Desires Sometimes Happen

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Several years ago when I was twenty five while at work, a chance encounter with a stranger flipped my world as I had known it up to that time.

I was working at a fitness center near a major international airport as a receptionist/scheduler. It was open 24/7. About fifty percent of the membership was composed of airline employees from the lowest pay scale to the highest paid captains. About twenty five percent was composed of business travelers and the rest were people working in the area as employees of the hundreds of places surrounding the airport.

The fitness center had everything imaginable for the clientele. Entry was gained by using an electronic key after filling out the paper work and paying the fee for the time purchased. The electronic key was also used to start electrical paraphernalia in the center. This allowed for logging running times so maintenance or replacement could be made when required.

To the left of the reception desk was the entrance to the male’s locker area and to my right was the entrance to the female’s locker area and further to my right was a natural food drink/snack court area with seating area for seventy five.

The stranger appeared with a hot looking guy standing three feet in front of me. The stranger had to be model and the male was either a boy friend or husband since he was graying at the temples. I know I must have presented them with a shocked look when I lifted my head from the appointed book that I had just logged an entry.

The stranger smiled at me knowing well from the surprise expression on my face when our eyes met that I was shocked. Something else happened that surprised me. It was my body reaction as well. I have in the past enjoyed looking at hot people of my gender but never had the desire to make out with one until this encounter. I tried to still the thought because what would the chances be. When I was a teenager my closest girl friend then and I tried to please each other before we knew much about boys.

The stranger had the figure and face of Beyonce. Her hair was jet black and the most blue/hazel eyes I had ever encountered. Her skin color was an awesome bronze color. I found out later it was mostly natural because she believed the sun makes for wrinkles.

After a lot of the preliminary chat and paper work I issued the couple their respective keys. The guy’s name was Enrique and her name was Angelica. They listed a permanent address in Argentina. I later found out they were married and that he was Argentinean and by birth she was born in Brazil. I also found out later he was a huge beef raiser and she was his operation’s manager.

The encounter happened on a Monday around ten in the morning. Enrique indicated he would be out on a business trip from the coming up Friday until the following Tuesday.

As they were leaving after a couple of hours they approached me and made compliments about the facility and wished me a good evening.

I was rather busy the entire day and did not give any thought to the couple until I hit the bed Monday night. My mind was flooded with scenes of Angelica and I making each other feel good and mixed in were thoughts of Enrique pleasing me with his manhood as I stuffed myself with my toy.

My clit was sore as I drifted off to sleep wondering if I would ever get them out of my mind.

I reported to work Tuesday morning as scheduled. Late in the afternoon the couple arrived. Angelica approached me and asked how my day was going. Enrique waved as he headed to the male side. I responded with it was going great. After she headed to the ladies side after some idle chat my pussy was on fire and my nipples were hard. I was hoping the week would go fast so I would not have to deal with the face to face encounter.

I was startled from my paper work by Enrique’s accent saying, “Hollie, Angelica and I would love it if you would join us for dinner either tonight, tomorrow or Thursday. We are hoping you can accommodate us.”

As those words slipped out Angelica approached. I was a nervous wreck. I stuttered in saying, “I, I, oh my gosh I don’t know. Oh I don’t accept date offers from clients.”

Angelica then responded with, “Hollie honey, we are a couple asking you to dinner not some guy that has the hots for you. We are strangers here and will be gone in a week or so and hoping you could educate us on what to see, go, and do while in town. How about sleeping on it tonight and then making us happy tomorrow by saying yes and making us feel welcome?”

Her last statement hit me hard and I said, “Okay guys I will make an exception in this case and I am already excited and honored with you asking me out. Tomorrow will be great. I will bring some dress clothes to work. I am finished at six. Should I come to your hotel in the shuttle?”

Enrique said, “Hollie we will pick you up here and then after dinner get you home safely. Enjoyed the rest of the night and catch you tomorrow.”

Then I heard, “Angelica let’s come here late, do our thing, finish at six, take Hollie back with casino şirketleri us, change and then go out. Maybe a few drinks in the room before dinner. What do you think lover?”

“Great suggestion Rick,” came from Angelica.

I heard both say, “See you tomorrow Hollie.”

I was a wreck. It was near quitting time, my relief was there so I asked him if he would start because I was getting sick. He agreed and I headed to the lockers to collect myself and to shower. I could not believe the leakage I had even after the tension of being asked to go out and accepting.

In the shower I decided to head to the mall to get some new clothes. I ended up with a sleeveless silk black blouse, cleavage not to revealing, a black bra, a white pleated mini skirt and six inch black heel shoes.

I had a restless night sleeping. From time to time I would finger myself to an orgasm, thinking of one or the other of them with me. I woke up in the middle of a huge wet spot when the alarm went off. I then wondered how the night was going to be for me after the dinner.

At work I tried not thinking of them. At four thirty in the afternoon Enrique showed up without Angelina saying she was getting her hair done and that I could ride the shuttle with him back to the hotel.

I told him it would be at least six fifteen before I would be around with the change of clothes that I had deposited in my locker.

I heard, “We are looking forward to our evening. One of our customers suggested a Greek restaurant in a western suburb. What do you think?”

I replied with, “I am up for it.”

When I came out of the locker area after changing seeing Enrique waiting he developed a nice smile when seeing me and said, “Wow you are as hot looking as Angelina. My guess is you might turn her on a tad.”

I blushed with thanking him and was wondering if he was turned on.

We did some idle chat while waiting on the shuttle which departed every hour on the half from the center.

At the hotel we went to their suite. A young lady appearing my age of obvious Spanish heritage appeared when Enrique called out, “Felicia.” I then heard her saying “Si Senor.”

She was dressed in a maid’s uniform which showed all of her natural beauty. It was black in color with white lace trim which barley covered her rump and boobs. She had her brown hair cut butch style with warm brown eyes that made me feel comfortable. After the introduction Enrique excused himself and asked Felicia to get me what ever I needed and to make me comfortable. I could not help but wonder if she was wearing a thong or just bare.

Felicia asked me what I desired and I mentioned, “Just water, please. When she presented me with the water I said, “Muchas gracias senorita.” She gave me a surprise look and asked if I spoke Spanish. I mentioned that maybe I had ten words in my vocabulary.

I became tense when I saw her eyes roaming my body. She must have sensed it and said, “Miss Hollie, I am always amazed at Enrique’s and Angelina’s ability to find people such as themselves.”

I replied with, “Thank you Felicia. How many years have you been working for them Felicia, if you don’t mind me asking?” I heard, “Oh I don’t mind you asking. I started when I was eighteen and I am now twenty six. I work for them only when they travel out of the country. They pay me very well. I am able to provide a home for my mother, father and two sisters. Angelina does not like to be alone in a foreign country. She does not like packing and unpacking, so she stays in one place while Enrique travels about on business. As a teenager I was an exchange student for my high school years so am familiar with your country and language”

“Oh I see. That has to make it exciting for you then. Do you then travel a lot a few times a year?”

“It varies between four and six times a year, Miss Hollie.”

I then heard, “Welcome Hollie, Enrique mentioned you were stunning looking and I have to agree with him. Thanks for joining us tonight. Has Felicia taken good care of you?”

“Oh yes she has Angelina, thanks.”

I then heard, “Well ladies shall we check out the suggested restaurant?”

I then felt an arm encircle mine and heard, “Let him follow us and drool over our ass swaying as we walk in front of him. Maybe it will make him horny so he will make me feel good later.”

I was stunned at the statement and wondered how about me later who was going to make me feel good.

The hotel had a limo ready for us and off we went to the restaurant. The food was out of this world. Enrique sure knew how to select wines. We were entertained by belly dancers coming by the table from time to time. The entire meal time was taken up by me asking question and they also. By dessert time I knew more than maybe what I needed to know and they knew a lot about me and my desires. Angelina was thirty two and Enrique was thirty nine. Angelina was into drinking wine heavily in my mind and had twice as much as myself. Enrique knew how to select them but his favorite was perfect Manhattan’s.

I casino firmaları discovered they had two girls and a son at home. Both had their parents living on their hacienda in separate homes near them. They employed over fifty ranch hands and provide homes for them.

I caught Enrique from time to time trying to get a good look down at my breasts. He was sitting to my left. I was sandwiched between them. I wondered if while screwing Angelina later he would be substituting me in his brain. I was feeling a little damp as a results and the wine was not helping.

I was startled when Angelina asked, “How many times a week do you and your boyfriend get it on Hollie?”

With the wine I must have blushed because Angelina said, “Aw look at the innocence.”

I managed to say, “I guess several times during the week and always on Friday and Saturday.”

Her reply was, “I make sure Enrique takes care of me every day at least once and more sometimes when he is around. On the road Felicia pleases me when Enrique is not around and at home I have others. It seems the older I get the hornier I get. Is that the same with you hon?”

I replied with, “I have heard we get hornier in our thirties and I am looking forward to it and hope I am with the right guy at the time.”

I heard, “Make some close girl friends Hollie. Sometimes they can please you better than a guy because they know what we need.” I then felt a soft hand being placed on my right thigh above the knee where the mini skirt rested. It had to be her left hand since I was sitting to her left. I closed my eyes, confused and my head swimming in emotions with the wine doing its thing I am sure.

I then felt her shifting her position and her right hand replaced her left as she leaned into me whispering into my ear, “Relax Hollie and go with the flow. No one is watching. I want you for dessert sometime soon.” Her hand by then had moved up slowly and cupped my blood filled lips covered by a wet thong. I had spread my legs further apart for her as her hand made its progression upwards. I heard my heart beating hard in my chest. My breathing was rapid and shallow. I had tilted my head back and rested it on the back of the booth.

I had to be blushing and leaking from the conversation.

She was kissing and blowing around my ear and on my neck. I heard, “I love the aroma of your love juices Hollie, mmmmm, so sweet. They are making me horny.

“Oh Angie this is not place. I am so confused. I want you to continue but not in public.”

I then felt the pressure of her middle finger pressing down on the hard clit. I was gasping for air and managed to say, “Oh god Angie, please not here, please not now.”

“Let go Hollie, relax, cum for me, you know your body desires it.”

“Oh Angie but, oh, oh god finish me, take me over the top.”

Her hand lifted the wet thong and her finger flicked on the hard nub fast and furious.

I buried my face and moaned into her chest as the orgasm started in my toes and took over my entire body. My body was trembling as Enrique placed his left hand inside my blouse and cupped my right breast which caused the orgasm to continue longer as Angie continued manipulating the love button,

I was so embarrassed. When I calmed down I whispered, “Angie please help me to the ladies room. I am so embarrassed. I need to clean up.”

I heard, “Sure hon let’s go.”

I could not look Enrique in the face upon exiting the booth.

I wrapped an arm around Angie as we staggered to ladies room.

Angie walked me into the stall for handicap individuals, leaned me against the wall, reached up under my mini skirt, pulled down the wet thong, then raised it again and placed her mouth on my mound. I placed my hands on her head which was covered with my skirt and held her there saying, “Oh god Angie not here oh god yes, yes, yes,” as her tongue was making long and slow trips up and down the slit. I could smell my juices which intensified my desire to have another orgasm.

I must have voluntarily spread my legs as fingers invaded my vagina and used them like a cock. Angie then used her thumb on my clit with fingers in my pussy as she lifted herself from under the skirt to kiss me while continuing the stimulation.

I exploded with an orgasm soon after the deep throating of her tongue began and me trying to fuck myself on her fingers.

She dropped to her knees again, withdrew the thumb from my clit as I was convulsing, replacing it with her mouth, flicking her tongue whilst continuing the finger fucking. I placed my hands on her covered head for support. My mouth was uttering, “Oh, oh, oh god, ooooooo,” as wave after wave of pleasure sure through my entire body. I think my hair roots on my head even sensed it.

When I had calmed, she stood up, kissed me with her mouth full of my love juices which she deposited. I would have collapsed if she had not held onto me by cupping my swollen pussy lips.

She then took some tissue, wiped me clean, wrapped her arms around güvenilir casino me and walked me to the waiting limo at the door. The next thing I remember was hearing, “Miss Hollie, Miss Hollie its eight in the morning and maybe you should have some breakfast before work.” I fluttered my eyes and woke up in bed with bra and panties on in the hotel with Felicia shaking me. The bra was not mine and neither the panties.

I looked at Felicia and said, “Did you and me do anything together?”

“No Miss Holy I hope maybe before I leave your wonderful country we can. You are as beautiful as Angelina. They told me before they left that a limo will take you to where ever you desire to go or you can take the shuttle to work and they will see you later. I will prepare a bath for you Miss Hollie and Angelina left some clothes out for you to select from since you both seem to be the same size.”

I sat up in bed then dropped my feet over the edge and tried not to puke.

I heard, “Miss Hollie the tub is waiting for you. Call for me if you desire anything.”

My mind wondered how big of an invitation that covered.

As I was soaking Felicia showed up with what she called a hang over nectar and said it would take care of me in thirty minutes if I sipped on it slowly.

I drank it slowly, closed my eyes and relived the night and all of the conversations. When the water was becoming cool I opened my eyes feeling refreshed as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred except the conversation of the previous night and giving myself up to Angelina completely at the restaurant.

Felicia found me a large sack for me to put my blouse, skirt and shoes in after finding some shorts and a blouse to wear from Angelina’s collection. I left barefooted on the shuttle for work after giving Felicia a hug and getting the customary cheek to cheek kiss from her.

That afternoon Angelina came in early, alone and grinning. She then asked if I was alright and telling me I looked hot in her clothes. I blushed and thanked her for their use.

She then mentioned I could return them Friday night if I was going to stay over.

All day my mind drifted to what my answer would be when it was time to give one.

She did not pressure me and mentioned seeing me later maybe at the snack bar mentioning Enrique was not showing up and she would be joining him for dinner later with some clients.

It was near six when she came up to me and said, “Hollie I need to head back to the hotel. Enrique needs me to go over some documents. Sorry about ditching you now. Hope you have a good night and I will make sure tomorrow night will be better if you decide to share the weekend with me.”

“Thanks for everything Angelina. You have a good night also.”

I heard, “I hope the guy Enrique is trying to secure as a customer is a good lover. See ya.”

My jaw had to drop in shock at what I had heard.

I went home and my night was miserable with debating between should I or not spend the weekend with Angelina. I must have decided I would when I called my boy friend Bob and told him I was going to be busy for the weekend with some lame excuse of relatives coming to town.

I tossed all night trying to visualize what was going to happen and how.

My ass was dragging when it appeared at work the next morning.

I had placed Angie’s clothes in the same bag I had used Thursday morning at the hotel and took them to work. I took along an overnight sleep pack and being slightly naïve some pajamas.

Shortly after being on duty Enrique showed up, walking up to me at the desk saying he would be leaving at two in the afternoon and that Angie would come by later and return with me to the hotel and that he hoped I would enjoy the weekend. He also said, “Be sure to hook her up with some hot guys if you can.”

As he disappeared into the men’s locker area with a huge grin, my mouth was hanging open.

At five in the afternoon, Angelina appeared smiling and chipper. She winked at me with a wave as she entered the ladies locker room. I was wondering if she was teasing me or if was an assumption on her end that I was going back to the hotel with her.

Gosh where was I going to find hot guys for her crossed my mind? I decided to do an internet search later. With her looks she would attract them like bees to nectar. I was becoming more uptight as the hour of six approached. I had a sense of feeling more comfortable thinking of Felicia. Maybe because of Angie’s age she was more intimidating.

When I went to clock out and gather my things Angie was closing her locker. She spotted me and yelled to me, “I hope you don’t mind having room service tonight Hollie. It’s so much more convenient.”

After gathering my things I walked over to her and said, “I agree with you eating in will be more convenient.”

She whispered, “I am so looking forward to having you for dessert. I hope your feelings are the same.”

I responded with, “Angelina, I am scared to death in doing this but want to experience life a little.”

I heard, “Sweetie by Saturday morning you will be a changed lady I’d be willing to bet. Felicia is excited to that you have accepted our invitation. She has prepared some nectar to relax you so you can let your hair down.”

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