Cousins Ch. 1

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It all started one hot summer. I was discovering how to touch myself so that I my penis would swell and throb, and turn a deep red and then burst out a thick wad of creamy, white spunk. I had several cousins, but I only hung out with a handful of them. I had 2 cousins that were about my age. I will call one of them Trent and the other Baric. Trent lived out of town until his father died, and then his mother and he moved into a stone house on a hill just down the road from my house. Trent and I, being close in age, got along rather well. We would do typical things that guys did at our age.

We search for salamanders in the creek that bordered my parent’s land. My parents owned a great deal of land in the country, and Trent and I roamed all over their hills. Once we built this little “club house” in the middle of the woods. Now Trent did most of the hard work while I went out into the forest to dig up moss so that we could have plush carpeting in our “club house.” The day that we finished the clubhouse, Trent and I were sitting inside on our plush carpet casino şirketleri of moss, and he laid back and started talking about girls that he went to college with. Well it wasn’t to long before I noticed this bulge building up in Trent’s pants. He looked over at me and caught me staring at his crotch, and he decided then to reach into his shorts and pull out his throbbing cock.

Now Trent was younger than I, but I had never seen such a big dick. It outshined mine by at least 3 inches. Trent then launched up his hips so that he could slide his shorts and underwear down to his ankles. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. Trent was my cousin. True that it was only by marriage, but he was still my cousin. I felt my own dick swelling in my pants and I gently rubbed it through my shorts. My eyes moved from his cock to his balls. I just couldn’t believe the size of them, and how low they hung from his shaft. My balls always hung close to the shaft, and mine had no hair whereas Trent’s had quite a bit of fur on them. Trent continued to chat casino firmaları about what he would like to do to this girl and to that girl, while all I could think about was touching his hard cock. Trent asked me why I wasn’t pulling out my dick, and I quickly made some excuse that he evenly tossed aside with a remark of cleverness.

He then started pumping his cock with his hand. I just sat there staring in awe while he rolled his head around and started letting out throaty moans. I knew what was about to happen and I just couldn’t believe my luck. Here I was, in the middle of the forest, with my hot cousin lying with his pants down around his ankles, jacking off and I couldn’t even bring myself to take out my dick. So I just continued to sit there, watching him as he grew closer and closer to blowing his load of hot spunk. He had picked up a fast rhythm and was really getting into it. I watched as his plump balls grew tighter and closer up to the shaft. Then suddenly, Trent threw back his head and let out a loud groan just as his dick started güvenilir casino squirting out hot spurts of his man juice. He continued to pump his cock up and down with is hands, moving his hips to the rhythm.

His hot load shot way up onto his chest and a glob landed on his chin, just inches from his lips. Sitting there taking in this sight was just too much for me. I grabbed my cock to adjust it and that was all it took to set if off in a made dash to empty my balls of all my hot cum. I looked down and saw the wet stain on the crotch and immediately wondered how I was going to explain it. I looked up at Trent who had this self-satisfied look on his face. He reached over and grabbed his shirt and began wiping cum off his chest and crotch, and then jumped to his feet and began pulling up his pants. Now I wouldn’t have given this second thought, except that while he was doing this, he turned away from me so that when he bent over to grab his shorts, his asshole came into plain view. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. His hole was puckered tight and had just a slight amount of hair peaking out between his crack.

He finished pulling up his shorts and then turned around with this wicked little smirk on his face and said “Thanks for helping me out with the ‘club house’ cousin.” No problem, I said. Anytime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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