Discovering Christina Ch. 02

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If you read the first chapter of Discovering Christina, you’ll enjoy this second installment more. However, if you decide to skip the first one, here’s a quick recap:

Ross Daniels is a bachelor in his late 40s who has pretty much given up on finding love and passion in his life. That is until he meets Christina, a beautiful blonde in her early 20’s, who is filling a temporary position at the bank where he does business. The sparks fly from the beginning, and the two eventually begin an affair . . . an affair that Ross fears is over when Christina decides to return to her former boyfriend. Ultimately, despite opposition from her family, Christina comes back, moves in with Ross, and the two decide to see where this May-December relationship will lead.

The first few weeks after Christina came back were magical. I had thought about her so often while she was away . . . longed to hold her again, it was hard to believe that the whole thing was real. But real it was. I knew it each night when we drifted off to sleep, with me behind her, pulling her tight to me, feeling her smooth skin next to mine. Of course, the sex was amazing. It was as if we were two newlyweds still at the point where we couldn’t get enough of each other. But I honestly think the times I held her before falling asleep were the best. I had been sleeping alone for so long.

Then there were the mornings, always my favorite time for sex. But now, in my late 40’s the mornings were even better. I always seemed to be at my hardest during that early-morning twilight . . . that time when you lie suspended between sleep and consciousness. It was then that I loved to rouse Christina by nibbling on the back of her neck, letting my hand drift lightly over her hardening nipple, then pulling her on top of me. I’d place my rock-hard cock at her tight opening and listen to her moan sleepily as she lowered herself onto me. It seemed that she could be completely lubricated almost immediately . . . one of the great gifts of her youth . . . and I loved the way it felt to be surrounded by her warm, silky wetness.

After we were fully joined, she’d lean forward and rest her head on my shoulder, her full breasts pressed against my chest. Often we’d just lie there, bodies nearly motionless, until our breathing began to synchronize. The only movement the swelling of my cock inside her and the contraction of her inner muscles as she squeezed me back. And, of course, the delicious hardening of her nipples against my chest. There were times when these little movements alone could bring us to the edge of orgasm. What a wonderful way it was to wake up!


When Christina made the decision to return to Durham and stay with me, she hadn’t given much thought to what she would do to occupy her time, other than spending time with me. Her job at the bank had ended when Jeff Masters’ assistant returned from medical leave. And although Masters would have gladly found something else for her to do there, the world of banking just didn’t hold much appeal for Christina.

But she was smart and industrious, and we both knew that sitting around waiting for me to finish work each day would get old very quickly. So it was that Christina decided to work on her master’s degree. She had done her undergraduate work in English, and the local school had a master’s program in the same area, so it worked out quite nicely. Her studies kept her busy enough to keep her from getting bored, but provided enough flexibility to allow us plenty of time together.

Another side benefit of Christina’s going back to school was that her father started talking to her again. He had initially been so upset that she had broken things off with her old boyfriend and moved in with a man nearly his own age that he had stopped communicating with her. Their estrangement was devastating to Christina because her father had been the one constant in her life and the two of them had always enjoyed a very close relationship.

But when word got back to him that she was returning to school, he took that as an opening to get in touch and let her know how pleased he was that she was continuing her education. He called her on her cell phone, and they must have talked for over an hour. There were a lot of tears shed on Christina’s end, and I’m sure on his as well. I don’t think I’d ever seen her as happy as she was at the end of that phone call.

I’d overheard enough to know that my name had come up in the discussion, too. But Christina didn’t offer anything about that, and I didn’t want to pry. So I didn’t question her. However, I’m sure her father was not nearly as enthusiastic about my being in Christina’s life as he was about her return to college.


Having another person living with me in my loft apartment took a little getting used to. My bachelor days had made me accustomed to having things my way. It was not that Christina was difficult to live with. It was just different having someone bahis firmaları there full time. Fortunately, she was relatively neat, trying hard to keep the apartment tidy for the most part. However, that neatness didn’t carry over to the bathroom, where I always seemed to find wet towels strewn on the floor and several days’ worth of panties languishing in the corner. Occasionally, when the mess in the bathroom began to irritate me a little, I had only to glance at the cute lacy thongs, in a variety of seductive fabrics and colors, to be reminded how wonderful it was to have her with me. I have to admit that on more than one occasion, I’d lift a pair to my nostrils and revel again in her sweet scent.

As it turned out, the bathroom was one of our favorite rooms for sex. When I’d designed my loft, I’d made sure that the bathroom was a luxurious one . . . everything from a steam shower formed from colorful slate and big enough for at least four . . . to a jetted spa tub that would accommodate two quite easily, especially when one of them was no bigger than Christina. A large skylight brought in natural light during the day, while at night the lighting ambience could be easily adjusted with a dimmer switch. And if we felt like listening to music, the room was wired with speakers that made it sound as if the artist was right there with us.

Of course, given the difference in our ages, our musical tastes were quite different, with Christina leaning toward Hinder and Panic at the Disco, while I favored James Taylor and the Eagles. But little by little, we learned to like (or at least tolerate) the other’s taste in music. And we learned that it actually mattered little when our bodies were joined and I could see the desire in her beautiful blue eyes.

One evening, just before I expected Christina to return from class, I planned a little surprise that I hoped would be a lot of fun for both of us. I started the shower and allowed it to run for quite some time. The entire bathroom was filled with a warm, steamy mist by the time I heard Christina come through the door.

“Ross?” she called out as she entered the bedroom. “Are you in the bathroom?”

“As a matter of fact, I am,” I smiled, poking my head into the bedroom. “And I want you in here with me.” With that, I took her hand and led her inside. “Now,” I said as I sat down on a chair in the corner, “I want you to undress for me.”

She seemed a little surprised at first by my directness, but it wasn’t long before she began to smile and slowly started removing her clothing one piece at a time . . . very seductively. First came her flip flops, which she kicked one at a time over into the far corner of the bathroom. Next, she lifted her low-cut red top over her head, revealing a lacy red bra beneath. The delicate, nearly sheer cups barely concealed her nipples and revealed a good portion of the brownish-pink areolas that I so loved to encircle with my tongue. Then her black miniskirt fell in a pool at her feet, confirming, as I’d expected, that she was wearing a thong that matched the bra perfectly. I had no doubt that would be the case, given Christina’s penchant for sexy lingerie.

Even though I was still fully dressed, I could tell Christina had not missed the considerable bulge growing in my trousers. “See something you like, Mister?” she teased as she eyed my growing hardness.

“Oh, I like it just fine,” I responded, “but I haven’t seen nearly enough yet. Keep going.”

“I haven’t even gotten started,” she laughed. And with that she walked slowly over to me, put one foot on either side of my legs and began to move sensuously in time with mellow jazz wafting down from the speakers mounted high up on the wall. She lowered herself onto my lap and began to rub against my straining cock in time to the music. As I enjoyed the feel of her body against mine, I silently congratulated myself on my foresight in putting speakers in the bathroom.

When she’d displayed her considerable lap dancing skills for a few minutes, Christina stepped back and slowly unclasped her bra. But she didn’t remove it at first. Instead, she stretched things out seductively by holding the cups in place a little longer just to tease. I made a point to let her see me looking intently at her pussy, which was obviously wet, having already soaked through her sexy little thong. When she finally removed her bra–one cup, then the other–her arousal was even more readily apparent. Her nipples were swollen to hard little points and they drew the skin of her areolas tight. I watched as she twirled them between her thumbs and fingers, tugging and pulling on them until they were a deep red.

Finally, I motioned her over to where I was sitting and she obediently came to me, offering her breasts by lifting them with her palms toward my mouth. I smiled and said, “That’s my naughty girl. You can’t wait to feel my mouth on your titties, can you?”

In one quick motion, I pulled her to me and buried my face kaçak iddaa between her breasts, feeling the heat of her skin on my cheeks. All this time, the warm water of the shower had continued to run, and by now we were almost completely enveloped by the warm mist, both our bodies dampened by the steam. I moved my mouth from one breast to the other, covering her mounds with kisses, but carefully avoiding her nipples. Finally, I blew on them gently, making them harden further and causing her to grip the back of my head and pull me close, as if to beg me to suck them.

Finally, I complied, twirling one nipple, then the other with my tongue. At the same time, I ran my hands up the back of her legs and over her firm ass. I took my time until she began to moan and pant with arousal. My hands slipped between her legs from behind, and I hooked my thumb under the tiny piece of fabric nestled between her cheeks. I followed it downward to her wet pussy then, without warning, I jerked on the thong and ripped away, making Christina gasp in surprise and causing her face and neck to flush with excitement and arousal.

“All right, Christina,” I told her. “I want you to undress me now.” And she went quickly to work, nearly tearing my shirt from my body and jerking the belt out of the loops of my trousers so she could get them unbuttoned. She tugged my zipper down and thrust her hand eagerly inside my shorts and began to vigorously massage my hard cock.

“Slow down, Christina,” I whispered and raised her up from her knees where she had situated herself in preparation for taking me inside her mouth. I stood her up and pulled her hard to me, kissing her deeply, yet lovingly, taking the time to nibble gently on her lips. Suddenly, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back to expose her neck, which I began to kiss and lick slowly, tenderly. As I kissed her, I pressed my hardness against her body and moved my hips so my cock rolled from side to side over her belly as we slowly rocked together.

Finally, I broke the kiss and kicked off my shoes, trousers and shorts, until we were standing together, skin to skin, with absolutely nothing to separate us. I took her hand and led her into the shower, where we luxuriated beneath the warm water until our bodies were wet and slick. We stood together under the spray and kissed deeply again, while my cock swelled and throbbed against the soft skin of her stomach.

I gently pushed her away and led her over to the seat built into the far wall of the shower. I pushed on her shoulders, signaling silently for her to sit down, while I turned around and reached for a can of shaving gel and a razor that were sitting on a shelf carved into the slate.

“I’m going to shave you, Christina,” I whispered softly as I pressed her knees apart and knelt between them. I paused to admire her pink folds and reached down to gently open her a little more. She exhaled quickly and shivered as I flicked her swollen little pearl with my thumb. Her mound was already almost bare, but as I lightly outlined it with my hand, I could feel a slight re-growth of her soft blonde hair. “I’m going to make you nice and smooth.” With that, I squirted the shaving gel into my palm and began to massage it gently over her mound, then along the sides of her labia, which were already puffy with arousal.

When I had thoroughly massaged in the gel, I pulled the skin tight and began to carefully scrape away the tiny hairs. I was very careful when I shaved along the sides of her delicate lips, and as I looked up briefly from my work, I noticed that she was holding her breath, obviously a little uncomfortable to have me so close to such a sensitive area with a sharp razor. “You have to trust me, baby. I’ll never hurt you,” I whispered reassuringly.

When her pussy was finally nice and smooth, I took the hand held shower head down from its bracket and sprayed the warm water over her mound to wash away the remnants of the gel. Finally, I used two fingers to part her lips so I could run the warm spray along her slit, pausing to tease her clit with the spray and watch it harden and swell.

“All right, Christina,” I told her, “now you’re ready for me. Let’s trade places.” And with that, she stood up and relinquished her seat to me and I pulled her onto my lap. The heat . . . our slippery bodies . . . the surreal quality of the steamy mist . . . all combined to create an incredibly erotic scene. Christina pressed herself against me and we kissed deeply. We were already intensely aroused, and it wasn’t long before our bodies demanded more.

“I want to fuck you . . . now,” I whispered and without waiting for a response, I lifted her slightly from my lap. Without a word, Christina reached down and guided my cock into her hot, wet tunnel. My entry was absolutely effortless, given her arousal and the wetness that surrounded us in the shower. I felt her mold around me and gave out a little moan of pleasure.

We sat like that for several moments, kaçak bahis simply enjoying the delicious feel of our connection . . . our wet skin pressed tight together . . . the swelling of her nipples against my chest . . . the way her pussy welcomed my cock. But we weren’t still for very long. We had been working up to this moment for nearly an hour, and now it was time to stop teasing and start fucking. I wanted nothing more at that moment, and I could tell Christina felt the same way. Her eyes were closed, her lips were parted, and she seemed to have reached the point where the body is in control, rather than the mind.

She began to rock back and forth, slowly at first, then faster, more urgently. She tried to make her feet touch the floor so she could raise and lower herself onto me, but her legs were too short. “I want you deeper!” she almost screamed at me, and I hooked my arms beneath her thighs and lifted her with me as I stood up. With my cock still buried deep inside, I carried Christina a few steps to the other side of the shower and pressed her against the wet slate wall. She wrapped her legs around my hips for support and I began to thrust in and out . . . eagerly . . . even roughly, determined to satisfy the intense craving we both felt at that moment.

My arms and legs began to tire from the effort and I still could not get enough of her. I wanted . . . needed . . . to fuck her harder, faster, deeper. And I knew she wanted it, too. So I quickly pulled out and turned her around to face the shower wall. She knew exactly what I had in mind and immediately bent at the waist and braced herself with her arms against the wall. With one quick motion I was back inside, buried to the hilt, my hands gripping her hips. At this point, there was no more tenderness, no more teasing. I no longer was satisfied to simply fuck this beautiful creature. I wanted to possess her. We were two animals determined to satisfy our most primal urges. And satisfy them we did!

“Fuck me, goddammit!” she hissed, “I want it rough.” And I responded by pulling my cock nearly all the way out and thrusting it deep inside. And I did it again . . . and again . . . and again. Our wet bodies slapped together forcefully, my balls spanked her pussy with each desperate stroke, Christina’s full breasts swayed violently with each thrust. Our bodies were absolutely consumed with lust. Our minds were irrelevant at that moment. There was no thinking, only feeling.

“Oh, Ross . . . Ross . . . Ross!” she panted with each violent thrust, her voice a beautiful combination of pleasure and pain. And every time I heard my name, I plunged harder, faster, deeper.

As I felt my orgasm approaching, I grabbed Christina’s wet hair and used it to pull her hard against me. I withdrew my cock almost completely one last time, keeping the head barely inside her until just before the first of my seed was about to erupt. At the last possible moment, I buried myself deep inside once more and felt the rippling of her inner walls as her own orgasm began. I painted her insides with my cum, as she milked every last drop from me. I wrapped my arms around her waist to steady us both and make sure we stayed connected as wave after wave of our mutual orgasm washed over us.

I don’t know if it lasted a minute, an hour or somewhere in between. Time lost its meaning as our pleasure ebbed and flowed until we were both too exhausted to stand. We collapsed in a heap on the hard shower floor and lay there, weak, spent and totally satisfied. As the warm spray rained down on us, the last thing I remember before drifting off into that dreamy state of semi-consciousness was seeing remnants of our mingled juices trickling down Christina’s leg and being swept away by the water.


One of the things I most enjoyed about Christina was the way she made sex so spontaneous and just plain fun. I never knew exactly what to expect when she came to me with that mischievous look, which I had learned to recognize as promising some wonderful new adventure. So it was one Tuesday afternoon around 1:00, when Christina slipped into my office, put her arms around me from behind as I sat working at my desk, and whispered, “Let’s go for a ride.”

“I don’t know,” I responded absently, “I have some things to get done . . .” But it was then I noticed the look. It was a combination of playfulness, innocence and seduction that could get me to do anything.

Without another word, Christina grabbed my hand and pulled me into the outer office, where my secretary, Jackie, glanced up from her computer, rolled her eyes and said, “I guess I can hold down the fort this afternoon, Mr. D.”

Jackie was not only a great assistant, she was a good friend—actually a bit more than a friend, given that we’d been enjoying a “friends with benefits” relationship before I’d met Christina. She seemed to be genuinely happy that I’d found someone who made me so happy and was glad to focus all her sexual energies on her boyfriend, Earl, every time he drove his big rig back into town after a week or two on the road.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Jackie called after us as we pushed open the front door.

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