Daddy Swaps His Boy Ch. 02

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NOTE: All characters in this story are fictional but above the age of 18. This story involves consensual sex between adult men with age gaps, cucking, verbal degradation and exhibitionism.


As I gave my consent to the sexy stranger, he wasted no time and grabbed a handful of my arse and squeezed.

“you are going to make a good pet I’m sure” James growled as his fingers started their way towards the hole Dan had once claimed as his only. Despite my inner conflict, I was rock hard and practically melting in the palm of this tradie. Behind me, Daniel moaned as the twink servicing him, once again, deepthroated his thick cock. James noticed my eyes follow the action, over my shoulder, of my boyfriend and his new lover. A rough hand pushed my chin back around to face him. “let’s leave them to it, shall we?”.

With that he lifted me from under my thighs, forcing me to wrap my legs around his waist and give all control to him. He stared deep into my eyes, almost daring me to look away again. He walked us back to the living room, so the blowjob was no longer in view. Then he made his move. His lips attacked mine, strong and warm. I gave in to the kiss, opening my lips as my arms found a comfortable hold behind his head. His tongue made its way into my mouth as the hands holding me spread my arse cheeks slowly. With my hole exposed and the sensation of his slight beard against my smooth skin, I knew I’d give him whatever he wanted.

Just as forcefully as he picked me up, he threw me down on the couch. I looked up at him, taking in how big this man was. His large hands were calloused, and his arms and legs were covered in blonde hairs. I wanted nothing more then to see him naked and see if the hair continued elsewhere but at the same time, I appreciated his uniform. His orange work polo and tight cargo shorts seemed common enough but paired with his large work boots, he was the perfect image of a rugged tradie.

“Well, what are you waiting for, slut?” James interrupted my admiration with a tone that told me he wasn’t a patient dom. He grabbed at the notable bulge in his shorts and glowered down at me. Without a word I slipped to my knees and reached up to undo his belt. He slapped them away and grabbed me by the chin again. “no hands, put your useless mouth to work and show me you want it first.” The shock of the action stunned me for a second, but I couldn’t deny that my dick was still pushing against my jockstrap, precum starting to mark the tip. I started to run my lips along with the impression of his cock enthusiastically. Five minutes ago, this man was unknown to me but now I wanted to please him desperately.

After sussing out the impressive shape of his cock, James let his shorts fall to the floor. His 7″ cock sprang up into my face. I should have guessed a cocky bloke like him would free ball it to work like this. I waited to make the next move, instead, I looked up at James to let him give me a nod of approval first.

“Good boy. Go ahead, but don’t forget to worship my balls too.” His smirk was now permanent as I showed him how obedient I could be. His uncut cock looked heavy and thick as it loomed over me. I liked a challenge though. I took the head in my mouth, starting slow. I brought my hands up to the shaft tentatively but with no protest I let myself feel the true girth I was dealing with. I started to work the foreskin as I sucked on the head. James moaned above me as a took more and more. Before getting halfway down I pulled off. I licked along the base as I made my way for his large balls. I took one at a time in my mouth, giving it one attention as the tradie’s breath deepened in approval. After some time of stroking and serving his balls, I considered where to move next. Normally with Dan, I’d start edging down further and start to tease his furry hole. Except, this man looked like he’d beat a gay guy like me before he let them near his arse.

“Get back to sucking, you useless fag” before I could decide, James, slapped me across the face and grabbed at my hair. Dan never hit my face during sex, but I liked this. Happily, I played the part the fuck toy and let James guide my face back down onto his cock. The slow exploration was over. James took pleasure in fucking my face on his cock. Soon I was feeling his blond bush against my nose as casino şirketleri his thick cock hit the back of my throat. James sat down on the couch and pulled my face down hard between his widespread legs. I gagged a little, but he held me down, enjoying the little struggle I put up before he let me back up for air. He let go of my hair and let me breathe deeply. Spit coated my chin as James leered at me, stroking his wet cock. “You like it rough?” I gave a little cough before replying.

“Yes, sir”

“Daddy. Call me daddy” I hesitated but James continued. “You saw dan has a new slut and you have a new daddy, that was the deal.” He seemed to enjoy the little bit of hurt that my face showed at that comment.

“What deal?” my voice sounded small as I tried to understand what James was saying.

“Do you think I fuck all the boys who parade their arses in front of me while I work?” at this he let his work boot nudge my exposed butt. “Dan and I used the fuck. He knew I like using boys and he told me all about his cute little boyfriend who was too scared to be a whore for him.”

“So, he planned this?” as we talked, I could hear the distinct sounds of a high-pitched whimper.

“Yep, he offered to let me open you up and I brought him my apprentice Joel to enjoy.” He stated this proudly. It was clear he had trained Joel exactly to his liking. “By the sounds of things in there, your man Dan is just discovering how good Joel’s tight hole can feel.” James seemed to be taunting me now and it was working. I straightened up, pushed my arse out again and without another word I dove back onto his cock. I felt betrayed that Dan had set this up behind my back, but I also knew how it was for me. This was my chance to get over my nerves and I didn’t want to disappoint this hunk. I took his cock right to the base, causing James to let out a long groan of satisfaction. Objectively the sight would have been incredibly sexy if anyone was looking on. Me, almost naked on my knees between the hairy legs of a real man. Each time I take James’ full length down my throat he got a nice view of my arse. While this was happening, I made sure to work his balls with my hand. Letting my fingertips gently rub his taint occasionally, putting out a slight suggestion of where I wanted to move. As I pulled up to lick at James’ head again, our eyes met. Silently he showed me how much he was enjoying my mouth just with the pleasure in his eyes. Without warning, he shucked off his shirt and stretched his arms along the top of the couch. This action gave me a great view of James’ muscular and hairy torso. His dirty blond hair swirled out along his two defined pecs and down in a treasure trail to his prominent bush. I eyed his hairy pits, longing to shove my face deep in them. Instead, I kept focused on the task at hand. Before too long I felt James’ hand on my head again but this time it wasn’t forceful but steading. I stopped sucking as James shuffled himself down the seat and pulled his legs up. My eyes trailed down his muscular thighs and focused in on his tight hole that was now exposed to me.

“Alright, get in there,” James said while pulling open his cheeks. I took the chance and dove into his hairy crack. I enjoyed the musky smell of his sweat as I worked my nose and mouth into his arse. He watched me the whole time, getting off more on the idea of using me than the actual sensation of being rimmed. I didn’t mind though; from my perspective, I got to eat his manly arse and feel like I was truly James’ bitch. Before too long I had James’ hole nice and lubed up. I let a few fingers rub the hole. He didn’t protest so I slipped one in, eliciting a long groan from the horned-up man. He stroked his cock lazily while I fingered him. Even this act felt subservient in its raunchiness. Soon his hand movements sped up and I could tell he was enjoying it. As I tried to add a second finger though he stopped stroking and grabbed me by the hair. “That’s enough bitch, you are the one who is getting stretched today.”

“Yes, daddy” I conceded. With that, he lowered his legs and stood up. His heavy cock now swinging in front of my face again.

“Follow.” He commanded and started walking back towards the bedroom. I went to stand up and he spoke up again. “Did I say to stand? Crawl bitch.” The sternness returned to casino firmaları his voice. I knew that any concessions he made moments ago to let me into his hole were all gone. He was back in charge. As we entered the room, we were greeted with the sweaty sight of my boyfriend Daniel sitting against the headboard of the bed we shared with the red-headed apprentice bounding on his cock in reverse cowgirl position. His eyes looked glazed over in pleasure and his mouth almost lulled open as he fucked himself on the thick cock.

“Enjoying the boy?” James asked from the foot of the bed. Daniel didn’t open his eyes to look but responded.

“Fuck yeah man, you have this little slut well trained.”

“Didn’t have to do much, he came to me a virgin but practically begged for my cock still,” James said with pride, obviously thinking back to how he popped the twink’s cherry. He quickly snapped out of it though and turned to me. “On the bed on your hands and knees boy. Face me so the other fag can eat your hole.” I followed instructions and presented my hole to Joel. Tentatively he lowered his face between my cheeks and went to work, eating me out between moans. I could tell Joel didn’t enjoy rimming as much as I did but he still did a good job. While this happened, James shoved his cock back into my mouth for the second round of face fucking. The two doms used us in this perverted train set up for a few minutes until James decided he needed to feel a hot boy pussy on his cock before he blew. He grabbed me roughly and flipped me onto my back. I looked up at him as he roughly shoved his fingers into my mouth and told me to suck. After coating them with spit he shoved two up my hole without warning. “You are going to fucking love it.” He said as he withdrew his fingers and lined up his cock head.

“FUCKKKK” I groaned loudly as he inserted himself fully. It was clear this was not about my pleasure anymore but all about his. As soon as his balls touched my arse he withdrew quickly, only to slam back in. he long dicked me several times, causing me to emit loud whimpers each time.

“Shut the fuck up, slut” he warned me as one hand went to my mouth again. I moaned into his palm as he began to pound away consistently at me. His handsome face, sandwiched between my hairy legs, took on a determined and animalistic look. Normally I would have been scared to be fucked this way by a stranger but the sound and smell of sex around me, coupled with the circumstances just made me hope he never stops.

Behind us, Daniel pulled out of Joel and pushed him down in doggy position. The twink’s face hovered above mine as my boyfriend re-inserted himself. We looked deep into each other’s eyes, both sharing the same feeling of watching another bottom enjoy the cock we knew so well. It wasn’t long before James withdrew his hand allowing Joel to lean down for an upside-down kiss. We went at it hungrily as the two tops laughed at the sight of their two boys moaning into each other’s mouths. This was interrupted though by Daniel picking up the speed of his pounding into Joel’s open hole. They’d been fucking for longer than James and I had and Dan was reaching his climax. He yanked Joel up by the shoulders and held him close to his chest while he thrust harder and harder into him.

“Beg for my load, boy. Beg for daddy’s load you fucking slut.” Daniel said aggressively as he got closer to cumming. Joel didn’t beg so much as let out a few incoherent moans and screams with each thrust but it had the same effect. Soon Daniel gave one last pound and held the boy’s hole down while he filled it with his load. The two men panted while we watched, James and I working ourselves into our sweaty mess. Joel flopped onto the bed in content when Daniel let him go. My boyfriend took the time to look across at what was happening to me. As Dan was reaching his climax, James had grabbed my neck in one of his calloused hands. He didn’t choke me yet but stared darkly into my eyes with the threat that he could apply pressure at any time. We were almost silent as the other couple finished up but now I started to whimper again at the sensation James’ cock was having in my hole. His cockhead repeatedly hit my prostate, sending sparks up into my cock. Looking up from his domination of me, James nodded his head at the spent Daniel, beckoning güvenilir casino him over.

“Clean your man’s cock, boy” James spat at me as Daniel lined his cum-coated dick over my mouth. I opened up and enjoyed the familiar taste of my boyfriend’s cum. Attempting to do a good job for him while I was also being used vigorously by James. “Look at how much you want that cock. Such a pathetic little cuck enjoying your daddy’s cock after he has just fucked another boy” James verbal degradation picked up as he got more and more into the fuck. The two men kept at it, spit roasting me while I moaned around Dan’s cock. James started to lightly choke me, making my attempts to suck Dan harder. Eventually, Dan pulled out altogether and leaned down to my ear.

“You look so fucking hot right now, finish him off and make me proud boy” He growled to me before moving to sit back up against the headboard and enjoy the show. James took this opportunity to scoop me up, keeping his cock in place, and left me off the bed. I wrapped my legs around him and started to use gravity to ride his cock.

“fucking hell, I’m going to breed you so hard if you keep going” James moaned into my neck as I flexed my anal muscles. I wanted to milk him, show off for Dan and earn this manly load. I bounced in his arms, coming dangerously close to making us both fall but I was determined. The friction between our bodies was having a strong effect on my cock that had slipped from the jock pouch long ago. Feeling my balls begin to stir I decided to make my final play in this slutty act I was living out.

“Fuck daddy, please breed my cunt. Please make it yours. Fuck daddy I’m going to cum MMMM FUCKKK” I begged like a whore as my cock reached its tipping point and my cum was unleashed all over our sweaty chests. As the cum unloaded from my balls my hole spasmed and tightened around James’ cock.

“Here it comes you fucking slut. TAKE. MY. CUM.” James came while he yelled out in a gruff voice. He continued to slam me down on his cock as several warm ropes of cum coated my insides. He shook with the high of climax as he lifted me off of his spent cock and dropped me back onto the bed. “Don’t spill a fucking drop.” He said absently as he stepped away from my cum-soaked body. In the after-bliss of my orgasm, I almost forgot we weren’t alone until Dan pipped up.

“James, I think someone is waiting for permission to finish.” With amusement, Dan directed our attention to Joel who kneeled on the bed next to him, cock still standing straight up like an arrow. The boy silently bowed his head and waited for directions. I was almost jealous of the obedience and dedication he had for his cock-slut lifestyle. James clicked his tongue and sauntered up to his boy, slapping him on the back lightly.

“You did good today, pup. Get down at the end of the bed and eat my load out of the other slut’s hole.” James instructions were clear and I spread my legs again to welcome the boy but he didn’t move.

“Can I wank while I do it, sir?” Joel spoke up for the first time. Well, the first time that wasn’t a series of whorish babble. James nodded at his apprentice and the boy suddenly crawled with enthusiasm and dove into my used hole. Our two masters both watched the show unfold as the smaller boy lapped at me happily. His hand flew up and down his cock and I lay back and enjoyed the wet sounds of his work. He may have not enjoyed eating my arse much before but now it was as if it were his last meal. I wondered how James had turned him into such a cumslut but it was clear that this love for manly loads was more then what could be taught. Our doms chuckled to themselves when Joel finally brought his cock to orgasm. Standing up and adding his white, hot cum to the mess on my arse.

With all of us finished, the two men exchanged a few final pleasantries before James instructed his boy to collect up their things. I heard the door close from down the hall as they left but I was occupied with cuddling tight into Dan’s warm hair embrace.

“I’m sorry if you were uncomfortable at all, baby” Dan started in a concerned tone. I Looked up at him brightly and countered.

“No no, daddy, this was perfect. Thank you for making it happen.” This seemed to put Dan at ease as he pulled me closer and kissed the top of my head lovingly.

“So, you’d be open to doing this more?”

“As much as we can, daddy.” Dan chuckled at my eagerness and moved his fingers to tease the sore entrance of my hole, still a bit wet from cum and spit.

“You naughty little slut.”

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