Could I?

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I guess you could call me a normal kid. I grew up in a normal town, with a normal family, friends, and everything else. I was the epitome of average. I had just graduated high school, and had moved away for college. But, I had one problem: My sex life. It was DOA. I mean, I wasn’t ugly. I had short, dirty blonde hair, green eyes. I was your basic European mutt. I had played football in school, so I had developed a lean, muscular build. You would think all of that would assure I wouldn’t go to college a virgin, but alas, I was. The main reason was mostly my shyness. I became extremely shy around members of the fairer sex, which often impeded my chances of a date. The few girls I had gained any leeway with only let me get to third base. I had never even gotten head!!! SO, I relegated my life to pornography. I had amassed quite a video selection, but the internet provided me with most of my masturbation aids. My roommate moved out in October. Actually, it was more like he was thrown out due to drug matters. But, it left me my own room. Instead of throwing parties and screwing every cutie I could fine, I sat around alone. It got to the point when I started to jerk off almost 4 times a day.

But, my story really began around the beginning of December. I was cruising for porn on day on the net, when a pop-up window flashed, advertising incest stories and pictures. I almost clicked it off, disgusted by the idea of family, but, out of sheer morbid casino şirketleri curiosity, I ventured on it. I was intrigued by the concept. And extremely turned on. AS I perused the stories of brothers fucking their sisters, Dads screwing their daughters, and Mothers banging their sons. I blew my load countless times to it all, immensely turned on by the whole idea. I mostly liked the Mother/son stories and pictures. Now, as hard as this may sound, I actually had no feeling for my mother though. I mean, she was an attractive woman. She was about 5’4’’, 120 pounds. She had short blonde hair that came up to her shoulders, and her breasts were large. I didn’t know the exact size, as I never really thought about it, but I figured they had to be at least d cups. She was also only 39, having had me at 19. In fact, her and my dad had just had my baby sis a year back. I knew she was pretty, but never had any sexual feelings toward her. I did, however, have my friends tell me she was a milf one too many times. I think it was just the idea that turned me on, the fantasy.

Well, Christmas break came, and I went home for the month. My house felt weird, with me being away for so long. My baby sister was getting bigger, and I missed my mom and dad. That night was when it all changed for me. As I unpacked, I realized in horror that I had left all of my porn at my dorm. I mean, I still had my 4 a day habit to maintain, and without porn I’d go insane! I furiously searched my room, looking for anything. That’s when I came across a picture on my shelf. It was of me and my mom on my graduation day. She looked beautiful, casino firmaları her golden hair outlined her lovely face. She was wearing a red dress that nicely emphasized her chest. I though back to the dress, remembering how it showed her nice, long legs, and how her ass moved in it…..

As I was saying all of this to myself, I was stroking my rock hard cock, looking at my mom in the pic. Before I realized it, I had cum, and it was one of the most satisfying I had ever had. I was shocked and a little sickened. I had just jerked off to my mom! And liked it! Had those incest sites gotten to me? I didn’t know but I had liked it. I thought to myself, is this wrong? Then I had remembered all the incest sites, and the people who wrote the stories. If so many people like it, can it really be wrong?

Over the next few weeks, I kept jerking off more and more to my moms picture, having amazing orgasms. One night, I was stroking to her, looking at the pic, even imagining fucking her, when I heard a knock on the door.

“Honey? Can I come in?”

It was my mom!! I quickly covered myself with the blanket and hide my moms pic under my pillow. “uh, um, sure mom, come on in.”

She walked in, a basket of clothes in her hands. She was wearing tight jeans a t-shirt. It was white and I could see her bra through it. Even though I was trying hard, I was getting more turned on.

“Here’s you clothes. I was able to do them since Dad took Annie out for awhile. I really needed to get her out of my hair”

“yeah mom, I guess she could be tough.” I really wanted her to go, so I could finish. “Thanks güvenilir casino for the laundry”

“Hey, where’s that picture of me and you, on your graduation? Wasn’t it on your shelf?” She pointed to where the picture had been.

“Gee mom, I dunno. I don’t think it was there when I got here”

She gave me a look of confusion. “ Of course it was, I saw it a week ago. What did you do with it?”

I just wanted this to end. “Um, I forget mom.”

“What’s that?” She pointed to the corner of the picture sticking out under the pillow. Before I could answer, she reached around and pulled it out. As she did that, the blanket shifted off me, exposing my hard cock. She gasped, holding the picture in her hand, looking at my cock. I was too speechless to even answer or cover myself. I knew she was putting it together in her head.

“So, this is what your using the picture for? To pleasure yourself to?”

I just stared at her and didn’t speak.

She sat down on the bed next to me and put her hand on my chest. “It’s okay, I’m not mad. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it.” After she said this, her hand moved down and squeezed the base of my cock. I gasped and my cock surged with blood, turning hard as stone. “Hmm, you seem to like that.” She then wrapped her hand around it and started to jerk me off with it.

“Oh, mmmm, oh god, oh mom, yes. Oh that feels so good!” I bucked my hips, turning to fuck her smooth, soft hand.

“Yes honey, mommy likes that too. Cum to mommy, honey. Mommy knows what you need and what you want”

That was it. I blew my load hard and hot,. It sprayed up and fell back down, covering my chest and her hand. She kept jerking until it stopped. Then she licked her hand clean and said, “don’t tell your dad”. Then she left.

I laid there, speechless. All I knew was, I wanted more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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