College Dreams Ch. 01

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Jayden was heading to Henry’s. Henry had asked him to hang out, and Jayden was up for it, so he was he went to Henry’s place and met him. Jayden knocked at the door and Henry wasn’t too long. He opened the door and let Jayden in.

“Hey.” he said.

“Hey man.” Jayden said stepping inside the apartment.

Jayden took his shoes off and followed Henry into the living room. Henry told Jayden to sit down and offered him a beer. Jayden sat down and Henry came back with two beers.

“Finally got some free time.” Henry said falling back into the soft brown leather sofa.

“I’ll second that.” Jayden answered “College is hard.” and the boys clacked their bottles together in a toast.

“Cheers to that.” Henry answered.

“I haven’t time for any ladies.” Jayden said “I’ve just been watching porn trying to get blue balls!” he laughed.

Henry started getting uncomfortable talking about straight porn. He only watched gay porn and had no idea what Jayden was talking about.

“You see these crazy squirting videos!” Jayden asked

“No…” Henry answered.

“Wo.” Jayden said “That didn’t sound to enthusiastic. You okay?”

“No, I’m fine.” Henry answered trying to seem okay.

“You don’t like talking about porn or something?” Jayden asked.

Jayden had a strange sort of look. He was a red head for one, but Henry liked that, the thing was he seemed strangely mean, and trustworthy all at once.

“Is something wrong Henry?” Jayden asked.

“Can I tell you something?” Henry asked nervously. He was trying to work up the courage to tell Jayden he was gay. He thought they were close enough to tell him, but not close enough it would really be too important, so he could tell him.

“Sure.” Jayden answered.

“Mmm… I’m gay.” Henry said as if he was blowing out all the stress in the world.

“You’re gay?” Jayden asked blankly.

“Yeah…” Henry answered in a small voice.

“You should have told me before!” Jayden said “I wouldn’t have gone on about straight porn around you.”

Henry felt relieved. So relieved that Jayden was okay with it. Besides, he liked Jayden, the big tall handsome ginger.

“That’s why I haven’t seen any girls on your arm.” Jayden said “But you been getting any action?” he asked cheekily, teasing his Chem 101 partner.

“Well…” Henry said.

“Oh. Sorry man.” Jayden said, realizing Henry was still a virgin.

“It’s okay.” Henry answered chugging down the last half of his beer.

Jayden drank some beer and sort of sat around in an awkward silence. Then he turned to Henry.

“Listen.” Jayden said “If you want to experiment or anything, I’d be open to it.”

Henry looked at Jayden in casino şirketleri some sort of disbelief.

“I’m kinda curious I guess.” Jayden said.

“You would want to do things with a guy?” Henry asked “Do things with me?”

“Sure.” Jayden said almost cheerily. Henry couldn’t believe it. He was ecstatic to finally have a way to try things out, like he’d never been able to before.

“Do you think we could try stuff out now?” Henry asked.

“If you want, sure.” Jayden answered.

“Okay.” Henry said getting up. He adjusted his shirt a bit and sort of walked in place nervously.

“You wanna go to my room?” Henry asked.

“Okay.” Jayden answered “Let’s go.

The boys went into Henry’s room. It was a clean room with blue walls and a 70’s style queen bed against one wall with a matching 70’s night table beside it and a brown heavy wood dresser that Henry had found on the curb for pickup stuffed against the opposite wall. The room had one window with a curtain, and a few posters here and there advertising Henry’s music tastes. The bed was undone and there were some pants and a shirt on the floor, but otherwise the room was clean. The two boys went inside the room and Henry closed the door behind him.

“Okay.” Jayden said pulling his shirt off and dropping it on the floor. Jayden was a big, muscular guy. He had broad shoulders, big arms and massive pecs with smooth, pink nipples. He body had the characteristic male V shape, the narrow waist and broad shoulders and he even had V going down to his penis, those adonis lines. In fact, Jayden’s adonis lines were built thick and sexy with great definition leading into his pants. He well defined abs that looked more beefy than hard, which Henry liked. And on top of it all, Jayden was a hairy guy. There was a layer of trimmed, but visible red hair growing across the surface Jayden’s pecs as well as a line of the red hairs that went down the center of his body until the navel where it widened until it would, Henry imagined, reach the pubis and Jayden’s pubic hair. The sight of Jayden’s chest made Henry hard. He could feel his penis trying to bulge out of his pants.

Half entranced by Jayden’s erotic ginger body, Henry pulled his shirt off and through it aside too. Henry was much leaner than Jayden. He had broad shoulders and a narrow waist, undefined arms which did have a nice size though, square pec with flat brownish nipples, but he also had killer washboard abs and nicely defined adonis lines, although not as nice as Jayden’s.

Then, Jayden took off his shorts and boxer shorts, revealing his glorious, circumcised, four inch soft penis, with its ginger pubes so thick but well trimmed, his low scrotum and the sweet head with casino firmaları its radical and sweeping rounded curves and harsh end. Jayden must be some sort of god, maybe Henry was dreaming. But he couldn’t bother to think about that any more, all he could think of was getting naked and rubbing his body with Jayden’s body in sweet erotic sweat drenched pleasure. Henry pulled his pants down furiously and wrestled his boxer-briefs off as they snagged on his fully erect penis. Henry’s penis was a good six and a half inches long erect with its bulging shaft and light brown pubic hair which almost matched his blonde hair. Henry’s penis stuck straight out with the round head pointing a bit up, as if were screaming Henry’s desire for him.

“Do you want to start by touching me?” Jayden asked seeing Henry’s penis begging for contact.

Henry moistened his lips and stepped up to Jayden. He put his hand on Jayden’s massive chest and just touched it, feeling the muscle on his palms, the power and raw erotic texture of Jayden. Henry ran his hands down and around to Jayden’s back, feeling the muscle as he went down to Jayden’s ass. He wrapped his hands around Jayden’s hairy but cheeks and squeezed them between his hands. They felt amazing, so muscular and hard under that smooth skin. Henry brought his hands back to Jayden’s sides, placing them on his hips, and Jayden sat on the bed.

“Go ahead.” Jayden said.

So Henry knelt down and put a hand on Jayden’s balls sac and lowered his mouth. He used his other hand to bring the sort penis up to his lips, then licked the fleshy member, tasting the saltiness of the sweat from being in underwear all day. Then, Henry put his fingers around Jayden’s penis instead of his scrotum and started jacking him off. Quickly, Jayden’s cock started to harden and Henry put more and more fingers around until he had his whole hand wrapped around Jayden’s hard six inch cock which pointed up from between Jayden’s legs.

Now that Jayden was hard, like Henry still was, he moved his mouth close again and liked the shaft of Jayden’s penis. It didn’t taste like anything so he moved up to the head which had a small bead of precum on the end and licked the bead off. It didn’t taste like much, just a faint saltiness to it. Then, Henry lowered his head and took Jayden’s cock in his mouth.

‘Aww…” Jayden said as Henry slid his lips down Jayden’s smooth skinned, hard penis. Henry started putting some suction on Jayden’s cock as he bobbed his head over the member. Jayden’s penis felt fleshy, firm but not rock hard like Henry had thought. He imagined penis got really hard, but he thought this was probably better. He liked the feeling of being able to feel the penis alive in his mouth, güvenilir casino throbbing and pulsing. Jayden put a hand on Henry’s head.

“That’s right. That feels good.” Jayden said tilting his head back and letting out a few moans. Henry kept sucking on Jayden’s cock for a while, it seemed like ten or fifteen minutes.

“Aww…” Jayden said “Keep going for a little more and you’re gonna make me cum.”

Henry started pulling a few tricks to make Jayden cum. Henry angled his head a bit so that the head of Jayden’s cock would go against the roof of his mouth.

“Ohh…” Jayden said.

Henry kept blowing the beefy man in front of him until finally Jayden got close.

“Oh. I’m close.” Jayden said. So Henry pulled his sore jaw off of Jayden’s throbbing cock and put his hand around it to finish off. Jayden started groaning as Henry ran his hand furiously across Jayden’s cock.

“Ohhh! I’m gonna cum!” Jayden said. Then, he felt he penis pulsate and a heat rushing though his body. And with a sort of stop, his cock spat out a jet of cum that flew up and back onto Jayden’s stomach as a wave of pleasure swept him.

“AAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jayden yelled as his cock oozed out cum which was slowly covering his pubic hair in white liquid, and dripping down to cover his sack.

“Oh my god.” Jayden said, letting himself fall backwards onto the bed.

Henry looked at Jayden’s penis, still pulsating as it stopped pumping out semen. After having seen Jayden in full sexual action, Henry couldn’t stop himself or his sexual needs. He started jacking off.

“That’s right.” Jayden said looking up past his softening penis “Jack off! Do it till you cum. Cum on me!”

Henry went furiously. He could feel it coming soon.

“Mmmm…” Henry moaned as he built up to an orgasm. And soon he did feel his body get ready. Like a sneeze, he felt he needed to cum now.

“On me.” Jayden said.

Henry stepped a bit closer and went hard for a few last strokes then he yelled as he felt his penis spring up and a jet of cum spray out and land on Jayden’s leg.

“Closer.” Jayden said. Henry struggled to get closer as his body was over taken by pleasure, making him weak in the legs. But he was close enough that his cum was landing on Jayden’s cock and pubic hair. Finally Henry’s cock spat all his cum out, onto Jayden, and Henry collapsed onto the bed beside Jayden. But jayden was getting up.

“Ah.” he said standing with cum dripping down his cock and legs “That was good.” And Jayden went out of the room and Henry head the shower turn on.

“You wanna come for a shower?” Jayden asked. So Henry got up, he wanted to be with Jayden and his sexy naked body. He walked into the bathroom and got in the shower with Jayden. It wasn’t very sexual, other than being naked together and Jayden helping henry wash his back. After that, Jayden got dressed and left Henry’s place saying goodbye, like it had been some normal day.

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