Doctor’s Office Fuck

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You nearly forgot your doctor’s appointment, but you remembered it at the last minute. Despite the fact that I was visiting from out of town, you asked me to take you to his office. In return you promised to buy me a good lunch in town. I agreed, and soon we were on our way.

As I drove, I could not keep my eyes off of you. You looked relaxed and comfortable in your print blouse and stylish skirt. Your hair cascaded down onto your shoulders, framing your lovely face and accentuating your sparkling eyes and radiant smile.

There was something about this day that made me feel especially close to you. Perhaps that was in part due to the fact that I had fucked you in the ass the night before and we were still reveling in the glow from that encounter.

When we arrived at the doctor’s office, the waiting room was full of patients, so I knew that we were in for a long wait. I settled into a seat beside you and began reading one of the tattered magazines. Moments later, I felt your leg pressing against mine. I shifted to give you more room, but you moved your foot over close against mine. I knew that you were looking for contact, so I moved my leg back toward you and felt the warmth of your leg pressing against mine.

I pretended to ignore you, and you accepted the challenge. You began caressing the side of my leg with your leg, slowly and surreptitiously, as you glanced around to make sure you were not being observed. Reassured that no one was paying any attention to us, you draped your arm across the chair arm that separated us and stroked my thigh with your fingernails. The feel of your nails scratching across the coarse fabric of my jeans sent shivers coursing through my body.

So, you are feeling a bit frisky this morning, I thought. Perhaps you were remembering the way my cock filled your ass as you screamed in ecstasy when you came last night. Or perhaps you were remembering how we collapsed together and fell asleep locked in one another’s arms. The trigger for your actions did not really matter, however, because I like the way you play these little teasing games. kadıköy escort

I shifted my position so I was leaning against your shoulder. You pressed your body against me. Holding the magazine with my left hand, I moved my right hand behind my left arm and used my concealed fingertips to stroke the side of your breast. You swiveled your body toward me, allowing me to clasp your entire breast in my hand. I squeezed it firmly, enjoying its fullness and warmth. I grasped your nipple and rolled it firmly between my fingertips. In response your nipple swelled with desire. I closed my eyes and imagined us naked in bed preparing to fuck once again.

The nurse called your name and ended our playing.

You shook free of my hand and strode off to join the nurse at the door. Thinking quickly, I followed close behind you, and asked the nurse if there were a restroom that I could use. She pointed toward an unmarked door and I headed in that direction. I paused long enough to see which examination room you were put in, and then I entered the restroom.

I remained there long enough to give the nurse time to get you settled in the examining room. I knew that she would ask about your condition and perhaps take vital signs, and then she would leave you alone to wait for the doctor. Given the fact that the office was so crowded, I suspected that it would take the doctor a little while to get around to your examination, and I intended to make the most of those minutes.

As I stepped out of the restroom, I found that the corridor was empty. I moved quickly along it until I reached the room where the nurse had left you. I opened the door and stepped inside. You had your back toward the door and you turned quickly toward me at the sound of my entry.

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to finish what we started in the waiting room,” I replied. Your eyes sparkled at my response.

“Here? What if we get caught?”

“Well, we will just have to take that chance, won’t we?”

I moved üsküdar escort forward, wrapped my arms around you and drew you close. Our kiss was long and passion-filled, and I knew that you wanted me as much as I wanted you. I moved my hand up beneath your skirt and found the crotch of your panties damp with your juices. I pushed your panties aside and stroked between the swollen lips of your pussy.

Knowing that we did not have much time, I raised your skirt and slid your panties down your legs. I picked up your panties and stuffed them in my pocket before helping you up onto the examining table. I unbuckled my jeans and slid them and my briefs down off my hips, freeing my erect cock. Your hand grasped my erection and used it to gently tug my body toward yours. As my cock neared, you spread your legs and positioned it at the now seeping opening to your cunt. You released your hold, placed your hands on my ass, and demandingly pulled my body hard against yours. My cock forced apart your engorged lips and glided deep inside you in a single movement that melded our bodies together.

We remained that way for a moment, my cock deep inside you, our chests pressed together, as we resumed our passionate kiss. Our tongues twisted and twined together as we prepared for what we both knew would be a quick but satisfying coupling.

You pulled away and began moving your hips on the table causing your wet pussy to glide back and forth along my cock. I looked down between us and watched as my erection was first fully exposed and then hidden as it was consumed by your eager pussy. I focused my mind on the sensations caused by your wet, slippery pussy engulfing my cock.

Unable to restrain myself any longer, I began pumping into you. With my hands on your ass I slammed your body against mine, so that my cock probed deep inside you on every thrust. We fucked like animals, unconcerned about our surroundings. All that mattered at the moment was the climax building within us.

The smells of sexual coupling filled the room, spurring us on the still tuzla escort greater passion. The sound of your squishing pussy coupled with our moans and gasps rebounded off the walls and undoubtedly were audible to anyone passing in the corridor. But we were totally unconcerned and fucked on, driven by desire and the need for mutual release.

And soon we were there together. With your head tilted back and your hips pumping against me, you yielded to a powerful orgasm that wracked your body from head to toe. You wrapped your legs around me and used them to pull my cock ever more deeply inside you as you rode the massive wave of your orgasm. The rhythmic clasping of your pussy triggered my climax, and I shot my load of cum deep inside you. We attempted to be as quiet as possible, but I can only imagine that we failed miserably.

We remained locked together for several minutes. I held your body close against mine as I kissed your forehead. I loved the feel of my cock in your pussy, and I would have stayed that way for a while if we had more privacy. But knowing that we might be discovered at any moment, I reluctantly pulled away from you. A stream of cum flowed from your flared crimson opening and pooled on the paper covering beneath you as my cock slipped out.

I stood back and quickly dressed. You remained sitting on the table with your legs spread apart, unconcerned and unashamed. Once I was dressed, I stepped forward and kissed you again. With my fingers I stroked your silken pussy flesh, feeling the slickness of our commingled juices. I brought my fingers up to our lips so that we could both taste this sensual essence. You sucked my fingers into your mouth and licked off every drop of cum.

We heard voices in the corridor, and I knew it was time for me to leave. With a parting kiss, I moved toward the door.

“What about my panties?”

“I am taking them with me,” I replied.

Your look of surprise was the last thing I saw as I exited and pulled the door closed behind me. As I sat in the waiting room, I tried to imagine what the doctor might think when he began his examination and found you without panties and with a pussy that smelled of fresh sex and seeped cum from our glorious fuck. I knew that you would tell me later, and I knew that would mean going home for more love-making rather than out for the lunch I had been promised. But that would be fine with me. There would be plenty of time for eating later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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