Cobalt Blue Ch. 06 Pt. 01

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The Cherokee jeep pulled up outside the exclusively named hotel and spa and the dark haired driver turned to smile at the surprised gasp of his blond companion. He gazed at the angelic face, the luscious lips open in an ‘o’ of shock.

“Think you can put up with spending a couple of days here, love,” he asked, his warm voice resonating with amusement. He reached to caress a slender, toned thigh.

“When you said you’d manage to secure a couple of days at a spa to relax, I never dreamt it would be *this* one,” came the whispered response. “I know how exclusive and expensive this place is.”

“The owner is a friend,” Jaze smiled trying to relax his mate. “You gave me the most wonderful Christmas surprise, love; I wanted to do something that would be equally memorable for you.” The mellow voice dropped lower, becoming like a dark silk caress in the small ear. “I can hardly wait to take you in a Jacuzzi, baby.” His hand moved from the thigh he still caressed to tenderly cup the clothed bulge at his lover’s groin. “Seems you like that idea, too, Stewie,” he laughed softly.

“Oh yeah,” Stewie breathed, hitching his hips a little to deepen the contact. He gave Jaze an incandescent smile. Leaning over he pressed his lips to his mate’s and the two kissed tenderly. Stewie’s hand encountered a similar bulge to his own between Jaze’s muscular thighs and gave it a gentle squeeze. “And it looks like I’m not the only one,” he giggled, the nervousness he’d initially felt on arriving beginning to dispel with the growing intimacy.

Jaze re-started the jeep to take it to be garaged.

//You don’t know the half of what I have in mind, love// he thought as the vehicle moved forward.

The hotel foyer was magnificent in gold gilt and white marble. Jaze and Stewie walked towards the glamorous receptionist. Stewie was too enthralled with the foyer that boasted a huge real Christmas tree as well as natural winter greenery as its decorations to notice the disparaging look the two men received from her. Jaze was unconcerned. When driving, wherever possible, he dressed for comfort. It was obvious that the immaculately groomed and manicured young woman thought they were in the wrong place. However, as Jaze gave his name, her demeanour instantly changed. She smiled ingratiatingly and oozed charm.

“Mr Kingston,” she breathed in a girly voice. “Mr Rawlings asked to be notified as soon as you arrived. He wants to escort you personally.”

Jaze nodded politely as she picked up a phone to make the call. He was tempted to be annoyed at the initial reaction they’d encountered, but as Stewie had been oblivious he decided not to make an issue of it. He wanted Stewie to enjoy this treat.

A few minutes later and a delighted shout disturbed the air.

“Jaze!” came an enthusiastic voice.

Stewie turned to seek the source and came almost face to face with Daniel Rawlings. He was younger than Stewie would have imagined for owning such an establishment. He was a little taller than Stewie, but slimmer to the point of border-line thinness. His hair was blond and short, but the dark eyebrows gave away the true colour of his hair. His clothes and Rolex watch screamed his wealth. Stewie could only watch stunned as Daniel breezed past him and pulled Jaze into a tight hug, kissing each cheek.

“It’s wonderful to see you again, Jaze,” the young man said sincerely.

“Looks like you’ve continued successfully here in your father’s footsteps, Danny,” Jaze relied, gesturing vaguely around him.

“A few changes here and there, just to keep up to date with people’s expectations,” Danny smiled.

“Danny, I’d like to introduce you to my partner,” Jaze said indicating Stewie. “Daniel Rawlings, this is Stewart Donovan, but he’s normally known as Stewie.”

“Stewie,” Danny nodded politely as he extended his hand.

As they briefly shook hands, artificial blond rapidly assessed real. Stewie’s blond hair fell like golden silk to his shoulders. His sapphire blue eyes held a tinge of apprehension, but radiated intelligence. His cheeks were high and sculptured and the lips a Cupid’s bow. Although Stewie was slender, Danny recognised there was a hidden strength in the lissom body. As Danny released Stewie’s hand he angled his head to turn a calculating look at the man who was a friend of both him and his father. Jaze was taller and more muscular than the man introduced as his partner and exuded raw male power. His dark hair was still cut short and he still sported a goatee. Danny could see the hazel eyes were fixed on the other blond and he could see the love that shone in them.

Danny gave a mental sigh. Jaze’s call for a favour to spend two days at his spa had piqued Danny’s curiosity and excited the younger man. He’d always been attracted to Jaze in an indefinable way, but the spark had always seemed to be missing. There was no mistaking the spark between these two men. Danny resigned himself to the notion he would never be anything more than a friend and determined casino şirketleri that as Jaze had entrusted him with his partner’s well-being, he would do everything he could to ensure both men’s stay was enjoyable and memorable.

“I wanted to give Stewie a special gift,” Jaze’s warm voice broke into Danny’s reverie. “A couple of days here seemed to fit the bill perfectly.” As he spoke, Danny’s body had obscured Stewie’s view of Jaze and so the younger man failed to see the smile and nod that passed between the other two men.

“I’m sure I’ve matched your requirements, Jaze,” Danny said smoothly as he sketched an elaborate bow.

Stewie glanced between each man, uncertain. He sometimes found it hard to believe someone as handsome and charismatic as Jaze would be interested in him. A strong hand suddenly caught his arm, pulling him into a loving embrace. He looked up into hazel eyes that left no doubt as to their owner’s innermost feelings.

“I love you, Jaze,” he murmured, burying his face into Jaze’s strong shoulder.

“I love you, Stewie,” Jaze replied nuzzling the smaller man’s temple, recognising Stewie’s insecurity. “Only ever you, love,” he added quietly.

“If you’re ready?” Danny asked smiling.

Jaze kept hold of Stewie’s hand as he picked up their small suitcase. He led Stewie behind Danny trusting that his friend had indeed met his requirements.

Danny strode ahead jauntily. Jaze had made some very specific requests as part of his favour. However, Danny was quite certain he’d not only met, but had succeeded in exceeding that asked of him. He was as excited about Jaze’s reactions as Jaze would be about his partner’s. He took the pair to the top floor of his hotel and then into another small lift that went to one of the penthouse suites. He handed Jaze a duplicate of the key that had granted him access to the exclusive lift.

“Your rooms, your lift,” he said smiling. “Privacy,” he winked at Jaze. As they stepped out of the lift, he handed Jaze a card key. “Your suite,” he said indicating the door opposite. He opened the door and stood back as his guests entered. His smile widened at the twin gasps.

The living room boasted a gas fire that gave the impression of a real log fire. The large mantle was decorated with natural greenery. A large tree stood by French windows that led to a balcony overlooking the gardens and a fountain. The ceiling, however, had the two other men riveted. Above them was a roof of glass that gave the appearance that their ceiling was the sky. As Danny ushered them into the bedroom, they found the ceiling there was also glass. The room was dominated by a large four-poster bed that didn’t have a canopy. Therefore when lying in bed, the occupants would feel as though they were sleeping under the stars. Off the bedroom was the bathroom. In here the ceiling was covered. It was the same gold and white marble as the foyer and in the centre was a generously sized Jacuzzi.

Danny regarded his friend and their partner. He grinned happily. Although Stewie was not Danny’s type, as he stood there taking everything in, Danny found he looked adorable. However as he turned to regard Jaze, Danny was barely able to contain his gasp and could do nothing whatsoever to prevent the sudden surge of blood to his groin. Jaze’s eyes were half-lidded and devouring Stewie and the smile was nothing short of feral. Ruefully, Danny wished he’d be the recipient of a gaze of that intensity. Surreptitiously he re-arranged his wayward flesh and began to leave.

“The massages you booked will be ready on schedule,” he called over his shoulder. As he shut the door to the suite he leant against it with a groan and palmed the prominent bulge in his expensive slacks. He pulled out his mobile and with a wicked smile hit speed-dial. Receiving a favourable response, Danny was grinning widely as he entered the exclusive lift.

Jaze wrapped strong arms around his stunned lover.

“You like it, baby?” he asked.

“Jaze,” Stewie spoke in a small, awed voice. “How can you possibly afford this? This is *the* most exclusive spa.”

“I have some money behind me, love,” Jaze said being purposefully vague. Now wasn’t the time to let Stewie know just how much money was behind the enigmatic, older man. That was something he intended to do as gradually as circumstances allowed. “I’m not the type to flaunt it,” he added as he nuzzled at Stewie’s temple. “Besides, I know Danny.”

“Well?” Stewie asked before he could censure his wayward tongue. He felt the embrace tighten.

“Danny has and will never be my lover,” Jaze said quietly. He caressed Stewie’s lower lip with his fingers in a tender gesture. “I have you, love and you are all I have ever wanted and all I will ever need.”

“Sorry,” the younger man whispered as he held tightly to the bigger man.

“No need for apologies,” Jaze smiled. He tilted Stewie’s face upwards to gaze into the cerulean depths. “We’re here to relax and enjoy ourselves.” He scooped Stewie into casino firmaları his arms without warning and strode to the bed. He dropped the smaller man in the centre, following the lithe body with his own and claiming Stewie’s lips in a deep kiss. He slowly ravished Stewie’s mouth, entwining their tongues in a slow erotic dance. As he ended the kiss he gave a mischievous smile. Stewie squealed as Jaze ruthlessly exploited every ticklish spot he knew on his lover’s body until Stewie’s eyes were sparkling with joy. Only then did the older man allow his touches to become slower and more intimate, until Stewie was moaning softly and their kisses were becoming more heated.

Jaze allowed his weight to settle a little more on the smaller body and mated their mouths again. His tongue slide sensuously against Stewie’s before he sucked it into his own mouth. Stewie’s mewls of pleasure were breathed into Jaze’s mouth as he stroked Jaze’s shoulder and back, trying to pull the bigger even closer between his willingly parted thighs. Jaze was rewarded by a breathless giggle as he dropped a kiss to the tip of Stewie’s nose.

“I’ve arranged a massage, baby,” he told the relaxed blond. “We need showers, so you hop in first whilst I unpack. After we’re showered I can take you on a quick tour.”

Stewie was surprised and somewhat disappointed that Jaze didn’t share the shower. Stewie was tempted to relieve the aroused flesh jutting proudly from his small nest of blond curls on his own, but knew he would rather share his passion with his mate. As Stewie walked naked into the bedroom, he saw the leisure tops and pants with the spa’s exclusive logo laid out on the bed.

“I arranged for these when I booked. Saved us packing anything to lounge around in. I’ll be two minutes,” he smiled as he rushed to take his own shower.

Stewie was stunned at the opulence of the spa. There were well maintained gardens that had many intimate seats for couples, as well as beautifully tended topiary and elegant fountains. Inside there was a fully fitted gym and full sized swimming pool. There were saunas and Jacuzzis and a fully equipped beauty parlour offering their treatments to both sexes. Stewie was led to one of the masseurs. He was a large, muscular man of similar height and build to Jaze, dressed in white linen trousers and t-shirt emblazoned with the spa’s logo and the name Michael.

“Mr Donovan,” the big blond man extended a meaty hand.

“I’ll leave you in good hands, Stewie,” Jaze said. “Be back soon. Enjoy.”

If Jaze noticed the smaller man’s sadness, he didn’t comment. Stewie turned his attention to the masseur standing patiently. Stewie pasted on what he hoped was a reasonable smile that didn’t reach his eyes. He hadn’t expected that he and Jaze would be doing separate activities.

“OK then,” the masseur smiled showing even, white teeth. “If you’ll undress then stretch out on the table, we can get started.”

Stewie obeyed and lay face up on the table as a small towel was draped over his hips and the table then elevated to a comfortable height for the masseur. Stewie was suddenly aware of Michael’s intense scrutiny. A large thick finger traced around Stewie’s eyes.

“Just going to put some cream around here, Mr Donovan,” he said reaching for a jar. “We’ll soon banish those shadows.”

Stewie had to close his eyes as the cream was applied and was surprised when an eye mask was then fitted.

“This will help you relax,” Michael said as Stewie heard soft jazz playing. He took a deep breath. Jaze had probably spent a small fortune on the spa and Stewie decided to simply go with the flow. He heard the door open. “Mr Kingston was specific about the oil to use,” Michael’s voice continued. “I believe this is a favourite.” The scent of vanilla with a hint of jasmine reached Stewie and he smiled.

“It is,” he confirmed. He heard the door close again and then large capable hands were smoothing the oil over his body in strong, broad strokes. Stewie found himself relaxing and giving the odd groan of appreciation as knotted muscles were expertly loosened. A tap to his hip indicated the masseur was ready to work on the young man’s back. The hands worked their magic from shoulders to lower spine and then from feet to upper thighs. Stewie felt as though his bones had melted under the ministrations. He started as the strong hands moved to knead each nether cheek. Stewie hadn’t realised the towel wasn’t back in place. The young man reached to remove the eye mask just as a finger breached his hidden opening.

“Beautiful,” a dark silken voice purred into his ear. Stewie’s movement was thwarted by the strong arm across his back, pinning him in place. The invading finger expertly stroked his sweet spot, eliciting a deep moan from the restrained blond.

“Jaze,” Stewie moaned as the heavy arm moved to knead each creamy cheek. The younger man threw off the mask and gazed sultrily over his shoulder at his mate. “How long?” he asked huskily as a second finger worked its güvenilir casino way inside him, languidly scissoring to stretch Stewie’s narrow channel. He moaned as Jaze tenderly brushed his hidden jewel again.

“You didn’t believe that after the wonderful present you gave me for Christmas that I’d allow anyone else to touch you did you?” Jaze growled his voice low and gravelly. He inserted a third finger into his beautiful lover as he retrieved a package. “Let me make you more comfortable,” he said passing Stewie a cushion to tuck under slender hips. Stewie’s hips canted perfectly for the bigger man’s attentions and Stewie spread his legs to offer more intimate access. He moaned wantonly as Jaze’s tongue flickered over his stretched opening as the deft fingers worked inside him.

Stewie gasped as he felt something small and unyielding press into his body. He looked over his shoulder and saw the black marble love beads in Jaze’s hand. Jaze inclined his head asking a silent question. Stewie nodded his assent and pillowed his head on folded arms. He moaned Jaze’s name as a second bead, slightly bigger, passed his trembling entrance. Stewie whimpered as Jaze’s tongue danced in and around his opening as more beads slid inside. The feeling of fullness built slowly and pleasurably, his sweet spot was rubbed erratically and Stewie ground his hips into the pillow. Stewie gave a cry of delight as his hardness was gripped by his lover’s knowledgeable hand. His lips spilt sweet cries of need and pleasure as the last bead entered him and Jaze’s tongue played with his stretched opening.

“Please, Jaze,” Stewie begged breathlessly. “Please, please.”

Kneeling between Stewie’s spread thighs; Jaze coated his aching length and then pulled the beads from the body writhing so enticingly beneath him.

Stewie wailed at the unfamiliar sensation, but before his body could be bereft of the feeling of fullness, he felt Jaze press his entire slickened shaft inside his spasming channel. Jaze’s cry merged with Stewie’s as he thrust hard and fast ensuring Stewie’s prostate was continually struck. Stewie’s hardness was stroked with the same ferocity of speed and lights danced before his eyes as the young man inexorably reached his climax. Stewie screamed Jaze’s name, beyond caring who might hear. He was dimly aware of the shout of his own name as Jaze’s seed filled him, before he collapsed boneless beneath Jaze’s still thrusting body.

Jaze cried out Stewie’s name as his orgasm was wrenched from him as Stewie’s channel clenched around his length milking him of his seed. He continued to thrust into Stewie’s sated body even when he knew he was empty; the smallness of Stewie’s channel keeping a snug grip on his slowly softening flesh. He ensured he didn’t crush the precious body as he listened to Stewie’s shallow panting. As Stewie began to stir, Jaze reluctantly slid free from the younger man. He stood carefully and helped Stewie to roll onto his back. The sight of his mate; the flushed face, sweat-damp hair in disarray and his eyes heavy-lidded with satiation sent jolts to Jaze’s groin that twitched dryly in response. Jaze licked up the crease between thigh and groin of each leg before suckling Stewie’s softened member and then licking clean the crème adorning the slender form. Growling his pleasure, Jaze licked a trail up to the cinnamon nubs, nipping and biting each in turn. Finally, their lips met and Jaze swallowed Stewie’s soft sigh of completion.

“Love you, Jaze,” Stewie husked his throat raw.

“Love you, babe,” the bigger man replied. He smiled at the sleepy turquoise depths. “Come on, love” he urged. “Let’s get back to our room. There’s a nice Jacuzzi waiting with our names on it.” Jaze’s voice had dropped to a silky purr and Stewie felt his replete sex quiver with renewed anticipation.

Jaze helped his mate to stand, a feral light in his eyes. He tenderly cupped the softened genitals, softly squeezing the delicate sac, allowing the precious orbs to slide apart and back together. Jaze’s own flesh was already hardening at the thought of what he had planned and he was gratified to find that the gentle fondling was reawakening Stewie’s shaft.

Stewie leant into his mate’s protective and possessive embrace and whispered just one word.


Jaze kept one arm wrapped tightly around Stewie’s waist as they returned to their rooms. He occasionally reached to fondle his younger lover’s cotton-wrapped package, slowly building both their arousals. He was pleased Stewie was responding so eagerly and licked his lips in an unconscious gesture of desire for their anticipated pleasure. As they entered their suite, Jaze swept Stewie against the door and plundered the smaller man’s mouth. He heard the low guttural moan as his tongue caressed every nuance of the warm wet cavern and his hand delved proprietarily into the leisure pants to stroke Stewie more demandingly.

Stewie melted in Jaze’s arms, relishing his mate’s sexual dominance. Arousal was coursing through his veins and his hips bucked in response to Jaze’s ravishing. He was becoming light-headed from the ministrations as his moan of pleasure became a soft whine of distress. Jaze’s body had moved away, the bigger man standing back a little.

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