Dreamer X

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I stood behind you in the elegant anteroom with my hands bracing your slender shoulders. Finally the red satin blouse was caressing my finger tips long after I had admired your look all evening. I was drawn like a moth to a shiny light and now I felt your back loosen under my grasp.

I felt a privilege to hold such elegance with my hands after such a rush of intimacy enveloped us after being introduced by acquaintances during the evenings classy dinner party. My rigid cock inches from your tailored skirt, my mouth toying with your silky smooth hair; I was enthralled beyond all expectations. Your perfectly applied red lips turned to me as your manicured fingers came to rest on my hips.

A gracious smile greeted my eyes as your firm but feminine grip brought my expectant cock to your smooth silky ass. You pulled me to you as I inhaled your expensive scent; I pressed into you as my fingers slid around your rib cage and cupped your lace covered breasts. Your mouth fell open in anticipation; I admired the full lips as I teased your bonus veren siteler horny nipples. I silently marveled at the feelings in my finger tips as I stroked your blouse. Your hands slid down your tight skirt and found the hem. Slowly you raised the skirt above your garters and bunched it around your waist.

Your hand drew my fingers to your flimsy lace thong. I slid beneath the fabric and followed the shiny smooth pubis to your erect clit. It responded warm and wet hanging from its perch. Your breath halted as I stroked it slowly caressing its hot surface as you dug your smooth ass into my slacks pushing on my long hard cock. Taking 2 short steps from me you turned on your heels and gently pulled the thong from your slender legs, bangles jingled as you pulled them from your stilettos and let them seductively fall onto the floor.

I undressed my cock for you while you watched; it sprang from its silken confines and I held it in my fist. I massaged its erect shaft for you pulling on the circumcised head bedava bahis giving you a show of my eagerness. I felt your hands travel up my chest as we finally locked lips together and explored our hot mouths searching for the passion we had been anticipating all evening. I held your strong jaw in my palm as our kisses became crushing and eager, our hands traveled the length of our bodies pulling and pressing with erotic lust.

I lifted you in the air and held your small frame in my arms as you grasped the head of my cock and slid it up your slit anointing it with your juices. I lowered your body onto my shaft and pushed it deep into you. Your arms rested on my shoulders wrists clasped behind my neck, I heard the jingling of your bangles as our thrusting created a body rhythm that matched the slow deliberate thrusting. Your pussy soaked my balls as you kissed me deeply pushing your hot pussy against my smoothly shaven balls. I ground you into me falling further toward erotic heaven. I pulled your ear close to my mouth a deneme bonus commanded an orgasm from your trembling body. Your eyes met mine as you slid into that anticipated orgasm.

Biting your lower lip your loins contracted and your wetness increased as you let the orgasm flow through you in time to my final thrusts. My head swelled and erupted deep in you, the waves of pleasure matched as I thrust hard and fast allowing my body to dictate my actions. Long slow moans mingled with tight caresses as we allowed the passion to subside and our conscious minds began reach reality again. “You will be driving me home, I am not finished with your gorgeous cock yet”.

We wandered back to the guests holding each other and making the tongues wag. I ordered my car and gathered our coats waiting patiently for her to get away from the crowd. She hurried down the corridor looking serious and very sexy, a slight sway on her heels, I held out her ankle length leather coat for her to drop into. She slid her elegant arms into the satin lining of the coat and I pulled her to me and pressed my rising cock into the soft leather. I inhaled her fragrance again as she spun in my arms. She kissed me deeply, slowly searching my tongue with the delicate tip of hers “take me home darling and make me yours for this night”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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