College Break at Home Pt. 03

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Just then, they heard the house door slam, indicating someone was coming out to the shed. In a hurried mess, they threw back on their athletic clothes, barely getting everything on before the door opened up.

“What happened in here?!”

It was the bartender. After walking into the shed, he had only needed a second to examine the situation and realize what had happened. The disheveled appearance of Jamie and Mark’s clothing, much less the embarrassed looks on both their faces, was an easy giveaway.

“Never mind,” the bartender continued, subtly acknowledging his error. “Jamie, your mom was wondering what was taking so long with the chairs.”

“Fuck,” said Jamie, “I completely forgot. Tell her I’ll be inside with them in a sec.”

The bartender left, and Jamie and Mark both let out a sigh of relief.

“Wow, that was close,” said Mark.

“Well he obviously knew what was going on,” responded Jamie.

“Okay, sure. But honestly who cares? At least it wasn’t your mom or dad! Plus, I kinda think it’s sexy getting caught.” Mark winked at Jamie.

“Didn’t realize you were an exhibitionist,” Jamie threw back with a smile.

“I’m full of surprises today, Jamie.” In unison, they started grabbing the chairs to bring inside.

A few hours later, the party was about to start. After finishing up all the tasks for his mom, Jamie took a shower and got ready. It was a black tie event, so he made sure his teeth were sparkling, put on some cologne, and threw on his tuxedo. He admired himself in the mirror, loving how the slim fit of the jacket and pants accentuated his wide chest and thick ass.

Too bad there wouldn’t be any other gay gays at the party, he thought. Everyone invited was a friend of his parents, and pretty much all were straight couples.

The party began at 7pm and slowly the guests began to arrive. Jamie’s parents greeted everyone at the door, who trickled in through the house, chatting and grabbing drinks. Music played in the background, evening out the ebb and flow of conversation as people became acquainted and old friends caught up.

But Jamie hardly knew anyone at this party, so he decided to get drunk. Of course, this would mean interacting with the bartender who had caught Jamie and Mark earlier in the day. But Jamie wasn’t deterred. After all, he was young, fit, and allowed to fuck whoever he wanted.

Who cares if Mark was a bit older than him? Jamie figured. He walked confidently over to the bartender as if nothing had happened.

“Hey man, could I get a whiskey?” He tried to seem casual and completely unphased.

“Sure,” he replied, grabbing a short glass and giving Jamie a hefty pour. In that moment, Jamie couldn’t help but notice how cute the bartender was. He was a little on the short side for a guy, maybe 5’9″, but built. Even through his suit, it was obvious that his chest was jacked and arms were built. He had short black hair, soft brown eyes, and a strong jawline. He couldn’t have been more than a year or two older than Jamie.

As he handed Jamie the glass, he looked right into Jamie’s eyes and broke the tension.

“Sorry for earlier, man. I didn’t mean to…um, surprise you two.”

Jamie was surprised casino şirketleri this guy would even bring that up, but he also seemed pretty chill with it.

“No big deal, man. We’ve all been caught fucking an older friend of our parents, anyway,” Jamie responded sarcastically with a laugh.

The bartender’s jaw dropped open, clearly taken aback by the joke. But after a moment of shock, he laughed and smiled.

“To be honest, I’ve seen a lot of shit go down at events like this. It’s a never-ending loop of booze-fueled sex acts when rich people get together.”

Jamie sipped his drink. “Glad I didn’t corrupt you then. So tell me, what sorts of things have you encountered?” He was curious.

“Most of the time it’s pretty harmless stuff, like couples fucking in a bedroom or a guy jacking off in the bathroom. But other times I’ve caught people cheating, or one time a gay couple asked me to join them in a threesome.”

“Shit man,” Jamie responded, impressed. “That’s crazy. Did you do it?”

“Yeah of course. They were a bit older, but what guy doesn’t love getting his dick wet? And they tipped well after.”

Jamie chuckled at the strangeness of the conversation as he finished his whiskey. Maybe it was all the physical activity or the lack of food in his stomach, but the drink had made him tipsy. When the bartender saw his empty glass, he poured another for both him and Jamie.

“Cheers,” he said extending out his glass.

Jamie added to the toast. “To fucking strangers at a party.” The booze had made him more direct.

The bartender sipped his drink, noticing the glassy look in Jamie’s eyes.

“The guests seem pretty lubricated right now, so I could probably leave the bar for a few minutes. Want to join me?”

Jamie was stunned at how fast this had all gone down. Did the bartender really just offer to bail on the party and fuck him? He was a perfect stranger but extremely hot, the type of guy he normally would go for at college. Plus, the drinks certainly helped make up his mind. Damn the party, Jamie wanted to get fucked.

He nodded yes, then led the bartender through the house to his bedroom. When they got inside, the bartender locked the door shut and pulled Jamie close.

“I’m in charge now, Jamie.”

Jamie had played this game before. Whenever he drank, his submissive side came out.

“Yes master, I’ll do whatever you want.”

The bartender took off his jacket and dress shirt, exposing his chest. He had broad shoulders and enormous pecs, a triangle shape accentuated by his hairless body and toned stomach. Jamie began to kiss his body, running his hands all over his sides and back.

“Lick my armpits, Jamie.”

Jamie did as he was told, running his tongue along his left pit and then the right. He loved how it smelled like an athlete, emanating a natural scent that reminded him of the gym. The bartender forced Jamie’s face inside his pit, exerting his dominance.

“Good, Jamie. Now get on your knees.”

Still in his tux, Jamie lowered to the floor. He began to undo the bartender’s belt buckle, then zipped down his flap while staring up at his eyes. The bartender looked down at him, sensing his control of the situation.

Jamie casino firmaları quickly realized the bartender wasn’t wearing any underwear. As Jamie lowered his pants, he was fully exposed to his lower half. His tanned body glistened with sweat, with short black hair on his muscular thighs. But of course, his dick stood out the most. Already erect, it was of average girth but at least 9 inches long, a massive tool to probe his ass. His pubes and balls were shaved completely clean.

“Now suck my cock, Jamie.”

Jamie grabbed the shaft with his right hand while cupping the balls with his left, tugging on them gently as he lowered his lips onto the tip of the bartender’s cock. It tasted just like his armpits, exuding the wet odor of masculinity and testosterone.

Jamie had never sucked a dick quite this long before. Starting slow, he began to push it deeper into his mouth, allowing the cockhead to become fully lubed with his spit. The bartender looked pleased, gently thrusting his hips as he grabbed Jamie’s shoulders. With 3 inches left, Jamie began to feel the dick pushing against the back of his throat. Practiced, he held back his gag reflex as he tried to force his mouth further down the shaft. The bartender moved his hands to the back of Jamie’s head, pushing hard inward towards his own groin.

“You’re gonna take my whole cock if it’s the last thing you do, Jamie.” He gritted through his teeth animalistically, making sure Jamie knew who was in control. “Get on the bed.”

Jamie had no idea what this meant, but he did as he was told. Stomach down, his head was at the foot of the bed as Jamie went directly in front of him.

“Now flip over so I can fuck your face,” the bartender commanded.

Jamie got on his back and leaned his head backward over the bed, opening his mouth for his master’s cock. The bartender pushed it into Jamie’s mouth, holding his head still and going deep on the first thrust. In this position, Jamie had no control anymore and the bartender knew it. He began to ram his cock hard into Jamie’s face, moving deeper and deeper each time.

“Open your throat, slut!”

Jamie did as he was told, trying to relax his mouth, throat, and gag reflex to get the massive cock fully inside him. Finally, Jamie felt his lips touch the bartender’s groin. The bartender moaned loudly as he held his cock in place. Jamie gagged, unable to control his body with a cock so far back in him.

After a few more deep thrusts, the bartender pulled out.

“Stay right there, Jamie.”

Jamie had no idea what was coming next. The bartender got on the bed, undoing Jamie’s belt buckle and untucking his shirt. He pulled down his pants just far enough to expose his cock and ass, then flipped him over onto his stomach once more.

“It’s time for a good fucking.”

“Fuck my ass, master” Jamie begged.

The bartender spread Jamie’s ass cheeks apart and spit on his hole. Then, he rubbed his spit-lubed dick along Jamie’s crack, getting it wet. Without wasting any time, he pushed his tip against Jamie’s pussy, breaking the barrier through sheer force.

Thankfully, Jamie had already been fucked once today and was ready for another go. He grunted from the initial pain, then allowed his güvenilir casino ass to open and take in a new man. He felt it quickly move deep inside him, pushing through his cavity and hitting his prostate.

“Goddammit your ass feels incredible, Jamie,” the bartender moaned. “Take my whole cock!”

He thrusted faster, getting his cock completely inside. His groin slapped against Jamie’s firm ass, which became red.

“Breed me,” Jamie moaned back.

The bartender leaned over Jamie, pushing his back into the mattress while continuing to fuck him. But then, he asserted his dominance by holding down Jamie’s neck, gently choking him as he pounded Jamie’s hole harder and harder. Jamie moaned in pleasure.

Jamie felt himself become fully erect. He couldn’t touch his cock, but the friction of it against the mattress was plenty. The feeling of the bartender’s dick poke and rub his prostate deep inside his anus pushed Jamie close to orgasm, but he held it back in order to show his load to his master.

Finally, the bartender pulled out. He yanked off Jamie’s pants and flipped him over onto his back once more. Then, he ripped open Jamie’s dress shirt, sending the buttons flying but leaving the shirt mostly on.

“It’s time to see you explode,” said the bartender.

He pulled up Jamie’s left leg and placed it on his shoulder, exposing his wet hole. He thrust his cock inside once more, immediately returning to his prior speed and force.

Jamie admired his master’s chiseled torse as he continued to fuck him silly. The bartender’s muscles rippled as his body gyrated, sweat trickling down from his pits to the bed. Jamie began to stroke his own cock, but quickly knew it would be too much to handle.

“I’m gonna cum,” Jamie alerted the bartender, who nodded back permission.

Jamie vigorously stroked his cock a few more times before he felt his entire body tense up. In one huge break, his body released a massive wave of pleasure as cum shot out of his dick, spraying up onto his abs and chest. Thick ropes accumulated and rolled off, soaking his dress shirt in cum.

“You’re a good boy,” gritted the bartender as he leaned over and lapped up Jamie’s cum with his tongue. Still fucking him hard, he leaned over and kissed Jamie, pushing the cum into his mouth.

The bartender then grabbed Jamie’s throat, choking his softly but assertively as the thrusts became more pronounced. Jamie felt his master tense up, sensing his orgasm coming.

“I’m gonna breed your hole, Jamie,” the bartender shouted.

Still choking Jamie, he rammed his cock a final time into Jamie as he released his load. Jamie felt the bartender’s cock throb against his prostate as waves of semen entered his asshole, coating the inside of his anus with a second man’s seed in just one day.

“FUCK!!” The bartender continued to yell in ecstasy as his ball emptied.

Jamie was so enthralled by the bartender’s orgasm that he almost forgot he could barely breath, beginning to cough as the bartender finished up. Finally, his master collapsed on top of him, allowing them both to relax after a solid workout.

“Thanks for giving me a great story for my next bartending gig.”

Jamie laughed, beginning to clean up the cum on his chest with his already-ruined dress shirt. “Anytime, man. Could I get an invite?”

He laughed back, then threw on his clothes in a rush.

“Well, duty calls. See you upstairs in a few.”

To be continued.

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