College Love Life Ch. 01

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Speedy raindrops from the silver-lining clouds soak Allen’s thin cotton green t-shirt, outlining his muscular physique as his casual clothes tighten around his smooth body. Kris’s windbreaker repels the happy tears from the sky, bouncing with splats off his jacket. Allen gently pulls Kris’s hood back, allowing the rain to freefall into Kris’s tall hair that sweeps to the side of his head. Their foreheads rest against each other’s.

“Allen, I love you,” Kris moans deeply and passionately.

“Kris, I love you more than you love me!” Allen returns.

Kris slowly raises his wet-haired head as he gives Allen a warm, satisfying kiss. The two continue to stand romantically under the hot summer rain.


“Mom! I’m home!” Kris gleefully announces.

“Honey!” Kris’s mom, Sarah, rushes to give her only child a welcoming hug. “I’ve missed you so much.”

Kris returns the warmth by embracing Sarah even tighter. “Me too Mom, me too.”

His dad, Kyle, slowly wheels himself over behind Sarah, nodding at Kris when his son gives him an eye contact.

“Dad!” he acknowledged, trying to detach himself from Sarah’s hug without hurting her feelings. He kneels on the hardwood floor and places his smooth hands on his dad’s unmovable thighs and rubs it ever so gently, trying to keep them from getting cold. His dad strokes his son’s back of the head as tears gather in his eyes.

“What’s wrong Dad?” Kris says, worriedly, as he brushes away his dad’s tears.

“Kris,” Kyle pauses and gulps, “I should give you a heads up.” He pauses again; Kris eagerly waits for his dad to finish.

“I need you to know,” Kyle continues, “that I will be only able to afford you to college for one more semester before…” Kyle gulps.

“…before your dad has to amputate his legs.” Sarah bitterly finishes for her husband.

“Dad! Why? What did the doctors say?”

“The virus is slowly going up to my body, and the doctors recommend that I take my legs away before it’s too late,” his dad mutters.

“But… but they said they can fix it Dad! They said they can!”

“They can… or at least they have a better chance if I cut my legs off,” Kyle gently pats his right thigh.

Kris shakes his head until he was dizzy enough to lose his balance when he stands back up. Sarah attempts to comfort Kris, but he breaks into a puddle of tears and runs back into his room.


“Dad, I’ll work and study at the same time. That way, at least there would be another source of income.”

“Honey, but that would be too stressful for you. You know you’re not in good health most of the time,” his mom reminds him.

Kris drops his fork onto his plate of spaghetti and thinks for a moment. Ever since he contracted pneumonia when he was five years old, his respiratory system does not necessarily allow him to do anything he wants.

“I’ll work in some office, and I won’t have to run around. Mom, I’ll need to work sooner or later anyways. Maybe it’s time for me to help out.”

Sarah wraps her arms around Kris, “Thank you, son. I’m so sorry that you will have to work and study at the same time because we can’t work.” Sarah was laid off three years ago as a teacher, still struggling to find a job to this day.

That week goes by really fast as Kris waves a bitter goodbye to his parents and gets into his car and drives four hours back to his college. While driving, he couldn’t stop but to cry his way back to the campus.


Kris parks his car and gaze over the time: 12:03am.

He sobs his final round until he runs out of tears, and quietly sits in his car before slipping into a deep sleep.

The morning comes rather too soon; Kris can barely manage to pry his eyes open when the sun smiles at the kid. He blocks the light with his hand, only to penetrate through the gaps between his fingers. He yawns and gives out a moan. It’s a Saturday morning, where usually hunky guys would go on the field to play a rough game of football or soccer. Kris steps out of the car to stretch his legs as the guys approach the field. Kris can only stare until one of the many hunks stares back. Kris immediately turns, blushing. The guy is wearing a tight jersey tank top with wrist bands around his arms. His short black spiked hair pokes at the sky as if it’s reaching for the stars.

Kris holds himself steady by gripping the car door as he takes off his shoe to let his foot breathe some fresh air. Then he slams the door and turns, standing on one foot, only to jump when he sees the hunk that he was looking at is within touching distance. The hunk grabs Kris’s arm to help him balance again as Kris violently coughs.

“I’m sorry I scared you,” the hunk said when a soothing voice.

Kris frowns but tries to be polite, “No, don’t worry about it.”

The six-feet tall hunk towers over Kris’s 5’9 body and smiles. “You looked like you wanted to join us in our sports.”

Kris hesitates, “Uh, I’m not that into sports. I can’t really play casino şirketleri since…” He lets out a violent cough again, this time choking a bit.

“I’ll get you some water.” He turns as Kris reaches for his arm that’s covered with minimal amount of hair. A strange fuzzy feeling envelops Kris as he touches the hunk’s solid arm.

“I… have some in the car.”

“Oh.” The hunk hesitates then sticks out his arm. “Name’s Allen Wales.”

Kris wipes his hand on his pants first before shaking his hand, “Kris Chang.”

“Hey Wales! You comin’? The game’s startin’!” The guys impatiently yell across the field.

“You wanna watch, Kris?”

Kris pauses, with a sudden thought of his dad in his mind, but then lets it go and joins Allen. Kris walks slightly behind Allen and Allen introduces him to his group of friends. Every time a name is introduced, Kris gives them a nod and a warming smile.

“I’ll take a seat over at the bleachers,” Kris informs the group.

“You’re not playing with us?” one of them asks.

“No,” he turns around, “I have health issues that limits how much I can do. Sorry.”

Allen looks at Kris strangely in the eyes, and then gives a confident look, as if he knows what is exactly wrong with Kris’s body.

Kris walks slowly to the bleachers, where the cheerleaders gathered. He takes a seat on the top level of the bleacher and squints to look that they have already started the game. One of the cheerleaders screams a high and annoying pitch as Allen runs past the two guys and passes the end of the field. Kris covers his ears, trying to recover his hearing. A sunlight distracted the pain and leads his eyes to look back at the field; Allen is looking right at his direction, smiling.

“Perhaps he’s smiling at the beautiful girls,” Kris rumbles in his head. Allen begins to run, still looking at the bleachers. He runs closer and closer to the bleachers and the girls begin to sweat, but then, he passes them, only to look at Kris in the eye, and then giving him thumbs up. Kris reluctantly returns a thumb up too, forcing a smile on his face as Allen runs back to the middle of the field.

Kris shivers as the cheerleaders glare at him with unquenchable anger; he tries to look to another direction sweating.


The game ends when Allen, again, hurdles over the bodies that came charging at him and throws the football hard against the asphalt when he scores. The girls whistle and shake their body at the same time, trying to get Allen to acknowledge their presence. Allen takes off his tank top, revealing a solid built, six-packs, and a trail of brown hair that leads up to his navel. He twists his shirt as a bucket of sweat pours out onto the grass. The girls scream again.

The teams go in all directions when they finished with a huddle. The girls run straight to Allen, trying to grab his ass cheeks if possible. He skillfully avoids all the contacts with the girls, and with a sentence, he sends the girls chaotically wild, but dismissing them as well.

He steps up bleachers and seats himself next to his new friend.

“Um, Kris. You look really… depressed,” Allen comments.

“I’m sorry Allen,” Kris apologies swiftly and nervously, “I didn’t mean to.”

“No no, I don’t mean it that way. What’s keeping you from enjoying the day?”

“I, uh…” Kris pauses, thinking about how long since he has met Allen. “I…”

“You don’t have to tell me. I just wanted to help Kris.” Allen claps his giant hand on Kris’s shoulder.

“I know I know, don’t get me wrong,” Kris pauses again, “it’s some family and financial issues that I need to take care of. I need a job now.”

Allen’s predatory smile reassures Kris. His smile made Allen seem like an old friend chatting, trying to catch up with each other’s life.

“What do you wanna do? I can help you find a job! I work with the college admins, so maybe I can get you a position.”

“Really? I’ll do anything!”

Allen grins suspiciously when Kris said that. Then he shakes off the dirty thought and pats Kris on the shoulder again.

“Which dorm building do you live in?”

“Over there, the E building, room 361,” Kris answers. Then he pulls himself back. “Why did I tell him my room number?” He thought to himself, scolding.

“Really? I live one story below you, room 263,” Allen says with a new surge of excitement, “maybe I can visit you some time.”

Again, Kris gives him a forceful smile, not knowing if that was a friendly approach or a sexual one. However, the thought of the girls screaming wildly and uncontrollably pushes away the possibility that Allen is gay to the side.

“I like talking to you Kris. I don’t know what it is about you but, you are attractive, if you don’t mind.”

Kris awkwardly looks at Allen, and then drops his sight to see a bulge underneath those white shorts. He looks away as Allen stares down at what Kris was staring at and laughs. Kris blushes. Standing up, Allen reminds Kris his room number again and proceeds to casino firmaları leave. Kris lets out a big sigh of relief as Allen pulls his dried shirt over his muscles.


It wasn’t long until Allen patiently waits outside room 361 after he knocked the door. Kris opens the door and stiffens when he sees Allen.

“Uh, hi!” Kris greets him.

“Hey!” Allen greets back, still standing outside the door, “Can I come in?”

“Oh sure! Of course.” Allen seats himself on Kris’s bed as Kris pour some pills on his palm and gulps it down with a swallow of water.

“You sick?”

“Oh, no. Well, I was… I have to take these pills to unclog congestions in my lungs. I’ll have to take them forever unless I don’t want to live.”

Allen is shocked to hear that. “Tell me about it.”

“I used to love playing soccer. When I was five, we had a game in the rain. We won of course, but that came with a cost.” He pauses to see if Allen has any questions for him. “Then I was hospitalized; I contracted pneumonia and ever since, I was told not to play any sports.”

“That sucks man,” Allen didn’t really know what else to say.

Then Kris breaks down.

“My dad… He… he has to amputate his legs, Allen.” Kris coughs as Allen, shocked again, picks Kris up from the floor and seats him next to him on Kris’s bed. “I won’t be able to attend here next semester. I, I would need to work full time to support my family.” Kris says it under one breath. Then he coughs again. Tears roll down Kris’s childlike chin; Allen wipes his tears with his bare hands and cuddles him into his arms closely.

The room suddenly darkens as a sad cloud pulls over the gleaming sun.

“I’m sorry,” Kris pulls his emotions together, “I didn’t mean to get so close.”

“I don’t mind, whatever it takes to make you feel better Kris.”

“We only met for half a day, didn’t we?”

“Friendship is not measured by time, but rather the bond between the two, right?”

Kris nods, surprised to hear someone to comfort him like that.

Out of the blue, the door swings open and Kris unrests his head from Allen’s shoulder and stands up. Kris’s roommate, Anderson, enters in the room. He sees Kris with puffy red eyes, but then eyes on Allen.

“Allen Wales? What are you doing here? Get the fuck out!”

Kris’s heart sinks when he heard that, sensing a rivalry between the two.

“Anderson…” Kris begins, only to be cut off by his buff roommate.

“What did you do to Kris? Did you molest him or shit?” Anderson demands answers.

Allen steadily stands up and wraps his arm around Kris’s shoulder.

“You wanna continue outside? I’ll treat you to a drink, yeah?” Allen completely ignores Anderson’s presence.

Without hearing a response, Allen guides Kris out of the room as Anderson angrily stares at Allen, and slams the door shut the moment he steps out.


The two wait in line as Starbucks refreshes its customers with its full-blast of air conditioning in the hot day. Allen buys a drink for Kris, and without asking, also buys a scone for him. They sit as Kris wonders the situation between Anderson and Allen.

“Do you have a question?” Allen politely asks.

Kris sits up straighter than usual, and lets out a sigh. “No.”

Surprised, Allen tilts his head to look at Kris’s lowered face, with his cold drink in his hand. Suddenly, Kris softly stares at Allen. “You two are brothers! Allen and Anderson Wales!”

Allen is obviously impressed. He nods, sipping his iced mocha.

“That explains a lot I suppose.”

“Yeah? Does it?”

Allen rips the scone in half so gently that no crumbs broke off the piece of pastry. “Here,” handing over a larger piece to Kris. Kris gives a gentle cough before putting the scone delicately into his mouth. Allen watches Kris’s lips move up and down in satisfaction as Kris chews on the scone.

“Now that I think about it, I’ve met you before, Kris. Do you remember me knocking at your door one night? Anderson and I started arguing until people from outside were standing there watching. I saw you standing behind Anderson.”

“Yeah, I was trying to stop the two of you. Anderson may be a loud and mean person, but he’s actually a huggable kid that wants domination sometimes.” Kris knows that Allen knows his brother’s personality a lot deeper than he does.

“We aren’t blood-related brothers. He never liked my dad, nor me,” he adds.

Kris didn’t know how to respond, but only to stare at Allen’s light green eyes, filled with a sense of responsibilities and maturity.

“He was always fighting with me, I don’t know why. I guess he couldn’t accept my dad because his dad loved him, but he left the world without a goodbye.”

“I heard about it before. He told me some stuff about you and how he was glad he was out of the house,” Kris explains, “but it doesn’t matter right? Blood-related or not, as long as you know they genuinely care for you, you’re all good!”

Kris flashes a quick, güvenilir casino energetic smile as to convince Allen that he’s right. Allen gently slaps his thighs and bursts out a relieving chuckle.

“I like hanging out with you already. You and I, we seem like we’ve known each other for a long, long time, as if lifetime buddies…” Allen suggests, “…thank you, Kris.”

Allen stands up and hugs Kris, who immediately stands up, shocked. Allen’s massive bulge rubs against Kris’s pants, taunting Kris’s deflated dick to get pumped. Out of nowhere, Allen forcefully kisses Kris’s sweet lips and leaves in a hurry. An electric current jolt through Kris’s whole body, his body paralyzed. Kris stands there, unable to take in what just happened to him as other customers look at him with frail smiles.


Kris walks back to the dorm, and when he opens the door, Anderson shot right up from his black leather chair. Kris stands behind the closed door, expecting for some apologies from him.

“I, Kris,” Anderson exhales, “I’m sorry.”

“No need. I understand.”


“Yeah! I know you and Allen, it’s complicated right?”

Anderson flinches; Kris walks calmly to his bed, throwing his keys on his desk and knocking a cup of pens down.

“Let me get this straight to ya,” Anderson begins to explain, “me and him, we don’t go together. Don’t even mention him to me ’cause that’s the last shit that I’m gonna care. Got it?” he demands an affirmative answer. Kris ignores him. The anger in Anderson builds up; his eyes are crimson red, looking for someone to kill. He lunges at Kris and grabs him by the collar of his shirt. Kris almost screeches when Anderson plants his lips, aligning it so perfectly against Kris’s. Kris instantly pushes him away, shoving him to Anderson’s own bed. “What the fuck is wrong with you two jerks?!” Kris yells in his head, glaring at Anderson’s wild eyes. He quickly wipes his lips with his sleeve, and the image of Allen kissing him flashes in his brain. Furious tears gather in Kris’s eyes as he storms out of the room with his keys and wallet. Anderson, surprised by his own action clumsily sits back on his chair, looking for an explanation that he can tell when Kris returns.


Sitting alone on a bench, Kris rubs his hands on his face, attempting to forget what just happened to him. His heart violently pumps; his blood cycles through his body way beyond the speed limit.

“Am I supposed to feel molested? How can this possibly be happening? This is like dreaming…” He knocks his side of his head hard and loud. He feels so dirty, despite that it’s really nothing serious.

“Are… you okay?”

Kris tilts his head to the sky as a shadow blocks the sunlight. Kris rubs his eyes to adjust before realizing that it was Allen. His heart pumps once more, fast and furious before he lets out a small shiver. Allen sits next to him on the wooden bench with metal railings. Kris looks down at the road, trying not to face him.

“I’m sorry…” Allen apologies, “I didn’t mean to kiss you.”

“Stop,” Kris raises his voice, demanding. Allen becomes surprised by the tone of Kris’s voice. “I get it,” Kris continues.

“Did Anderson ask you anything?”

Kris keeps his mouth shut; his brows lower and tears roll down his soft, blushing cheeks.

“I’m sorry! Did I say something wrong?” Allen stresses. He tries to rip tissues out of his pocket; it nearly frustrates him when his fingers are not gripping the tissues out of the plastic. Without anymore hesitation, Allen offers his sleeve to Kris. Kris’s tears soak into the cotton; the warmth transfers to Allen’s bulky biceps. Allen instantly melts seeing Kris crying; the thought that he can be with Kris when he is at a low point makes him feel superior.

“What the hell is wrong with you guys?” Kris mutters under his sleeve.

“What is it?” Allen is clueless.

“You kissed me…” Kris’s voice cracks. “I didn’t expect that. That was my… first…”

Allen suddenly remembers what he did to Kris in Starbucks. “Fuck… I’m sorry, really sorry. I didn’t…”

Kris looks up to his beautiful, glistening eyes. Allen pauses to decipher the stare; he is trying really hard not to lean any closer, but his desire overrides him. He shot his head forward and kisses Kris once more, and this time trying to invade the inside of Kris’s mouth with his wet, nasty tongue. He thought Kris would freak out, slap him, kill him, or do whatever to vent out his anger, but to Allen’s surprise, Kris didn’t fight back. He didn’t push or flail; instead, he quietly feels the texture of his lip against his own. He sits there calmly, like a child that has been commanded to sit quietly under his guardian is back.

Allen slowly pulls away. Kris’s last tear drops down from his eye. His face is red like an apple, though it’s unclear if the cause is due to the heavy crying or the embarrassment of kissing in public.

“I like you Kris,” Allen kindly whispers, “I don’t know why, but I like you. I want to love you.”

Kris sits tensely as Allen confesses his feelings for himself.

“Kris, I know it might be too quick. You might think I’m fooling around, but I’ve never felt such strong… desire for someone before.”

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