Confessions of a Wild Chick Ch. 04

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My boyfriend Tommy and I had dated on and off throughout our senior year in high school. He and I had gone to the prom together, took off for the beach after break, and even planned on attending the same college. About three weeks into the summer break, Tommy left for his brother’s place in Alabama to do some construction work and raise a little spending money he might need for college. We talked about it and felt the ten weeks or so apart might do us some good. The old adage of time apart makes the heart grow fonder.

While I did miss him, the girl he left behind was not the woman I had become. About four weeks into that sabbatical apart, I had a same sex encounter with a girlfriend. Up until that time I was a rather innocent and inexperienced girl when it came to sex. I had not even had a real orgasm, much less had sex with anyone. But that all changed one summer afternoon with Teri.

Although only twenty herself, Teri was experienced in the art of lesbian lovemaking having been seduced by a very sexy woman. She introduced me to Jennifer, an attractive 34-year old dominant lesbian who had a penchant for seducing straight and curious young ladies. From the moment I met Jennifer, she turned my world upside down.

Teri and I spent many of our summer weekends at Jennifer’s, doing her bidding as her attentive little lesbian sluts. When we were not at Jennifer’s, Teri and I spent most of the day at my house lounging out by the pool or up in my bedroom making love to each other. As much as I had told Tommy I loved him, I wondered if I had fallen in love with Teri as well.

Tommy and I had talked often over the weeks on the phone and he said he couldn’t wait to be home and to see me again. While I was anxious to see him as well, I wondered if my feelings for him would be the same. Even while we had been together for nearly a year, we had never had sex. The closest thing had been some mild masturbation toward the end of the school year. I say mild because for the last few weeks, my encounters with Teri and Jennifer had been anything but mild.

I had lost count of how many times we had oral sex or fucked each other with a variety of dildos and strapons. I think I enjoyed giving as much as I did getting when it came to using Jennifer’s strapon. I wondered what Tommy would think if he knew a self proclaimed dyke had taken my virginity and regularly fucked me while I went down on my best friend. I hated keeping secrets from him but I figured in due time he would likely find out — or I would tell him.

I was laying out with Teri one afternoon and she could tell something was amiss. I tried hard not to let my anxiety show but Tommy had told me on the phone that he expected to return that Saturday. Teri quizzed me for most of the afternoon on what seemed to be bothering me when I finally confessed that my boyfriend was returning and I didn’t know how that would impact our relationship.

I had tears in my eyes as I sat up in the lounge chair and will never forget when Teri sat up and walked over. She brushed the tears away that ran down my cheeks and bent down and kissed me. I kissed her back, oblivious to the fact my mother clearly could have seen the two of us embracing. If she did, she never mentioned it.

“Look baby, I love you. You know that. But we both know in a few weeks you’ll head off for Clemson and I’ll be here at Tech,” Teri consoled me. “Let’s appreciate the time we have together. Anyway, I’m not jealous of Tommy. I have a special place in your heart he’ll never have. And you have a special place in mine. You know that right?”

I nodded as she bent down again and we kissed. Her lips were so soft. She lifted me up from the chair and we went inside. My mom was in the kitchen and we both walked by and headed to my room. I yelled out to mom that Teri and I were going to wash up and change. Instead, we went back to my bedroom to spend more time with each other.

Teri joined me in the shower as we washed each other’s hair. Teri loved running her fingers through my light blonde hair. Her lips closed on mine as the water cascaded over top of us. I laughed as eye liner she had on ran down her face leaving little black streaks that I washed away with my thumb. I soaped up a cloth and ran it across the shaved pussy that Jennifer had given us both weeks earlier. I liked the feel of my smooth lips. Not to mention that if felt much more sensitive without the hair.

(Jennifer shaved my little box almost 14 years ago and I have kept it that way ever since. I have long since given up a razor and typically have my bikini area waxed on a regular basis. I also keep my husband Dan shaved as well but I’m getting ahead of myself.)

I lathered up Teri’s pussy and ran the soap up the crack of her ass paying special attention to her little rosebud. I dipped my finger in slightly drawing a little groan from Teri who pushed her tongue deep into my mouth. We rubbed our bodies together, sliding as the soap formed little bubbles which dropped with the water pouring over casino şirketleri our naked frame.

Teri turned me around so that her breasts slid across my back, her hand finding its way over my smooth cunt, as she liked to refer to it. Teri loved to talk dirty to me and the more she used words like “cunt, bitch, and slut” the more excited I seemed to get. And she knew it!

Teri eased her fingers into my pussy and rubbed on my clit with her left hand as she jerked back on my wet hair with her right, pulling my head back as she planted her lips forcibly on mine. I had noticed over the last couple of weeks she had grown more and more dominant in our love making. While she still performed oral sex on me with enthusiasm, she preferred to sit on my face and seemed to become more animated when she would pull my legs over her shoulders as she drove her strapon into my wet box. All the while calling me her “little lezzy slut.”

Actually, the more dominant she became the more turned on I got. As she rubbed my clit in the shower, she kissed me passionately, her tongue flirting with mine. She let go of my hair and reached around for my left tit which she groped. Finding my nipple, she pulled and twisted almost to the point of hurting me. Just when the pain seemed too intense, she would ease up, bringing me just to the point only to start all over again.

I came hard in the shower and she turned me around as our breasts again rubbed together and the last of the soap was washed away. I grabbed a towel and padded her dry first before turning attention to myself. Both of us toweled our wet hair as we made our way to my bed, dropping the towels to the floor and collapsing in a pile on the sheets.

We embraced for a few minutes exchanging wet kisses until she moved up and straddled my body, moving her bald pussy to my face. I reached up and grasped her tits, holding them in my hands, lightly tweaking her nipples as she rubbed her pretty cunt across my mouth. I could still lightly taste the soap from earlier as I tongued her box which quickly flooded with her delicious juices.

After a few minutes of licking her, she moved up slightly, presenting her asshole to my tongue. Teri liked her ass to be played with. I suppose it was something else she learned from Jennifer who had her lick her there regularly. Jennifer also took great delight in fucking Teri’s ass and she had become very accustomed to it. Even asking for it on a number of occasions.

Now she was becoming much more vocal that I do it as well and had on a few occasions asked me if she could fuck my ass. I had rebuffed her each time, but had acquiesced to her fingers and a few days ago a vibrator that she used on me there. It had felt very uncomfortable at first but eventually I begin to enjoy the feeling as she pushed the object in slowly while licking my clit.

As I saw her asshole come into view and felt her slide up just a bit, I knew exactly what my lover wanted as I touched my tongue to her nether region and licked, drawing quiet sighs as she moved slowly back and forth. I ran my tongue up and down her crack and then pushed with my tongue. Her little hole opened ever so slightly as I pushed harder. It was a slightly bitter taste mixed with her pussy juices that ran down her crack.

“Lick my ass baby. Fuck yea, lick me,” Teri chanted urging me on as I probed and pushed with my tongue. I held her cheeks apart with my hands, somewhat supporting her weight as she ground her ass down on my face. “Oh fuck, you’re so fucking good. Here flip around,” she demanded as she slid off of me and fashioned us in a sixty nine so she could do me as well. She dove into my ass with gusto as I went back to probing her.

I had to admit while it made me feel dirty, naughty, I did love it. The more taboo things were, the more excited I seemed to get. I loved the feeling of her tongue licking me there, pushing, and opening up my little chute. I heard her spit and felt it on my ass as she moved a finger into my opening and began moving it in and out.

I had gotten used to her back there from the previous weeks of finger and dildo fucking as she continued to stretch me over time. It didn’t feel nearly as uncomfortable as the first time when she did it. Soon she had two, then three fingers sawing in and out of my virgin ass. I felt a warm tingling sensation as she continued to spit on her fingers and use them to lube me up.

“Baby, please let me. Please let me do you there. I’ll go easy,” she pleaded. Teri wanted to fuck my ass so bad. She had for weeks. There was a part of me that was scared. Scared it would hurt too much. But there was another that enjoyed what she was doing. The feeling I had in my ass as she pushed her fingers deeper and deeper, in and out.

I didn’t say anything for a while. Simply allowing her to work her fingers in and out as I continued to give slow methodical licks to her ass. Finally, I figured this had to be the moment. Hell, if we had been at Jennifer’s, she would have just done casino firmaları it. I’m surprised to this point Jennifer hadn’t already fucked me there permission or not.

“Okay,” I said softly. “But please be gentle okay,” I pleaded back. Jennifer had purchased us our own strapon as a gift that I kept in the closet. I was leery of putting it in a drawer, thinking my mother might find it. I thought Teri was going to trip over herself as she made her way to the closet doors and reached back on the shelf to retrieve our cock.

I regretted then that we had purchased a much bigger dildo than the one Jennifer had used on me to take my virginity. While not as large as the one she routinely used on Teri, it was big none the less.

Teri slipped on the harness and eased the cock into place, fastening the straps and lubing it up good from the tube I kept by the nightstand. She coated it up good and had me flip onto my stomach, pushing a pillow under my hips to elevate my ass.

She took her time kissing my buns, planting soft kisses on each cheek in anticipation of taking her prize. She spread my cheeks, licking my asshole, all the while telling me what a beautiful ass I had. She kept telling me how much I would love her cock there. That soon I would beg for it. I would want it even more than a cock in my pussy.

Teri knelt between my legs and I felt the head of her cock press against my tiny hole. She had lubed my hole with her fingers and I felt the head probe my opening. She was slow and ever so gently pushed, just a little at the time until I felt the head of her cock pop in.

I couldn’t believe its size and urged her to take it out…to stop! She merely stopped pushing and rubbed my ass, tickling it, the way she knew I liked. She eased down on my back and reached under and began rubbing my clit. I could feel her swaying titties rubbing against my back and after a minute or two I felt myself voluntarily moving back on her cock.

“That’s it. That’s it baby,” she cooed. “Take my cock. Fuck me. Fuck that cock with your ass.” The rubber cock filled me completely but I felt a hot sensation deep in my backside. It was sort of uncomfortable but intense and pleasurable at the same time. It seemed the more she rocked back, the more enjoyable it became until I was the one pushing back on her hard cock. Meeting her thrust as she grabbed onto my hips pulling me back into her.

“Take it bitch. Yea, you’re a dirty little slut just like me. You like to be fucked up the ass and I’m gonna let you have it. Yea, that’s some good shit ain’t it,” she chided me. The nastier she got, the more excited I became.

“Oh, Sam, that’s so fucking hot. Your ass is so damned hot. Damn I love it. I love you,” Teri said as she bent down and placed kisses on my back. She reached under me and cupped my breasts that were swinging back and forth with each thrust. She pulled at my nipples, knowing how sensitive they were as I buried my face in a pillow and clawed at the sheets.

She was right. It did feel good. It was the most intense feeling I ever had but I loved it. I loved her fucking my ass.

“Fuck that ass Teri. It’s yours now. Fuck it,” I said looking back at her. I could feel her intensity picking up. “Jen took my virginity and now you’re taking my ass. Take it baby. Fuck me. It’s what you wanted. My ass belongs to you now. You can fuck it any time you want…only you baby!”

I thought Teri was going to come out of her harness. She slammed into me harder and harder. She had never fucked me that rough — ever. I didn’t know you could cum from having anal sex but I felt an intense orgasm which rocked me. Teri too seemed to be coming as she drove me down hard into the mattress, her cock buried in my ass until we both slowed and her head came to rest on my shoulder.

Neither of us moved for what seemed several minutes until she ever so gently pulled the slippery cock out of my ass. She slipped off the harness and dropped it over the bed as she wrapped her arms and legs around me tightly. Teri kissed me, telling me how much she loved me. No one had ever made me feel like she had. I knew it was another moment I would never forget.

On Saturday, Tommy called to say he was back in town. It was rather late when he got in but he would drive over the next day. Mom and dad had already indicated they going over to a friend’s house after church and would likely not be home until after supper. I told Tommy to bring his trunks and we would hang out by the pool.

I was already out by the pool when Tommy arrived. If I doubted what feelings I had for him, they were quickly wiped away by the sight of his tanned muscular frame rounding the corner. I jumped up and ran over, hugging and kissing him wildly. Tommy wrapped his arms around me as well and we stood holding each other for several moments before he looked me in the eyes and kissed me hard on the lips.

I tried not to compare, but I would be disingenuous if I claimed otherwise. His lips were much firmer than Teri güvenilir casino or Jennifer, very deliberate, as they moved slowly on mine. I think I startled him by plunging my tongue deep into his mouth. He seemed taken at first but accepted my tongue and my eagerness. I’m not sure how long we kissed but eventually it was Tommy who broke it off and then complimented me on how great I looked.

“You’ve been spending the summer out by the pool,” he declared. Yes and in the bedroom I thought but I kept that silent as I thanked him and cited his bronzed and chiseled frame as well. I knew he spent most of the day outdoors on construction sites and it showed as he not only exhibited a great tan, his muscles were well toned.

He slipped off his shoes and ripped off his t-shirt and settled into a lounge chair beside me. I gazed appreciatively at his hard body as he closed his eyes and took in the rays. I had packed a cooler of beer and we both knocked back quite a few as the heat took its toll. On more than a few occasions we both slipped into the cool water to refresh ourselves.

As I slipped out of the water, I noticed his intent stare at my chest. It wasn’t lost on me that he was gazing at my hardened nipples poking through the sheer fabric of my yellow bikini top. Ironically, the increased sexual activity with Jennifer and Teri seemed to make me that much more insatiable. I seemed to stay horny all the time. I walked over and grabbed a towel, padding dry, and then collapsed face down on the lounge.

“Tommy, would you mind rubbing lotion on my back,” I inquired. I knew full well he would leap at the chance, or at least I hoped he would. He didn’t say anything. He merely took the bottle of lotion and poured it into his palm and began spreading it on my calves, rubbing it in toward my feet and then upward to my thigh. He wiped all the way to my bikini bottom but didn’t dare go under it.

He then poured more as he rubbed his hands together. I reached behind me and popped my strap. “I don’t want strap marks,” I declared with a smile as I lowered the straps off my shoulder, laying prone on the bikini.

I knew I was having an affect on him and I was hoping so as he again started with the lotion, rubbing it methodically across my back. His hands were rougher than I expected. Perhaps attributed to the work he did outdoors. But they still felt good none the less as he worked the lotion into my soft skin.

As he worked to the lower part of my back, I reached around and pulled the waistline of my bikini down just a bit encouraging him to get under there so I didn’t burn. I felt his fingers moving hesitantly under the elastic of the bottoms, daring to go just so far. He seemed to linger just a moment before he announced all done.

My effort seemed to get me more worked up than Tommy as I begin to feel extremely horny. The afternoon sun and the beer were certainly taking its toll on me and I wanted the release I had become accustomed to. I looked over and it appeared Tommy was dozing. Feeling randy, I decided to make my move and flipped over removing my top altogether.

Initially Tommy didn’t stir as I began to smooth lotion over my legs, arms, and stomach. Then raising one eye lid, he appeared startled at my bare top. I acted nonchalant as I poured the lotion onto my hands and rubbed it over my breasts. It felt good when my fingers passed over my nipples and it was all I could do not to play with them. As I lay back down, Tommy raised up on his side facing me.

“Sam, what are you doing? What if your parents come home?” he shot at me.

“Tommy, they’re gone all day. Besides, I often lay out topless. Does it bother you? I mean you are my boyfriend,” I chided him as if he were overreacting.

“No, it doesn’t bother me. I just wonder if someone saw you,.. what they would say” he reasoned.

“Like who?” I shot back. “You’re the only one out here,” I smiled.

I lay back down on the lounge but I glanced over every so often just to see if he were still looking. On more than one occasion, I saw his eyes close like he wasn’t staring. But I could tell by the tent he was pitching in his loose trunks I was making the impact I was looking for.

We had one more beer before I informed him I was cooling off and eased myself over the side of the pool into the cool water. He appeared to be lifeless on the chair so I pulled my bottoms off, balled them up, and pitched them at him. The wet bottoms hit in squarely in the stomach as he shot up realizing what I had done.

“Are you crazy?” he yelled.

“Oh come on,” I encouraged. Jump in. He stood up and his erection was obvious as he jumped in head first splashing water all around. As he came up for air. I walked over to him and kissed him. While my body was under water, it was the first time he had seen me naked and I draped my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

His hands felt good as they rubbed my back and cupped my ass cheeks as he pulled me close to him. I reached under the water and pulled the string in front of his shorts and undid the little knot, then eased them over his hips. I used my foot to push them down and completely off. Then taking my foot, scooped them and brought them to my hand which I deposited over the side of the pool.

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