Chica’s First Story

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“What the hell are they doing?” My friend, Brad, asked as we pulled up behind a stopped vehicle. The blue Subaru’s engine was still running and its two occupants were rummaging around the backseat for something. The driver, a teenage girl, probably not that much older than myself, had turned on the interior light and was apparently bitching at her similar companion.

The night was still young, at only 7 o’clock, but it was all ready pitch black. The dark sky was daintily filled with twinkling stars. A beautiful night for November. Because of the warmish weather, there was a last minute party at the pit, a couple of towns over. Brad and I never miss a pit party.

Being as impatient as he is, Brad honked the horn of his Ford Ranger. The driver of the Subaru looked up from her search and extended a long, gorgeous middle finger. With that, I hopped out the truck and, while walking towards the car, pulled my short, black, tight skirt down a bit, as to not show off my ass to my guy friend. I tapped lightly on the window. I bent over and peered in at the occupants. Two ravishing young girls sat there in the lucky plush seats of the car.

The driver, with the long, curly, brown hair, had extremely lovely, ample breasts. Her white tube top outlined the two hard nubs on her tits easily. I watched in awe as her cleavage appeared disappeared then reappeared as she cranked down her window. She stared at me through the open window, waiting for me to say something. I looked down at her long, tanned legs, sticking out from under a pair of short denim shorts.

Breaking myself away from my extremely vulgar thoughts, I leaned in the window, making sure both of the girls could get a good peek at my own abundant cleavage. I saw the passenger girl stare in shock at my chest. When she realized I knew she was looking, she abruptly raised her head to look at my face. I cunningly gave her a sexy raise of my eyebrow and a lick of my lips, but the driver averted my attention when she began to speak.

“What do you want?” She stared at me through scornful, dark brown eyes. She too, chanced a glimpse at my chest.

“My friend was just wondering if you could possibly move your car from the middle of the road, so we could pass.” I left a sticky sweet tone in my voice, hoping the girls would catch some of it dripping from my lips and invite me to join them for a group orgy. Obviously, my attempt was rejected, despite my undying need to touch them both.

“We’re sorry.” The passenger spoke with an unexpected innocent voice. “We’re just trying to find our jackets.” This girl was equally as beautiful as the driver, wearing only a skimpy black dress that barely covered her breasts and legs was. She interested me the most, for she returned the sensual tone and made sure I saw her peek at my chest.

The driver followed her companions stare and realized what I was doing. “May I say something?” she said in a much calmer voice than before.

“Go for it.” I shrugged while saying this, which gave the girls more cleavage to look at, since my arms were covering up most of it.

“By any chance do you have a twin sister? Because if you did, Alexia and I won’t have to fight over you.” Her words came out and hit me like a punch in the stomach. Her voice now seeped with the same sensuality that mine had earlier.

I wasn’t prepared for that question. Alexia, presumably the other girl, gave me a mischievous smile and bit her bottom lip. All I could do was stand there and stutter like a fool for over a minute. Brad honked the horn, which set me free from my speechlessness. I looked over at him sitting in the truck. He tapped his wrist, which indicated that it was time for us to go.

“Um…well…I should probably go now.” I started to turn and walk away, but the driver caught my arm.

“Wait!” I stopped and looked down at her hand wrapped around my arm. She had black finger nail polish; black is my favorite color. I turned back around to face the car and leaned down to the window again. “We can give you a ride.” She smiled an innocent, very cute smile, exposing perfect, white teeth. Her brown eyes had a much softer glow now and she seemed like an ok person and not the bitch that she first appeared to be.

I stood there, puzzled, yet somewhat relieved because I didn’t want to leave them. “Let me just talk to my friend really quick.” I scrunched up my eyebrows as I walked towards the truck, wondering what genius excuse I could give Brad.

“Brad, would you mind deeply if I went with them?” I gave him my little girl look, thinking that would work better than any excuse I could possibly give. “Please?” I resorted to begging when I saw that my cuteness wasn’t affecting him in any way.

“No way, Zoe. You just met these people, what? 2 minutes ago?” He looked at me again and I bit my bottom lip. His face softened and he sighed. “If you wind up in a ditch tomorrow, it’s not my fault and don’t ever say I didn’t warn you.” He handed me my bag, which contained nothing more than a casino oyna few “happy pills” and some makeup.

“Oh thank you!” I jumped in the truck to hug him and give him a kiss on his cheek. I giggled as I slammed the door and ran back to the waiting Subaru. I ignored the fact that my skirt was slipping in an upwards direction and showing Brad a bit more than I usually let him see.

I nodded to the driver and she turned around and unlocked the back door. “Welcome aboard!” She greeted me as I climbed in the back. “Where to?” she looked at me through the rear view mirror.

“Well, I live with Brad, the guy in the truck. Therefore I don’t have to be home anytime soon.” I was trying to hint rather obviously that I wanted to go back to their place. I smiled at Alexia when she turned around and looked at me. Her blue eyes scanned my entire body. I shivered just thinking about the possibilities of the night. I felt my nipples become erect while the rest of my body gathered hoards of goosebumps.

“Why don’t we go back to TJ’s?” Alexia suggested to the driver, continuing to look me over.

“Who’s TJ?” This struck my interest for two reasons: 1) TJ usually is a guy’s name and 2) ‘place’ is another name for house.

“TJ is my brother. We’re staying at his house for now. We’re visiting from Pennsylvania.” The driver informed me as the car turned onto a small side road.

“Is he going to be home?” I leaned in between the bucket seats and put my arms up on the backs of either seat.

“No, he’s visiting an old college “buddy” in Portland. I really don’t think we introduced ourselves to you properly. I’m Holiday Richardson, but my friends call me Holly. This is Alexia Ferrel, my best friend in the whole world.” Holly looked over at Alexia and smiled. Alexia smiled back and we drove on through the warm, November night.

We drove for about a half an hour, towards the peninsula where I live. In that short time, I learned through body movements, more than conversation, that Alexia and Holly really were “best friends”. Through simple conversation, I found out that they were both 19, the same as me. The girls told me of how they had known each other their whole lives and even lived next door to one another back in Philly. I noticed that Alexia liked to run her fingers through her short blonde hair a lot. She did it at least twenty times in that half-hour.

We made a turn onto a heavily forested, dirt road. It was extremely dark and I started wondering if it actually led somewhere. It did, eventually. After about 5 minutes, we were idling in front of an old house. It looked like a cabin more than anything else. Holly put the car in park and turned off the engine. The cabin stood dark and eerie looking, in the deeply wooded area. Both of the girls got out of the car. I followed slowly, thinking of just how old this place was. Alexia unlocked the front door. While she fiddled with the latch, I saw Holly follow a trail of goosebumps starting at my neck and going deep down into my tight black tanktop.

We walked into the pitch-black cabin. Alexia reached across my chest and flicked on the light switch on the wall next to me. As her arm returned to its former position, at her side, she lightly grazed across my breasts. I looked over at her and she smirked a little then moved over to the couch. The cabin wasn’t very big, but it was cozy. The tiny living room was filled mostly by a large fireplace against the wall and a plush couch sat in front of it. Holly showed me the kitchen while Alexia lit the brick fireplace. The kitchen was actually larger than what I would’ve expected for a cabin. A round table was placed in the corner upon which, sat a bottle of red wine and a couple of candles. Instead of showing me their bedroom upstairs, Holly sat me down on the couch.

“I should go straighten up a bit before I allow you to see MY room!” Alexia said emphasizing that it was her room. She trotted up the carpeted stairs and out of sight. This left Holly and me alone in front of a blazing fireplace.

“You look kind of tense.” Holly stated her observation casually and scooted closer to me on the couch.

“Well, I just met the two of you. I guess I’m a bit nervous. I usually am when I first meet people.” I laced and unlaced my fingers while I talked and made sure to never make eye contact.

“You can relax. It’s just us. Pretend as if you’ve always known us your whole life. We’re friendly people, and we want you to be our new best friend, Zoe.” She turned my torso away from her and started kneading my shoulders. The feeling was sensational. I loved receiving massages, especially from perky little girls like Holly. “Just relax.” Her voice was soothing.

I closed my eyes and imagined the three of us having a night of wild, kinky sex. Holly interrupted my thoughts, however, when she slid the straps of my tanktop and bra off my shoulders. I must of let out a little gasp of surprise because she told me it was just easier to massage without things in the way. I relaxed slot oyna a little then, letting her hands send my thoughts to a warm, damp mist of fantasies.

Holly abruptly stopped rubbing my shoulders, when Alexia started down the stairs. I turned around and watched with sheer delight as she came down the stairs in nothing more than a little red towel. I thought my jaw was going to go straight down to the floor, for I had never seen a half-naked woman in front of me before.

“I’m going to take a shower.” She walked over towards the couch then leaned over the back of it. I got loads of cleavage right in my face. Oh, how I wanted to grab her tits and pinch her nipples so hard that she would scream…

“Want company?” Holly put her hand on top of Alexia’s and was sincerely serious about it, even though I truly thought it was meant to be funny.

“What? You mean…you two…?” I couldn’t quite come right out and ask if they were in fact lesbians, I had barely known them for an hour.

“Lesbians? No, neither of us are. We are, however, bisexual. I guess that’s close enough, but we could never live without dick.” Alexia laughed and I shyly giggled along with her.

“Come with me. I have to give you something.” Holly grabbed my arm and hauled me up the stairs. At the top of the landing, were three doors. She explained to me that the one on the left was Alexia’s bedroom and the one directly in front of us was TJ’s bedroom. We entered the door on the right, which was her room.

The room was small, I must say. There was a queen size bed taking up most of the room and then a small dresser and a desk in the corner. She took me over to the closet on the other side of her room. She opened the doors and took out a towel. I gave her a funny expression as she handed it to me.

“You’re taking a shower with us.” I liked the way she demanded this of me.

“But I wouldn’t feel right about it.” I felt my face get bright red with embarrassment, as it always did when the thought of others seeing my naked body came to mind.

“Please? We’ll have fun, I promise.” She leaned towards me and planted a soft kiss on my cheek. After trying to find another plausible excuse, I nodded my head and we went back downstairs. Alexia was in the bathroom, testing the water, while still in her towel.

My heart was racing and my stomach was all tied in knots. I couldn’t believe this was really happening. I had dreamt about this moment all my life and here it was, happening to me. To top it all off, it was with two gorgeous women that made me feel as if they had been my best friends forever. The bathroom was large also. I was glad to see the shower stall was extra large so we could move around, if necessary.

“Well, the water seems to be just right.” Alexia said. She flicked a bit of water on Holly and giggled playfully.

Holly began undressing. I slowly took off my shoes then my skirt. I didn’t want to miss watching Holly in all of her wonders. She unbuttoned her jean shorts and pulled them down. They fell to the floor and she stepped out of them. She was sporting a pair of silky red panties. I removed my tanktop, which left me standing in a matching, black, bra and panty set.

“Cute.” Alexia said to me. She bit her bottom lip again and looked me up and down. I could almost read her thoughts they were so sinful.

“Thanks.” My face turned pinkish again. That soon ended when I watched Holly remove her tube top. Her breasts swung free and were larger than they had appeared under that tight white top. My mouth watered and I had to fight with myself to keep my hands from grabbing her. She then removed her silky red panties. She had dark hair upstairs and down. I wanted so bad to touch her and to taste her. My tongue moved in my closed mouth, pretending it was lapping up her juices around her clit.

Alexia dropped her towel as I took off my bra. She, too, was a large breasted girl. They were perfectly round and smooth. Her tanned skin looked so soft and silky, I wanted to caress her. My hormones went crazy when I saw her shaved pussy. My juices started flowing and I felt the heat grow between my legs. My nipples were at full salute after witnessing this sight. They both stepped into the shower. I quickly removed my panties and followed them.

Alexia got underneath the spray of water first and let it soak her hair. She lifted her arms and ran her fingers through it. Just watching her like that made me want to become a full-blown lesbian, but I still could never resist sucking a nice, hard cock. She moved aside and picked up a bottle of body soap. Holly got under the water and got completely wet while Alexia squirted a bit of the soap onto a shower puff thing.

“Zoe, will you wash my back for me?” She handed me the shower puff and I gently rubbed it all over her smooth back. She lifted her hair so I could wash her shoulders and neck also. I looked down at her round, firm ass and thought about Brad. I knew how much he loved to fuck young women’s twats. Alexia canlı casino siteleri turned around and faced me. She looked at me with those heavenly blue eyes. “Do you want to wash the front too?” She desperately begged me with her eyes to touch her.

Holly was standing behind her and reached around Alexia’s back and started massaging her breasts. Alexia put her arms up and placed them against the walls of the shower so they wouldn’t be in the way of Holly’s fondling. Pretty soon, Holly reached forward, pressing her wet body hard against Alexia’s and grabbed my hand. Without much resistance on my part, she placed my hand on the girl’s right breast. Her skin was as smooth as silk and softer than a baby’s butt. Her nipples were erect, of course, and bigger than I ever thought nipples could possibly be.

I stood there, nude, wet and with my hand on a woman’s naked breast. My mind was still overwhelmed from all of this happening to me. I caressed her slowly, as if checking to make sure she was real. Her moans grew loader as my hands delved deeper into the chest massage. Holly still stood behind her. Her free hand had found the slit between her own legs and wiggling about madly while she roughly ran her other hand over Alexia’s tit. Alexia reached out and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down to her tits.

“Suck it!” I obeyed her instantly. When my lips came in contact with her hard nipples, I became more aroused than ever before. Even more so than when I gave my ex-boyfriend head. I sucked and bit her nipples, becoming more ferocious with every moan she gave.

“Oh god! I’m cumming!” Holly yelled still playing with Alexia’s tit. She stopped fingering herself and turned Alexia around. Her nipple was torn roughly from my mouth’s grasp. She winced a little bit but forgot about it. The two girls started kissing passionately. Alexia had her hands wrapped in Holly’s hair while Holly placed her hands on Alexia’s ass. Holly’s kisses trailed down Alexia’s neck and she kissed her shoulders lightly. All of a sudden, both of them stopped and turned towards me. They looked at me with lustful eyes. I swallowed nervously and the butterflies in my stomach were flapping their wings more vigorously.

“Go wait in my room, Zoe.” Alexia said. She reached behind my head and pulled me close to her. Her lips met mine softly at first. Her kiss got harder then disappeared. “Go.” She slapped my ass as I turned and exited the shower stall. I ran to her room, grabbing my towel from the bathroom sink first. I tripped going up the stairs because I was so excited. I reached her door and twisted the knob slowly. The heavy wooden door swung open and what was inside frightened me at first.

Alexia’s room had no windows and was almost completely dark, even with the light on. In the middle of the room, was a bed. Not a normal bed, though. It had chains with handcuffs hanging down from the canopy and leather restraints at the head and footboards. Next to the bed was a stand. A bottle of raspberry scented body lotion and another pair of handcuffs were placed next to a picture of a guy. A cabinet sat in the corner, half-open. I walked across the room and opened it all the way. An array of whips and dildos were there. I then understood why they hadn’t wanted me in there earlier.

I heard the giggling of the girls as they made their way up the stairs. I closed the cabinet and stood next to the bed. They entered the room with a slutty strut that made my mouth water. They were both still naked and dripping water on the dark red carpet. Alexia went to light candles around the room and Holly approached me. She softly caressed my cheek. Her dark brown eyes hypnotized mine with their soft glow. She took my hand and sat me down on the bed.

“We have a lot in store for you tonight, Zoe.” She gently pushed me down onto the bed and let her hand glide from my cheek down the length of my entire body. A shiver ran swiftly down my spine and my body collected goosebumps again. She bent down and lightly kissed my breasts. She let her kisses trail down my stomach to the triangular patch of dark hair. While I was in total heaven with Holly, I didn’t notice that Alexia had come over and attached my wrists and ankles to the leather straps at either end of the bed. When Holly ceased her delightful kissing, reality struck me. I was tied down to a bed, naked, at complete mercy to two nude women. How much better could this night get?

“Don’t be alarmed, Zoe, I’m going to blindfold you now.” Alexia’s soft voice spoke somewhere behind me. Then everything went black as she placed a black, cotton blindfold across my eyes. Two pairs of hands ran across my body, stopping at times to play with my breasts or tease my clit with their fingers.

Everything stopped all at once. I listened but didn’t hear them anywhere and I couldn’t see a thing. After what seemed like an eternity, one of the girls returned with something soft. It tickled my tits as she playfully teased me with this unknown object. I presumed it was a feather because of its lightness and softness. While the girl teased me with the feather, the other girl adjusted the chains holding my ankles at the end of the bed. She let out a little slack so I could put my knees up.

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