Chris’ Hard Choices Ch. 04

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Chris awoke early the next morning with his lovely mother and aunt lying on each side of him. He lay there replaying the events of the previous night over in his mind. He never realized how wild his mom could be. He knew his Aunt Leah was a little wild but never in a million years would he have guessed his mom was too.

He started thinking back to last night when suddenly he was startled back to reality. The doorbell was ringing. Gently shaking his mother he told her. “Mom, wake up. Someone is at the door.”

Waking up, Carolyn suddenly remembered what happened last night. She thought. ‘Oh shit, I need to get dressed.’

She told Chris. “Wake Leah up and tell her to get dressed while I go and see who’s at the door. Tell her to hurry up. The last thing we need is for someone to catch us in here like this.”

After quickly getting dressed, Carolyn ran to see who was at the door. She was surprised to see Cheryl (Cheryl worked with Carolyn) standing there. After opening the door Carolyn told her to come in.

Carolyn asked her. “What brings you around so early on Saturday morning?”

“I’ve been trying to call you for the last hour. Bob (Carolyn’s boss) is on a rampage. Someone screwed up in the main office and all of our computers are down. We need you to come to work right away.” Cheryl explained.

Carolyn told Cheryl she needed a little time to make some arrangements but she would come in as soon as she could.

After hustling Cheryl out the door she went back to Chris’s room. Leah was lying next to Chris and playing with his cock. She watched as his cock began hardening, while she would have loved to stay and play, she knew she had to go to work.

“I hate to break up the party but there’s an emergency at work and I have to go in. Can you stay with Chris while I’m gone sis?” Carolyn asked her sister.

Immediately jumping out of bed Leah exclaimed. “Work, oh shit, what time is it? I am supposed to work a double today! Sorry sis, maybe you can call Dorothy. She said last night she didn’t mind stopping by on Monday. Maybe she’s not doing anything.”

“No, she’s in charge of the church bazaar today. What am I going to do? I can’t leave Chris here alone.” Carolyn retorted.

Chris sat up in the bed and said. “Look you two, I’m not an invalid. I can take care myself. Go do what needs to be done, I’ll be fine.”

It took awhile but Chris finally convinced the two women he would be fine on his own.

After they left Chris decided to take a bath. Remembering what happened last night when he fell off the bed, he went to stand up and walk to the bathroom but his legs we’re not strong enough to hold his weight. He pulled his wheelchair next to the bed and slid himself into it.

He rolled himself to the bathroom and turned the water on in the tub. After checking the water to make sure it wasn’t too hot he transferred himself into the tub. The warm water was soothing to his tired muscles. It had been a long night and he was still sore.

Carolyn was still worried about Chris being alone by himself so she called her neighbor and asked if she would check on him until she got home.

Angela Price had lived next door to Carolyn and Chris for the last 10 years. She just turned 52 and was recently divorced.

Her husband had left her for a younger woman. Chris could never understand why her husband left because Angela was a beauty. She looked much younger than her age and always kept herself in shape. She had long flowing black hair and dark green eyes. Chris used to love to watch her when she would sunbathe in the backyard

Chris was sitting in the tub when his mind drifted back to last night. He closed his eyes and pictured his mother sucking his cock. The scene was so erotic. Unable to control his sexual urges he began stroking his cock. Erotic images from last night flooded his mind. He started stroking himself a little faster after each new image flashed in his head.

Lost in his incestuous dreams of last night, he did not hear the back door open and shut. His fist was flying up and down his cock when he heard a gasp. His next door neighbor Angela was standing in the bathroom doorway with her hand over her mouth.

She squealed, “I’m so sorry! I should have knocked but your mom called and wanted me to look in on you!”

She turned to walk away but Chris stopped her. He told her. “I’m sorry you found me like this but I really could use some help if you don’t mind. I will understand if you do.”

Not wanting to let her friend down, she turned and asked Chris. “What can I do to help?”

Looking up at her he said. “Could you hand me a towel after a transfer myself into my chair?”

When she nodded, Chris noticed she was staring at his hard cock. He had fantasized about her many times during his childhood and now he sensed an opportunity to make his fantasies come true.

He thought of a quick plan. He would feign falling when he transferred into his chair. She would have to help him and he could make his move.

He raised bets10 himself from the tub and noticed her eyes never left his cock as it remained hard. Sensing a chance to make his move he flung himself on the bathroom floor. After he hit the floor he screamed out as if he was in pain.

Immediately she ran to him and asked. “Are you alright? Do I need to call your mother?”

Sitting on the floor he could not help himself as he started to laugh. He said to her. “I’m fine. Don’t call mom everything will be okay. I hate to ask but could you help me into my chair?”

“Of course honey, I’ll help you any way I can.” Angela answered him.

Chris’s plan was working like a charm. He knew it was only a matter of time before he had her sucking his cock. He could see she was getting aroused by the way her nipples poked through her t-shirt.

Angela could not stop herself from admiring Chris’s cock. It was beautiful and hard. She could see the veins throbbing in it. Her husband was never as hard as Chris’s cock looked. She wondered what it would feel like if she put her hand around it

Shaking the thought from her head she stabilized the wheelchair while Chris pulled himself into it. Still feigning pain, Chris asked her. “Ms. Angela, could you please help me put my legs on the footrest of my chair?”

Chris knew if she helped him, his cock would be only mere inches from her face. She would have to feel that heat emitting from it. After she placed his first leg onto the footrest he planned to accidentally brush is cock against the side of her face.

Angela had no idea what Chris was up to and agreed to help him. She grabbed his right leg and lifted it onto the footrest of his chair. His big angry cock almost touched her lips when she set his foot down.

His mammoth cock was only mere inches from her lips. She wanted to kiss its angry purple head so bad but thought better of it.

After she grabbed his other leg and started to set it onto the other footrest, Chris twisted at the perfect angle where his cock grazed her cheek. When his cock touched her cheek she took a step back and promptly fell in the tub.

She screamed. “Holy shit, I’m soaking fucking wet!”

Her falling in the tub was not a part of Chris’s plan but when she stood up he could see right through her white tee shirt and shorts. The first thing he noticed was she was not wearing any underwear. He could see her black fuzzy bush through her shorts.

Handing her a towel, Chris apologized. “I’m so sorry Angela. You came to help me and I end up causing you to fall in the tub.”

Drying herself with the towel Chris handed her, she instantly noticed how transparent her clothes had become. She started laughing and said. “It’s okay, it’s not the first I have fallen in a tub and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Well, it looks like there are no secrets between us anymore. I have seen all of you and now you’ve seen all of me.”

She continued drying herself as best she could while the two of them laughed at each other.

Seeing her practically naked in front of him, Chris’s cock was frantically bobbing up and down in front of him. Angela thought it looked like a huge sea serpent ready to strike. She asked him. “Does it hurt?”

Sensing the time was right he answered her. “Yes ma’am, it’s hurting badly. Could you help me into my bedroom, please?”

“Of course I’ll help you dear, just tell me what to do.” Angela replied.

She climbed out of the tub and pushed his wheelchair next to his bed in the bedroom. He instructed her to grab him by his feet while he pulled himself by the triangle above his bed.

His cock was bouncing around wildly as he pulled himself onto the bed. Angela could not believe his cock was still unbelievably hard. As she lay his feet on the bed it was her turn to pretend.

Pretending to slip, she fell on top of Chris with her left hand grasping his manhood. It felt so good in her hand she didn’t want to let go of it. She gasped at its pure girth. She found that her hand would not fit all the way around it.

She began to apologize when Chris pulled her to him and kissed her. Holding her tight to him she melted in his arms. He had her right where he wanted her. When she tried to break the embrace but he held her tighter until she could not resist anymore.

After a long embrace Chris began to tell her. “Your husband was a damned fool. Simple words cannot describe your beauty. Ms. Angela, I’ve dreamed of making love to you for a very long time. Please, let me make you happy.”

Chris was a silver tongued devil and he knew it. He always knew the perfect thing to say to women and this instance was no different. She was already fondling his cock. He motioned for her to spin around.

As she turned her wet hairy cunt to his face, he could see her juices glistening on her sex. He loved women with a hairy pussy. It made the situation seem more primal. As he slid his tongue inside of her she let out a huge gasp.

Pulling her head from his huge cock she bets10 giriş turned to him and said. “My husband would never do that. He said it was nasty.”

“The nastier the better is what I always say.” Chris chuckled and immediately drove his tongue deep inside her wet snatch.

She began ooohhing and aaawwing immediately. Chris was going to give her a treat. Taking his fingers he began searching for her clit. When he founded he gently scraped it with his teeth.

The second his teeth touched her clit she had to pull her mouth from his cock for fear of biting him. The pleasure he was giving her was immense. No one had ever done this for her. He was making her feel special and she loved every minute of it.

As he picked up the pace, she could feel an impending orgasm building inside of her. It had been a two long years since she had sex and this orgasm was going to be a big one.

Chris was frantically finger fucking her while sucking her clit when it happened. She came hard and flooded Chris with her juices.

She screamed. “Oohh my god, ooh my god, god help me I’m Cumming!”

Chris continued his merciless assault on her pussy until she rolled off of him screaming. “No more, I can’t take anymore, feeels sooo goood! Please give an old woman a break!”

Chris lay there watching her tremble. He was proud that he had made her happy. Grabbing hold of his cock he began to stroke it while he waited for her to calm down. He could not wait to stuff is big cock into her velvety pussy.

His cock had been hard for a long time now and it was starting to hurt when Angela finally calmed down. She watched as he slowly stroked his mammoth cock. She had always found it intoxicating to watch a man masturbate. Looking up to him, she asked. “Would you like some help? I think I owe you one.”

Easing herself up from the bed she straddled his angry cock. Standing above his mammoth cock only made it look bigger. She thought, ‘I hope he doesn’t split me in two.’

She slowly started her dissent onto his cock. When she pushed past the head of his cock, it sent shivers through her body. She felt more alive than she had in years. Here was a young stud wanting to ravish her with pleasure over and over again. She would have to make sure this wasn’t a onetime thing.

Inch by inch she descended until she had most of his cock inside of her. She could feel it deep inside her belly. She had never been so full. She was amazed at how gentle Chris was being with her. She knew most young men would have already started slamming their cock into her.

Chris lay very still to let her steaming hot pussy get adjusted to his size. He did not want this to be a onetime thing either. He had lusted after Angela for many years and he was not going to screw it up by hurting her.

When she started to bounce herself up and down on his cock he started to gently meet her thrusts with his own. He was driving her delirious with pleasure. Each time she slid down his monster pole it was bringing her closer to another orgasm. When she reached the top of his cock, its angry purple head would touch her clit and send shivers down her spine.

Chris could sense she was getting close but he was too. He started to pick up his rhythm and began to slam his cock harder into her hairy cunt. Soon she began to chant. “Sooo big, sooo hard, feeels sooo good! Thank you lord, thank you lord!”

Chris could hold himself back anymore and started furiously fucking Angela like a madman. She was bucking wildly and moaning. One hard thrust after another he kept slamming into her. His cock was aching and he needed to cum bad

The two lovers were lost in their own wild moment of lust when suddenly they were brought out of the reverie when someone yelled at them. “What the fuck is going on here?”

Angela dove off of Chris’s cock and tried to cover herself with a sheet from the bed. Chris looked at the bedroom doorway and saw his girlfriend Denise standing there. He assumed she would be mad as hell. He was right, she was mad but for the wrong reason.

Smiling, she looked at Chris and said. “Why didn’t you tell me you were having a party? You know how much I love parties. Who is your friend?”

Chris introduced them. “Angela, meet Denise; Denise, meet Angela.”

Angela lay still underneath the sheet not knowing what to do. She was in for the surprise of her life but didn’t know it. She was shocked as she watched Denise undress. She didn’t know whether to run or stay covered up under the sheet.

When Denise finished undressing she walked to the side of the bed where Angela lay trembling underneath the sheet. She lay beside her and gently brushed the strands of hair from covering her face. Placing her left hand gently on her chin, she turned her face towards her and said. “Don’t worry sweetie, I won’t bite, unless you really want me to.”

Denise leaned in close and gently kissed the trembling older woman on the lips. Angela felt sparks of electricity course throughout her body. She had never kissed bets10 güvenilir mi another woman before. She found it extremely thrilling. Denise’s lips were soft and smooth and she took her time as she gently brushed her lips against hers. Denise was savoring the moment. Men never did that.

Denise moved from kissing Angela’s lips to the nape of her neck and then slowly moved to her breasts. Angela’s body was trembling and felt like it was on fire. Denise continued her downward descent towards Angela’s sloppy wet pussy.

Angela was really worked up and when Denise drove her tongue into her hot love canal she hissed. “Yesss, right there, don’t stop!”

Chris had always enjoyed watching two women make love but his cock was beginning to hurt badly. It had been hard for over an hour and he needed some relief. Finally he could take it no more and said. “I don’t mean to be greedy but I need some relief. Do you think one of you lovely ladies might be able to help me?”

Raising her head from Angela’s pussy, Denise jokingly said. “Isn’t it just like a man to only be worried about his own needs? What do you think Angela? Should we help the poor boy out?”

“In all fairness to him, he had already made me cum before you got here. Yes, I think we should help him.” Angela replied.

“Well then, I think you should finish what you started. I have fucked his wondrous cock plenty of times, besides I can get plenty of his cock whenever I want it.” Denise told Angela.

Angela began to hover over his massive cock while Denise took it in her hands and aimed it at the entrance of Angela’s wet pussy. Angela started lowering herself inch by inch on to his hard cock.

Angela was in heaven as she rode his long thick rod. This would be a day she would never forget. One thing Angela didn’t know was Denise had a dark side. While she enjoyed it when Denise was kissing her and eating her pussy she still wasn’t sure if she was ready to reciprocate.

All Angela cared about at this moment was riding the huge cock she had in her pussy. It wasn’t long before she was slamming herself up and down his cock at a frenetic pace. While she had most of his cock inside of her she never dreamed all of him would fit inside. She was about to get the surprise of her life.

Denise had her arms wrapped her around playing with her tits and whispering words of encouragement into her ear. “You are doing great, fuck that big cock! You love that huge piece of man meat stuffing your fat hairy pussy full! Tell him what you want! Tell him you adore his cock!”

“Yesss, I love his cock! I adore it! I don’t want him to ever stop fucking meeee! His big cock feeelss sooo goood inside of me!” Angela squealed out loud!

Angela’s squealing spurred Denise on. She took her right hand and started playing with Angela’s pussy. When Denise’s finger touched Angela’s pussy; it sent her over the edge and she had a mind-blowing orgasm.

Angela’s body went out of control. She started to shake uncontrollably and began flailing her head all about. Tremor after tremor of pleasure flooded her body over and over again. She thought she might pass out from the flood of emotions she was feeling.

When Angela started to fall limp, Denise caught her and helped to lay her down. Denise looked at Chris and said. “I think she’s all fucked out but don’t you worry, I’ll fix my baby’s problem.”

Denise straddled Chris’s cock and started riding him like the pro she was. She noticed immediately Chris’s cock was harder than she could ever remember it being before. That was okay because she knew exactly how to make him cum.

She knew he loved it when she acted dominant. She yelled at him! “Give it to me you motherfucker! Make my pussy hurt you big dicked motherfucker! Your cock isn’t big enough to satisfy me!”

Chris started slamming his cock as hard as he could into Denise’s blistering cunt. He decided to try to fuck her into oblivion. He was going to try to split her in two.

Angela lay there watching the two young lovers as they fucked each other with wild abandon. She had never seen a site like this in her whole life. Sure, she had seen porn movies before but they didn’t even compare to what these two were doing to each other. There was no love in their interaction, just wild unbridled lust. She was worn out; still, she was being drawn to join them.

Angela pulled herself up to Denise and kissed her lightly on the lips. While the two women kissed Chris continued to drive his cock hard inside Denise’s boiling cunt.

Grabbing Angela by the hair, Denise pulled her head down to her pussy and screamed at her, “I need you here! Suck my pussy while he’s fucking me you bitch! You better make me cum or else!”

Terrified but excited at the same time, Angela began sucking Denise’s pussy. She didn’t know what Denise meant by ‘or else’ but she didn’t want to find out. Strangely, she found the taste of Denise’s pussy to be intoxicating. She felt her own fluids beginning to flow again.

The sight of Denise forcing Angela to eat her pussy was just what Chris needed. He slammed his cock as deep as he could into Denise’s pussy and started shooting his cum deep into her love tunnel. He yelled out, “Oohh shit oohh shit, feeels sooo goood! Ooohhh my god, I’m Cumming!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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