Chance’s Fantasy Ch. 02

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All usual disclaimers apply. This story is fiction and I wrote it at the request of another. WARNING: This story contains watersports and or scat.

Chapter 02: Mouthwash

It had been a week since I had seen Chance in Jenkin’s Bar. I had jacked off at least 10 times thinking about him using my mouth as a common porta-potty. Chance had said he had more plans for me and I couldn’t wait. I walked in and sat at my stool at the bar and Kasey brought me the usual opener. Sure as shit, Chance was there shooting pool alone again. When he saw me he bent extra far over the table giving me a view of his perfect ass that anyone would have killed for and I had a vivid memory of that ass parked on my face.

Chance sank the last ball about the time I was on my second and he sat next to me. There were only 2 others in the bar tonight and they were across from us in the corner playing a trivia game on the TV. Chance put his arm around me and leaned in real close. I could smell beer and cheap aftershave.

“I bet you want me to feed you again.”

“That was a first for me Chance and as gross as it was; it is all I can think about.” I whispered

“Well, if I casino şirketleri remember right you didn’t get anything to wash my shit down with. I am just about ready for a piss if you want a taste.” He said.

I got up and started walking to the restroom. Chance got up and followed me and I walked into the only stall. Chance closed and locked the door behind him. I sat on the toilet and looked up at his face. Chance had such strong features. His jaw was perfectly squared and his cheek bones were somewhat prominent and high. What really made him look beautiful though, was his eyes. They were the darkest green one could imagine yet they kind of glowed.

“You must be kidding Kai.” Chance snickered.

“What?” I said with a hint of confusion in my voice.

Chance looked down at me and said, “If you want anything from this dick it won’t be from the comfort of a seated position. Get on your knees like the bitch you are.”

I didn’t particularly care for the aggressiveness but he would be pissing in my mouth any time now. I moved to my knees and reached for his belt and he pushed my hands down. He undid his zipper only and fished his beautiful uncut cock out casino firmaları of his jeans and jockeys. He started stroking it slowly like he was teasing me with it. I just looked directly at his man sized hand fondling his dick. He started to grow quickly. He pulled his foreskin back and exposed the pinkest mushroom tip I had ever seen. He said, “Open wide and don’t spill any.” I was happy to oblige. I closed my eyes opened my mouth and tilted my head back a little.

All at once I felt the hot stream of piss hit the roof of my mouth. I was alarmed at how fast my mouth was filling up with Chance’s hot piss. It tasted almost chalky or like burnt hard boiled eggs. It was so hot in my mouth. Chance cut off the stream and told me to swallow. I did and as soon as my mouth was open again he let go with more of his steamy piss. He was giving my tonsils a thorough rinsing. I loved every moment. For some reason I had loved my new found use as a toilet for Chance. I felt Chance rest his pissing prick on my bottom lip. I closed my mouth around his now semi-erect 6″ of man meat. I was swallowing piss as fast as I could and just barely keeping up with Chance.

Chance had quit pissing güvenilir casino and I wanted to taste his cum so bad I started sucking with a passion I had never put into anything before. Chance was fully hard now but he pushed my mouth off his dick.

“No, my little toilet, you don’t get all the good stuff yet. I let you eat my shit and drink my piss but you have a lot of work to do still before you get my cum. If you try real hard for the next couple weeks and make sure to get in here and drink my piss every time you see me heading this way I might let you suck me off one of these days.”

Chance smacked me on the face a couple times with his dick and told me to open wide, close my eyes and look up. I did, curious as to what he wanted, and I knew as soon as I heard him clear his throat. Chance brought up what sounded like an award winning amount of spit and flem and spit it in my mouth. For some reason this seemed more disgusting to me than when he shit in my mouth but I loved being used by him and I wanted his cum badly so I swallowed that huge mouthful of lung butter. Chance zipped up and walked out. I followed and sat back on my stool and watched Chance shoot another game of pool by himself keeping an eagle on him so I wouldn’t miss one piss break.


As always comments/criticism welcome. Please feel free to email me as well. I do write stories by request so if you want to read anything in particular, just let me know.

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