Caught in the Act Ch. 1

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I found my roommate’s stash of sex toys and porn by complete accident….at least, that’s what I told myself. I know now that I wasn’t really looking for her notes from our Survey of US History Class in the drawer that she keeps locked; I really knew what was in that drawer.

When I finally found the key to the locked drawer and opened it, my faint surprise was directed more toward the vast variety and number of sex toys and tapes that Lisa owned. I’ve known since the day I moved into the dorm room that my roommate loves sex and loves toys. Every weekend she brings home another girl. Sometimes, she asks me to sleep in our suitemates’ room. Other times, she sighs in disgust and asks the girl if they can go to her room. Lately, however, she has been bringing girls back and then talking for a while, waiting for the sleeping pill she slips in my tea to work.

I finally caught on to what was happening and decided that two can play at this game. I feigned drinking the hot tea I drink every night before bed and then feigned sleep. I have lain awake, night after night, listening to her make love to her more recent girlfriend. I have even become bold enough to roll over and watch them, Renee (Lisa’s girlfriend) riding Lisa, bouncing up and down on Lisa’s largest strap-on, screaming like a banshee.

The past few nights, I have been masturbating as I watch them fuck each other, their grunts, groans, and screams muffling my own sounds of pleasure. Last night, it just became too much. All I dreamt about was having Lisa use her toys on me and make me scream like Renee.

So, this afternoon, while Lisa was taking a very long final, I decided I should study for our History test; well, at least that was my cover! I found the key to her drawer and opened it slowly, gasping at all the toys and tapes thrown in the drawer. My eyes were drawn to a long, wide, silver vibrator that I had not seen Lisa use before. Knowing immediately that I had intended to do this all along, I grabbed a tape and popped it into our VCR. I quickly stripped and settled onto my bed with the vibrator.

The porn tape was typical. No story, bad acting, and girls with fake breasts. But…what they were doing to each other got me so hot that I immediately had the silver vibrator buried in my drenched pussy, pumping it in and out. My other hand was busy, rubbing my clit, while my hips began to buck. Just as I was exploding into an orgasm, the door opened and in walked Lisa.

“Jen, what the HELL are you doing?” She slammed the door shut and ran across the room, shutting off the tape and then yanking the vibrator right out of my still-spasming pussy.

“I…uh…um…oh god…I’m so sorry Lisa! I was looking for your History notes, and I found this instead! I just couldn’t help but look at one of the tapes, and then…um….I got a little carried away I guess….”

“A little carried away? A LITTLE? You’re even using one of my vibrators! Just what the fuck do you think you are doing? Are you trying to get me in trouble? You know how the dean feels about conduct like this!”

Lisa and I go to an all-women university where there is a strict code of conduct, including restrictions on what kind of sexual conduct we are supposed (or not supposed) to engage in. Of course, lesbian activity is frowned upon, despite the fact our college is full of women, a great deal casino oyna of them lesbians.

“No! No Lisa…I would never do that! I…I just….uh….I was just curious….I’m sorry!”

“You little bitch! I know you’re trying to get me in trouble because of all the times I have made you leave the room…..well…you’re not going to get away with it! I’m going to make you pay.”

With that, Lisa began stripping her clothes off as she walked toward her drawer of goodies. She pulled her favorite strap-on out of the drawer and quickly slipped it on. Walking toward me, she gave me an evil smile: “Well, you’re curious? The good girl wants to experiment a little? Well…I’ll satisfy plenty of your curiosities, you little whore….”

With that, she pushed me back on the bed and entered me. I cried out from surprise, but immediately my body began to respond. This was what I had been waiting for! My nipples hardened, my pussy began dripping, my skin tingled all over my body. “Please, Lisa…….teach me….show me what a bad girl I’ve been….”

The look on her face was priceless! Her quite, shy, straight-and-narrow roommate, talking like this? She never would have guessed how much I lusted after her, and how I would masturbate, rubbing my clit crazily, thinking of her and how I wanted her to fuck me.

After a look of extreme confusion, Lisa said, “Don’t try to use that reverse psychology shit on me, you little bitch!” With that, she began thrusting into me, pumping me hard, as I bucked my hips up against her. It took me a little bit to get the rhythm down, but soon, I was meeting her thrusts, trying to feel her strap-on as deep inside of me as I could.

Lisa was sweating, her head down, supporting herself on the bed, pumping furiously into my pussy. I began to groan, feeling every bit of my body tightening as orgasm approached. My arms reached up for Lisa, my hands on her neck, her shoulders, her back, pulling her toward me, helping her to thrust into me.

Just before I was going to cum, however, Lisa pulled out of me with a grunt and got off of the bed. “Stand up you horny little slut.” I got off the bed and faced her. She immediately grabbed me, turned me around, and bent me over the bed. She began rubbing the cock over my slit, and then, with a grunt, she thrust the cock into me and began pumping me hard.

I moaned with pleasure, feeling very dirty and naughty. The more I moaned, the harder she pounded me, until she was fucking me so hard, we were grunting together with each stroke. Again, just as I was about to cum, she pulled out of me and then sat down on the bed.

“Suck me like you would suck a guy.” My eyes grew big, but I immediately got on my knees and took her strap-on cock into my mouth. I began sucking gingerly at first, but as I began to taste my sweet juices, I began to lick the length of the cock.

Lisa just leaned back and watched me lathe her strap-on with my tongue. “That’s right you little whore….lick it up…be a good little girl….” As she encouraged me, I began to feel even more turned on. My fingers began to rub her thighs, caressing the tender skin on the insides of her thighs. My fingers moved closer and closer to her swollen mound, and with the first touch of my fingers to her sex, Lisa sucked in her breath and whimpered.

I raised my eyes to hers, even while I was still sucking slot oyna her fake cock. I became bolder and slid my fingertips into her slit. Lisa groaned, and her hips moved involuntarily. I found her very large and very hard clit and began stroking it back and forth, completely mesmerized with the effect it was having on my incredibly sexy roommate.

Lisa had thrown her head back, her long dark hair falling back over her shoulders. Her lids closed over her gorgeous green eyes, and her lovely breasts heaved as her she began to breathe more heavily. Lisa’s slim body looked as if it could not strain any more due to the pleasure, but I knew from her wild nights of sex that this was nothing.

Of course, if Lisa’s slim form looked delicate, I probably looked as if I could just shatter into a million pieces. I am only 4’11” and all of 100 lbs. My breasts are small but firm, and my body is very petite, my bones delicate. I think the fact that I looked so innocent and breakable is what turned Lisa on even more about this whole situation.

I continued my ministrations on her clit and watched as Lisa’s body writhed. Finally, I slide two fingers toward her hole and slipped them inside. As I did, Lisa cried out and bucked her hips up. Her eyes flew open, and the look on her face was one of absolute frenzy.

“Pump my pussy with your fingers, bitch!” she yelled as she pumped her hips in time with my fingers. I slid the cock out of my mouth and rocked forward. As I continued to pump my fingers in and out of her dripping wet cunt, I leaned forward and took one of Lisa’s extremely hard nipples into my mouth. I began to suck it in earnest, straining my eyes to see the expressions on her lovely face.

Again, her eyes were shut tight, moaning and panting as my fingers filled her. Suddenly, she looked down at me and told me she was about to cum. “Bury your face in my pussy and drink it up, baby.”

I immediately did as she told me, pushing her legs wide open and spreading her lips. I gently touched my tongue to her clit, and she immediately cried out even louder than before. I knew then that I wanted to make her scream and cum all over my face. I forced my tongue into her hole and began pumping it in and out. In the meantime, my fingers were busy; I was stroking her clit and pinching, twisting, and pulling on of her nipples roughly.

It didn’t take long for Lisa to orgasm. She sucked in her breath, thrust her hips forward, and announced, seemingly to the entire dorm, that she was cumming.

She did not disappoint me. Her pussy spasmed, and a torrent of cum pumped out of her. I lapped it up but could not drink it all. It dripped onto my face, my bare breasts, down my torso, and it soaked my bed.

Lisa looked at me tenderly and pushed my hair back out of my face. “So much for the innocent view I had of you,” she said, and she smiled wickedly. “I think it’s time to complete your punishment.”

She quickly got up and rummaged through her drawer. She pulled out a huge cock and replaced the normal sized one she was sporting. She also pulled out another vibrator, but it was a bit smaller than the one I had been using on myself earlier.

She then crawled back onto the bed, sitting with her back against the wall. She pulled me towards her and then set me down on the huge strap-on cock. It hurt at first, but quickly, my pussy canlı casino siteleri accommodated the huge size of the cock and began taking it in hungrily. When I had the entire length of the cock inside of me, I opened my eyes and looked into Lisa’s face.

“Do you know how long I have been fantasizing about this? Do you know how many times I have brought myself off, thinking of you and one of your sexual exploits, and then putting myself in her place?”

Lisa smiled naughtily. “Baby, I know that you’ve been watching me every night.” I gasped in surprise. “In fact, I finally stopped wasting my sleeping pills and just put aspirin in your tea, keeping up the act. I do have to admit, however, that I wasn’t sure if you would turn me in or not. However, I really got off on you watching, and I was willing to take the chance!” With that, she kissed me, her tongue entering my mouth. She pulled me tight against her body, our breasts rubbing against each other. Her hands played along my spine, and my skin felt like it was on fire. I began to rock, ever so slowly, loving the feel of the cock inside of me.

Our kiss ended, and I pulled away, looking into Lisa’s face as I moved my hips over her. As I began to get more and more aroused, I looked into her eyes and said, “Lisa….punish me for being such a naughty girl. Mmmmm….I was so naughty, watching your tapes and getting my pussy juices all over your nice, clean vibrator. Will you punish me for being so bad?” I was panting by the time I was finished speaking, my hips moving faster, my small breasts jiggling.

“Mmmmm… are such a naughty little whore. You deserve to be punished.” With that, she swatted my behind. I gasped, but loved the feel of the spanking. My nipples hardened even more than I though possible, and when she saw my reaction, she began to spank me in earnest, whispering some of the dirtiest things I’ve ever heard, the entire time berating me for being so naughty and nasty. I loved every second of it, and I began to lose control. I bounced up and down on the cock and clutched at Lisa, crushing her against me, loving the feel of her heavy breasts against me.

For the third time, just as I was about to reach orgasm, Lisa stopped me. I whimpered, pleading with her. She just smiled and lay back, placing her hands on my hips. She turned me around so I was facing away from her. She helped me to begin to rock my hips again, and the feelings of pleasure quickly came back. Lisa massaged my reddened buttocks, gently running her fingers of the welts. She then began to rub her fingertips around my other hole. Lisa then took her hands away, and I whimpered in protest. I then heard a soft whirring and felt a pressure against my ass. Lisa was pushing the smaller vibrator into my ass!

It hurt at first, but because she chose a smaller vibrator, I quickly adjusted to the new sensations. I began to ride her harder. My hands went up to pinch and pull at my nipples. She pumped the vibrator in and out of my ass, and soon I was bouncing up and down on her in rhythm with the vibrator.

“Oh God…Lisa….I’m….going…to cum!” I screamed as my body tensed up, my pussy and ass spasming together in what seemed like an endless orgasm. My body shook with great intensity, and finally, I disengaged myself from Lisa and her amazing toys.

I lay my body down beside Lisa, snuggling against her. I looked into her eyes and then kissed her gently on the mouth. “Do you forgive me for violating your privacy?”

Lisa just grinned at me and said, “I can think of a lot of ways for you to make it up to me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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