Clayton Gives Head

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In the wee, small hours of the morning, Clayton Smithers woke up with an urgent need to urinate, so he slipped out of his lower bunk and used the urinal in the back of the cell. After flushing it and washing his hands, he started to return to his bunk. His ass was still a little bit sore, but very pleasantly so, because it reminded him of the great fucking he had gotten on the previous afternoon.

As usual, “Knuckles” O’Malley, who was considered by the convicts to be the boss of the cell block, had the first turn. He had the biggest cock of all, and had given Clayton a better time than anybody else, strictly in a physical sense, but his cellmate, Snake Hanson, had actually helped him receive the most pleasure. Knuckles, like the other convicts, used Clayton’s ass about the same as they would use the mouth or cunt of a two-dollar whore, cumming into him and leaving, but Snake was much more considerate than that. He treated his sex partner the way a man should treat a girl friend, and Clayton appreciated the consideration.

Being cellmates, they could take their time and really enjoy their coupling, with no reason to rush it. In order to come into his cell and fuck Clayton, the others in the cell block had to wait for the two hour period when the prisoners could do some socializing. That was one reason for the difference, but Clayton knew that wasn’t the only reason that one special man treated him differently from everybody else. Even before they became cell mates Snake, whose nickname arose from his many tattoos, caressed the man he was fucking and kept most of his weight off him. That allowed Clayton room to masturbate so he could enjoy a climax also, and no other man in the train had ever done that.

Like convicts everywhere, the two men had a lot of time to fill, and they did so partly with long conversations. They were both intelligent and well-read, and Clayton had developed and admitted to a genuine affection toward Snake and, he had been told, the feeling was reciprocated. As he walked the few steps back to his thin mattress, Clayton looked at the sleeping face of his cellmate on the upper bunk, and the possibility of doing something extra nice for casino şirketleri the man entered his mind. He didn’t know what it could be, for he had no money to buy him candy or cigarettes or anything else, and his sexual favors were distributed regularly to every man in the cell block who wanted them.

It was a hot night, and Snake was lying on his side, covered by nothing but his jail-issued boxer-type shorts. Clayton thought he might have been having an erotic dream, because his cock was erect and sticking through the fly. As he looked at it, he thought of how much pleasure it gave him and how much his ass gave it, and a thought occurred to him. He wasn’t sure, but he believed that everyone in the cellblock had fucked him, but there was one thing he had never done for any of them, and nobody had ever asked for it.

Clayton was aware of the two main ways men have sex together. He had been fucked in the ass hundreds of times, including by Snake, so there was nothing unique about that. However, the other way, one man taking another’s cock into his mouth and sucking him off, was something he had never done for anybody. Clayton was aware of the mechanics, having been given blow jobs many times by female victims of his phony psychiatrist racket, and he had enjoyed it immensely. He resolved that was what he would do for the man whom he was thinking of as his boy friend, and he would do it that night.

He leaned in closer and tentatively reached out his tongue and lightly stroked the velvety surface of the head. It felt good, and he explored further, probing gently along the slit and under the ridge. The more he licked, the more he liked it, until he took the head between his lips and reached down to caress the shaft with his tongue.

At first, Snake Hanson thought he was having an unusually realistic wet dream but, as he slowly became more awake, he realized it was many times better than that. From the lights in the corridor outside the cell, he could see a form standing beside his bunk and he felt something wet and delightful stroking his hard cock. He had been sucked off before, mostly by prostitutes, so he knew what was happening, and that casino firmaları knowledge brought a smile to his face. It was obviously Clay, his cellmate and regular sex partner, and it was also obvious the man was doing something Snake had been hoping he would want to do some time. The recipient of the blow job didn’t say anything, just enjoyed what was being done.

Clayton was very much enjoying it too, and that surprised him somewhat. It had been his thought that he would do something special for the nice man who was sharing his living quarters, and would probably be doing so for the next few years. He was surprised that it actually felt good, and even increased the affection he felt for the man whose cock had frequently given him so much pleasure. It was providing almost as much to his mouth as it had to his ass, as the thick, hard shaft spread apart his lips and the head brushed against the back of his mouth. Clayton drew his face back again, until just the end was held between his lips.

For a few seconds, he held it there, licking the head, but the shaft filling his mouth had felt so good that he slowly moved his head forward, once again engulfing the hard, thick cylinder. As his mouth advanced, his tongue laved as much of Snake’s cock as it could reach, and Clayton reveled in the unique sensation of the skin that was stretched so tightly over the hard roundness. Once again, he felt the head brush against the back of his mouth, and he dared take it no more deeply in, for fear of setting off what he knew was his gag reflex. That small lack didn’t bother him, because it felt wonderful just the way it was.

It felt wonderful to Snake too, who was fully awake by that time. He said nothing, but was starting to fuck forward every time he felt his cell mate’s mouth enveloping his cock. Besides the great physical pleasure he was receiving, he felt good about being the only convict to get such special sexual favors from the cell block queen.

With neither of the men saying anything, Clay’s lips happily fondled the rigid organ of Snake, while his tongue caressed its length. With every stroke of his mouth, it felt better, until it started throbbing, güvenilir casino and he was unsure what that meant. He had never done such a thing before, and everything about it was new, but Clayton suspected it meant his partner, who may or may not have been asleep, was about to cum. If that was what happened, he resolved to swallow the cum that would be produced, because he had always enjoyed having women do that with his semen, and it would be just that much more special for his special friend.

Faster and faster, Clayton sucked, until he felt the cock in his mouth start to jerk. He knew what that meant, and he continued the same kind of long, deep strokes. Snake was breathing hard and moaning, obviously awake by then, and delighting in what was happening. Abruptly, he grunted softly, and a gob of viscous fluid landed on Clayton’s tongue. It tasted surprisingly good, and he continued sucking until the cock ejaculated twice more. After that, although his lips and tongue continued their work, he could feel the cylinder in his mouth start to soften, and he knew Snake’s climax was through, and their fun was over, at least for that night.

Clayton took the cock out of his mouth and licked it off, including probing the tip of his tongue against the slit in the end, where there was still some semen oozing out. He looked at the face of his cell mate and saw he was awake. Their eyes met, and Clayton moved closer, so Snake could say something, if he wanted.

He did want to. “Thanks, Clay,” he whispered. “I really appreciated that.”

“So did I, Snake,” was the whispered response.

They exchanged friendly pats on each other’s arms, the only display of affection they would allow themselves. Clayton Smithers got back onto his bunk, feeling good about what he had just done and looking forward to doing it again on future nights.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Clayton and Snake did, and will probably be doing for the next few years. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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