Driven to Distraction

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Dear reader,

My name is Hobblenock. A hob-goblin which could be best described as horny with a taste for the more bizarre and outlandish, in a place which suits my inclination.

Today my brain ( being where it is ) aches, clamped to my special high chair with a padlock by she ( who I must obey ). This is going to make writing this story very uncomfortable if I start to get frisky, so I better be careful and use my self control.

Enough about me and my pre-dick ament because it’s time to kick-off with another remarkable feet of filthy storytelling depravity.

All will be revealed ‘Heah, heh!’ ….. If you see what I mean.

Driven to Distraction

The wipers on the car where going at a frantic pace but they still couldn’t keep up with the torrential rain that made driving visibility extremely poor.

Glen hadn’t been down south very much in the past, as most of his sales work was concentrated locally to the east and west regions. He cursed himself under his breath then proceeded to curse everyone and everything else around him at accepting an assignment that was so far away from home. It probably meant that he would be late home and he was already missing his wife who he had just recently married.

It made the journey even more frustrating as each moment away from her seemed like an injustice and the longing he felt inside refused to disappear even with all the distractions that came with his job.

The appalling rain had made the journey take a lot longer than it should and the only solution had been to try and find a quicker route.

A quick scan of the map had revealed a faster set of roads through a small city called Alterville and it would save at least an hour on his travel time. It just seemed a bit strange that he hadn’t seen it when he was planning the route earlier, as it was an obvious choice to take.

Glen took the next exit, his heart lifted as a large sign for Alterville loomed-up in front of him. A smile grew on his face and he realised that he could even be home earlier than expected if the presentation was done quickly enough.He checked his rear-view mirror while concealing his delight and remembered that he had to convince his clients without making efficiency look like impatience.

The strange thing was that Glen hadn’t noticed the peculiar disappearance of the large sign in his mirror due to his urgency.

Alterville was a lot closer than he had imagined and the miles covered where taking no time at all. In fact, he felt a strange pulling sensation attracting the car and himself towards the city like a giant magnet. The bridges and buildings began to grow larger, spreading out to fill his view to resemble a blocky representation of a female head with its mouth wide open.

The shape of the city manifested itself only briefly then the buildings continued to get closer, breaking the sinister illusion that glen was completely oblivious to.

The dark city gladly accepted another morsel, naive enough to gladly enter its trap without noticing the warning signs.

Glen tried to clean the black specks off the windscreen but then realised that they where actually large crows that hovered above him like messengers of misfortune.

The Gothic buildings and grey sky had done nothing to make his situation feel any better and it had soon become clear that the long, straight route through Alterville did not exist.

The hour gained had turned into hours lost. Each street that he took had just led him around in a circle, leaving him hopelessly lost on roads he couldn’t find on the map.

He had stopped to ask for directions several times but they had either laughed or just shrugged their shoulders and walked away. The only information he had managed to get was that no street names existed in the city, which had just annoyed him further.

Glen bashed the steering wheel in frustration and began to wonder if he would ever find a way out of the dammed place.

He turned down yet another side road that quickly went from tarmac to graveled path. It snaked through an opening surrounded by trees and he continued in desperation along its direction, not caring where it went as long as it was away from Alterville.

The tires dug into the grit and sprayed it behind the car as he accelerated along, but his hopes where quickly dashed when the trees parted to reveal a house in the distance.

The building was too small to be a mansion but impressive enough to display the wealth and grandeur of its occupiers. Large trees swayed in the thinning rain, masking out most of the smaller buildings to provide some serenity in a city that seemed to have none. The only dark remainder was some of the more taller structures that reached over the green canopy that enclosed it.

Non of this was appreciated as Glen filled the interior of the car with colourful expletives in frustration.

It had been a long day and his anger quickly dissolved into dismay due to his driver fatigue. He stared despondently bahis siteleri at the sky and watched the light slowly fade into the darkness of evening, knowing that his last chance could only be the house and its occupants.

He solemnly got out the car and walked up some steps to be greeted by two, regal-looking stone lions that sat either side of the door guarding the entrance.

Glen pressed an old fashioned silver doorbell and tried waiting outside but his impatience was till clearly showing and he moved about on the step, anxious to get home by the end of the night by any means possible.

A tall woman in a butlers uniform quickly opened the door. She was of a slender build with short, white hair that had been heavily plastered down and styled with a severe parting on one side. The overall impression he had of her was of an overgrown bellboy.

Her face remained expressionless, but she gave him a look like he was a long way down the evolutionary scale.

“This is house of Vichkanova. What is name and state clearly nature of visit to house.”

“I’m trying to get out of Alterville but I seemed to have got lost and I really need to get home. Can you help?”

The woman showed no reaction apart from raising one eyebrow.

“What is name?”, she replied

“Err.. Glen. Can you help?”

There was an uncomfortable pause while she stood there just

staring at him then she suddenly turned, the coattails on the jacket following behind her as she walked down the hall.

“You shut door behind and follow me …Glen…..”

The strange female butler led him to a lounge that was softly lit by two brass table lamps in either corner. The room itself was of a considerable size and the lighting would have been insufficient if it wasn’t for the large, open fire that formed the centrepiece of the room.

Burning wood crackled and its flames emitted a deep, continuous rumbling sound that gave a warning of its ferocity if it was ever unleashed. It’s dynamic light danced on the outline of an antique armchair that was occupied by a partially disguised figure, hidden mostly within its shadow.

A pair of shapely legs with an attractive nylon sheen where the only indication of the woman’s identity. She sat in side profile to the fire with her legs crossed, throwing a long, flickering shadow towards Glen.

“I don’t usually get many uninvited guests at my house.”

She paused and turned in his direction to examine him from the darkness of the high-backed chair, constantly flicking her shoe on and off her foot.

“I suppose I could make exception in your case. What is it you want?”

“I’ve got lost and I need to get back home. Can you tell me how to get out of Alterville?”

“Hmmm.. What is name?”


He squinted and strained to get a better view of the woman but without much success.

“You drink with Nadia and I could help you, yes?”

“I need to drive back home and get out of this damned place. I’ve been trying for the last six hours and got nowhere, so would you please help.”

“One drink won’t harm. You keep Nadia company and I play good hostess and I help you, yes?”

She reached across to the small table next to her and filled a glass with red wine and began to drink.

“You come closer and let Nadia look at you…”

The female butler still lingered in the hall inquisitively as Glen walked towards the Russian woman in the chair. He was growing ever more impatient and something inside told him to be wary of both the women.

His eyes glanced at the mirror above the fire to see his reflection

looking tired and rather forlorn, even in the poor light of the lounge. He was in no mood to exchange pleasantries and all he wanted was her help to escape from the sinister place as quickly as possible.

“Catalina!!….A glass and chair for guest!”

Glen nearly jumped out of his own skin as Nadia shouted for her butler. He had been totally surprised by the unnecessary loudness of her voice and his heart pounded in his chest from the shock.

She seemed very demanding and he wondered if all Russian women behaved in the same way.

“What is Glen doing in city of Alterville? I think you searching for something, maybe?”

“I’m a sales representative on business and I thought there was a short cut through this place that would save me some time. Look, I really need to….”

“Ah yes! You drive many miles. I need driver to take me places around city and I think that you, Glen are suitable for my needs.”

The heel of her foot began flipping in and out of her shoe once again. This time more enthusiastically as she lingered on thoughts of him serving her.

“Look Nadia, I’ve had enough and I really want to get home now. My wife will be worried about me and I’m missing her.”

Nadia’s nose quickly creased liked it had picked up a bad smell and her hand waved dismissively in the air.

“Pahhh! …Wives. Mere servants… they are insult to me!”

A similar chair canlı bahis siteleri was thrust behind him, hitting the back of his legs and causing him to fall into the seat without deciding to voluntarily do so.

The butler stood behind, looming over him with her hands resting on the back of the antique armchair. She continued to look curiously at him while he sat uncomfortably in the seat, opposite Nadia.

“Your butler is a servant. Is she an insult to you?”

“She is woman and Russian like me. She is treated well in this house and is often…..rewarded for her services.”

Glen looked behind him at Catalina. Her flat chest and short plastered hair made her look like a boy and it made Glen wonder if it was her choice or Nadia’s to look that way.


Both of them suddenly jerked their heads in Nadia’s direction as she once again became thunderously vocal.

She gestured in the direction of the wine next to her on the table, using a quick tilt of her head to remind Catalina of the duties she was given.

“I must apologise for Catalina’s behaviour. She act strangely around men, like moth around light, yes?”

Glen tried to laugh at Nadia’s remark but he couldn’t hide the nervousness that he felt inside.

Catalina began to pour the wine into the glass as she requested then began to arrange the vase of purple orchids on the table.

Nadia anxiously rubbed her hands together, “Well, this is nice, yes?”

The sound of a large, ticking clock became noticeable for the first time and the tension in the room began to build.

Catalina picked one of the alien-looking flowers and began to smile in a slightly disturbed way at Glen while smelling its aroma.

“Well… What are you waiting for Catalina…Give it to him…”

She quickly scuttled towards Glen and forced the glass of wine into his hand then began to tastefully arrange the strange purple flower in the chest pocket of his jacket.

“Catalina likes to make fuss of guests. Now you must drink fine, Russian wine with your friend Nadia and we talk about being my special chauffeur.”

“Look…Nadia. I….”

“Yes I already know… You delighted to accept job with me. I can feel that a special bond will grow between us while staying at house.”

“Drink Glen! Drink to new life and fresh start!”

He began to get suspicious of a trap. The flower in his jacket had a sharp, acidic smell that began to irritate him and the butler continued to arrange it in his pocket.

It felt like she was deliberately trying to make him inhale as much of the scent as possible and both of them seemed rather eager for him to drink the glass of red wine that had been thrust at him.

“Alright Nadia, I’m tired of your games. It is obvious that you and your deranged butler are wasting my time and you’re not going to help me so I’m leaving right now…”

Glen put the suspicious glass of red wine down and swiftly got from his chair to escape the pair of them. He felt a curious weakness in his legs and stumbled towards the open door but the poisonous orchid in his pocket was beginning to affect him. The room began to blur and distort while he struggled to keep his balance but it took too much effort to stay upright and he fell to the floor. He desperately tried to remove the repugnant flower from himself but his hands struggled to work properly, fumbling uselessly at his jacket with all the dexterity of a clown.

He was easily caught by Catalina, who stood over him. She gripped a crop of Glen’s hair and used it as leverage to sharply pull his head back, leaving him unable to break free in his debilitated state.

“You insult me Glen… You not accept my hospitality then turn your back on me and try to walk away, and nobody does that to Nadia Vichkanova. Especially in my own house.”

Nadia seemed more relaxed, now that Glen had been overpowered by the butler and her purple orchid. She smiled wickedly in their direction and was quite happy to watch the spectacle from the comfort of her armchair.

“I think Glen looks thirsty.. Maybe he needs drink….”

Catalina still obtained a tight hold of Glen’s hair and used her other hand to hold the glass of red wine, laced with the orchid pollen. She began to pour the drink in the general direction of his gaping mouth, triggering a fit of coughing and choking from Glen. It splattered on his face and his shirt was quickly stained red as the contents of the glass where cruelly emptied both on him and into him.

She released her grip on his head and he slumped back to the floor, unable to do much else in his weakened state apart from retch and splutter.

“Is something the matter Glen?? “

“I think that you look unwell, maybe you cannot take your drink, yes?”

Nadia’s laughter went unnoticed by Glen who bravely struggled against the effects of the plant. His strength was being rapidly drained away by the drug and he was only vaguely aware of his surroundings as the disorientation intensified.

His canlı bahis basic feelings of fear and helplessness grew as he failed to break free from Catalina who prevented him from escaping.He looked up at a highly amused Nadia, her suspenders visible as they gripped the expensive-looking nylon around her legs.

His distorting vision was unable to notice the small but tantalising gap between both her thighs as one leg reached over the other to extend towards his face.

“There is no escape from Alterville once the city has pulled you in and trapped you inside.”

“It is like animal that devours people. It brought you here to me because I need another servant, and it is a servant I shall gladly make of you, my dear Glen…”

The stiletto shoe dangled perilously from her toes, briefly swinging in front of him before dropping to the rug of deep red below.

“It is time for first lesson in obedience. I want you to kiss my foot….”

Most of his vision was taken by her toes, visible through the fine netting of fabric that moulded around each then stretched to the next, diffusing the elegance of their shape to give them a sleek, sexy appearance. It was the only thing that remained detailed and in focus, as everything else around it distorted into a blurred mess.

He glanced at the foot for only for a brief moment before turning his head away in defiance.

Catalina began forcing his head towards Nadia and the struggle between both of them began once more until Nadia decided to intervene.

” Don’t force him to fulfill duty as servant. I want to see Glen willingly perform my request.”

Glen just remained kneeling in front of her with his head turned away, unwilling to obey a woman of such arrogance and cruelty.

“Very well….I’m pleased that you show disrespect to me and my demands, as this means that I can now have satisfaction in punishing you.”

Her foot travelled down the front of his jacket to the orchid that still remained in his chest pocket. She levered it out with her toes and let it drop to the floor where she began to thoroughly grind it into the rug below like a cigarette end.

Glen wanted to back away but was denied. He tilted his head over his shoulder to see the butler fulfilling her other role as warden by preventing him from any kind of escape.

He felt the slightly coarse texture of nylon rubbing the side of his cheek and instinctively turned in reaction to receive the underside of Nadia’s foot firmly pressing into his face. It began grinding and massaging his features, her toes pressing into his forehead for added grip. The heel pressed against his lips then moved to his chin, with the collection of toes trailing downward until positioned in and around his nostrils.

His head began to fall but was stopped from doing so by Nadia who used her foot to keep it in position. His nose looked more like a snout, forced upward by the toes underneath that wriggled and rubbed even in Glen’s unconscious state.

She smiled satisfyingly down at him then let him fall with a dull thump to the floor then used his head as a convenient footstool while she finished her drink. Her dark eyes contained the reflection of the fire’s energetic flames and the lustfulness inside began to awaken.

The effects of the pollen-filled wine and her power over Glen had begun making her more excitable.

“Get the keys to the glass room Catalina. I think Glen….or shall I say number six, needs a great deal of conditioning.”

“We have to be more professional in the way we abduct men on future occasions.”

It was the sound of Nadia’s voice and Glen quickly recalled the bizarre circumstances of being held captive by the two, strange Russian women.

He opened his eyes and was instantly greeted to a dazzling whiteness that reflected off a floor made of glass. He blinked franticly to get accustomed to the shimmering surface but it painfully stung his sensitive eyes, making it difficult for him to distinguish anything else around him.

A persistent aching pulsed inside his head, magnified by the powerful lighting that shone directly down with considerable intensity. He urgently tried to scramble off the floor but his movement was ponderous and met with a firm push that sent him sprawling back to the ground once more.

The person behind held him firmly as something cold and metallic began to run up the inside of his trousers. It continued up his leg, over his bottom and up to his waist, snipping away at the cloth to split it into two pieces.

The same procedure was performed on his other leg to leave his trousers in shreds, then it began to run up the middle of his back to successfully cut away the shirt.

A hazy figure of Nadia wearing a large, brimmed hat began walking confidently towards him, casually swinging her shoes in one hand. She stood with her toes almost in his face to give him one more opportunity to redeem himself.

” I feel generous so I give you last chance to willingly obey your new mistress. Kiss my feet and I will show mercy…”

Glen began to frown, the expression on his face was of a deep loathing of her.

Nadia gave a relaxed sigh, “Very well, I have given you enough chances….”

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