely and the white of her teeth are a perfect contrast with her chocolate skin and purple lips, then says, “Deal, Miss Thompson. I’ll be there. Just tell me when and where and I’ll be there. I won’t let you down.”

I give a little smile and ask, “Did you drive today?”

She shakes her head and says, “No, Miss Thompson. I rode the bus.”

I maintain my smile and ask, “Do you have a car?”

She shakes her head again and says, “No, Miss Thompson.”

My smile fades just a hair and I ask, “Then how do you plan on getting to my house?”

She shrugs and says, “Uber, I guess, Miss Thompson.”

I shake my head and say, “No sense in spending money like that, Aniyah. I’ll take you after work and I can drive you home later. OK?”

She nods her head and says, “Thank you, Miss Thompson. I don’t you don’t have to be nice to casino şirketleri me, but thank you.”

My slight smile returns and I say, “You are quite welcome, Aniyah. Manners are a good sign. Maybe you really can learn from this.”

I hand her a tissue and she takes it between her chocolate fingers, then says, “You won’t regret this, Miss Thompson. I promise.”

She starts to dab the tears away from her eyes and I say, “I think you’re right, Aniyah. Now get back to work.”

She smiles broadly and gets up quickly. I guess she doesn’t want to take any chances I am going to change my mind about pressing charges. Several of the young women watch her leave and give knowing shakes of their head. In a pretext of wanting to close the door behind her, I get up and stare at her ass. There is not much sign of anything there, despite the tightness of her blue jeans. I close my door with the image burned firmly into my mind and know not one of the young women that are very aware of what’s going to happen will say anything to her. A grin crosses over my face that I no longer have to hide and I watch the video several times over. I may hate thieves, just like I told her, but they are very easy to blackmail into doing whatever I wish.

As time passes far too slowly for my taste, I come to an interesting realization. I have blackmailed young women from almost every race and on the verge of the final one. Thankfully, her skin is wonderfully dark for me to really enjoy what I have in store for her. I cannot wait to discover the secrets of her flesh in just a few short hours from now.

I stop the video and try to throw myself into my work to make the time move faster, but time moves even slower than before. The clock finally ticks to the time I have been anticipating and I grab my purse. I close the door behind me and don’t bother locking it. If any of the young women let themselves inside, then that will be an added bonus. I am tempted to leave a little cash on top of my desk, but change my mind at the last moment.

I walk up to Aniyah’s desk and ask, “Are you ready?”

She smiles and turns off her computer, then says, “Ready, Miss Thompson.”

We walk out to my car in silence and I open the door for her, which causes her to say, “Thank you, Miss Thompson.”

I smile and say, “You’re welcome, Aniyah. And at work, it’s Miss Thompson. Out here, just call me Susan.”

She smiles and says, “OK, Susan.”

I close the door and move to the other side with a great deal of control. I don’t want her to see just how excited I am. We make small talk on the drive to my house, but I don’t pay much attention to anything she is saying. I want her to be very relaxed in my presence so I can shock her later. I stop by some fast food burger joint, but I don’t even know which one. I order us both something to eat, since I have no intention of hunger interrupting my well-laid plans.

I arrive at my very secluded house and know there will be complete privacy for both of us. She looks at the surroundings in awe and I know she has never seen anything quite like this. Far too many people spend all their lives in those dreadful cities and never even see a landscape void of buildings and roads.

I stop the car and open my door, then say, “I just love it out here. There is nothing like the smell of the country air.”

She gets out of the car and says, “This place is amazing.”

I nod and say, “Nothing special about the house, but can’t beat the surroundings. No neighbors for miles around. Remember this, Aniyah. Distance makes for good neighbors.”

She is speechless as I look at her chocolate face and know I am very close. There is no hint of nervousness in her dark eyes. She is completely relaxed, which is by design. I can recall every young woman I’ve brought from this office and learned a great deal from past actions. Sure, even the first lead me to my desired state, but it was a very clumsy approach on my behalf.

I smile and ask, “How about we go inside and sit down for a little bit?”

She returns my smile and I have a hard time keeping my eyes off of her purple lips, then she says, “Sounds good, Susan.”

I lead her to my door and open it without bothering to unlock anything. I can feel her eyes on me and know she must think I’m crazy. Out here, I never have to worry about anyone breaking in, since it is too far off the beaten path and there is only one road, which is visible to the few neighbors I have.

I lead her to my living room and I have her sit on my red sofa, which leads me to want her even more. The color of her flesh against the red is amazing and I wish she were naked right now. However, I am still biding my time, since I want to feel the anticipation of what is to come.

I smile sweetly and say, “I’m going to get some ice tea. Do you want a glass?”

She smiles back and says, “That sounds good, Susan. Thanks.”

I nod and I quickly fill two glasses and return quickly. I hand her one and place the other on the coffee table in front of her. I sit down and softly rub her shoulder, then her eyes close casino firmaları and she breaths deeply. There is no alarm bells going off yet, but there will be soon enough.

She places the glass down and my hand moves softly above her black shirt and now she gets a little nervous. She does her best to ignore my touch, which is to be expected. I move my finger down between her small tits and I look down to see her black bra just waiting to be removed. It takes her a moment to realize what is happening, then she pulls away quickly.

Shock can be seen clearly on her face and she asks, “What are you doing?”

I give an innocent smile and, “Just wondering what you would look like without a shirt on.”

She shakes her head and says, “Look, Susan, I know you’re into women, but I’m not.”

My hand rests softly on her shoulder and I ask, “Have you ever thought about it?”

She shakes her head a little harder and says, “No. Never.”

I softly say, “You are very beautiful. Why don’t you take your shirt off?”

She shakes her head very hard and says, “I don’t want to.”

I frown and say, “I thought you said you were going to make it up to me.”

Her head stops and her dark eyes stare into mine, then she says, “I thought I was going to do some cleaning or something. But not this.”

I maintain my frown and say, “You didn’t ask. Look, Aliya, all I’m asking is for you to take your shirt off for me. I don’t think it’s too much to ask.”

She looks down nervously and I know she is thinking it over, then asks, “That’s all you want?”

I smile and say, “That’s all I want.”

She gets a little nervous, but her hands start to lift the base of her black shirt. I see a narrow waist hidden under her shirt and find it very interesting. This is another first for me, since I have never been with any petite woman. This is going to be a pleasant weekend for me. Her black bra is revealed to me as she removes her shirt, but there is nothing remotely sexy about it. There is no hint as to what is being hidden under the fabric, but I have plenty of time. The only thing I know for certain is she has small tits.

She tosses her shirt onto the couch and waits nervously as my eyes slowly work my way across her chocolate body. The red behind her is even better this way and I don’t want to wait to have her remove her tight, blue jeans. Sure, I could rush things along, but I will refrain from action.

I smile and say, “You are beautiful.”

She grimaces and asks, “Can I put my shirt back on?”

I shake my head a little and place my pale hands softly on her dark flesh, which results in a tightening of her muscles. I grin a little as my hands move softly over her stomach and slowly move up towards her bra. She wants to pull away, but is willing to wait me out. My hands cup her tits through her black bra and I find they can easily cover everything.

She pulls away and shouts, “That’s enough!”

I use a well-practiced scowl and say, “How dare you! You stole from me, remember. I did not call the cops. I did not press charges. And this is how you thank me?”

Her eyes get very large and she says, “I’m sorry. You are just making me nervous, Susan. Can I put on my shirt, please?”

I maintain my stern face and say, “I was planning on it, but not after that. Get up and take your pants off, Aniyah.”

She looks at me with some hope I am not being serious, then realizes that I am. She stands up and slowly undoes the top of her jeans. There is hesitation, so I pull down just a little to remind her what I want. She nervously drops her jeans and puts them next to her shirt. Her panties are just as black as her bra, but at least these are sexy. I stare down at her dark legs and can’t find any fat at all.

I place my pale hands on her dark ankles and she jerks, but does not pull away. I slowly work my hands up to her knees and then back down between her legs. I work them up slowly again and keep my hands between her legs as I reach her thighs. My hands get very close to her panties and she is doing everything she can to ignore my touch.

I pull my hands back and say, “Turn around, Aniyah.”

She mumbles something as she starts to turn slowly and my eyes are staring at her black panties. I am rewarded by seeing her tight cheeks come into view and know this young woman is fighting a war against fat, since neither cheek shows a single sign. She is wearing a lovely g-string, which leaves very little to the imagination from this angle.

I place my hands on the back of her ankles and slowly work my way up the entire length of her narrow legs. My fingers stop a few inches from making contact with her ass and I want to continue my way up. However, I need to pace myself and not just start grabbing things thoughtlessly. There is still some hope within her and I want to keep it there for the time being. My hands start to work my way back down and she breathes a sigh of relief.

I say, “Just as I said, Aniyah. You are very beautiful. Go ahead and sit down.”

Her voice is flat as she says, “Thank you.”

My eyes güvenilir casino move to her bra as she sits down with some distance between us and nervously takes a sip of tea. I stand up and start to remove my clothes, except for bra and panties. Unlike her bra, my bra leaves very little to the imagination, since my nipples can be clearly seen through the mesh. My G-string clearly shows my shaved pubic region, which she hasn’t so much as glanced at. Most of the young women have done exactly what she is doing now, which means Aniyah is moving her eyes in the direction of something that is not my body.

I sit next to her, far closer than she wants and she does her best to ignore the feeling of my flesh pressed slightly against hers. My fingers start to move along the top of her bra and she shivers at my touch. I place a finger between her small tits and work my way under her bra and her body tightens greatly.

She asks, “Can I put my clothes back on?”

I laugh and say, “No, Aniyah, you can’t. I don’t think you are really sorry for what you did.”

She says, “I am, Susan. Please believe me.”

I pull her bra down a little and can make out the edges of her black nipples. She pulls away quickly and tries to force my hand away, but only causes more of her nipples to become visible. It is still just the edges, but plenty for me to know I am going to enjoy seeing everything.

I say, “If you were really sorry, you wouldn’t try to force my hand away.”

Tears start to build in her dark eyes and she says, “Please, Susan. I just want to put my clothes back on. I’m really sorry, Susan. Please let me go home.”

I remove my finger and laugh again, then say, “No. The only way you are leaving here before I am ready to take you, is in cuffs.”

She starts to cry harder and I force her chest down a little to give me a clear view of her strap. With ease, I unclasp it and have her sit up straight. I get off the couch and look down at her dark flesh against the red and smile broadly. The contrast is getting much better and I can’t wait to see more of her body.

I remove the straps from behind her, but she is not cooperating at all. It is a little bit of a fight, so I force her arms out straight. She is crying much harder now, but I manage to get her bra off with very little effort. My eyes see her very small tits and black nipples for just a moment, then her hands move quickly to cover them completely.

I scowl at her and say, “See, Aniyah, fighting me does not show gratitude. Drop your hands or I’m calling the cops.”

She slowly drops her hands and I see her black nipples stand out clearly against her chocolate flesh. She is damn near flat-chested, but I don’t let that stop me. I bend over and take one of her soft nipples into my mouth and my tongue starts to play. She is sobbing uncontrollably now, which is right on time. My fingers move to her other nipple and start to squeeze softly, then move my mouth to that nipple.

I undo my bra and release my medium sized tits, which must look massive compared to Aniyah’s. I release her nipple from my mouth and force her head between my tits. Her eyes are closed tightly and I feel her tears on my flesh. Her chocolate face looks wonderful between my pale tits.

I pull back and place one of my nipples against her purple lips and pull her chin down. Her mouth opens and I force one of my hard nipple inside. She is starting to get the message, since her tongue slowly moves against my flesh. I let out a sigh and quickly remove it from her mouth and force my other hard nipple against her open lips. Her tongue goes to work again and I reward her with another sigh.

I slip my panties off as I move my nipples back and forth. Her eyes remain tightly closed, but she does not fight my nipples entering between her purple lips. Her tongue does not stop moving, even when I don’t have anything in her mouth. She is on auto-pilot for the time being and her mind is a million miles away.

I pull my nipple out of her mouth and sit next to her, then say, “Aniyah, stand up and take off your panties.”

Her eyes open and there is a dull look within them. She stands slowly and faces me, then drops her panties to the floor. I am met by a full bush, except for the areas she had to shave to prevent her pubic hairs from being seen by her panties. I stare for a while, since I have not seen one in a very long time, and decide she needs a shave.

Before I have her shave herself, I say, “Turn around, Aniya. Then spread your legs wide and bend over.”

She slowly turns and spreads her legs, which reveals almost the entirety of her crack. She bends over and her holes come into clear view. Both are a fascinating contract of colors that I love. Black against chocolate and pink against the dark flesh; just the sight of the colors is driving me crazy. Almost everything is visible to me, but I want to see more.

My hands reach out and start to feel her cheeks. There is no sign she is aware of my actions as I feel bone beneath flesh. She really needs to eat a lot more, since this is far from healthy. I move my pale hands up and down her dark flesh, then my fingers start to move on either side of her crack. I move one finger slowly down the center until I reach her dark hole, then slowly start to rub the ridges. There is still no sign of her awakening from her state.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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