Caught in the Act

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Sam closed the curtains to his dorm and grabbed his phone. Stripping down naked, he loaded up one of his favourite sites, and selected a video of two muscle clad men pleasuring themselves. Sam hadn’t come out officially yet but knew that he preferred guys to girls. Switching off his mind, he focused on the video, his mind wandering and pretending it was him with a mouth full of cock rather than the actor.

Reaching over to his cabinet, he took out a small bullet shaped 100ml travel bottle, and gently inserted it into his ass. Tight at first, causing him to cry out in pain, he pulled it out and lubricated it with spit. This time it slid in easier, and with some gentle probing, was soon sliding in and out of his ass. Feeling the pressure of the bottle on his cock got him harder, as he gentle massaged his cock in time. Glancing over at the video, one of the guys was now fucking the other, who was flat on the bed with his legs in the air as his ass was invaded by the other’s cock. In time with the video, Sam moved the bottle in and out of his ass, which was now easily taking the bottle all the way in.

He could feel he was on the edge, and for what he had planned he needed both hands. Letting the clenching of his ass force the bottle onto his bed, he shuffled down, and then rolled himself, so his legs were over his leg, and hooked his feet over the bedhead behind him.

Now he lay with his ass in the air, cock directly over his face. His phone had tumbled somewhere as he rolled, the sounds of fucking drifting from under the covers somewhere. He didn’t need that any more, instead he closed his eyes, and pictured his roommate Ed, imagining it was him who was fucking him.

He’d had a crush on him since they’d moved in together, Ed had a natural attractiveness, heightened by an athletic toned body that Sam couldn’t help but sneak looks at when the other was dressing or undressing. That was where Ed was now, playing hockey, which was why Sam had the room to himself.

As the fucking on the video reached a crescendo, the two men panting as they pounded, Sam could picture himself being fucked by Ed, in his mind he could hear himself crying out.

“Yes Ed, fuck me, take my ass. ”

The video had finished now, his phone silent, but it didn’t matter. He gave his cock one final tug and felt himself coming. Resisting the urge to squeeze and stop the cum, he let himself come with full force, his dick handing rigid over his face. The first blast splattered over his forehead, and into hiss hair, the second over his nose and cheek. He guided the stream, allowing the final cum to dribble into his mouth, tasting the thick slimy taste of his own cum.

What happened next was unfortunate timing, the blood was beating in his ears as he lay there, and so he didn’t hear the door swing open, only the cry that followed.

“There’s a sight for sore eyes.”

“Shit,” Sam cried, rolling his legs back down onto the bed, one hand grabbing for the duvet to cover himself, the other moving a trail of cum from his eyes so he could see.

“Shit,” he repeats, as he looked upon the reason for his current state. Ed was standing in front of the door, which had mercifully closed, with his hockey bag on his shoulder. As he looked, Sam took in the strong muscled legs, covered to the knees with hockey socks, and clad in shorts, leaving a small flash of tanned flesh of his upper leg. As his eyes moved up, he took in the university top, short sleeves leading to strong arms, again tanned from being outside. On top of it all was Ed’s lovely face, a deep mahogany brown tan, strong jawline and short styled hair completed the picture.

Suddenly, Sam realised casino şirketleri they were just there staring at each other for long seconds, and so broke the silence.

“I, err, wasn’t expecting you back so soon,” he stammered, unconsciously licking a blob of cum off his lips as he spoke.

“I gathered,” Ed replied with amusement.”The pitch is frozen, so the game got called off.” He paused a second, before adding, “anyway, less about me, more about you. You like having cum on your face then?”

“Well, erm,” Sam stammered, trying to explain himself, but Ed cut him off.

“That’s cool, each to their own. But just so you know, in future, there are easier ways than gymnastics to achieve it,” he said with a wink.

“What, huh?” Sam replied, his brain trying to catch up with what Ed had said.

“Yeh, you know, if you needed a hand, I’m always willing to help.”

“What do you mean?” Sam asked, still puzzled by what he was hearing.

“Are you always this dense, or is it because your blood is elsewhere at the minute?” Ed asked in frustration. “Look, I’ve had a thing for you since we moved in, can’t tell you the stuff I’ve imagined, but it involves your face and my cum. Maybe, given its apparent it’s your kind of thing, we can give it a try.”

“Shit,” Sam said for a third time, realisation dawning, “you mean, you want me too.”

“Finally, yes,” Ed cried.

“I didn’t know you felt that way.”

“Well now you do, so are you going to sit there all day, or do something about it?” Ed asked with a smile.

“Do something about it,” Sam replied with his own smile, pushing off the covers and getting to his feet.

In response, Ed dropped his bag and pulled his top over his head, revealing his toned torso beneath, chest muscular, a lean flat stomach leading to the top of his shorts where a little bit of body hair tufted up.

Sam had never sucked a guy before but knew what he wanted to do. Dropping to his knees in front of Ed, he grabbed either side of his shorts, fingers hooked under the pants below, and pulled them down round Ed’s ankles. Ed’s cock sprung free, lengthening and stiffing in front of Sam’s eyes. Swiftly, he took it in one hand, and revelled in the feeling of the hot skin beneath his fingers, evoking a moan from Ed.

Picturing all the porn he had seen, he opened his mouth, and took the tip of Ed’s cock into his mouth, lubricating it with his saliva. He began to bob his head back and forth, taking half of the 6-inch length into his mouth, already feeling it rub up against his throat, causing him to gag and moan out loud.

Taking the cock out of his mouth, saliva trailing and dribbling off it, Ed gave it a couple of quick tugs, before darting his tongue out and licking around it like an ice cream, then rubbing it all the way down its length, tongue tickling the delicate skin of Ed’s balls as he did.

Back to the tip again, and he took it back into his mouth again, determined to take more. Changing his angle, he slowly moved forward, until he got most of it in his mouth, fighting the urge to gag. He thought Ed was helping by pulling his hips back, but then was shocked as he gently thrust his hips forward, hands gently behind Sam’s head, forcing him to take the full-length in. Gagging now, he managed to take the full length in his mouth, eyes and lips pressed up against the base of Ed’s shaft, hands fondling Ed’s balls.

Ed thrust back and forth, gently pulling out half way, before sliding his full length in again. Sam managed to adjust to this and began to gag less. He was breathing heavily though his nose now and need to come up for air. Pulling his head back, he managed to casino firmaları get Ed’s cock out of his mouth, his face now a mess of both drying cum and saliva that had escaped his mouth. Looking up to Ed who was looking down at Sam with lust in his eyes, he wondered what kind of imagine he must be. His own cum was glazing his face, drying stickily to his face, in his hair, whilst the parts that weren’t were smattered with his own saliva, looking like the cum slut he wanted to be.

All the time he was gently playing with Ed’s cock, hand sliding up and down with ease from his own spit. Turning sideways, he let the shaft pass through his mouth side to side, Ed thrusting back and forth, Sam’s lips delicately kissing the full length as it passed between them.

Turning, he took Ed’s cock back into his mouth, and he could taste Ed’s precum as his tongue licked across Ed’s slit, causing him to shudder and entwine his hands in Sam’s hair, pulling his face in so that he was fully in Sam’s mouth again. For his part Sam’s arms were wrapped around Ed strong legs, his hands squeezing and massaging the lovely mounds of Ed’s ass, feeling them bunch and coil as Ed thrust his dick into his mouth.

“I’m coming,” Ed hoarsely cried, thrusting forward more forcefully than before, causing Sam to gag. He didn’t have time to recover as Ed pulled his dick out of Sam’s mouth, his own hands going to his dick as he exited, directing his stream of juices over Sam’s face. His first spattered over Sam’s lips, a good portion spurting into his still open mouth. The next streamed over his cheeks, and forehead, before then slowly running and dripping over his eyes.

As he felt the stream stop, Sam took Ed back into his mouth, wanting to savour every drop of cum, licking the remnants off Ed’s shuddering cock, swirling it round in his mouth. With nothing else to do, he then swallowed, the gooey liquid feeling strange as it coated his throat.

“Geez,” Ed panted, after he got his breath back, “if I’d known it was that good, I wouldn’t have waited so long.”

“I know,” laughed Sam, peering through his second glaze of cum, his own and Ed’s mixed together on his face. Weak kneed, he slowly got to his feet, wiping a particularly thick wad of cum out of one eye, and stood and gazed at Ed once more. He took in the naked form in front of him, marvelling at the shape Ed was in, smiling to himself at how strange he looked, still with his hockey socks rolled up the knees, the only clothing either of them were wearing.

Ed closed the gap between them, taking Sam’s hands into his own, and leant close to the other’s face. With a start, Sam realised they weren’t finished, his second thought as their lips met was that he had given Ed a blowjob before they’d even kissed, before any more conscious thought went from his mind.

After gently pressing his lips to Sam’s sticky lips, a gently gender kiss that rocked Sam more than he expected, Ed moved to one side, and Sam shivered with delight as Ed’s tongue gently caressed one check, licking his own cum off the other’s face.

Smiling into the kiss, Ed gently put one hand behind Sam’s head and pulled him closer, their lips tightly locked. In response, Sam sighed softly, him lips parting and allowing Ed to dart his tongue in. Swirling it around, running it along Sam’s tongue which was stirring in response, the two kissed deeply and passionately. Their faces pressed together, the still wet cum that allowed their skin to glide across one another stuck to Ed’s face, so when they paused for breath, Sam saw that one cheek was coated in it.

Copying what Ed has done previously, he darted his tongue out, feeling the fuzz of stubbly güvenilir casino beard on his it as he took the strand of cum into his own mouth. They returned to kissing, hands now roaming up and down each other’s bodies, Sam’s rigid cock standing to attention between them, pushed between their bodies. Sam saw, or rather felt Ed’s stirring again as well, rising and pressing against him as they stood.

With a start he felt Ed’s hand on his cock, massaging down the length and he moaned into the other man’s mouth, instinctively thrusting his crotch forward. All he could focus on was the feel of his hand up and down the shaft, and knew that he couldn’t hold long. Ed sensed it too, and slowed to a stop, not wanting Sam to come yet.

“Fuck me,” Sam groaned, his body aching to have Ed inside him. With that, he pulled the un-protesting man down with him onto the single bed, so they were laying side by side.

“Turn over,” Ed panted, and Sam obeyed so he was lying on one side, facing the wall, ass facing Ed, who proceeded to reach down and massage Sam ass.

“Wow, you’re open,” Ed said with shock as his finger slid easily into Sam’s eager ass.

“Must be because of this,” Sam smiled, pulling out the bottle he had been playing with earlier, which had left his ass stretched and ready.

“Well, you don’t need that now,” Ed said, throwing the bottle to one side, kissing Sam’s neck as he did, “I’ve got something much bigger and better for you.”

“Yes, stick it in me,” Ed replied, all abandon lost, uttering words he’d never usual imagine himself uttering.

Ed needed no further convincing, and after quickly donning a condom, shuffling forward, he pushed his dick up between Sam’s ass cheeks, pausing at the opening. Gently, he thrust his hips forward, until his tip was inside.

“Ahhhhhhh,” Sam cried, the bottle not fully preparing him for Ed’s dick.

In reply Ed pushed further, more of his dick sliding into Sam’s ass, before pulling out part way.

“Wow, that’s good,” Sam panted,

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” Ed said, pushing forward again, with more of his length going in. A couple more tentative thrusts and it was if something had been parted, his full length sliding into Sam, his crotch slapping into Sam’s ass.

“Fuck yeh,” Sam wailed, “that’s the spot, fuck me with all that dick.”

“You like it,” Ed replied, his crotch now yoyoing back and forward as he drove all the way in before pulling back til just his tip was in, before thrusting forward with a meaty slap once more.

“God yeh,” was all Sam could manage, his body shaking as Ed ploughed into him again. After a minute he got the rhythm, and began to thrust back in time, feeling even more quivering sensations flow through his body, like Ed would split him in two, but in such a sensual and erotic way.

One hand was wrapped around his own dick, the other clasping Ed’s which was resting on his ass, helping steady their gyrating bodies. He felt Ed speed up, and with one final thrust felt him leave himself buried to the hilt. Inside his ass he could feel Ed’s cock pulsing as he came, and he sped his own focus on his cock to join him.

“Let me,” Ed said, reaching over Sam’s chest and taking hold of Sam’s rigid pole. Sam turned to look Ed in the eyes, his face flushed with exertion, a smear of cum on one cheek, whilst Ed returned the gaze, seeing Sam’s equally flushed, and much more cum covered face. They learnt in and kissed deeply as Ed’s hand went to work.

“Ahh, “Sam cried, and with that came, his cum spurting into Ed’s hand, onto his crotch and the bed below.

Slowly, teasingly, Ed took the cum on his hand, and without breaking eye contact with Sam, took a finger at a time and licked them clean.

“You’re not the only one with a thing for cum,” he said, as he pulled his now shrunken cock from Sam’s ass, and flopped onto his back beside an equally worn out Sam.

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