David’s View of Unexpected Pleasures

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My dear Paul

I thought I would write to you, yes I know it’s been ages but now I have a few things to tell you. Firstly I am now mortgage free, free to spend all my money on repairs a new shower room and re-concrete my drive. Riveting stuff eh?

My sister has had a baby, yes another one, it smells just as bad as the first three but this one, she says, looks just like me. Come to think of it I think she said that for all of them. Even the girls! Her husband spends most of his time working, wonder why?

All very interesting I’m sure you agree but it does get better. Do you remember Mark and Alice, the house warming party 5 years ago? I’m sure you do, you thought he looked like an accountant and she made those squealing noises when she had an orgasm. If you remember we were in their spare bedroom at the time and we were trying to stop the bed squeaking. It was difficult with you shoving 8 inches of your lovely cock up my arse. I still see them occasionally and Mark seems to keep her very happy, anyway I should move on to the interesting stuff.

Mark came round last week, he does some work just up the road so he pops in from time to time. Anyway, I was bemoaning my lack of sex, he thought I’d have found someone since you went to Oz but there you go, even the stunningly good looking can miss out on the fun. The chat wasn’t exactly calming my nerves and I got a very obvious hard on. I could feel how casino şirketleri red my face was, Mark noticed straight away and as I was expecting him to make his excuses and leave he suggested he might help me out with my barren spell. I had started to reply but before the words came out his hand was on my cock.

I nearly jumped out of my skin, or at least my trousers. I reached out and felt him, god it was amazing. He was hard as iron, and with quite a package. I thought I was going to get a hand job but he dropped to his knees and virtually ripped my pants down. He must have wanted to do this, or at least fantasised about it, for ages. He then teased me through my briefs but they came down soon enough. He stared at my cock, he seemed fascinated as he pulled my foreskin up and down. It felt so good especially as I could feel his warm breath on the tip. I was desperate not to cum, I wanted to see just how far he would go. I had to bite my lip but I held back, just as you taught me.

And I’m sure you realise what happened, are you good and hard? Well he rolled his tongue around me, sucked on me, took the head in and pulled his hand up and down. For a first time he was fantastic. Never taking his tongue or lips off me, sucking and kissing, licking my juices without any hesitation. I could feel myself getting to the point of no return. I couldn’t let him pull away so I grabbed the back of his head and pulled casino firmaları him to me. I didn’t have to worry because he just moved his hands and lips faster on my cock. I needed to cum and I haven’t shot so big a load in so long I can’t remember. Mark just took it all and licked me clean.

I couldn’t believe it, I was actually shaking. I think I babbled something but Mark pulled his cock out and before he could pull himself I was down on him. Both hands on his shaft and my lips around his cock head. He really was so hard and it just took a couple of licks around his ridge for him to cum. I kept him in my mouth for ages, well it had been a long time and I wanted to savour every moment. I didn’t think I would get another treat like this from him again.

He was quite embarrassed I think, especially when I kissed him. He left soon after. I’ll save the next bit of news for my next letter. Give you a chance to recover.

Oh go on then I’ll carry on.

He did come back a couple of days later, I’m not sure he wanted another session, but I did so I didn’t really give him time to think. I had him in the bedroom with my hands down the front of his pants within a minute. He was already hard and had no briefs on, dirty boy! I had to kiss him, when I did I was surprised at how he kissed me back. I could have done that all day, no you’re right, I couldn’t. This time I was able to enjoy myself on him, I güvenilir casino could sense him trying to hold back as I gave him the full treatment. What was he like? About 7 inches slightly curved and neatly clipped, sound good to you. Tasted good, and he came big style, he couldn’t stop himself when I ran my teeth over his tight glans. after that he kissed me as much as I kissed him and went down on me, he looked disappointed when I pulled him up.

You know I Ike a good fuck and Mark does have a lovely arse. I think he was terrified, well at least nervous when it became obvious what I wanted but he liked the feel of my fingers working his arsehole, I wanted to see the look on his face when I entered him so I turned him on his back. He was already hard again, I do like a man who recovers quickly. I got him to work my cock over his tight little hole until I couldn’t wait any longer. It felt wonderful, the way his arsehole stretching around my cock. He had is eyes open and made a wonderful moaning noise as I pushed my way in. I’m afraid I wasn’t gentle, I couldn’t help myself I just fucked him hard and he loved it, he kept asking me to fuck him, I would have been a very poor host not to. He came again, but I didn’t stop, I just kept fucking until I felt my cock go rigid and emptied my balls into his arse.

He kissed me very tenderly, I think he will be up for anything from now on. Yes, I think Mark and I will have quite a bit of fun.

Hope you’re jealous, still you have your room-mates so I’m sure you are not going short. I need a shower now, but I have something I need to attend to first. I hope you do too. Think of me.



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